"RESTEEMIT" - Does Steemit Need A SHARE Button?

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The topic of Steemits (subjectively) disproportionate rewards has been pretty hot since Day 1. More recently, we've seen the emergence of popular Steemit users who, somewhat controversially, specialise in hand picking, aggregating, and promoting posts from authors who might otherwise go unnoticed..

Well that's the claim anyway. As Steemit is so young, there is as yet no consensus as to what constitutes a reasonable commission charge for said "promotion". Those who make a lot of money with this method might be called "Super Aggregators", and they are coming under increasing scrutiny, not just from my friend @klye, but the wider community who are starting to point out how lucrative content aggregation can be.

Slice Of Pie

I'd like to ask you, dear readers, what you consider to be a reasonable slice of the pie for these Aggregators?

The closest thing to consensus we have for now, is the aggregator gives all of the STEEM Dollars rewarded to the featured author/s, and keeps the STEEM Power. This is still controversial. Perhaps we will never reach a consensus.

As a crude analogy, the featured author is getting half of the pizza for putting in a lot of effort preparing it, but the promoter has the oven to cook it.

Publishing Over The Years... Publishing Over The Internets...

The concept of a wealthy agent discovering, promoting, and distributing content for a talented creative goes back a long way, but that doesn't make it "fair" by default. Indeed the internet has democratised the whole concept of publishing, and Steemit could add to this legacy. With this in mind, perhaps a 50% slice of the pie is indeed, rather generous to the aggregators. Unfortunately, STEEM Powers lack of liquidity makes matters rather more complex, should anyone even want to offer more than a 50% cut.

I believe the development of a "RESTEEMIT" button could put all of this controversy to bed.

Facebook has "share". Twitter has "retweet". I'd love to see a feature that allowed any user here to "reSTEEMit" someone elses post, or perhaps even a list of different works.

They would automatically get a (small?) share of the rewards, if new votes were added due to their endorsement. Being quick and fun to use, it would also encourage EVERYONE, big or small, to actively curate and share the best posts on Steemit. And finally, it would add that wonderful thing people call viral potential.

Pizza for everyone! What do you think?

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Reblogging (resteemit) is already implemented minus a button and a few UI changes, it should be rolled out this week.

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@dantheman If I could ask, does it involve "reblogging" ones own content, or sharing posts by other users on our own blogs with some sort of commission system ? Thanks for your time

I guess this isn't what you're looking for?

I suppose you want to develop that further? Enhance it?

Great graphic!
That's awesome, but I'd like Facebook, Twitter and RESTEEMIT ;)
Thanks for your comment!

so plain and simple you want to send to your followers the links to check out a post
this is brilliant. But I don't think whales will take their eyes of the boobs today...
it is the gotopless event on USA so there is a little chance they will notice this.

Also I want to add to that that none of my friends are using the site because it lucks instant messenger. they think this kind of thing is outdated. I don't blame them they are mainstream users and not computer freaks like us. Furthermore they try one two posts to get money there is no one speaking their language and the are not planning to return.

Until steemit becomes a multi language site. I don't see any of the above changing. It is strictly an English site on their eyes. I cannot sympathize their views though as I am speaking English quite well and I am always getting around things as such with ease.
Let's hope for the best. I made a similar suggestion today. Do they still bother checking them out is the question.

the only effective way for it to be a multi-language site would be to have multiple versions of the site or a way of streaming each language into it's own area. If I had to scroll through pages of non-English posts to find something I could read, it would drive me off.

I like the idea, but I'm wondering how it could be implemented in a way that users wouldn't fill the tags with resteemed content making it harder to find original articles.

Maybe hide these resteemit articles from the main feeds? They'd only show on a user's blog? Then the user can resteemit anything they find interesting and it would show in their followers feeds​?

This would have the benefit of deterring users from "resteeming" a lot of spam or uninteresting content. Since it would bury their own.

Just suggestions and random thoughts on the subject.

Limiting it to the users blog is a brill idea!

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YES it does.

I have been collecting posts I find worthy to share and making a post for it, and have had to tell people to NOT upvote it... Lot's of people making these "featured" posts are ranking in a LOT of $$$ by doing this... been causing controversy about fairness lately... A share button with 0 payout would be AWESOME!

Or even the possibility to make a post and disable Upvotes. I would love that feature. It could also encourage people to make posts simply for the sake of discussion, or share grim news stories without monetizing them.

I NEVER vote for any posts by "aggregators". The rich get richer. Seems to me like it's analogous to so much that I hear so many complain about all over steemit.

Re-Steemit for the win.

But I'd like to add a very important, note to this discussion. The current promoters are like a spotlight, not everyone can be in it and you pay a hefty price to get to there. What leads me to the conclusion, that I'f I'm guaranteed to be seen by the "Power Holders"(aka Whales) if I let my post to someone else, I do accept the 50:50 share and think it's fair. Think of the feature as a "honor", as something big (what it actually is). I'm not gonna lie, I got featured and gained 16 followers from that and some SBD that I've powered up. Was I thinking that my post was undervalued, no. I accepted the fact that I had to "give up" 50% of my rewards. But in turn I landed in that spotlight and my post "was seen". For me, it was well worth it!

One more thing, I'm pretty much well informed when it comes to everything and anything Steemit. Fact is, a lot of people skip the post, a lot of people "vote bet"(as you said in your post a while ago) and these users are followed to some extend by bots, it's not their fault. But, shadiness isn't ok, I agree on that one, the more transparency the better.

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I agree with everything you say here. I too feel that a 50% cut is reasonable. It seems unreasonable on paper, but in all sorts of analogies, it's quite normal. Like a band getting signed to a label who promotes them, and takes a huge cut. That's just business.

I have been one of the more critical observers of the popular aggregators on here, but not because of the 50% payout. What I've always encouraged among them was more consistency and transparency.

And yes, "sport voting", "vote betting", whatever you want to call it, still needs to be addressed.

Anyway, thanks for your comment.

Like a band getting signed to a label who promotes them, and takes a huge cut.


I have been one of the more critical observers of the popular aggregators on here

I support you for that, if no one was "questioning them" the "problem" wouldn't been discovered. Critique is good!

If 5 authors are aggregated, they each get 10%. Aggregation is hard work and 50% is more than fair but make sure original authors get their cut of both SP and SD.

Up vote for Resteemit button!

No it's not really that hard. Writing valuable content is harder. Aggregating is just a bit annoying to have to do when a feature in the platform could do it easily.

The thing about this sort of feature would be, it would make aggregation easier for everyone. So the lower percentage would still be worthwhile.

A share button will greatly help minnows like me to gain more attention.

I would hope so. Fingers crossed. Wonder if the devs are listening :)
@proskynneo maybe?

Good thoughts and great idea.
I think that this could be a good concept to implement.

Something like this would definitely nip the aggregator issue in the bud

I like pizza... great idea!

Great idea... I support the RE-steemit button

Great idea! I included your post in the latest edition of the Steemit Wish List :)

Thanks very much. I have followed up with a new post discussing how such a feature might be implemented.

Very cool. I'll update the link when I get home tonight.

I support the resteemit button