D-Day has finally Arrived !

in steemit •  3 months ago

So today is 11th of September 2018 which is the Final date on which the Supreme Court of India will give Judgement on the standing cases against the Reserve Bank of India's mandate to prevent legally operating Cryptocurrency Exchanges from having Banking Services.


This is something that many people have been waiting quietly for, and today in about 8 Hours the final Judgement will pass. To be honest I am feeling very Positive and hoping that the Supreme Court's decision comes in favor of Cryptocurrencies, since just a few days ago we saw the Reversal of Section 377 which means that Gay Sex is not a Crime anymore in India.


Although I am very Positive on today's Verdict I also know that there is a very distinct chance that Supreme Court may be in favor of RBI, but I feel that regardless of whether the result is Positive or Negative for us Cryptocurrencies will thrive as nothing can stop Innovation that is something History has taught us.


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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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Let us hope for the best but plan for the worst

The court may gives the judgement in favour of cryptocurrency exchanges through banking system. Thanks for sharing this news. Let's what will happen. I pray to God for good results

So what was the outcome of the court?
Congratulations on the gay sex rule...equal rights to all...

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