So true it is tempting to be dishonest. Everyone has to fight that urge to make themselves a little better. Some days we win some days we lose. I wanted to highlight @beatenegg winning the struggle to be honest. And I'm hoping we can make honesty pay in this case.

I am praying for @beatenegg and the family for all good things to come for being an inspiration to this platform. I am thanking God above to meet people like you. I may not know you personally but I know you have the good heart. xoxo

I'm going to send an additional 10 SBD prize to @beatenegg for doing the right thing. Just as if they had won the contest. I'll split the proceeds of this post and I've tried to get them some help on upvotes for their posts so they should be seeing some lifting in the value of those as well. I'll do my best to make sure this good deed is rewarded. My hope is the value of the good deed will out weigh the 164 SBD they sent back. Honesty and character can not be bought and their's is worth more than what I can give them back but I'll do my best. If others are able to contribute please show these folks honesty still pays off so that they have medicine for their child and can be comfortable in a time of need.

That is so nice of you @bunnypuncher. @beatenegg deserves it. 164 sbd is big already specially in my country. @beatenegg family deserves all the goodness in life and you as well. I will write something about honesty and if you allow me to use this information to share on my wall to spread the good news to fellow steemians. Thank you soo much!

Of course feel free to spread the word about @beatanegg. You may use anything I have posted or said on your wall.

Thank you so much!

We are truly humbled. You have thanked us more than enough!

They say, you come to Steemit for the money and you stay for the community. I want to be a good example of why people would want to stay in this community.

Keep on doing the right thing @beatenegg

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