Harm and dependence of various drugs

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Drugs are the worst thing that mankind has invented.Following the path of a drug you aren't coming to something good (rather to something very bad), and this path is not rosy at all.

I began to wonder: what drugs cause less harm and which addicts have a chance to rehabilitate to normal life.

For the last 5 years, according to UN estimates, the world of drug addicts increased by 1/3 and today their number is about 324 million people.

Harm of different drugs

Searching in Internet I found this picture:

In this picture everything is understandable.The higher and to the right is the drug - the more dangerous it is.

It is also clear that the most dangerous is heroin.Its usual dose is 0.2 of lethal, and about it's dependence you can read in UN's research: only 0.3% of people who asked for help were able to get rid of dependence on heroin.

But not horrifying statistics have shocked me... 

Many people saw the familiar words:Caffeine,Nicotine,Alcohol.I ask you to look again on the picture:Nicotine has the same dependence as Morphine and Alcohol is harmful almost like Heroin.

Why? Why marijuana and LSD are banned in many countries but cigarettes and alcohol, which are almost as dangerous as the most murderous drugs, are legal?

This is a rather deep and complex question that I will try to answer on it in the next article.You can more detail considering the statistics or read my other articles. 

Good Bye!

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great article i gave up nicotine a month ago it really was hard, my little brother is addicted to heroin i really hope hes part of that 0.3%!!

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