Steemit's favorite Music challenge with SBD Giveaway

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Let's find out what Steemians listen too.

I want to know what music is in the hearts and minds of Steemians.
And I'm willing to pay for it with a contest. Let's find out together what people are listening too.

1st Place prize is 10 SBD.
2nd Place prize is 5 SBD.

Simple rules

  1. Follow me
  2. Resteem this post (upvote is nice but not required)
  3. Leave a comment with your favorite Band / Musician and your favorite song by them

It will be one entry per person to keep it simple.

Also I will tip random people that enter 1 SBD (at least once a day maybe more).

After 7 days I put the names of the contestants in a computer program and have it pick 2 random winners. Then I'll transfer them the SBD.

I will compile a list of the bands and music at the end and publish it in another post.

Make sure to enter so we get a good representation of what Steemians listen too.

Sayings Contest

Thanks for reading and looking forward to reading your entries.

Coming Soon ........... Bunnypuncher's logo contest to help me find an image.


Tracy Chapman - Fast car

On my iphone :)

I really love the way tracy sings :)

One of my favorite song Rolling in a Deep performed by Kz Tandingan, he represents the Philippines in China, and bring home the bacon, "Singer 2018" really the best version of the song i've ever heard,.

Great contribution from another country. It was very different for an American to listen. Could n't decide on if I liked or not but interesting to listen too.

Just try to listen :)It is very amusing :)

1 song make this band my favorite.
a-ha - Take On Me

Another great choice. I have this mp3 too :)


Hi Firstone amazing Contest i am a music Lover and My account is dedicade to share Rock and Tecno music and a little bit about other things i send you this 2 amazing song that i recently discover 1 tecno and 1 rock
KatosX Discodance

2 Maven- The fall

they are not uknow but amazing artists

I liked the rock one. Techno is good but I'm not real big on techo and already have a number of favorites in that category. Great contribution of lesser known bands you found. Exactly what I was looking for.

Cool challenge. Here I go: /group/ Green Day - Boulevard of broken dreams. /song/

Here is a tip of 1 SBD for playing the contest.

Nicki Minaj - pills and potion

I hadn't heard this song by her so off to youtube I went (like everyone one else on the planet these days). Gave it a listen but I wasn't feeling it. Just didn't really care for this one. I'm guessing I an a bit too old for Nicki these days. Thank you for participating and it is great your post made me listen to a new song like several of the other posts.

favorite song: 976-Evil

I went youtube this one. I kinda remember the movie but never saw it. I'm kinda glad while the song is good the movie isn't too good. Actually it is terrible and that is being nice. I could see cult appeal for some. But I'm not into that cult lol.

Guess if anyone should get the 1 SBD today it has gotta be you.


Thaaank you!! :D

Hahaha me neither. But the band has pretty good songs from that album and others. You sould listen to them specially the album Koi No Yokan, it's my favorite from them. It's rock after all and I love it. I usually listen to Pink Floyd, The Verve, Bon Jovi, Oasis, Garbage, APC, Evanescence, Metallica and much others great bands but I've been into Deftones lately, they're really good. It was a difficult decision to just choose one favorite song.

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Whitney Houston - GREATEST LOVE OF ALL ( its a very nice message to everyone, especially children)

Sent 1 SBD for playing thanks.

here our entry, with a song that despite the time it has is still more valid every day, and is a song that gives us much encouragement in those difficult times when we decline and want to abandon everything, we must remember that not everything is written we must get up and keep going always blessings.

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

We Are - One Ok Rock
I chose this music first because the lyrics are meaningful

Here's my entry:

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

Wouldn't mind singing this song for my future wife in my wedding. :)

Wish you were here.
Pink floyd

Adele- All I Ask :) She never fails to make her listeners cry with her songs that are really heartbreaking :3

She is very powerful singer that is for sure.

My entry:

AC/DC - You shook me all night long.

A rock and roll classic.

Rascal Flatts - I’m Movin’ On

There's just something about country music that gets me everytime.

My favorite songs is:

Franco de Vita - is not enough, because the lyrics are very good and I always cry when listening, but now that I am a mother.

michael jackson - bad- It's one of my favorite songs since always

Hard to go wrong with Michael Jackson songs. Always good choices there.

Jon Bon Jovi Always.........

Sent 1 SBD for commenting. Thanks.

Thanks @bunnypuncher for liking the good old Rock Song its still remind me of my first Valentine Date

Zhavia Vercetti - She appeared on the gameshow The Four and she has her own style. She ain't a published artist but she's the type of music I listen to.

Migos - Cocoon
favorite song at the moment -
every song of him is great.

Favorite singer - Post Malone ( Waiting for his new album )

Currently Ed Sheeran - Perfect

bruno mars..... talking to the moon...this is my favorite song

Michael Jackson -Man in the Mirror - The reason I choose this is because the change I want to see in the world I will always make it within myself first

That is a great song. I have the mp3 in my collection.

band: Cultura Profética
song: music without time (música sin tiempo)

in harmony and melody transmits tranquility. the lyrics define, why make music?

greetings to all steemians addicted to good music here my entry into the contest with a theme of the band in which I play the electric bass:

@GuaraGuaras - Fruit of Our Action

It is a Reggae Fusion Latina with a lot of content of ecological conscience, I hope you enjoy it.

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Writing on the Walls by Underoath

Sent 1 SBD for playing. Thank you I value you comment.

My favorite band "artic monkeys" and my favorite song of them is "crying lightning" but i like every song of them jaja. Well... its my favorite band after all.

superheroes, the script

My favorite songs is:

Luis Fonsi - it is assumed

I love her

Hard Times of Paramore. Not just because I am a real fan of this band, their songs are just so meaningful and full of sense. Try to check it out!

Some might say - Oasis. Dude the oasis' songs are amazing, but this in particular is my favorite.

Daughtry - No Surprise
By far, on the best songs they have.

Awesome challenge @bunnypuncher ...
Here's my entry...
Band = Hillsong
Song = Still

Thank You!

drake..... God's plan

My favourite band is Anthony Brown & Group Therapy, and my most favourite song by the band is - Trust In You

This song is a song of hope. I love everything about it. The excellence and vocals are just amazing.

I absolutely love Camila cabello's song I have questions. I truly relate to it because I've been on the same place as the song's meaning. Trusting someone too much and at the end they hurt you and betray you, and the song's questions arise in your head its called "I have questions " check it out

mana y cantante feer es la mejor agrupacion en rok clasico que e escuchado por años y no dejara de ser mis favoritas

Ed Sheeran - I'm A Mess

I hadn't heard of Ed before. But I did know a song of his just didn't know the name. So another gem in the comments. ty for playing.


here my entry:

"Hopefully - Silvio Rodriguez"

thanks for this great initiative for all steemusic

The chainsmokers: == closer

Maitte Perroni

The Trees/Xanadu, from the live album Exit Stage Left, by Rush.

Ed sheeran shape of you

I'm more of a lover of cool songs with touching lyrics, so here's my favorite...

Tatiana Manaois-Like you

You'll love it!

(Sigrid - Strangers) is my current favourite although it tends to change a lot

Graham Nash Simple Man and most of CSN&Y gorgeous lyrics and melodies. Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, JS Bach - hard to choose... Decades go by but they always jingle my bells.

Thank you @bunnypuncher
Here's my entry...
Gravity by John Mayer.

I have great love for that song... 😆

(This my favorite music (melody) from the music genius of ILLAYARAJA. very impressive expression of two lovers at the edge of death. This also the first computer music song in 1986s. you must watch it and enjoy.
Singer : S.P. Balasubramaniyam. I hope you!)

Upvoted and resteemed!

Stains - “Please” or “Four Walls”

Adam Levine - Lost Stars

This is my Entry: @Bunnypuncher .
I always listen this song and also this is my ringtone when someone call me.

Young Dumb & Broke by Khalid

hii im from venezuela, south america, but i love this spain flamenco song from Vicente Amigo, TATA, song, i love this tune. i hope that you like it too...

Hello here it´s my entry for the contest

Poets Of The Fall - Can Your Hear Me (Every song of them are amazing, i´ve to recommend this band to everybody)

i´ll leave the youtube link for everyone to listen the song it is not trouble:


I really love the vibe of this song. So chill. So relaxing. So romantic. ♫ ❤

My favorite group is "Ruki vverh" (Hands ip) and its song "Alesha"

Pink floyd, Comfortably Numb

That is one of my favorites too.

OMG, this is tough!! There are so many that I could choose. I’ll go with a song that I’ve been hooked on over the last little bit. It’s a remake but so much better than the original IMO

Band - Disturbed
Song - Sound if Silence

The official video is cool but I find this live version so powerful.
Great contest idea!!!

J.cole - Love yourz

Great day @bunnypuncher! My favorite song is : ALL OF ME by: JOHN LEGEND.. this song is very special for me and my wife since this is our theme song as married couple! This song inspires me day by day to show love for now and forever to my one only wife @junababatuon! More power....

The Cranberries - Zombie

I like this song because this is the first song I learned to play in guitar. From rhythm, to bass to lead. Overall package playing in guitar haha! Have you heard this song @bunnypuncher already?

Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69

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