How to get more subscribers and votes on Steemit. All methods of promotion

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Steamit is a wonderful and amazing social network.It combines talent and money.Many novice(already popular) bloggers often have a question: How do I promote my blog? How I can get more subscribers and votes?

Let's examine the main and most effective methods of promotion on Steemit.

Know your enemy!

Before you know how to promote your blog, you need to understand what you must do never.

Following these actions you won't promote your blog,them even can lower its status:

1) Cheating subscribers and votes

Here everything is clear.You even can  get into the "black list" and your posts just won't display in the feed

2) Please sign up for me!

This kind of begging is prohibited by the rules of the site.Don't write it in the comments.

3) Make provocative content

Articles with racist or sexist jokes can easily get a lot of reports, that just won't speed up the process of promotion of your blog.Well, it's obvious.


And now, All about the ways of promotion.

1) Resteem

The easiest and most effective kind of promotion on Steemit. This article will be even promoted in this way.It's simple: you send the money to popular blogger he resteem your article.There are special services for resteem:@hottopic (14k subscribers) @resteembot (5k subscribers) and others.

2) Steemengine

This type of promotion isn't a cheat.People just vote and subscribe for each other.They have steem -  @steemengineteam 


Very good way to get more votes and subscribers.

3) High quality content

Of course nothing can so well promote your account as a very high quality content.All previous methods helped to increase the number of  views and subscribers,bit it is useless when you haven't interesting or even have provocative articles.This is the most important point of  to success on Steemit.

I hope this article was useful to you.If so, please vote for it :)

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