Steem linkback bot v0.3 released

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Community reception

Linkback-bot-v0 was generally met with approval by Steem community and at the time of posting received 134 upvotes and 5 flags.

New features

  • Linkback bot now has an intuitive control interface: flagging it will stop the bot from coming to your posts and upvotes will encourage it. Thanks @anduweb for suggesting this elegant solution.
  • Linkback bot will now publish weekly linking reports. The report for Week 1 of September is already available.
  • Some authors generating a lot of outgoing links were excluded to increase signal/noise ratio.

Why build a linkback bot for Steem?

  • To increase follower counts of related authors by providing additional discovery mechanism
  • To increase payouts for authors of high quality collections and authors whose posts are included in collections
  • To increase of number of posts linking out by providing incentives to do so
  • To increase number of views per visit and time spent interacting with Steem
  • To increase traffic from search engines
  • For fun and profit

At this moment linkback bot is still in alpha and runs with limited capacity.


Linkback bot is under development.

  • Post language detection and bot i18n
  • Author analytics
  • Personal analytics
  • Tag analytics
  • Mention and linkbacks notifications by twitter, etc
  • Possible link weighting by rewards
  • Spam prevention features

Hi @ontofractal - I just wanted to let you know that it looks like there is a glitch with the linkback bot. It just posted on my article here saying it was linked to by two other posts, but my article was not referenced in those posts.

Thanks for the bug report @timcliff! I've rebuilt the linkback bot link graph and it seems to be fixed now.

I've just begun seeing the linkback bot on a couple of my blogs. It's interesting. I'm still uncertain about bots because I'm an advocate for organic upvoting and commenting. From what I've read here, it sounds like there are quite a few benefits for authors, and you should be rewarded for your work and initiative to make Steemit a better place for all. :)

Nice job!
Could you refactor the notification with markdown (instead of html)?

Thanks! I think so, but why?

First of all it can reduce unneccessary spaces (also you can just use @clayop instead of <a href=""> @clayop </a>. In addition, my notification bot (Noteefi) is using markdown, so if you don't mind having markdown is better for me ;)

Here's the current code I got (about 530 characters):
<div> <p> This post has been linked to from another place on Steem. </p> <ul> <li> <a href=""> The Steemian's Hierarchy of Needs </a> by <a href=""> @sweetsssj </a> </li> <li> <a href=""> #20. 20160912 Steemit Digest (Korean Language) </a> by <a href=""> @woo7739 </a> </li>

And my suggestion (about 330 characters):
This post has been linked to from another place on Steem.
- [The Steemian's Hierarchy of Needs]( by @sweetsssj
- [#20. 20160912 Steemit Digest (Korean Language)]( by @woo7739

Thanks for this, I've released a new version of the bot with your suggestion implemented.

How did you get approval from the SteemIt community?

help me if i misunderstand . isn't that an aspect of the open block chain, to be free to build extras that can use the information in the block chain as a sort of database to generate more useful functions (add-ons)? i think i heard something from ned and dan in a video discussing it on youtube. i think it was here:

You're correct. The database is public for everyone, I imagine it being possible for people to build reddit-style webpages using steem blockchain that is powering steemit, the site we're on right now.

thanks for the confirmation. i'm about three weeks here and sometimes i feel i'm still flailing.

No worries, it's lot to take on at first.

I'd also want to add that this kind of work is what we need, developers building stuff to make steemit experience better is very valuable and I'll continue to keep my eye and upvote button ready for all devs and their work.

I checked - it works, thanks

How does this help me profit ?

how to use this bot in my posts?

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