Enlightened Self-interest and Steemit

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People may be surprised by our willingness to share quality content here on Steemit, but when seen through the eyes of enlightened self-interest, our seemingly altruistic attitudes are better understood for what they really are: the manifestation of our desire to make our own lives better by helping those around us make their lives better too.

Wikipedia puts it like this:

Enlightened self-interest is a philosophy in ethics which states that persons who act to further the interests of others (or the interests of the group or groups to which they belong), ultimately serve their own self-interest.

We ultimately make our own lives better when we help others to do the same.

Great examples of enlightened self-interest happen every day right under our noses. When the company you work for improves your working conditions, either tangibly say by making your work environment more comfortable, or intangibly by making your schedule more flexible, they’re not doing it out of the kindness of their hearts – they’re doing it because you’ll be more productive and they’ll make more money and their lives will be better. In fact, everyone’s life is better as a result. It’s a classic win-win.

Open source programming obviously takes things to another level, and with this we instinctively grasp the significance, size and scale of what enlightened self-interest really means to us when truly unleashed!

Blockchain technology goes even further, and then when you build a financially incentivized social network on top of it, with a commensurately just economic reward system built in, you’ve got the prospects for the culmination of real, 100% enlightened self-interest.

As a result, and just like you I hope, I’m here to share what I know so that you know more too, with the hope that you’re doing the same, and in that way we're all making all of our lives better.

Okay, but there's another reason too: I’m also here because we’re getting rewarded for our efforts! Let’s face it, we also need to bring home the bacon!

That’s why Steemit is the perfect platform for enlightened self-interest to work its wonders with its resulting real interchange of knowledge of real value: it gives us that very necessary short term financial reward to offset somewhat the costs of those very long term efforts being made, often with an “ROI” that’s never ever seen.

It’s the perfect platform because, along with the reward system that facilitates the rewarding of others for their valuable contributions, you can also rightfully reward yourself and those actively engaging with you adding value to your quality content. We're actually rewarded for what we share here, both in original posts and comments! Guaranteed! As I specifically outlined in my power up post, Why I powered up, and why you should too, I not only destine my voting power to others, I also send some my own way too. Mine is a 50/50 split, and I have no misgivings about it. In fact, I encourage others to do the same; I mean, if you’re really posting quality, don’t you deserve it? Perhaps it might even be a useful filter for posts: ask yourself if you think you deserve a self-upvote or not, and if the answer is no, perhaps you shouldn’t post it to begin with.


I would never be here if it wasn’t for the novel financial integration into the platform.

I’ve “blogged” since the late 1990s, before the word existed, in a much more primitive way back then, when you did so with your own website and the comments section was still science fiction. Over time, as things progressed, I did too, participating on various forums, publishing on 3rd party sites, and even doing a stint on Disqus that lasted for a couple of years . . . until I completely burnt out.

Why did I burn out? The STEEM Whitepaper explains the reasons quiet well and best sums things up with this:

Since the free market is a proven system, it is tempting to try to create a free-market system where content consumers directly pay content producers. However, direct payment is inefficient and not really viable for content creation and curation. The value of most content is so low relative to the cognitive, financial, and opportunity costs associated with making a payment that few readers choose to tip. The abundance of free alternatives means that enforcing a ‘paywall’ will drive readers elsewhere. There have been several attempts to implement per-article micropayments from readers to authors, but none have become widespread.

Pay-for-view doesn’t work on a small scale. Neither do “newsletters”. Do I need to mention the “Donate” button? Traditional blogging is a lot of work for nothing, other than the psychic rewards of knowing you’re doing some very nice volunteer work that is greatly appreciated. “But wait”, I said! "I’m writing about finances to an audience with financial where-with-all, not helping with food distribution at the Salvation Army!" The only logical conclusion for someone in my shoes was to send my audience packing, realign my calendar in a more rational fashion, and do some real volunteer work (or donate with the extra money I was making now that I wasn't wasting so much time on projects with zero compensation).

Why am I back?

Steem is designed to enable effective micropayments for all kinds of contribution by changing the economic equation. Readers no longer have to decide whether or not they want to pay someone from their own pocket, instead they can vote content up or down and Steem will use their votes to determine individual rewards. This means that people are given a familiar and widely used interface and no longer face the cognitive, financial, and opportunity costs associated traditional micropayment and tipping platforms.

STEEM Whitepaper PDF

It’s obvious, don’t you think? Steemit could work! Steemit just might be the answer.

In the final analysis, I believe that Steemit itself is a reflection of where enlightened self-interest can take us, and this is what will separate Steemit from other social media, but most importantly, from a contributor’s point of view, Steemit has given us the rational motivation to once again share our expertise in a social media setting (even if it still is only a fraction of our hourly worth).

Having monetized social media and thus giving content creators and contributors immediate motivation to participate, Steemit not only acts as a magnet for content creators and contributors, it also gives those same content creators and contributors every reason to do everything they can to share quality content and to make sure everyone else is up to the task as well, because without quality content, it would all simply go away. Here's the golden goose; it's yours to take care of, and, just like in real life, nobody is going to be “the star” that makes Steemit a success, rather it's a group project. We need to do it together, and we need to do it in the spirit of enlightened self-interest. Steemit gives us the structure on which to build something truly revolutionary that rewards everyone of us, both individually and collectively, but, make no mistake, its success will depend on all of us, all of us working together to make Steemit synonymous with quality, all of us focusing on the positive, in short, all of us making Steemit better and better every day . . . and our own individual lives as well. 😎

Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2018!

Please leave your comments, input, questions, etc., below!

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Hello @cryptographic,

Extraordinary good article which described why you are here & a good reference to people who use self upvote feature so greedy way. I wish you will keep blogging on this platform & extraordinary good & mature knowledge leads us to make good lives in financial wise. Wish you a happy new year & a phosphorous future too.


Even those who aren't exactly part of the open source movement are moving in the right direction!

Looking forward to the day we see Bill Gates on Steemit!!!

Hello @cryptographic,

Extraordinary good thinking, they all are open source users & they made something unique. If Bill Gates join Steemit, that's the day STEEM catch the BTC ;)


Life story time.. I will cover this:

Enlightened self-interest is a philosophy in ethics which states that persons who act to further the interests of others (or the interests of the group or groups to which they belong), ultimately serve their own self-interest.

There once was a former Marine, whom left wars behind and headed home to be part of the family business; the business of working in the trades (painting, drywall, framing etc). He did not do this as he was without options, higher education, degrees or opportunities to be a successful in more "professional areas of expertise". He did it because he was his fathers only son, and it was his job to put his self interest on the back burner and just do the right thing.

You see, this young mans father was suffering from a terminal illness and his only son came home to help him run his business so he could sustain himself as it was his duty. It's how children are supposed to care for their parents. So there he was each day, in the cold, in the rain, in the blistering Florida heat, with his painters whites climbing ladders, with his hammer building walls, and with his screw gun hanging drywall. To most he looked like your typical educationally lacking destined to be a forever low income earning laborer.

But on a particular job, on a particular day, with a particular customer this young man learned what type of individual you need to be if you desire true wealth. You see, this customer was an extraordinarily wealthy Florida real estate mogul in his late 60's, multi millionaire a few times over, residence in Trump tower, wife 20 years his junior etc. The young laborer made the mistake of trying to measure the mans character based upon his outward appearances and simply wrote him off as some rich prick. It's easier to be hateful of others successes even though that hate stems from envy. This young man made the same mistake that aggravated him so, when others did the same to him; judging him not on his intellectual abilities and character but on the stained painters whites he wore to work each day.

On this particular day, while the younger man was painting the rich mans house the older man came outside with his own paintbrush and started helping. This was a very odd occurrence as he certainly did not need to and it conflicted with the young laborers self held views of the wealthy elite. A conversation was started between the two as they both began to work together. The younger man learned that the wealthy man was an Army veteran, a once farm helper, dairy hand, fast food worker, and sign holder for road works. It turned out he was a regular guy and self made millionaire that came from poverty himself.

The two established a friendship and saw each other as men irrespective of profession. The rich man actually took the time to know this laborer, understand why he was doing what he was doing and measure him based upon his character, abilities and accomplishments rather than the paint brush in his hand. He told this young man that the quickest way to success is to always try and help others achieve your level, always be reaching down to help them up, never step on top of them to gain a higher position. He told this young man that "there are enough animals in the jungle for every lion to eat and be full" (there is enough money for everyone, no need to be greedy.).

That young man was "me", and I learned much from my friend David. He introduced me to real estate opportunities I would of never came across without him and I did well. I in turn brought him customers, contractors and street level information he would of likewise never came across that made him even wealthier.

You see because he helped me, I wanted to help him. He helped me acquire a certain degree of wealth and I in turn felt compelled to help him in return. That is the basis of the quoted text. That is how I live now, and how I see @cryptographic acting by upvoting others lesser than him on the platform. It's why I took the time to comment as he has been generous to me and I feel compelled to provide him an excellent comment on his article. It is why I do many of the philanthropic things that I do, and why I will eventually give away nearly $200,000 in Steem. It's helping others to achieve your level that truly makes you successful. Never judge a book by its cover and always get to know someone before writing them off.

He told this young man that the quickest way to success is to always try and help others achieve your level, always be reaching down to help them up, never step on top of them to gain a higher position.

I like that a lot.

Thanks, young man. 😉


The young man and his late father.. :)

Love this story.

$3.10 for this post? Are you kidding me?

100% upvote from my and a resteem my friend. This is some amazing stuff.

By the way, did I just help you or myself? Did I help the blockchain or steemit?

The answer is all are helped.

I was thinking about the ecosystem and how all affects all. Whatever is done on here, is multiplied across the entire ecosystem. That is why the growth is truly exponential. My upvote added to your SP (since I know you arent powering down) which will add to each of your future upvotes which helps everyone who you upvote down the road.

At the same time, this comment is lengthening your article which will only help the google search and Alexa rankings.

In a magical way, you described the circle that we all operate under here. Sure it is self-serving altruism...yet none of us can escape the fact that the only way to truly get ahead on here is to help others and the blockchain itself.

In a magical way, you just summed everything up! 😃

Fantastic article and the reason why I’m sharing steemit with all my friends. When I succeed this model is so In The Flow of empowerment that others also succeed. I love it! Shared this with more friends to help them wrap their minds around it!

Empowerment is the flip-side of the same coin - enlightened self-interest and empowerment are symbiotic. Glad you mention it, because they really do go hand-in-hand, and I'm confident your sharing of Steemit will be much appreciated by your friends. Good job and best wishes.

Yes I see steemit as foremost empowering because it doesn’t drain us but has the potential to lift so many of us up... and 6 of my real life friends have already joined and are making money! I am happy! Thank you and many good wishes for you this year. Excited to follow your blog for More thoughtful and inspiring posts like this one. I like the way you think. :)

@cryptographic - Sir your have a width vision about Steemit... Due to this platform I learnt a lot Sir... Found good people & heard a lot about the world... As a housewife this powerful network helped me to learn a lot about crypto world too... Grab knowledge, absorb good things & experiences is my life style... Thanks to Steemit I can understand a lot of new things & I also earn rewards from generous people like you do...

Sir, you won't share this, I see big whales who self upvote all BS... Sometimes it's just few words & they drain the reward pool by using their supreme powers... But I never ever see such a thing from your self votes Sir... Your stack you used wisely... Your generosity helped us to enjoy rewards as well Sir... Therefore, you won't share this Sir... Your SP you never wasted for BS... It helped the community to build further more & motivate us to think & absorb your great skills into us Sir...

Finally I wish you a Happy new year... In this new year STEEM also got big projects like SMT... Sir, I have no clear idea about it... But I heard a lot of people say it will demand STEEM... That also mean you will be a billionaire in 2018 Sir... Therefore, I'm again wish you Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2018...


What a great testimonial, and content contribution as well! You're so right. We all have so much to learn, and we're fortunate to be here doing it together! A billionaire? I'm not so sure about that, but I'm not going to complain - like you said, with projects like SMT, 2018 looks like it's going to be big for Steemit.

Your post reminds me my first few dates of STEEMIT! Yeah I have joined this platform without a proper idea, and I thought this is a promotional media like FB (I feel FB like that :D)
But after couple of weeks I could understand I was entirely wrong at the beginning! I was not a good writer (still I am not) but due to STEEMIT I start writing. English is not my mother language, it gives me a lot of troubles, but I think I have made an improvement!
Moreover, I could find people like you do! I don't know you, but I understood your knowledge and experience about crypto world and trading techniques are remarkable. So I am trying to build my portfolio by following your steps, so far worked well and hope it will too!
Actually reward, yeah I like that, as a Sri Lankan (a small country at the Indian Ocean) 1 STEEM is much more worthy thing for me! Yeah it also changed my life in a good way! I could remember last year how I was suffered, and now I could manage myself due to this amazing platform! So as you said we also need to bring home the bacon Yeah I have a small son 3 years old, these rewards helped me to build his life and I am using this to build his future as well!
So this is truly a life changing platform for me! I hope I will do much better in future and I am glad I have found you! Wish you a happy new year and all your dreams of this upcoming new year need to be true!


By reading the comments section of this post it is clear that yours is a shared experience of people coming to Steemit with modest expectations and staying because they were happily surprised by the difference! And what's even more encouraging is the international flavor of the Steemit platform - I've yet to see any demeaning behavior on the part of native speakers with respect to non-native speakers. This is highly commendable, and the effort being made by non-native speakers to "pitch in", in spite of their language challenges, is even more commendable! A misplaced comma or forgotten auxiliary will never affect the substance of a Steemit post! Great to have you on board, and many thanks for your participation and comments.

what a creativity!!

Thank you so much. 🙂

An excellent article and everything that you focus on is an ideal explanation of what and how to do and how it should be done. Here I fully agree with you that there is no such platform as the Steemit on its scale and popularity, because our ecosystem has a number of advantages and achievements, to which some platforms are still far away! Thank you for the excellent post @cryptographic and Happy New Year!

Absolutely correct. Steemit is the leader and nobody else is even close. We've got all the advantages and it's ours for the making - the only way Steemit can fail is if we fail Steemit!

I completely agree with your article Steemit an amazing platform which has no equal. It's a social network where you can really earn and meet a lot of good friends and share their experience. We are all part of this platform and it keeps and grows from behind us. Thanks for sharing. With the coming New Year!!!

Looking forward to our working together in the coming year. It's going to be great!


The person who donates a favorably will benefit Those who help others will get help. The lazy people always want to get it, but their desires will not be fulfilled. But hard working people will be able to get whatever they want

What was it that Benjamin Franklin said in Poor Richard's Almanack? "God helps those who help themselves." 🙂

Yes These are very important points We should not only work on our own interests Steem A wonderful community We have to work to help others to success Also we are working to develop steemt We mean we are forward to it We bring new users New Continents Do me Publish important topics and motivating readers
Or something we are doing now and I have done it from time to suggest the idea to all the middle that surrounds us and there are a lot of things ....

Yep, there's lots to be done, and the great thing about a widely distributed, decentralized project is that we're all able to play our parts, both big and small, and as a collective, I'm sure we're going to do some very big things together.

Very Beautiful message @cryptographic. Yeah! We ultimately make our own lives better when we help others to do the same

Happy new year to you and your family [email protected] posts are having very good content and also your way of presentation is also a very neat and looking greate ...you put a good inforamtions and usefull info in your blogs..i will support your posts every time..thank you for sharing ..i upvoted your posts...i like your posts very much...@cryptographic ..in starting i dont about the steemit i just think it is social media like twitter ..only fallowers can able to see our posts and earnings also a limitid for some days but after entering into steemit i am totally a wrong this is a wonderful platform to earn money as well as sharing a good content to the society..it id very usefull to ours

Thanks for the kind words - it means a lot to me to know that my efforts to "package" useful material in way that is easy to read and understand are being met with success.

It's also great to know that Steemit is growing on you. Yes, indeed, there's a world of difference between Steemit and Twitter, and all for the better, IMVHO. 😌

@cryptographic ,,,,, absolutely i appreciate your post and i means,an individual can try to withdraw relief immediately without support by interfering with the self-abuse of self-interests. A person's person may have to dedicate his spontaneous interest to a positive relationship with him. For example, a merchant might possibly increase profits in the long term if the policies exceed their requirements to be generous for their customers, it is said, if there is no clear policy in return for withdrawal and refund of purchase price. By doing this, they may lose short-term profits, but the potential increase will gain from the business volume because they get fame for being reasonable, honest and generous.
happy new year to you and your family. may god bless you.

Another great example of enlightened self-interest often done without ever having heard about the concept: some people are just naturally 'business smart' and know the difference between making a quick buck and creating a relationship [and customer] that lasts for life! All my best to you and yours too.

Happy New Year!

The same to you!

@cryptographic ..
Some people gain material knowledge from the philosophy of greed, but proponents of confidence believe that these people constitute a small minority and that a majority of the majority people can expect net personal harm from them, a philosophy of simple unenlightened selfishness. happy new year to.have a nice day.
upvoted // resteem

Indeed. One bad apple spoils the bunch. Unfortunately so, we've got to dedicate resources towards keeping that in check too, but, fortunately, it's worth the effort to limit the harm done. But, yes, there's always going to be someone trying to put a spoke in the wheel. 🙁

a very informative and helpful post.
thanks for posting.

Really motivating and inspiring stuff! Thanks for all that you do @cryptographic

I made my first post on Steemit - singing your praises!


Welcome, and thank you for that feedback. Even though I downplayed psychic income in my post, it still ranks right up there at the top when everything's said and done. There's nothing more rewarding really than having someone tell you "thanks".

Read your post. Nice start! Also left a comment and followed you. Have fun and see you next year!

Appreciate the read and follow! The value of my post and increased reputation score show how influential you are becoming!

Your 10k to a million blog is nothing but legendary and I'm sure will be one of your fondest memories when you look back a couple years from now.

I've never even considered blogging until I found steemit. A lot of blogs out there are merely click bait attempting to maximize ad revenue whereas I am really impressed at the quality of content on steemit.

Guess I'll have to brush up on my writing skills that I've neglected for nearly a decade lol no better place to start than here!

Wonderful post so much to learn from this and implement :) thanks for sharing that and have a fantastic new year ahead : )

Yes, lots to learn and implement, but by the looks of the people we're getting to know here on Steemit, I'm beginning to think we're naturals at success!

Looking forward to 2018!

you are absolutely right. I have read all of your stories.
and holds a lot of valuable information.
thank you very much for sharing this valuable information with us

Thanks for dropping in and saying hello and letting me know. It means a lot. Cheers

i interest and Steemit.@cryptographic ,,,,, absolutely i appreciate your post and i means,an individual can try to withdraw relief immediately without support by interfering with the self-abuse of self-interests.thanks the post.

If I correctly understand what you're saying, I have to say that I agree. Thanks.

you are virtually right. i have read all your memories. and holds a variety of valuable facts.

Virtually right is probably the most profound play on words anyone could have ever thought of. 😄

Glad to hear that you're finding something useful in what I have to share, and thanks for your support.

Excellent post and I truly love the idea of enlightened self interest, until now I was unfamiliar with the term, however I think this is what I have been striving towards since I joined the Steemit community. I love helping others become more successful and have gained a wealth of knowledge over the last three months. I want to give back to the community by helping those who truly need the help and are deserving. I'm happy I took to the time to read your content and look forward to your next posts!

Sounds like you're in the right place! 😉

Another great personal example of what Steemit is all about! Thanks for sharing it, and looking forward to having you around.

very good article. upvoted, reblogged and followed. keep up the good work ;)

To think of that I woul;d have necer been introduced to this huge and beneficial crypto world where a revolution is going on .I am simply gklad to be here .Glad met some awesome people and moreover learned many new things which is indeed more important than anything.
I do like and support your contributions ,Go ahead buddy and Steem on !

Thanks to you too buddy. It's great to have people like you around!

your experience & your knowledge & your vision & your mission on steemit platform nicely written today. in 2018 you will make more success with this exceptional blockchain. impressive post & wish you a happy new year @cryptographic

resteemed & upvoted & commented & followed

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Another great Edmund Burke quote coming at things from the opposite angle stressing the imperative from a self-preservation point of view. Couch potatoes need not apply. 😅

Many thanks for your support and contributions!

Read more at http://izquotes.com/quote/368204

I had never heard of enlightened self interest. I had coined the term the “Be Awesome” school of thought, to transcend selfishness and selflessness by seeing all people as interconnected and naturally cooperative if put in the right situation. I hope we can focus less and less on our own personal gains as we become more and more abundant, but we do need to get there first. Let’s do it!

I like that!

Yes, let's do it!

Be Awesome!


This is excellent, the reasons you listed above are the exact reason I joined. I've wanted to start blogging, but the whole process was so daunting when I'm working full time, raising a 10 month baby, and living life. It wouldn't have been impossible to slowly build something up on my own, but steemit has an already built platform and simple ways to gain followers or start making a few bucks with comments, which sure is a bigger push than having to pay to host your website, market your site, grow your reader list, etc, etc.

I'm excited to be a part of this community and do my best to create content and promote content I enjoy. And of course throw a few pennies people's way when I upvote :)

I really enjoyed this read and look forward to more articles from you

Another fantastic testimonial. Yes, I agree - why in the world would anyone bother to jump through so many hoops when it's already all set up right here on Steemit? And then, for the person who's already got a website and followers/readers/customers/etc., now we've got SMTs for practically instant integration! And none of this is to mention a mainly like minded, progressive and innovative community! No doubt about it, this is the place to be if you're interesting in sharing knowledge and experience about what really gets you excited. Thanks!

being able to do what interest you always make you a better person wishing you a very happy new year :)

Even if it's only in your free-time!

Truth be said, I do enjoy my work too, but, to be honest, and I think this is also true for many people, it hasn't always been that way. Nevertheless, it all starts somewhere, in our free-time, with family and friends, even at work where we may feel less than fulfilled - there's always something or someone that captures our interest, right.

Curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought him back.

There's always something new to learn, and someone new to interact with. 😎

@cryptographic Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I saw your chart and was surprised to see @gold84 there as well as @taskmaster4450 the 2 most voters for your posts in that period.

Let me tell you and all your followers the reason for this. Simply I have been learning a lot from @cryptographic posts and really enjoy reading your posts.

Everything you mention here is very true. The steem blockchain is such a magical technology and disruption with the potential to disrup so many industries. What is being done by @utopian-io for instance is disruption to the way open source projects are funded, and so many other interesting innovations for both parts of the market: contributors are compensated with steem power voting, sponsors get a percentage of the delegations they make, and project owners can fund and find the best creative and smart developers for their projects.

Lots of new markets and new economies are comming soon. This will be a revolution for steem and bitshares.

Regards, @gold84

Good post

Wow! I didn't know there was a name for that. But this is how I've been thinking since middle school. I'm going to be walking this Earth for a long time and what's good for the world ends up being somehow good for me. One should not put the individual above the society or the society above the individuals. Else there would be an imbalance where one feeds off another whether it's in the form of a psychopath/sociopath or some SJW/White Knight.

Good post. Totally worth the resteem.
Happy New Year!

Great to know that we've got some smart thinking "young blood" here as well. Looking forward to having you around, especially with the energy and enthusiasm bright young people bring to any venture they're involved with! Many thanks and Happy New Year to you too!

Thanks a massive lot for the encouragement :-)
Keep up the Good Work. You don't get to be around a world changng phenomenon all the time. Let's make the best out of STEEM and hopefully join the next revolution with something even bigger and better.

Actually steemit.com are really big money platform .

Can't argue that. Of course, everything's relative. 😉

Yeah you are right.

Sumptuously!!! The most important thing is that everything you wrote is the absolute truth. I think soon many will understand that there is no better option for a blog than Steem. Although I'm just starting my writing activity on Steemit, I already understood perfectly how important feedback is, which is often more valuable than financial reward. And to parting, "by giving, you get much more than you give."

Великолепно!!! Самое главное, что все, что Вы написали, является абсолютной правдой. Я думаю, скоро многие поймут, что лучшего варианта для блога, кроме Steem нет. Хоть я только начинаю свою писательскую активность на Steemit, я уже прекрасно понял, насколько важна обратная связь, которая часто бывает более ценной, чем финансовое вознаграждении. И на прощания, «давая, Вы приобретаете намного больше, чем даете».

And to parting, "by giving, you get much more than you give."

Very nice way to sum up - the wisdom of the ages well known by wise men long before the term "enlightened self-interest" was ever coined. Great to have you here, and, yes, I wholeheartedly agree that on top of being a trailblazing endeavor for blogging, the Steemit community is one of a kind (as all of the comments on this post attest). No doubt about it, based on my experience anyway, the character of the people here, and their willingness to constructively and honestly engage with you, is without parallel.


All I can say is :


@cryptographic, thank you.
Enlightened self-interest is an academic phrase for win-win. Or even more traditional, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The point is the same. When we set aside our selfishness and greed we all win.
But that's really hard for many to do. So I'm constantly amazed by the very many on Steemit that actually do it. Sure, they often are rewarded by such efforts but again, it's a win-win for all parties. I'm not so amazed at those who game the platform for their personal profit. We seem to be locked in that ancient battle of good versus evil.
One difficulty that I see is that often the evil comes in sheep's clothing. Unless one understands how the platform works to a very high technical degree it is very hard for a new minnow to discern which "projects" and "services" actually benefit the platform and the good guys by extension.
So here's the proposition so someone with the knowledge to help:

Please make a list of Enlightened Self-interest bots, projects, contest, etc

Once made it should be updated and maintained by those who actually know. Then us minnows would be less likely to be scammed or duped. It could become our "cannon" and a mark distinction for bot creators.
I know there are posts that list various bots but often they are simply a catalogue of facts and NOT ranked by an "enlightened self-interest" criterion.
Again, thank you

This sounds like a really good idea. If I were to tackle this (can't since I don't have the time), I'd go about it one by one, finding a good project, bot, contest, etc. and then presenting it in a post with all the reasons why we should support it. That's how I would build a list (it might be shorter than we think), and commenters will probably mention a lot of possibilities too.

Usually the theory of "Enlightened self-interest" is labeled as simple selfishness. But I think that many people do not like to think that you are really looking only for their own interests.

The search for individual interests brings the greatest individual and group benefit, since the group is no more than a bunch of individuals.

Steemit was quite intelligent in channeling the individual benefit (be it through curation, upvote, comments, publication, etc.) in an indirect way.

Ultimately it is selfishness, just that one learns that "maximum selfishness" comes with maximum selflessness. 😎


Great steem financial update.thanks for sharing
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your great experience and good article.
happy new year 2018
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so much to learn from this, thnx mate

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