[Edited] Abasinkanga Resteem Service - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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What is Abasinkanga Resteem Service?

This is the resteem powerhouse of steemit. It works in 3 ways:

1. Free resteems: Every 6 days a new Abasinkanga resteem service post is posted on steemit, all you have to do is locate the most current post, upvote it and place a comment with your post link to get a free resteem (You must be following @abasinkanga already to enjoy this service)

2. Paid resteems: You can resteem as many posts (any author) as you like by sending 0.05 SBD to @abasinkanga + post link as memo

3. Random resteems: Abasinkanga crawls the steemit feed daily seeking interesting posts to resteem. If your post fits the bill, it could just get a random resteem... just like that, Gbam!

4. Post advert service: This works by sponsoring the Abasinkanga Free resteem service posts as an ELITE sponsor or a VIP sponsor, and details of your post with a link to it, is displayed for all followers and visitors to @abasinkanga's free resteem service posts to see


How does it work?

1. Free resteems: Search for the most current Abasinkanga Free Resteem Service post. (Run a search here), then Upvote the post, comment your post link, and follow @abasinkanga. Once these conditions are met, your post will be resteemed. You can only comment one post link for resteem using this free resteem service. However a VIP sponsor can comment 3 bonus post links, and an ELITE sponsor can comment 10 bonus post links for resteems

2. Paid resteems: To pay for resteems, send 0.05 SBD to @abasinkanga and put the link to your post in the memo field. Also if you have a preferred time to have your post resteemed, you can include the GMT time you want your post resteemed, and it will be resteemed at the time you specified

3. Random resteems: You dont have to do anything here... Just keep posting as you always do. Anytime i come across an interesting post of yours, i will definitely resteem it.

4. Post advert service/Sponsorship: A sponsor gets to have the details of his post and its link, displayed for all visitors to the Abasinkanga free resteem service post to see and engage. This gives the sponsor added post visibility, and more chances of visitors engaging his posts with comments and upvotes

  • ELITE sponsorship (only 1 slot available): Send 1 SBD to @abasinkanga + post link as memo
  • VIP sponsorship (Only 10 slots available): Send 0.1 SBD to @abasinkanga + post link as memo

Important Note:

  • ELITE and VIP sponsors will receive 100% upvote on their post link from @abasinkanga.
  • ELITE and VIP sponsors will have their post displayed on the Abasinkanga Free Resteem Service posts until their post payout time and then the post will be removed from display when the post becomes 7 days old
  • ELITE sponsors can resteem up to 10 bonus post links, VIP sponsors can resteem up to 3 bonus post links.
  • To resteem the bonus post links (ELITE and VIP sponsors only), just post the links as comments in the most current Abasinkanga Free Resteem Service post

How can I find the most current Abasinkanga Free Resteem Service post?

Go to this link: (List of @abasinkanga's recent posts). The most current Abasinkanga Free Resteem Service post is at the top of the list.

Why does the resteem service take some time?

@abasinkanga resteem service is not a bot, which means resteems are done manually. Taking into consideration various factors in relation to our steemit activities online, our resteem service may experience delays of 1-24 hours. However there is a guarantee that your posts will definitely be resteemed, and if for any reason they have not been resteemed, we offer compensation. Just join me on my discord channel to make your complaints.

Do you have a support channel for this resteem service?

To provide the best of quality resteem service on steemit, i have opened a support channel on discord, where you can chat with me if you have any questions or issues with regards to this resteem service. You will also receive latest news and updates in regards to my resteem service.

Chat with me on discord to customize when you want your post resteemed.
Click the link below to join now.

Abasinkanga Resteem Service on Discord


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