Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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Great Story of honesty by a fellow Steemian @beatenegg.

Over the years I've been ripped off, over charged, stolen from, not been repaid, scammed, etc so many times to expect dishonesty by default. That is the reason I try in my posts to show I'm not a scammer. I do indeed pay the winnings and run as honest of a contest as I can that adds to the community.

On SteemIt I've read many great stories of people helping people. From introduction posts, contests giving steem, advice, encouragement and on and on. It is a great community that is starting here and I'm glad to be a part of it. There are many projects on Steem to help others it is a great community.

I made a mistake today while sending out the daily SBD for entries (which is 1 SBD to a participant). I accidentally clicked send max right before I hit send didn't even know until I looked at transfers. The send max link is close to the send button on Chrome. So with a misclick all my SBD earned from posts and contest prizes I mistakenly sent to a Steemian I didn't know @beatenegg.

Immediately I got that sick feeling in my stomach when you know you made a costly mistake. I give SBD to participants in the contests as prizes and tips so losing mine was gonna hurt. I figured I was just going to be out the money. With block chain technology there isn't a lot of ways to fix mistakes. I googled and found asking for the return of the SBD is the first step. So I asked for it to be returned. I needed the SBD for the contest and to help with my families monthly bills which I put in the message asking for it back.

I was hoping so badly it would be sent back. But, I figured I was just out the money. I would fund this weeks prize my self since that would be the only fair thing to do. My mistake shouldn't hurt people that enter the contest. I'm not rich so losing that amount was going to hurt and then paying the contest out of packet would double the damage.

To my surprise the money was returned by @beatenegg. I was happy that the money was returned. A reward I think is the right way to show gratitude for returning property. He decided to do the right thing so I wanted to make sure I also did the right thing. @beatenegg has a sick child and said he was going to use the reward for medication for his child. This showed to me a true man sending back my SBD when he could have kept that money. I have 3 kids and understand bills to keep them healthy so that makes his feat of kindness toward me even more note worthy. @beatenegg deserves to have his honesty and kindness recognized in my opinion so this post is the least I can do for him.

Many thanks for your honesty, and for reminding me that there are honest people in the world.

Links to the contest I'm running this week:

Past contests so far:

I'd like for him to get back more then he sent me via goodwill for doing the right thing. Steemit lets show people doing the right thing can payoff in the long run and being dishonest only works in the short term. I'll be splitting proceeds with him from this to add to what he has for his family.

Upvote this post if you agree honesty over dishonesty.



Thank you for sharing your experience with the community @bunnypuncher, and I am glad to see more and more people like @beatenegg on this great platform.

We are the change that we wish to see in this world, and each good deed we do sends a ripple of positivity (aka good karma). Cheers!

Every time I do something, I think about how it will affect my sleep at night. Yes, lately there has not been much sleep because of this infection my son got but that's alright. What's not alright is being up all night carrying the heaviest baggage of guilt because you know you did someone wrong.

Nice to meet you, @ebargains! Continue to spread cheers around Steemit!

Sorry to hear about your son. Hope he gets well soon.

One remedy that I know of which helps to deal with pretty much the majority of infections is colloidal silver. The "Sovereign Silver" brand makes the purest form of the colloidal silver, whereas other brands tend to make the cheaper ionic silver tinctures, which are not as effective. Check it out and do some research.

Also, monatomic gold tinctures are a great way to stay healthy long-term. Make sure to do your own research on this one.

Thank you I couldn't agree more.

Over the years I've been ripped off, over charged, stolen from, not been repaid, scammed, etc so many times to expect dishonesty by default.

I have experienced the same thing and so when this thing happened, my first thought was to return it. I knew @bunnypuncher must've punched wrongly this time.

I'm Jonah. I'm the other half of @beatenegg. Like what my entry on the comments section of his contest, I share this account with my husband. He was driving from work to the hospital when it happened.

I posted last night that I was planning on posting a lengthy blog but since my little boy was feeling sick, I had to set it aside. This morning we went to see the doctor but the doctor was 2 hrs behind. When she arrived, she just checked a little on my son and ordered a few lab tests. Don't worry folks, it wasn't anything serious, although as a mother I had to make sure. Dr said it was some respiratory tract infection. Gave some antibiotics and got sent home.

Anyway, it felt like we were waiting forever. We were at the waiting area, me, my son who is sick and my daughter who had no one to be left with at home. My son was napping, head rested on my shoulder. Little girl eating her chips. Me, I was checking out Steemit. Passed by @bunnypuncher's contest, made an entry and checked other blogs.

I went to check if there were any replies or if my comment got upvoted. There was, saying I was getting 1 SBD. When I checked wallet, my phone rang. It was John, the other half of @beatenegg, telling me to check our wallet, asking if I won anything from you and the he was on his way. I said, I won 1 sbd. The call got cut. Anyway, when I checked I knew it was around 30sbd, but to my surprise, it was around 190++sbd. I checked again, maybe I was looking at someone else's wallet. But it was mine.

The thing is, I couldn't see what it was for. It just looked like this;

I know I only won 1sbd, why would he have sent more than that? Being fairly new to steemit, i don't know how steemchat works. i didn't know how to return this. I had to call John again. While the med tech was calling me too. I told John there must be a mistake and both agreed to return it. He taught me how, over the phone. I didn't know the other transfers had messages asking me to give them back. I just did what was right and replied to his comment on my comment.

My son is sick and I needed money because currently I'm just doing freelance and it doesn't pay very well. But more than needing the money, I needed good karma. Always. Not just this time. I needed to believe that in case I do the same mistake, there will be others who will do the same thing @beatenegg did.

Thank you fellow Steemians for all the nice words. Sorry, @bunnypuncher, I wasn't able to respond to your last comment right away. I had a patient to attend to. Right now, they're sleeping. Before I go to sleep myself, I'm thanking heavens for using me to restore your faith in people's kindness.

Good night from my side of the world! 🤗🤗🤗

I hope for the speedy recovery of your son and wish your family the best. I very much appreciate your honesty and I made this post to show others this still exists in the world. I'm hoping between the proceeds of this post and attention this gets will cause funds for your son to show in your account. Honesty like yours should be rewarded and be an example to others. I'll also be sure to send the same amount as the 1st place prize (10 SBD) to one of the most honest couples I know at the end of the contest. A small token to help you and your family for such a kind deed you have done for me.

Bravo my friend good things comes to those who do the right thing. Hope the kids are alright now. I'll see you later buddy.

Thanks, Ryan. We're getting by. Young boy is still feverish and Jonah is a little worried that the little girl is now feeling a little warm. Oh man, must be the weather.

Don't worry. These two will be alright. Their mommy is better than the doctors! And they are excited to join the steemit meetup, especially Kiero who has been doing the artworks we submit for art contests.

Oh I should apologize for always referring to you as he and him. When in fact you are a couple and family. A horrible oversight that just occurred to me.

Thank you, I really hope he gets better soon. He's been terribly worried about the lessons he's missing from school.

And it's ok. Our names are confusing. John and Jonah - both guy names. Funny thing is, whenever I get something from promo mail, I always get addressed as he. Anyway, He insists I create my own account. I say we can just keep it this way. We both write, we both earn. And there's not much users here who share the same account. So its pretty unique. 😄

I love the conversation here. It only proves that there are still good and honest people in the world. I admire you people and I am following you @beatenegg and @bunnypuncher.

Ty I'm humbled by the show of support from steemit.

You have my support as well... ;)

Hello, @georgie84! Nice to meet you. Yes, there are still kind hearted people. They come out in the least expected situation.

Yes, and you are one of them! Pray and all good things will come to you. May you and your family specially the kids will have the best of health

This is a fantastic story from both of you! I'm excited to be joining a community that's committed to using technology and money to make the world a better place. There are so many anonymous communities that encourage negative behavior, but it looks like Steem is building an amazing platform to connect with amazing people! Thank you both for giving me a great introduction to this community.

Wow, just wow. Having this conversation in the ublic really makes me smile. This shows that there are still honest persons. Let's take note that @beatenegg doesn't have that much SBD and Steem Power and it was returned back. Also @bunnypuncher asking to return even the 150 SBD only but the whole 160+ SBD was returned back.

I would definitely love to see @beatenegg in person, know the his/her way of living and if I can help him/her. I definitely would love to do it

Exactly how great of a person @beatenegg is to do this for a stranger. I did in fact give the 13 SBD I had mentioned as a reward for the return. Since this is the record :)

Indeed, not all would do that. Many will be tempted to take the easy money and will not contact you anymore. You're really lucky that @beatenegg is a great person.

Indeed I am and I want to show him that it pays off by making sure he gets back as much or more from the good deed. I'm not 100% sure that will happen but I'm hoping that is the way this turns out.

=) I believe @beatenegg would receive not only a hundred and sixty SDB in the future but I think a million SBD would be on its way

Thank you for reading the story and your kind words.


nope, it was all thanks to you. I might not witness how honest people exist in the community.

Seems I was thankful for your mistake :)

As I sit here and reflect on this story and the events. I too am thankful for this mistake (never thought I'd say that about sending money to the wrong person). It has been a great experience meeting everyone commenting and in the end I think everything will have worked out for the better. I now believe much more in random peoples kindness than I have in years or maybe ever. @beatenegg will get some funds that they needed for their family. A wonderful story has grown from my mistake and it is hard not to be thankful for the positives of what happened.

Hope for the success of the both of you ;)

Kamusta ka, @corderzairos? Thanks for your kind words. I hope to meet you soon too!

@bunnypuncher I was drinking my wine tonight and I found this post in the Minnow-Power Discord channel. You had good luck to encounter an honest human.

@beatenegg you mentioned you rather have good Karma. The ones that did a good job were your parents, or whoever thought you values in this life. I would love to be part of that good Karma. Please reply to this comment with your "memo" and I will send you few STEEM. I am still a little fish, I put a lot of mind and work hard to find my way on this amazing platform, even though we all need rewards, we also need to give back to the community in a way. I am grateful for this opportunity to show my support in this occasion =)

Hello @el-cr!

Appreciating the deed you witnessed will surely make you part of the good karma. Thank you for the kind words.

I have received so much from all of you! And yes, I want more steem but its better we use that to support contests being run by Steemians like @bunnypuncher, @khackett, @artz and so many more. These are the same contests I share my thoughts with here in Steemit. I believe these are the avenues newbies like me get their names out there. And it is that of @bunnypuncher's contest that I got the opportunity to make a difference.

thanks for answering, you did good. I will support steemians you mentioned for sure. Wish you the best to you and your family.

Fantastic story! I saw your discussion in the comment thread of your contest and was impressed with his deed and especially how quick it was done. He didn’t even think twice about it. I am also so pleased to see your good deed in paying it back through this post. There is good in the world.

Thanks I was also very impressed and wanted to make sure others knew of the good still in the world.

Hello, @broncofan99! I felt frantic the same time @bunnypuncher realized his mistake. I had to return it. I didn't know how. Steemitchat is something I'm not familiar with. My thought was, this must be wrong, the poor guy should have his money back. He said on his comment I got 1sbd. So I gave him back 163 from 164. I didn't know he said Incould keep tje others.

It was a very humbling experience. :-)

I felt so bad having troubled you while you were dealing with you son. I hope this post and show of support brightens your day as I think it has.

It has. And it's going to leave a mark for the rest of our lives. 😊

Honesty still do exist eventhough there are things that triggers us not to be one...

So true it is tempting to be dishonest. Everyone has to fight that urge to make themselves a little better. Some days we win some days we lose. I wanted to highlight @beatenegg winning the struggle to be honest. And I'm hoping we can make honesty pay in this case.

I am praying for @beatenegg and the family for all good things to come for being an inspiration to this platform. I am thanking God above to meet people like you. I may not know you personally but I know you have the good heart. xoxo

I'm going to send an additional 10 SBD prize to @beatenegg for doing the right thing. Just as if they had won the contest. I'll split the proceeds of this post and I've tried to get them some help on upvotes for their posts so they should be seeing some lifting in the value of those as well. I'll do my best to make sure this good deed is rewarded. My hope is the value of the good deed will out weigh the 164 SBD they sent back. Honesty and character can not be bought and their's is worth more than what I can give them back but I'll do my best. If others are able to contribute please show these folks honesty still pays off so that they have medicine for their child and can be comfortable in a time of need.

That is so nice of you @bunnypuncher. @beatenegg deserves it. 164 sbd is big already specially in my country. @beatenegg family deserves all the goodness in life and you as well. I will write something about honesty and if you allow me to use this information to share on my wall to spread the good news to fellow steemians. Thank you soo much!

Of course feel free to spread the word about @beatanegg. You may use anything I have posted or said on your wall.

Thank you so much!

We are truly humbled. You have thanked us more than enough!

They say, you come to Steemit for the money and you stay for the community. I want to be a good example of why people would want to stay in this community.

Keep on doing the right thing @beatenegg

Still good people in the world glad to see them on the blockchain as well lots of people looking for fast gains

First of all I would like to say, you are Great Mr. @beatenegg for his honesty, and second thing for Mr. @bunnypuncher, man If you right from your End then God will never do wrong with you and God will also help you.
Thanks for sharing such story and I would like to know from you are @beatenegg..

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