Going Full Time On Steemit: A Practical Guide For Creators [PART I]

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Can you imagine what it would be like to live sustainably off of Steemit?

Can you imagine a reality where your contributions also contribute to the sustenance of your very existence?

Can you imagine a thriving world where people from around the world come together to create, connect, and collaborate with each other?


I can and I do, every single day.

And in this guide, I'm going to share with you my visions, plans, and strategies for living and operating full time on Steemit.

Why "full time"?

The simple truth is this: if there is a large community on Steemit that is operating on this platform full time, then that would mean that this platform has successfully adopted cryptocurrency and officially transcended an old, dying system. If we are the first to do it, then we will be one of the first globally-based communities to prove to the world what is possible and what humanity is capable of.

What if I don't want to go full time? Is this post still for me?

If you are a minnow, looking to get a solid start on Steemit. Then this is for you.

If you are a regular Steemian, looking to go full time. Then this is for you.

If you are a creator, looking to establish your brand. Then this is for you.

If you are a human, looking to change the world for the better. Then this is for you.

If you are reading this and wondering if this is for you... Then this is for you. (lol)

Who is @axios and why do my thoughts matter?

For those who I have not had a chance to meet yet, "Greetings!" I am @axios, an inspired creative here on Steemit. I write within the realms of empowered psychology and frequently share ideas, visions, and strategies for improving the life experience on an individual and collective level.


I'm relatively new to this community, but through my significant contributions over the past few months, I've learned quite a lot and have relatively decent stats to show for it (which I will share below).

I officially joined Steemit at the very end of September of 2017, took time to learn and experiment for a few months after, and made a serious commitment to posting regularly on December 1st, 2017.

Here Are My Steemit Stats:

Since December 1st I have:

  • Gained over 700+ followers
  • Contributed over 70+ extensive articles and videos
  • Commented and engaged with more than 1,800+ posts

In just this past month I have:

  • Gained 395 followers
  • Accumulated an estimated 594.36 GROSS SBD* / 297.18 NET SBD*
    *GROSS = before payout finalizes and splits 75%/25% for author/curators
    *NET = after payout finalizes and splits 50 SBD/50 SP

So now that you have an idea of my hustle and commitment to Steemit, here's my vision:

By January 1st, 2019 I intend to operate from the Steemit ecosystem full time. This will allow me to operate fully remotely so that I can travel internationally and build relationships and businesses with fellow Steemians in virtual AND physical spaces.

I believe that the world can be improved by modeling cultures that are already sustainable, empowering, and collaborative, while simultaneously experimenting with new culture.

Thus, it only makes sense to experience new culture beyond your own in order to truly understand what exists within this world, while also, seeking to connect, create, and collaborate with others to discover new, fruitful ways of living and thriving.


Cryptocurrency has given us the opportunity to not only completely revolutionize the way we trade goods and services, but also how we organize and operate as a collective. Every aspect of our lives will be impacted... business, education, healthcare, food, travel, creativity, innovation, just to name a few.

We can choose to rewrite the script now, or let someone else do it for us.

I choose the former.

Ready To Go Full Time?

With all that being said, here's my current guide that outlines how I will execute my goals and visions here on Steemit.

Is it perfect? No way!

I still have much to learn and as I do, I will continue to share.

With that being said, I strongly welcome constructive criticism and wisdom sharing.

For now, this is what I have discovered through listening to other successful Steemians, working hard, and learning through experience.

The following text will outline my personal perspectives in the realms of community building, engagement, content creation, creative development, time management, value, innovation, analytics, mindset, things to avoid, and my current daily routine.

I will split this into two seperate parts as each post is already quite extensive.

I share this because if I can help you succeed, then I will also be succeeding.

That's the power of community, isn't it?

Building Relationships: The Capstone of Steemit


If you're not here to build relationships, then I would advise you to stop reading this post and sign off of Steemit now as you're wasting your time as a creator.

I know I'm being blunt, but I'm also being extremely honest.

The quality of your life experience is equally proportionate to the quality of relationships that you develop with the people, places, and things in your life.

Steemit is no different.

Your growth and development here on Steemit is equally proportionate to the quality of relationships that you create.

Thus, you will hear me say this a lot: building relationships is extremely important.

How To Build Relationships On Steemit

Read And Engage With Other Steemian's Posts

This is the simple truth, but it's easily forgotten.

When I first started posting on Steemit, I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting any interaction on my posts.

But then I remembered this core principle of life:

Be the change you wish to see.


So I started being someone who would thoroughly read and watch ALL of my fellow Steemian's posts, leaving epic and thoughtful comments on each post.

And guess what happened?

The posts on MY CHANNEL exploded with engagement.

It was all too obvious: engage with others and others will engage with you.

How To Effectively Engage On Another's Post

Step 1: Write down a few of the Steemit tags that match the content that you create on your own channel.

Step 2: Scroll through each tag and select about 10 posts to read.

Step 3: Read through the entire post, and while you're reading, ask yourself "what does this post mean to me and why does it matter?"

Step 4: Leave a comment that not only demonstrates the fact that you read the post, but also something that conveys something about who you are. Ignite that personal connection.

Step 5: Invite that Steemian to check out a specific piece of content that you have recently posted if it is relevant to them. If it's not relevant, then it will seem spammy. Don't be spammy.

Step 6: Repeat steps 1 through 5 every day.

Engage With Your Followers

The Steemians who are commenting and upvoting your posts are your channel's life force.

Cherish them as it's a major component to your continued success.

On my channel, I've discovered that the best way to operate is to reward Steemians who:

  • Constantly engage with my channel.
  • Leave a thoughtful comments.
  • Engage with other's comments.
  • Resteem and/or upvote my posts.

upvote steemit.jpg

If I receive a comment from someone and none of these four things have been achieved, then I simply will not upvote them as it's not the type of engagement I want on my channel.

If any one of these four aspects is achieved, I will upvote!

In terms of comments, I try to reply to all comments, but this becomes extremely time consuming as your channel grows. Thus, I rely on the four characteristics above to filter out who I choose to engage with.

Engage With Your Follower's Channels

The best way to encourage continued support, is to give that support yourself.

Do you know of a Steemian that comments regularly on your channel?

Go check out their stuff, upvote their posts, engage with their content.

It's a sure fire way to ignite a long term relationship and continued support.

I use @ginabot (a Steemit analytics tool that I will explain on our next post) to track when my favorite Steemian's post new content.


This way, I'm much more likely to read and engage with their content on a frequent basis, and thus, they remember that I still exist!

I'm currently developing an excel sheet that will list out all of the Steemit channels that I want to check out every day.

My goal will be go through this list once a day in order to have a frequent presence on the channels I want to grow with on a consistent basis.

Finding A Community

A huge aspect of Steemit that isn't very obvious up front is the necessity in finding a niche community.

Why is this important?

It's because Steemit communities are where you can really start getting to know people and building lasting, quality relationships with others.


Since Steemit is not a private messaging platform and everything is out in the open, it can be difficult to go deeper with other Steemians on the platform alone (in its current state).

Most Steemit communities exist on discord where there is private messaging, voice, and video chat capabilities.

Finding the right community takes time, but once you find one that fits, you'll immediately recognize the major benefits in doing so.

How To Find Your Niche Community

Step 1: As you're perusing around Steemit and engaging with other's posts, keep an eye out for any curation or creative communities that other Steemians rep.

In example, lately I've been repping @dtubedaily, an amazing new community I've recently joined and have grown to love.


Step 2: Look for communities that would enhance your creativity or communities that align with your goals and values on Steemit.

Step 3: Join a community, read the rules, and introduce yourself to the community.

Step 4: Make a point to show up for even just 5 minutes, every day just to say hello and reinforce a familiar face. This will do more than you think!

Step 5: Collaborate with the Steemians you connect with! My best posts on Steemit are often the ones that involve other Steemians.

Creating Content: The Bricks That Build Empires

taj mahal.jpg

The value of Steemit as a social media platform is equivalent to the value of the content on it.

Sharing a meme or gif that you found on Google or Facebook with a paragraph description alongside it is not an example of adding value.

It's lame and also really not even meant for Steemit (share memes on dmania.lol).

True value is created by sharing content that you would stand behind, content that is timeless or relevant to the times, content that is building upon a brand, and content that is authentic and original.

Is This Content Worth Reading?

I ask myself this before I post anything.

For before I post anything, I make sure that it would be something that I would excitedly invite another Steemian to check out.

Time is valuable and if I'm stealing someone else's time with a half-assed post, then what kind of message am I sending?

Focus on creating content that is adding value to people lives and you will immediately begin receiving a myriad of upvotes, comments, resteems, and who knows, you might even attract the attention of a whale.

Bottom line, intentionally choose to create and share the best possible content that you can.

do great.jpg

Not only will you develop yourself as an artist and creator, but you will simultaneously help to grow, develop, and increase the value of Steemit as a platform.

We are lucky in this instance, as we experience the direct impact of this accumulated value in our Steemit wallets.

Develop Your Brand

When we talked about engaging on other's posts, I told you to first browse through tags that are relevant to the content on your own Steemit channel.

Without a niche or focus, you simply won't be able to effectively find relevant tags, and thus, you won't be able to effectively find an audience.

I recently read a fantastic post about branding by @surfermarly, a Steemian who earned $25,000 in 16 months on Steemit.

surfer marly.png

In her post, Marly stated:

The idea is to define a specific target group you want to satisfy with your blog and then start producing the content that matches with the demand of that specific group. You can’t ever be a jack-of-all-trades and serve the whole internet community.

I think that last line says it all: you can't serve the whole internet community.

But what you can do, is serve the people who are like you or who have similar skills, beliefs, or interests.

You Are The Brand

In my opinion, the easiest way to build a brand is to be the brand.

What interests you? What do you know? What are you learning? What have you discovered? What are you creating? What do you think?

These are just a few questions that can help you to discover your niche and your brand.

For me, this aspect of media has always been difficult for me. I have so many interests!

But in time, you'll discover the things that really just stick.

Creating content on a daily basis isn't easy if you're sharing things that you aren't passionate about.

Thankfully, passions typically dwell within just a few areas.

If you can discover what those areas are, then you are on your road to establishing a solid, niche brand.

Let Steemit Be Your Reason For Personal Growth

Social media can be used for good, or for bad.

The bad aspects of social media often negatively impact the consumer as they take in secondary sources of information and freely distribute their personal information.

The good aspects of social media often positively impact the creators as they express themselves, connect with others, and collaborate.

The latter is yours for the picking here on Steemit.

If anything, choose to do Steemit for the mere purpose of improving your life.


Do you want to learn something new?

Do you have a goal that you want to achieve?

Are you building something?

Share those things on Steemit and let the community be your accountability partner.

Document your life in a way that supports your positive habits.

Celebrate your achievements and demonstrate why they are important.

Teach us what you know as you have new experiences and learn new things!

There are so many reasons to grow, and many of those reasons can absolutely support your content creation here on Steemit.

The Law Of Averages

Steemit is similar to crypto mining.

In crypto mining, your computer is computing algorithms in hopes of claiming the reward for creating blocks of validated transactions and including them in the blockchain.


If you mine at a certain speed for a certain amount of time, you'll likely mine a block within a certain period of time.

It's a law of averages.

On Steemit, you're sharing content and hoping that your work is validated by a whale and included up at the top of the trending list.

If you create a certain quality of content for a certain period of time, you'll likely attract a whale's upvote within a certain period of time.

It's a law of averages.

Thus, if you constantly put out high value content, you can be sure that your content will eventually be discovered.

You may have been making an average of 2SBD for an entire month UNTIL a whale upvotes your post 300SBD... now suddenly your average has risen from 2 to 12SBD with just one upvote!

It's good to keep this in mind, especially during the times when you're not feeling the love.

I promise you, we've all been there ;-)

Strengthening Your Creative Muscle

Creating high value content every day is no easy task.

It requires focus, time, and dedication.

All things that do not come overnight.

When you first start posting regularly on Steemit, it will likely feel overwhelming.

If it does, this is a good thing: it means you are pushing your creative boundaries.

creative muscle.jpg

For what will be uncomfortable at first, will soon feel very comfortable.

And when this happens, you've just strengthened your creative muscle.

Soon, producing high value content will be your norm.

Even better, you'll have the capacity to build on this new norm, which will take you from being a great creator...

To An Extraordinary One.

My Strategy For Creating Extraordinary Content

1. I Show Myself

I was encouraged by other Steemians to share my face more often on articles and video posts and it's definitely helped to improve my personal brand.

For one, in order to show yourself, you likely will want to share content that you can stand behind. Thus, by being a bit more transparent, you're holding yourself accountable.

Showing yourself doesn't always mean literally showing your face, it could also mean showing what you are doing or what you are creating.

People tend to follow people who can prove that they walk their talk.

2. I Create And Post Daily

This is hugely important to establishing any brand.

A brand is simply meaning attached to a word.

In order to create meaning out of thin air, you need to reinforce that meaning on a daily basis.

You need to be constantly reminding the world of the meaning you bring to it and the value that you are providing.

On Steemit, this simply looks like posting once or twice a day, every single day.

3. I Experiment With My Posts

Oftentimes, I'll notice that what I'm doing just isn't working well.

It's during these times where it's extremely important to try new things.

Thus, if I've been writing a lot of long form posts... I'll try my hand at a short form post.

If I've been writing a lot... I'll try filming more video.

If I've been sharing articles with a lot of pictures... I'll try finding gifs or complementary videos.

These are just a few examples of things you can experiment with - but the list could go on and on...

4. I'm Constantly Improving

A brand doesn't just become a brand...

It grows and develops into one over a long period of time.

This means that you are constantly creating and refining what you create.

And the more you create, the easier it will be to identify what your brand is all about.

IMHO, the best thing that you can do as a creator is to focus on improving your content, just a little bit, every single day.

Always strive to do better.

Always strive to increase quality.

Always strive to inspire someone new.

If this is always your focus then you will wake up a year from now, take a look at your Steemit channel, and say...

"Wow, I just created something amazing."

Don't limit yourself: choose to be amazing.

When Visions Meet Reality

vision reality.jpg

This concludes Part I of my practical guide/plans for going full time here on Steemit.

I've shared with you my visions, which I believe are very possible when combined with hard work, intentional action, and a desire to constantly improve.

What goes around, comes around - thus, the more value you give up front, the more you will get back.

It's a law of the world and Steemit is no different.

We can create the world we wish to see RIGHT NOW.

As long as we commit to being that essence, every single day.

Anything is possible! Let's do this.

Ready For Part II?

Click the image below to take another step towards full time status!



Signing out for now...

~ @axios

Thanks For Stopping By :)



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I'm waiting this one day...

Wow, what an in depth post. This hit so many points for me and a huge congrats on your drive to go full time on Steemit.

I think your game plan for it is brilliant and I loved when you focused on engagement. I've had so many people that I've introduced to Steemit ask me...When do I make money....Wrong reason to get involved here, it's all about the people.

Put the people first and you will see the returns. But it's got to be people first.

And you touched on something I think everyone should re-read a few times each week...This has got to b a daily thing! Make the commitment, do something daily for a year and then see where you are at :)

I hope to join you on the 'making a full time income' from Steemit in a year from now as well. What a great place to be!


@jongolson, lets do it brother! The simple daily actions quite often lead to the big life changes. And who knows where the value of steem/sbd will be worth in a year. We might be making a lot of money right now and not even know it.

Thanks for reinforcing those points about making it about the people - it really is important as although money is a thing on here, it's NOT the thing that's gonna make this platform last! The people are where it's at!

Very interesting reading it, good post

Wow axios, you just keep coming through with the goods.
This is now just my 4th day on steemit, but already i have witnessed the community that you envision. Case in point, the only reason that I found your channel was by reading the The Deadpost Initiative - Rewarding undervalued posts - We need your help from @whatamidoing and feeling the love, and wanting to contribute to what i thought was a very heartfelt idea. That is where I found, and read, Your Reality Is NOT What You Think It Is
That article resonated so well with my current interpretation of reality that I started following you.
And how did I find whatamidoing's post in the first place?
By resonating with a comment he made on another article I was reading and wanting to connect further with him, I looked at his channel and found the Deadpost Initiative.
Then reading this post today, it was exactly what I needed for my own validation of where I thought steemit could go.
Sadgurunath Maharaj Ki Jay :)
Love your work brother.


@bobaphet I love it when that happens! Every once in awhile I'll find a community that attracts some really spectacular people... it's certainly been awhile and on Steemit it there is a plethora of them. I think it does have a lot to do with the fact that crypto would offer some real, world changes that could impact the world in a lot of positive ways. Thus, those positive people are coming out of the woodwork.

Thank you for the extremely positive and inspiring message my friend! So glad that we connected here :)


Thanks for the Love/upvote brother :)

Thanks for posting @axios. I like how you emphasise several times how important it is to use Steemit in alignment with your passions, creating content that you can look back on and be glad that you made such a thing. Making content that's saved on a blockchain like this means that it might well live longer than we do, and that deserves respect. I gave you an upvote, follow and resteem. Have a good one!


That's such an interesting thing to ponder! This is like our time capsule of life!

I also enjoy the fact that our actions are recorded. This isn't always a good thing, but in a lot of contexts it certainly is. You can prove what you say by what is written in the blockchain - and that is a very objective and powerful form of evidence right there.

Thank you for sharing here and the resteem my friend! Cheers :)


Thanks for the Love/upvote Kurt :)

I happily resteemed your post, because I want to support people going full time on Steem! With this step, you are becoming one of the 100k entrepreneurs @ned wants to have on the blockchain over the next years. This is such an exciting opportunity and there truly is no other platform, where you can do this. So I totally support your decision and wish you good luck (even if it´s more work than luck for sure). And to your article: For me it was easy to find my niche. I´m a spiritual guy and am interested in everything that can change our society to the better - one of these things being blockchain technology of course. So writing about crypto and spirituality comes totally natural to me. Since I still got my daytime job as a (social media) marketer for a adult education institute, I don´t have enough time to write and produce content as much as I´d like, but slowly and steadily I´m doing what I love here and I have to admit, that I´m falling in love with Steem more and more every day. ❤️


That's a great point! I think 100k will be very doable, and it'll likely be more than that.

Awesome to hear that the niche came easily. Crypto and spirituality - is there a better combo out there? :P

I just read your Tao article and really enjoyed those connections you made. Brilliant idea.

I've always been a fast and dynamic type of person but it requires a lot of sacrifice and...in a nutshell -
not for everyone lol. Slow and steady wins the race though!


I guess, @ned was talking in this recent interview about 100k entrepreneurs more in the classical sense of App developers and businesses using the STEEM blockchain, but I see this in a much broader sense, because people like you, who aim to live off the earnings from STEEM through content production are also entrepreneurs for me. So yes, in that sense there will be many more and maybe one day, I will follow your path. Thank you for leading the spear front of brave people who dare to take this step! You rock!

What's up @axios. I like you inspiration and your vision. There's no doubt in my mind that you will be successful.

Who knows you may just surprise yourself before 2019 😎🤹🕺🤸

Thanks for reaching out to me the other day.. I always like to get to know others people who are trying to motivate those around them.

Your efforts will be rewarded for the hard work that you're putting in.

Let's make this happen!!💪🏾💪🏾😎


Hey @caribbeanmon! Thank so much for the positivity and inspiration here! I think we all will be surprised come 2019. With so much opportunity right now, who knows where we might be come 2019!

So glad you stopped by and shared! Wishing you all the best. Let's do it!


For sure, let's make this happen!!

You put a lot of time and effort in your blog, it is very well put together. Your future is very bright with Steemit! Me on the other hand, I am a part timer, because it has not been a walk in a park for me to gain Steem and SBD, but I am willing to put in the work until I can be a full timer vlogger and blogger on Steemit myself. What has been working for me is being able to read other post and comment and also upvoting. I like the platform although there are some flaws, and I believe this platform has the potential to be even more mainstream than what it is now!!!


Hey @cryptojenn! I definitely feel you that it has not been a walk in the park. Steemit definitely requires a constant and vigilant work ethic to get going. I've read a lot of successful Steemians posts and they agreed, it's a heavy lift but if you keep at it every day you can make it!

And agreed, there's always ways to improve. Thankfully we can now do that as a community, which will be an interesting thing.

Wishing you the best on here!

This is such an informative post thank you! You have gained 1 extra follower and upvote from myself! I am a self employed tattooist and am going to try and use some of your advice when posting in future. Time is a big issue with me though as I couldn’t do this full time, I’m tattooing all day and replying to messages about tattoos on an evening lol. But I am trying to take an hour out each day and spend it on steemit and interact with the community as much as I possibly can :] it truly is revolutionary and could effectively render Facebook useless, imo


@cryptattoo I hear you on the time aspect. It really does require a lot and with any sort of full time gig, it gets intense, fast! But hey, if you can make the two work and support each other (tattooing and steemit), that might be the way to go.

I wish you the very best on here my friend!

Awesome post Broheem! I got some great ideas, and it is filled with great info based on your experience, which is priceless. Chicken Salads to you friend!


So glad it helped you my friend. There's another one on the way. CSS for life!

Thank you for doing this post! I have been on steemit for a while but have been 'away' doing other things. Over the past few weeks I decided it was time to take the info I had been sharing with a select few to a bigger potential audience, and naturally steemit came to mind, but due to not being super tech savvy I was dragging my feet.

Then yesterday I was listening to an old recording by T. Harv Eker and he said we all want to 'get our ducks in a row' before taking action, but ducks only stay in a row until someone throws bread in the water! Then he said the statement that ultimately led me to your post, he said, "Ready, FIRE, Aim!"

Just like you said, "A brand doesn't just become a brand... It grows and develops into one over a long period of time. This means that you are constantly creating and refining what you create. And the more you create, the easier it will be to identify what your brand is all about."

I was hoping to open a new steemit account so that I could start with the brand I am wanting, but after this, I know it is time to just jump in and do it! I will surly be following you for more tips and inspiration, thank you again :)


ducks only stay in a row until someone throws bread in the water!

I love this!!!

I love blogging because as much as it is a processing of creating and sharing with the community, it is also about discovering more of who you are along the way.

As with all things, it requires a structured consistency with a dynamic creative approach. If you just creating and doing, you'll provide yourself the time and space to discover more of who you are, how you relate to this community, and what specific value you can bring to it.

Thus far it's been a truly wonderful process! I wish you the very best on your Steemit journey :)

Ready, FIRE, Aim!

Thank you for this super and comprehensive advice. I'm new but ambitious and it is indeed feeling a little overwhelming to contemplate posting every single day. Nevertheless, I totally believe in what you wrote about the creative muscle. I've found out through daily journaling over the past years, that if I force myself to create day after day, then it becomes as natural as eating and sleeping. Now the trick is to find a niche and consistently create posts that are meaningful for others to read too. I know that I'll get there eventually and it's posts like yours that help. :)


So what really helps is to join different challenges that encourage you to post something simple each day. For instance, I did a black and white photo challenge once. It was simple and didn't require much effort at all, but it got me into the habit of posting daily.

Even just writing and sharing about being a human can be a useful way to write. As I said in the article, "you are the brand", people often flock to the things they can relate to and the more honest and open you are about where you're at, the more you'll find people who are also on that page of theirs lives too.

I'm excited for you @victoria-kelly!


That's great advice. You really put a lot of effort into your posts and comments. Thank you!

Funny that my latest inspiration for posting has mainly been stuff about my life, opinions and feelings - which totally confirms what you said. It feels scary to write stuff about myself - like baring my soul - but satisfying too, when you get a meaningful response from people. I'm excited for me too :)


I've had quite a few gut-wrenching moments, especially when I've felt I've overshared the second after hitting "post". But honestly, its a really positive and supportive community here and often, sincerity is your friend :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Being new I found this helpful. I think I’m still trying to wrap my head around this whole thing. Steemit is so complex! I’ve been reading about non stop for the last week. I also have been talking about it so much I have gotten several people signed up. I have never written content before, and I’m not sure what I’m writing about has a community here yet. I am also quite shy so jumping into a community and actually engaging is going to be something I’m going to have to try to do, i am usually a lurker! Time to get over my fear!


It's most definitely a strange new world here. I remember feeling that way when I first joined and for at least a few months after. Take your time, learn and experiment with things, figure out what feels most pertinent to share on your channel and then it'll become a lot easier to engage because you'll know your place on this platform. There will be no need to lurk! haha

I'm so glad this article helped you though - I believe in you!

wow! thats a really extensive post with good tipps. In fact I have been thinking of going fulltime with steemit, but on the other hand I'm still very far away from that goal because what I'm doing is not working so well like what you are doing - obviousely. But still for my expectations and time resources it IS working and I am very proud of myself when I'm looking at my growing account value, because it's more than I have earned online in any other way AND it's earned in a way I love, connecting with people I like, getting feedback that helped me gain self confidence and become braver.

So yeah! It's really a way to go and I'll continue to go down that road even though my personal success is not as big as the success of some other people.

BUT I'll go throug your tipps again and find out how I can connect more with the community. I think that's the point where I'm failing... I.e. I've refused to use discord and steemit chat until now - being afraid it will consume even more time...

So thank you again for making me think and I'll definitely resteem your post to help other people develop further on steemit...


what I'm doing is not working so well like what you are doing

@sonci I looked at your page and you are doing a fantastic job with your posts. Believe it or not, the payouts you are receiving are actually quite good. You are clearly growing and you have a consistent following.

Doing documentary style posts can be tough to do every single day so if you discover one or two other types of posts to fill in the void between your adventures, I think you'd see your page grow even more.

I am very proud of myself when I'm looking at my growing account value, because it's more than I have earned online in any other way AND it's earned in a way I love, connecting with people I like, getting feedback that helped me gain self confidence and become braver.

All money and goals aside, I think this is so huge and amazing to hear. I really do feel the same way. It has ignited me in so many positive ways that even without the money, I'd still be here.

Keep doing what you're doing @sonci, you're on the right path and I can definitely see you going full time some day in the near future!


Thanks for your long feedback! I know that may payouts aren’t bad. 😊

I had a lot of other formats going on before we started our journey, but I wasn’t able to continue them. I’ll restart them once we are back in vienna.
In the moment it’s just too much to keep travelling, plan the next weeks, because our RV life is about to end and we‘re flying to Mexico and literally NOTHING is fixed for the moment..,
I‘ve also written a (German) post about the positive effects of steemit some time ago...
again thank you so much. I’m following you now and looking for further inspiration. 😉
Greetings from Florida,

Haha. Possibly the longest post i have read so far on Steemit. Great ideas and advice. Im just starting here, on day 7 actually and i have noticed (what you wrote here) that without engaging with the community you might as well post a 100 times and you wont get noticed.

Not until i started to connect with people did my posts start to get comments and upvotes. Just like you want to be appreciated, others want to feel appreciated as well.

The right approach is relatively simple to understand, but with the cynicism of the outside internet world being something we are used to, an adjustment period exists when starting on Steemit.


I'm really glad you discovered that for yourself early on @silentscreamer. It's so important!

but with the cynicism of the outside internet world being something we are used to, an adjustment period exists when starting on Steemit.

Yeah it's pretty damn positive here on Steemit. The trolls have really gone elsewhere. I think the fact that everything is recorded on the blockchain and there's really no hiding does impact that aspect of things.

It's nice though, I'd much rather spend my time on the internet in positive, uplifting spaces anyways. It's nice to have found that space.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing @silentscreamer :)

Wonderful post, @axios. It seems you and I have a common vision. I haven't officially announced it on my blog yet, though I've discussed it with other Steemians, but I'm looking forward to taking to the road this summer, to steem full time and meet up with other Steemians in meat space. Perhaps our paths shall cross!


Yes! I really need to meet up with other Steemians as well. Right now most of my friends on here are in Europe and I'm in America, so it's a bit of a leap still. But it encourages me to explore those realms.

I wish you the very best on your journey ahead @lesliestarrohara!

Ha. I did a tarot reading post today that's uncannily similar to what you've written about community here. We must have been tapped in to the same frequency today. :) I got some really good and useful information here. I dedicated myself to daily posts in December. I'm starting to really feel like I should go in more and really do up the branding.


haha @brightstar we must have! And awesome to hear we both made that shift in December! Clearly we're riding that same wave ;-)

And yes I second your statement... do up that branding!

Loved the post. Very well written. Thanks for some very good advice. Keep on steemin. : )


Thank you @seareader1 :)

Fantastic content. I loved how you talked about truly engaging and creating good content for people . I look forward to learning more from you. Thank you


It's the simple truth :) thanks for stopping by @mindbody!

  ·  last year (edited)

what's going on with you, I have been a following of yous, day one when I open the door of steemit, the things that I like about your blog post it's right on point.Your right about steemit platform is not like facebook or other social media sits that is out. I have check out your DTube that talks the steemit school it is not a bad Ideal. The strange thing is that this morning when I got up around 6 in the morning I did all of the morning things that one do.I want to my, laptop and checked out steemit feed and there you were talking about your plan of going full-time with steemit. Some of the things you talked about I am doing. Work the plan do not let the plan work you!!


Awesome @fatu! And yes you are so right - work the plan, don't let it work you!

OMG! you're so crazy optimistic in achieving your goals, very high enthusiasm, your long post shows that you're a very dedicated type of person..I believe you will succeed in this steemit..I wish that I can become full time steemian but I'm not a good writer and my post very short as well...need to polish my writing skills before I can even think to do full time,, as for now, just doing steemit as hobby and to be part of steemians community


Thank you so much @shahidahfuzi! There's something for everyone on here. If writing doesn't serve you ask much, maybe try your hand at photography or video on d.tube! Or try challenges... or just be honest about where you're at. All these things can help. I'm sure you'll find what works best for you. You just gotta continue working at it every day :)


Thank you so much @axios for the support and encouragement!

Blimey~ just reading that and I feel knackered!

But seriously :)

Yet another corker of a post and a vision that is inspiring and highly achievable.

Your point about transparency and visibility is key to building a brand for in the end each of us is our own brand and folks like to see the person behind it all.

Personal storytelling in context is extremely valuable.

If you have a mo I have a new, short form, post about love that could do with a little! here

With Love.



Blimey! I feel like I do that a lot to you with these posts hahaha. Glad you found some use in this one though ;)

And I just read your article. You will write many books :) left my comment there ;-)


Thanks :)

Enjoy your weekend and remember to breathe!


@axios that's a huge post though :D
Resteemd ;)


Thank you @usamaxwati!

There is so much positivity coming from your post and I love it. I agree with most of what you have written. I am the editor of Trip de Spider blog and it is the blog of eight man game development/short films studio.
We have been here only for two weeks and the platform is great. I believe that it is possible to go full time steemit and live from it (especially in our case because average salary in Croatia is around 1000$).

Joining smaller communities is also a great point. If you find right group for yourself, shortly you will start feeling at home there. I joined @thesteemengine and after a week I have made a few friends there and I spend few hours daily chatting in our discord and meeting more people.

We have made similar steps to those you have described. In past two weeks we joined at least 20 discord groups and left most of them as they were not our cut of the cake, engaged with others through over a hundred comments, and published ten posts on our blog. That has brought us close to 40 followers and our reputation rose to 40 in those two weeks. So from our short experience here I can confirm everything you have mentioned in your post.

When I heard of steemit I thought of it as just another platform for promotion. But now after two weeks I am a bit in love with steemit and all of us from the studio are here to stay. I feel similar vibe from your post and I wish you best of luck man. Keep on rocking!

Finally thank you for resteeming this post else I might have never stumbled upon it @enchantedspirit!

Now I am off to check out rest of your blog!


Welcome to Steemit @tripdespider! Awesome to hear that you guys made it on here. It definitely sounds like you are well on your way to finding your people and place on this platform.

I live in the USA so its a bit more of a lift to go full time here but I definitely noticed that this is an insanely incredible opportunity to those living elsewhere, like your hometown, phillipenes, or a variety of other areas.

So glad to hear that this post has helped. Wishing you all the very best!



I'm working not full time but double time from December as well, still nowhere close to those numbers. Post bookmarked, let's see what can we use from your tactics. Have a wonderful day.


Good luck @aschatria!

Your post was very inspiring and well thought through. Also believe that we cannot live in a vacuum and need real connections with real breathing people, to make this site happen.Thank you!


So glad you enjoyed it @dianadee. We need each other!

I love your vision! I would love to go full time on Steemit as well. It would afford me the opportunity to visit other cultures and teach my children love decentralised instead of the useless school spirit, USA crap they are fed in class.


Heard that! I feel very much the same way my friend.

Welcome!Post is long but i red full post.I am also planing to start full time here.Good post keep it up dear


Glad you enjoyed it @alizabatool and I hope it helps you get where you wanna go!

Well done on this post!

Thanks a lot. This helps a great deal

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wow really interesting post, I recently joined and it seems a dream to be able to go full time on steemit.

I love this. It's really helpful.
I am a writer- poetic and inspirational.
I really hope to erk something concrete out of steemit amd to make the world a better place.

Thank you.

good luck with your quest and fulltime steemit

This is such a great post, so new here and so excited to see what it has to offer. I love the community, mostly.

Welcome, I was observing your information and I find it very interesting, you have my vote, I would like to share it with the whole community and support each other with the votes, I invite you to visit my blog so we can continue to grow and learn more every day, I wish success in Steemit.


Count me in, and I'll see you on the other side. . .