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RE: Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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Wow, just wow. Having this conversation in the ublic really makes me smile. This shows that there are still honest persons. Let's take note that @beatenegg doesn't have that much SBD and Steem Power and it was returned back. Also @bunnypuncher asking to return even the 150 SBD only but the whole 160+ SBD was returned back.

I would definitely love to see @beatenegg in person, know the his/her way of living and if I can help him/her. I definitely would love to do it


Exactly how great of a person @beatenegg is to do this for a stranger. I did in fact give the 13 SBD I had mentioned as a reward for the return. Since this is the record :)

Indeed, not all would do that. Many will be tempted to take the easy money and will not contact you anymore. You're really lucky that @beatenegg is a great person.

Indeed I am and I want to show him that it pays off by making sure he gets back as much or more from the good deed. I'm not 100% sure that will happen but I'm hoping that is the way this turns out.

=) I believe @beatenegg would receive not only a hundred and sixty SDB in the future but I think a million SBD would be on its way

Thank you for reading the story and your kind words.


nope, it was all thanks to you. I might not witness how honest people exist in the community.

Seems I was thankful for your mistake :)

As I sit here and reflect on this story and the events. I too am thankful for this mistake (never thought I'd say that about sending money to the wrong person). It has been a great experience meeting everyone commenting and in the end I think everything will have worked out for the better. I now believe much more in random peoples kindness than I have in years or maybe ever. @beatenegg will get some funds that they needed for their family. A wonderful story has grown from my mistake and it is hard not to be thankful for the positives of what happened.

Hope for the success of the both of you ;)

Kamusta ka, @corderzairos? Thanks for your kind words. I hope to meet you soon too!

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