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In honor of my 1 year Steemitversary I'm hosting a simple and fun contest for SBD prizes!

Man, one year. It's certainly been a trip! I've met so many spectacular Steemitzens and you have enriched my life in more ways than you can know. This giveaway is a fun gift I'd like to give back to my wonderful treasured friends and followers whom I treasure so very much.

We are all here for more than the rewards. We spend quality time on the Steemit platform and I wish to know what brings value to your time here.

I want to hear what makes you happy at Steemit!

What lights your internal Steemit fire?

It's super good for not only our physical and mental health, but also the collective health of our beloved Steemit Community and blockchain platform to reflect on the good things in our lives. This week we're going to ignite a Steemit inferno of positivity and significance!

🔥 💥 🔥

Steemit and the community mean so many things to so many people. Spread some Steemit happiness around and you are already a winner! But you may just walk away with a fatter wallet :)

Fire it up Stemmit!

Rules and Contest Info

Tell me what makes you happy about Steemit.com. Aim for at least one paragraph, but you may make it as long as it needs to be. Did Steemit change your life? What is Steemit worth to you, what is its value? Do you drive home from work excited to publish the article that's been dancing around in your head all day? Is there someone special here that makes your time on the platform fun or meaningful? Do you have a special project or community within the community that you believe in and spend your time in growing or nurturing? Be creative!

Tell me why #steemitismyhappyhour and you could win SBD!

  • The contest will run for one week from posting.

  • Your entry must be at least one paragraph. Quantity is not as important as quality.

  • Resteem this official contest post. I know it might feel like you are lessening your chances by spreading the word, but by sharing with your following you will be increasing the prize pool! But most importantly: you will be lighting the Steemit inferno in others, and community is what Steemit is all about! :)

  • Upvote this official contest post. Even if it's a percentage everything counts!

  • Only original work! No plagiarism or you are immediately disqualified.

  • You may publish your entry on your page or in the comments of this post. If you post on your page you must share the link to it in the comments of this contest post.

  • Grammar and punctuation are our friends! However, if English is your second language the guest judges and I will take that into account when reviewing your entry.

  • Entries will be graded on creativity energy and positivity.

  • There will be two winners and two prizes.

  • Everyone is welcome to enter! but-

  • Grand prize winner and second place winner will be two different people. We are operating on an honor system here, friends. Please do not submit entries from more than one account.

The grand prize winner will receive 50% of the liquid SBD from this official contest post


$10SBD that I have donated, whichever is greater.

The second place winner will receive the other SBD prize.

If you would like to donate to the contest to increase the prize pool please let me know in the comments!

If you would like to be a guest judge, please let me know in the comments, or if you would like to remain anonymous you may message me in Discord @ArbitraryKitten#6884

All decisions by myself and other judge(s) will be final.

Only one entry per person will be counted.

Winner will be announced one week from the posting of this official contest announcement post.

Good Luck!!! And may the cryptos be ever in your favor ;)

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And please be inspired by a few of my past years milestones. If I can grow completely organically on Steemit, you can too!
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5 Weeks & 1500 Followers!
2000 Followers in 11 Weeks and a Sprinkle of Love!
On Exactly Midnight of New Year's Eve I Was Gifted With My 3500'th Follower!
And, omg too funny: my very first Steemit post! It's amazing to see how far you've come when you look back!

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I am new to this platform. Only been posting content for two weeks now. I wasn't sure at first what I would focus on so I threw a lot out there to see what would stick. I still do, I'm human and I'm not limited to just one or two things that define me. What I did find was an excellent reaction to my comic book posts. I had intended them to be filler at first but they became much more and have reinvigorated my love of collecting right when it was at an all time low. I've also begun entering many of the writing contests, having always wanted to be a writer. I received 3rd place in my first one!! Also, Steemit is probably counterproductive to my real life job.....heh, surely others can relate. Thanks!


That is so amazing to hear that because of the encouragement and support of the Steemit community you have both found an outlet in which to pour your writing love as well as a rekindling of your old comic collecting flame!

Remember to resteem this entry post for the contest! Great to meet you and good luck!

Thanks for the post, arbitrarykitten.

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Your post has been selected and upvoted because it has a high concentration of positive words that give feel-good vibes. Thank you for creating content that focuses on the bright side.

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This contest post is to reflect on the good Steemit brings into our lives, and spread the positive flame until Steemit is ablaze!

Thank you so much! I appreciate it :)

Good evening dear steemians. To be honest, steemit has become part of my life. I have been on this platform since March 12. At the beginning it was optional, but it had not been a month when I had already made it a priority to publish in steemit. The thing that I appreciate about steemit is that we have to give a great value to grammar. In my case, when I publish in Spanish, I have to place the accents in their proper place, and that is very good, because even though we are not in school, we always stay in learning mode with steemit. My user as you can see it is @ destroyer33. I specialize in purely educational subjects in its majority, recipes, and some other cryptocurrency topics. Steemit did not change it for anything in the world, and day by day I will continue to give the best of me, until I become a great whale and can help the small fish grow. God bless you. Greetings from Venezuela.


Greetings to you! And thank you for entering the contest :)

That is one thing I learned as a writer- you must always keep writing! Doing so will help you grow, better your craft and improve your skills and talents with words and ideas.

The encouragement and support found in the Steemit community makes it the perfect platform for writers.

Wonderful testimony, good luck!


Thank you friend for such wonderful words. God continue blessing you, and thank you very much because through your contests you help all those who deserve these awards. Take care

Es un placer para mi hablarles de esta plataforma digital, que me a abierto las puertas a un futuro en mi arte, soy dibujante y músico, antes de Steemit no tenia el impulso para poder desarrollar mi trabajo, ya que otros se beneficiaban de mis proyectos al publicarlos sin obtener ningún tipo de ganancias, hasta que una amiga @osita 21 me hablo sobre Steemit y me ayudo a ingresar, desde allí todo cambio al ver que mis publicaciones eran tomadas en cuenta, conocer a otros artistas y compartir con ellos mis conocimientos, ha sido toda una aventura maravillosa sentir y saber que poco a poco me he establecido, desde que comienza el día estoy en movimiento planificando mi próxima publicación, eso me ha motivado a estar a la vanguardia de la tecnología con programas de diseños, edición de vídeos y muchas otras herramientas que me ayudan cada vez mas a mejorar mis presentaciones, Steemit para mi es mi sueño del arte hecho realidad, y muy motivado por mis ganancias, gracias al esfuerzo y el compromiso que tengo con esta comunidad, aquí les presentare un vídeo corto que engloba mi experiencia en Steemit, y como decían los romanos "Larga vida a Steemit".


Oh wow, a video too? Great advertisement for Steemit!

It's great to hear that Steemit inspired you to pursue the art you love <3

Thank you! I wish you luck!

Hi @arbitrarykitten ☺️ wow I'm so happy you made this contest , because I love steemit so much and I can't wait to tell you why ! But before that , congrats on your 1 year anniversary . God bless you more and more .

What makes me happy about steemit?

It is the rush that I feel as I write each post of mine , or even have conversations with others. And every time I hold a small contest and someone new comes into my life , and as I read through their life story and connect with them more , I feel they are my family. And then Everytime I do something I will try to tag them or even invite them . I love how this community is so much more than just a blog to me. I really can't wait to wake up , to see who all commented or sent me some replies. Again after my internship and even if I'm tired...I can't wait to write my new posts. The past two weeks I have been sick and I couldn't not post. I felt so bad , so I came and just said the truth. And everyone here understands. And being a geek and a nerd , I never felt like I belonged anywhere , but this place is my home. Wow , especially now, my life is so so messed up , we have a case on our house , and might end up loosing it , many health problems for my parents to take...it's so bad, but because steemit was there I was able to survive . And this community helped me become a believer. Although I always was one , but I wasn't this strong before. I was a weak one. And I would like to thank @lildebbiecakes for helping me with my spiritual journey , I feel it's her comments that I usually look forward to.

Did steemit change my life ?

Yes it did , I was a broken child before I met steemit. But this platform helped me realize I am not broken , I am so special and valuable.
And I'm thanking Steem family for that. I stopped writing in Freewrite house for some days now , because of my weird schedule , but I just love how they made me feel.

And steemit made me realise I'm an okay artist , yeah I'm not awesome but I'm okay , and I just love to get that one Upvote sometimes. And sometimes someone will select me for pay it forward contest, and just seeing that my name is there makes me smile.

I rediscovered my faith , my creativity , me basically.

Again , the money I made here was for my tuition fees so I just don't touch it, because I'm waiting for SBD price to go up. But I try to give as much as I can , if I hear someone is going through a really hard situation. I feel this is the right place for me. I'm born to be a steemian hehe 😙😙 Good luck everyone .


What an amazing and beautiful account. This really resonated with me. I am glad the wonderful community of Steemit which I fell honored to be a part of has blessed you in so many ways.

I wish you luck in the contest, and I want to tell you I am happy to know you and have you here. I look forward to watching your journey unfold <3

Blessings to you my friend <3


Thank you sis 😍😘😘 God bless you more. Me too sis 😍 😍 I'm so happy to meet you too

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@arbitrarykitten I just want to watch from the sidelines. You are a special Friend and I would like nothing more than to wish you a Happy Birthday Once Again.......................


Thanks again sweets! You are a pretty cool cat, have I told you that yet?


@arbitrarykitten I am Glad you got Your SBD for the Byte's, I thought you might get more use with your SBD's...............Thank You Sweet Lady

Hi, when steemit was first introduced to me. I had already the eagerness to join and I was very excited to share my first post. I remember everyday I look forward that the steemit family has already responed and granted me to become a member but finally after two weeks here I am. An active member. Yey! Steemit has changed me. I thought social media is only posting and sharing but steemit is different, you can sharing by learning. I always look forward to go to work, go to the field,share not only my experiences but also the experiences of others that are worth sharing for. I also learned that I have also a talent on photography because in one way or another you guys appreciated my works. God has given me the opportunity to be part of this platform and I promise to take care of it. And as I promise, I will share more and give the best way I can. Kudos to all steemians out there. 😘

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Beautifully said!

Sharing by learning, exactly. I know I have learned so much here, and continue everyday :)

Thank you for entering and good luck!!!

Hello to arbitrarykitten, and to all the people who comment your post, and give yourself the opportunity to read mine; to start I must say that Steemit came to my life by chance, one day I was just sharing with some friends, they already had a few months publishing on the blog, and they told me that I should participate, that they were sure I would do well; However, at the beginning I did not dare to enter this world, after all I did not think I could write something that people I did not know seemed interesting, or even I was afraid to be foolish for some comment.

Despite the insecurities, I dared, I decided to share with the world, all those things that I find interesting, recipes that I have made or encounter and it causes me to share them with someone, and to make use of them like me; and even write thoughts, or find many interesting things about other users, and incredible images of regions of the world that I have not yet met, or of topics that I do not even have the slightest idea about.

Definitely, Steemit has changed my life a bit, now is part of my day, and in a way it has even become a little addictive, I really like to be able to consulate, publish, and above all create memes or participate in challenges, where I enjoyed creating the posts or reading those of other people, sincerely having entered this world a month ago, it has been a great experience to share, create, comment, read, every day something different, it is a great learning experience, and even from lifetime.

When I return home, or even within it, ideas come to mind, or I see things that took a picture of them and it comes to my mind, it would be good to share it in Steemit, this has changed my life, and even more. . I would recommend anyone to join, I hope you also feel comfort, and even pleasure sharing in Steemit.

And English is not my mother tongue!


Very beautiful and heartfelt account <3

It sounds as if you are taking advantage of everything Steemit has to offer! You will certainly go far here :)

Thank you for your entry, good luck!

@arbitrarykitten, First of all congratulation for your 1 year journey.
As a newbie i wish i will achieve the same, especially the same passion.
Why i joined here for me i just want to explore new things. I want to introduce something different in my daily routine.
Daily work sometimes can be too stressful and i just want an escape sometimes. I believe i can find it here so here i am....

Wish me goodluck!!!!


Steemit is such a great place for an escape!

And, welcome to the community! So great to have you here! I look forward to seeing you around :)

Good luck!

At first when I started on the Steemit platform in December 2017, I was such a lazy writer and commentator. I have learnt a lot from this talent creation platform; growing from being a copycat to being creative is one advantage that #steemit has inculcated in the of me. Frankly speaking, the clamour for the copyright law is not heavily supported by our government, and on this, steemit has broaden the scope of our understanding. However, I am not where I was when I started,:surely the sky is the starting point. On the other hand, I met many young and old folks who were ready to tutor me not for self aggrandisement but to wake up the better side of me and for that in am highly appreciative. In the beginning it wasn't quite easy waking up and doing this Steemit thing but alas! A day without Steemit is like my heart has been pulled out of my chest.


That is one thing you can count on here, the support of the community members :) If you don't grow, I don't grow- and it's so true.

Steemit is like a village where everyone works together for all members :)

Good luck!

Congratz on your anniversary and thanks for this great contest.

I have been on Steemit for almost 6 months now. There have been highs and lows. Everyone gets demotivated at some point, but with a little luck there is also a spark somewhere that makes you want to stay and try again.
When I started on Steemit I really had the idea to write how-to's, tutorials, manuals, that kind of things. Sharing knowledge is a great thing. But after a while I got drawn into the world of macrophotography. The images posted by others were so fascinating, it made me remove the dust from my camera and start taking pictures again. This is something I had not done for a long time.

It turned out my camera had more options to take macrophotos than I knew. Also while browsing older images, I found out I had already shown some interest in macrophotography years ago. I had completely forgotten about that.

As a programmer I spend a lot of time indoors on the computer, but since my interest in macrophotography I spend more and more time outdoors, trying to find objects in nature to take pictures of. I am slowly getting the hang of it. This is also due to the many photography projects on Steemit. Looking at what other people do is inspiring, talking to people about their images is a great way to learn new things. But also, the projects want quality pictures, so they push you, motivate you, to try your utmost.

So yes, I can honestly say Steemit changed my life, and I am loving it <3
Will I ever be a professional photographer? I don't know but I sure am happy with this renewed hobby.


Wonderful to meet you!

Even if you never become a professional, I feel in your heart you have a passion and that means more and gives more than any money ever could :)

Thanks for the entry and good luck!

Congratulations!! One year passes by so quickly, doesn't it?!


THAT is an understatement! WAAAY too fast, lol!

Thank you <3

Congratulations @arbitrarykitten! This post was selected by the @steemitbloggers community as today's Rally Upvote Post :)

You can find the community announcement on Discord :) and it has also been shared on our #steemitbloggers FB Page and Twitter feeds.


Woo hoo! Thank you so much!!!

Congratulations @arbitrarykitchen on reaching one year here on Steemit, that indeed is a milestone to celebrate!! With many dropping out when Steem is down, I want to celebrate with you!!!! :)

This is an interesting contest, and I will resteem to remind myself of joining.



Sadly, that is the trend here. But once STEEM rises they all come racing back. SMH. Something must be said for us die hards who are loyal no matter what!

Thank you <3

And remember to enter the contest!

the steemit makes me happy because i can learn many things here, i can see many beautiful views. It gives many benifits because of knowing their culture, their lifestyle, their emotions and there are too many that helps me to amaze about life. In terms of writing my skills became sharper by writing always eventhough i have many flaws, no one will judge by doing that, instead they help you to encourage by continue writing to become a great writer someday. It made me happy also by meeting new people, to be your friends. That's why even though there are times that you're writing not recognize it's still fine because it helps you to understand that you need to do it harder.

Thank you for this, i can express my happiness.


You are very welcome! And I enjoy your expressions of happiness: things which bring joy should be shouted about and shared indiscriminately!

The support and encouragement found here is truly second to none, it's amazing, isn't it?!

It's wonderful having you here, and good luck!


thank you, but your words are more beautiful.


Thank you <3

What incredible timing. I just wrote a post that answers this question in quite detail. In short, Steemit got me blogging again because there is a measured way to determine the impact of my production. It can probably be improved upon, but the upvote system and engagement through comments lets me know who my real followers and fans are. There are many ways Steemit makes me happy. Rather than include them all here, I encourage you to read my post about how Steemit got me blogging again.

BTW, this is a really cool contest. #steemitbloggers


Great minds think alike ;)

In all seriousness though, the next hard fork is supposed to be happening in the very near future, 2018, and rumors hint that Steemit will finally be out of Beta mode then. That will be amazing, and improve upon much!

I'm checking out your entry now :)


To me, Steemit has been good for me in more ways than one. At first, I was thankful for a way to make a little extra cash for the homestead and things I need on the homestead. I started YouTube for that purpose and it has become so hard to do that there. This was an easier avenue for that purpose, but I also wanted to be able to share and help people that are thinking of homesteading and being more self-reliant. I wanted to help them so they would not make so many mistakes that I and others have made in the past.

Many see the channels on YouTube with much of the equipment that is needed on a homestead and they think I cannot do this because I do not have the cash and they do not want to go in debt to get the equipment. I am a disabled vet and I have a budget to build my homestead debt free as that is my goal, I did have to finance the land but it was an owner finance with some really good terms on that loan. We save to get enough supplies to do a little at a time. We talk to people around us in the area that has the equipment and work out barters and terms on clearing and using their equipment to get us going and maybe later be able to purchase things like a truck and a tractor and such for our homestead. As I am still using a minivan to haul what I can with a little trailer. I wanted to show them it can be done, as I am doing it one day at a time. Many say we are playing homesteading, I want to ask those people a question, would you play a game that takes this much work and is this hard?


Nothing about homesteading is easy!

Allow their words to slide right off you, they are simply jealous that you are able to do it in a debt free way that they only wish they would have thought of!

Your approach is the true pioneer way of homesteading. I admire that. As do many others - perhaps you just haven't found the correct group- [probably because they are hard at work ;)

Are you a part of the Steemit Homestead community?

Btw, wonderful meeting you, and good luck in the contest!


I do not worry about what others say anymore I know what my plan is. It will take longer to get there but it will be worth it in the end. I am but I am also part of the GHS Collective. It is a new community that has just started and has a variety of things about homesteading and self-reliance there.
Not spamming just for your information if you want to check it out!

Global Homestead Collective Come join us on discord! https://discord.gg/KCYH4JX7


Stay true to your heart <3

Thanks for the link, I appreciate it! I used to be a staff writer for SurvivetheApocalypse.net and have quite a few homesteading and prepping networks, yet none on Discord until now :)


I tried clicking the link but it said it's expired or invalid. Can you give me the link again please?


Sure here is a link. https://discord.gg/4Rtwpb This one should work.

I have a confession to make. I'm a little bit selfish. I have recently started commenting to posts and making up little rhymes to add to their story or post.

I do it because I feel a connection to the poster or the subject matter. I love it when they like my little gift to them. It makes me happy when they appreciate my little poems.

I find myself reading their stories and an idea for a poem comes to me. I usually do it on the spot. The poems are not world class, but I enjoy rhyming and matching their story with my poem.

I have found renewed joy in writing simple little poems. Joy for those I write for, hopefully. It is the little things in life that make life enjoyable.

This is what steemit has given me. A way to make someone's life a little bit brighter. Not by money, but by giving. Putting a little bit of myself into their life. By doing that, we make each other happy. I think that is what life should be all about.


I love it!

This world certainly needs more avenues of happiness :) It's awesome you have found a way in which to bring that - what a treasure <3

Good luck in the contest :)

(BTW ~ bring joy and happiness is not selfish at all!)

Very nice idea for a contest, @arbitrarykitten!

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Sweet! Thanks!


Sweet! Thanks!

Wow you've got some amazing numbers!
Like over 6k followers within 1 year. Although I wonder if you really have so many active followers?

I noticed sometimes your upvote value is still at the $1 level. Most of the time a bit higher with $5-10.

Also remarkable is that you basically don't write posts. Only a few per month. So I guess you got most of your followers from writing close to 1,000 comments per month.

Writing so many comments it might be nice to join Ashers league. Do you already know that engagement league from @abh12345?

Also you receive very low number of comments for your posts. Do you have any idea how that can be explained?

Anyways congrats for having your account for 1 year and growing very hard organically!


I wrote one post per day, at least, from June 2017 when I started until February 22, 2018, when I was in a near death car accident. They have been putting me back together since, and I had a lot done this last month so that is why I just could not write. But I am starting to feel better now so I am coming back to posting an article at least once per day :)

There used to be a site called Dead Followers, it showed how many were no longer active. Unfortunately I noticed that most of the people who came to Steemit on the same wave as me have given up, sadly. Last I checked a little over 400 of my followers were considered "dead."

The comments? Well, I disappeared into medical treatment and as everyone has been telling me for the last couple days- they thought I was gone, too!


This explains about everything!

I hope that you will or are fully recovered from the accident?
And I am curious to see if you are able to pick up where you left? And gain lots of new followers.


No, not recovered. I have many more months of healing left, and up to 18 months or more for the TBI. It was a pretty serious accident- they had to sweep up the pieces of all of our cars and 18 wheelers into trash bags :(

But I am taking it easy. I understand the importance and severity of the situation, and as frustrating as it is now- I know if I do not take it slowly then then side effects will be substantially worse.

I am getting better, slowly but surely :)


Goodluck then with your further recovery!


Thank you <3


Hi @arbitrarykitten

Thank you for organising this interesting contest.

Above is the link to my contest entry.

Upvoted and resteemed!


Great article!

And good luck!

Congratulations on One year on Steemit!!!


Thank you for sharing,i m inviting you to check out my latest blog here https://steemit.com/fashion/@ndapewa/pregnant-slay-queens-and-fashion

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Happy anniversary!! And totally awesome that you are celebrating by sharing the love!


Thank you sweets <3


Thank you so much for your entry in the contest!

Lovely to see Steemit and STEEM being such an inspiration to you :)

Good luck!!!


Awesome! Thank you for including me!

Congratulations Hon!!!! :)


Thank you Jaynie!!!


MWAH! ;)

I will write my little paragraph a little later


Awesome! I'm looking forward to it!!!

Hey @ArbitraryKitten be awhile since we commented on each other's post. Glad we are both here and still having fun.


Erhmagherd! YES! That is something we must eradicate, lol!

Great to see you darling <3 We are still going strong and rocking this joint ;)

Congratulation for the 1 year, I'm approaching my first year this month too.

Great contest!


Thank you! And early congratulations on yours, too!

I wish there were a calendar on here so we could see important dates!


LOL... yeah, a calendar would be nice...
Thanks @arbitrarykitten!

Here you go, amiga:

(IJCH) If Not Steemit, Where?!



Hope this gets you more of that sweet Steemit love.

Namaste, JaiChai


Great entry! Much appreciated my friend :)

This may be a contest I am considering... I rarely enter contests but this one is speaking to me.

Good luck to all who enter!

And CONGRATULATIONS on your one year Steemit-versary!!!


I rarely enter contests but this one is speaking to me. That really means a lot! I look forward to your entry :)

Congratulations @arbitrarykitten
Wow!! Your milestones are pretty amazing 😊


Thank you so much!

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Great idea for a contest. I'm sure many of the answers will revolve around connections to others on the blockchain.

Proud member of #steemitbloggers @steemitbloggers


The answers have been refreshingly very well-rounded :)

Thank you!

Oh this is right up my alley. Steemit has definitely changed my life. I feel dramatic even saying it sometimes, but you can't imagine just how true it is! I am going to make a post on this topic in the next couple of days! Thanks for the inspiration to put my feelings down on paper (so to speak)!


Sweet! I am looking forward to your post hun :)

Hey @arbitrarykitten and guest judges,

Congrats on your 1 year Steemitversary, and thanks for holding this contest!

I've created a post with my entry for this contest here:

I hope you enjoy reading it.



Awesome! I just paid your page a visit :)


Thanks, @arbitrarykitten!
I hope you found it to be a good read 😊


Hahaha your name me too 😉😉

Cool, drafting in process. =D


Awesome! I can't wait to see it!

Congrats on your one year Steemaversary!! Great milestone 🎉🎂👑

Thanks for the contest.

I joined Steemit in late January 2018, after becoming fascinated by Cryptocurrency in late 2017. I had encountered it in 2013 and dismissed it as a fad.. I know 🙈.. Within about a week of joining Steemit, I found some real passions re-ignited.. Creative writing and photography.. My career and a busy life had parked both hobbies. Steemit has allowed me to start to write again. I stopped writing at age 17 when I finished school and pursued an engineering degree and career. Not much of a requirement for creative writing in my job!! 😊 Then Steemit came along, and now I rub virtual shoulders with friends in Scandinavia, South Africa, San Diego, San Francisco, Southampton, Spain and Senegal! And that's just the S's.. don't get me started on the rest of the alphabet!! Steemit for me is a big smiling, happy, encouraging, engaging, positive hotbed of people from all around the world working together and supporting each other. Even if my Steem goes to €0, I don't care. It was nice to take part in this social experiment and be an early adopter.. I do think €10 Steem is not only possible, but probable. Time and patience is all we need. By 2020, I think we can get there. Thanks to you all for being so supportive to me and everyone here on Steemit. Peace and love to you all.


It's beautiful to know how much Steemit and the community have brought to your life and happiness :) I share the same regard, it truly is a treasure to be here <3

Good luck!


Thanks very much @arbitrarykitten. I appreciate the support.


I resonate with much of that!

Good luck luv <3

"Although it might be hard for someone on the outside to understand how much steemit has changed my life, it's not hard for me to see at all. I'm sure if you asked my husband @serapium/Patrick, he'd tell you that it has been nothing short of miraculous for me as well.

Before I found steemit, I had been floundering for years. YEARS. My kids were growing up and my years as a desperately needed, stay at home mom/homeschool mom were coming to an end... Read the rest of my story in my post here


We have way too much in common!

My congratulations! More than 6000 followers now. Great! 1000 in 23 days. The numbers are impressive. Now I must read all your posts from the very beginning 😂

You know, just yesterday I wrote a post which I think might be my entry to your contest:)


I hope it will work, though I wrote it without knowing about your contest. But as for me, the topic is quite similar. We probably were writing at the same time:)
Great minds think alike 😄 By the way, the Russian equivalent of this proverb sounds totally different. Something like "fools have the same thoughts". Funny, right?

Anyway, get well and stay healthy 🌷 🌷 🌷


Great minds think alike... interesting you say that because I see so much of myself and my passion and style in you!

I paid a visit to your page, good luck in the contest ;)


I was afraid my comment might seem a bit ...arrogant. I'm glad we're on the same page:)


Perception and context is everything ;)

Hello, friend, introduce me to a reputable @steemfuad44. I feel stupid and don't understand how to manage steem. I have been in steem for over a year. Only now I feel understand or understand the procedures for working in steem .. Steem is one application that can make the fans become happy and keep following every event in steem.

Now steem is re-launching steem university in some countries like

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Honestly I think the best way of understanding STEEM is to look at it as a form of currency, as it is.

That is wonderful that Steem University is helping people to understand STEEM, and other cryptos I imagine?


Yes, I understand

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@arbitrarykitten, First of all i want to appreciate your work because this contest is really awesome and that is because, everyone have one aspect which drives them to visit Steemit everyday.

And these kind of contests always increase the Engagement levels and also gives Steemians an opportunity of exposure, and most importantly Steemians can come up with their unique comments or posts to showcase their experience.

And i hope that in future we will going to see more and more contents. Kindly find my piece below for this contest.


Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Wonderfully said, Chiranjeevi Sarikonda :) And thanks for your entry!


Thank you so much and welcome. 🙂

Congratulations! This post has been upvoted from the communal account, @minnowsupport, by ArbitraryKitten from the Minnow Support Project. It's a witness project run by aggroed, ausbitbank, teamsteem, someguy123, neoxian, followbtcnews, and netuoso. The goal is to help Steemit grow by supporting Minnows. Please find us at the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network (PALnet) Discord Channel. It's a completely public and open space to all members of the Steemit community who voluntarily choose to be there.

If you would like to delegate to the Minnow Support Project you can do so by clicking on the following links: 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

After a month away from steemit due to some chances I recently experienced and connectivity issues, I was about to write my first blog. I bumped into this contest by accident as it was on top of my feed, I'm glad I did.

I started my steemit journey six months ago. It was quite exciting but after two months of consistent writing, posting two blogs a day and not making even a dollar, I was ready to give up. But because of the amazing people I've met and great communities I've come to be apart of, I was motivated and supported to keep pushing forward. This is what I love about being a steemian, the people. The support structure on this platform is none like I've ever seen anywhere. My best friend is a lady in her 50s and I'm only 27. I love this lady so much. Even if she doesn't know she's my friend I consider her to be one of the best; even if days or weeks may go by without talking, we are consistently supporting each other's posts. @emergehealthier is an angel on my shoulder on steemit and I love her to death. That's why I love steemit.

@arbitrarykitten First of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Friend!!!! how great to know how people like you celebrate the anniversary on steemit and in a big way!! that gives me an example for me when I get to the 1st year on the platform.

Well my story at steemit begins on February 5 of this year, from that first day Steemit has changed my life, from a personal, emotional and economic point of view!! by telling them that I registered on a Tuesday and that same day I was already uploading part of my life to the platform. I loved it and still love it especially when I watch this kind of contests! jejejejej... It's super exciting coming home from work and the first thing I do is turn on the computer and click Steemit!! meet friends from all over the world!! I live in VENEZUELA and having friends in Malaysia, USA and Africa among other countries is super exciting and all this is thanks to Steemit.

I'm not going to deny you that I've done very well, but I'm sure you know that the economic situation in my country is very delicate, with this platform we've helped each other enough to buy food for ourselves, and I'll tell you that Steemit is the best thing I've ever known in terms of social network. Best regards from VENEZUELA!

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I like Steemit because I miss Myspace drama.

@arbitraykiteen, the following is my submission - resteemed and upvoted!

I started my Steem journey depressed and confused. I was looking for a quick buck. I needed to find a way to provide for my family.

I have not found a replacement for a fulltime job, but I have discovered an outlet for my thoughts and dreams. I have unearthed​ a supplement for my present and hopefully a boost for my future.

I came for the money, and I stayed for the people. That is a theme I hear over and over within the Steem community. The people are what keep me here - their stories, their knowledge, and their experiences.

As I think about my future Steem journey, I want to continue to invest in my influence (via Steem Power) and into other Steemians via my projects.

I created an online course (called Steem Mardown) that teaches basic and advanced tips for formatting Steem posts.

I recently started a new community account (called @BirthdayBoost) that celebrates members on their special day.

I fall asleep at night thinking of post ideas, and I wake up in the morning ready to write and create. I am thankful for what the Steem platform and community mean to me, and I hope countless others can experience​ the same.

For some strange reason I think a comment that I made a few days or maybe a week ago may have helped in some way, just can't put my finger on it.

Oh well.

I have mentioned before that I came to steemit for some selfish reasons, none of which involved financial gain. It's a good thing it didn't otherwise I may have flown the coup long before now, except for one reason.

My sole purpose of coming here was to store some thoughts, the block chain being supposedly permanent looked exactly like what I was looking for as a depository and the price was right, free.

Then, it happened, I started poking around the steemit platform and I started meeting people. My reason for coming never changed and now I had a reason to stay. I have met some amazing people from all over the world that I now consider as good friends.

Seeing so many people come and go in the ten and half months here has proven to me that those people who have gone never realized that steem, the currency, isn't what is valuable here; it is the people.

I never considered my self to be a writer or blogger and still don't. I am just a man that is getting up in his years and has some thoughts and opinions that I wanted to catalog for some future grand kids , in case I'm not around if and when they make it into this world.

This community accept me for who I am and have welcomed me in and for that reason alone I am here for the long haul. The real value to me is not measured by the price of steem or the amount each of my daily doses earns in seven days, it is measured in the friendships with the people here.
Thanks for being one of those friends.

No need to enter me in the contest, but I do want to tell you all about how much I've been enjoying Steemit more and more! @freewritehouse has become such a goofy, supportive community! I spend so much time on steemit, and there's still not enough time to get to know everyone! But the brief exchanges I get to have are all kinds of nice. It makes me feel positive in a time when FB makes me feel stressed.

I'm looking forward to a time when more of my IRL friends are on here, too. I want them to know my Steem friends, and I want us all to be making sketch comedy and films FOR Steemit. I'm glad to have gotten @stinawog and @waterworks on here.

And finally, I'm, like so many, inspired by the idea that we could have a universal basic income! @steembasicincome is so far a pretty successful experiment. I have high hopes for its future!

Thank you for this wonderful contest and Congratulations to your anniversary.

Before, I was so much in to earning SBD, however, as the time go by i began to fall in love with Steemit from all the wonderful and positivity from the Steemitzens. I didn't mind if i earn cents now, I continue to post because i am in love in this platform regardless of its flaws, it became a part of my life everyday. It has been deeply rooted to me on my system now. It touched my life, The way i see life, It challenge my mind, more so it helps me to come out of my shell slowly. To be honest, i am a bit bolder now in expressing myself with confidence.

Steemit has been dear to me because, i can share my works, my passion, my dreams. I get inspiration from the amazing people in the platform, perhaps i became an inspiration too. There is so much to learn about that interest your inner you. It teaches me a lot when it comes to real life. The positivity resonates in each comment, and most of the post. I do not know, but, I just know that i am in love with Steemit because i care for the people, and i just love the people here, and it became a treasure of heart.

I just love Steemit because it accepts anything you can offer.
Thank you and Blessings to you all.
May Steemit touched your life, Its a beautiful journey indeed!

It has been a long, hard summer and I have not been very active on steemit. There is an old saying about "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" and I am feeling that! The time away has given me room to reflect on exactly what it is that appeals to me here. My absolute favorite thing about this platform is not the human connections (which are beautiful) nor is it the decentralized and non-censored source of information (which is fabulous!) The thing I admire most is the way steemit acts as a modern day "Patron of the Arts." I believe the human experience was diminished when they removed art and music from schools. It is nearly criminal to beat reading, writing and arithmetic into children's brains but never allow them to explore creative expression. Better late than never, steemit is here to allow people to play with their artistic talents, or lack thereof. Even a bad doodle can be appreciated by others who also suck at doodling!

CONGRATULATIONS on your steemitversary, mine is also this week!!

Thanks @arbitrarykitten for giving us a chance to reflect our Steemit journey and at the same time earn some steem.

I want to share mine too.

Steemit has done a lot of thungs to me. Started around December 2017 I thought this was just another hopefull paying site, but not until my first post of introducing my self to steemitzens. I started where SBD is at $10 a piece that pushed me to try it, earn and find a way to leave my 9-5, which I found out that there is more here to offer. Like you did, I have met a lot of interesting people, not just from my country but all over the world. I may not have earned a lot on each post I have, but the satisfaction of showcasing my talent and skills. People have noticed things that I can offer to the community and it has inspired me to continue search for things I can offer and a person I can be.

The best thing that happened to my Steemit journey was when I was able to help my bestfriend finance his child hospitalization, because of upvotes and some donations, I was able to help him. We have earn less than 1% of needed for hospital bill but I am still happy that it has helped him to bring his daughter out of hospital and recover. And just last month, I was able to help a Steemit friend to buy milk for his child through purchasing his earned STEEM and SBD based on market price. Since I need STEEM to power up and he needs fiat for his child, it's a win-win for both sides. What is amazing is that we never felt a scam during our transaction despite that we only communicated online. He sent me his STEEM and SBD through Steemit and I paid it through coins.ph.

Transparency and trust are just the two best things that is building in Steemit, and that is why I believe that this wonderful community will stay and fly to the moon.

This post is sponsored by @SteemitBloggers in collaboration with @appreciator. Just keep up the good work.

One day I stumbled across a post from @arbitarykitten. This was about 2 months after being on Steemit. There were some suggested tasks for the winter break. I had a go and got some encouraging feedback.

There was also a plug for the 5 minute freewrite run by @mariannewest. I continued to write creative stories. Something, I had never done before. I got some fantastic comments from some wonderful people. Now, I love to continue write stories. I've written a two series.

Now, I've started recording my favourite ones. Steemit and the good people have helped to discover a hidden talent. Amazing.

I'm not so much here to enter a contest but to extend my thank you. A little encouragement goes a long way.

Hi @arbitrarykitten! It’s so nice to see how your journey has been and even from the first moment you joined steemit you caught the eyes of many 😊 you’re an inspiration! 😍

Tell me what makes you happy about Steemit.com.

My hubby heard about steemit back in March this year and made an account for me. I had no idea how to begin or where to go. I thought I just had to produce some good content. I actually just switched from YouTube to dtube. (YouTube had taken away some creator privileges from a lot of channels, mainly monetisation) the hubby told me to switch to dtube/steemit as I’m already producing content and it’s not getting anything so I might as well get something on steemit rather than nothing. He was right!
I learnt the ropes from scratch and realised that steemit is about community not just content, so I went around looking for one and found onelovedtube- they were my steemit first love ❤️ they helped me feel welcome and I worked hard to gain their membership. That first time I got a curation trail gave me such a boost in my mood and my motivation - I was on a roll! I got to know people and even found my kindred spirit! I found a lot of different community contests that I could participate weekly and that helped me create great content as well as be involved and contribute to the wider community. I then found a community who was different to the ones I joined so far. This community @steemitmamas helped the members love, encourage and support each other and this was the one community I enjoyed more and got to know people through chats, sharing and their posts and engagements with me on my posts or their posts.
I even managed to get my friend who was on maternity leave to join steemit and then this mamas community and together we’ve been thriving more on this community and I’ve also gotten to know her better in person!
Steemit has challenged me, changed me, made me a better person, given me more skills and more excuses to improve and do posts!
I also learnt how to live stream for the first time with my hubby and we play games together when the baby is asleep.
I’ve enjoyed so many music competitions, writing contests as well as photo contests and being surprised when I do win once in a while!

We believe in steemit, enjoy the community and support here and hope it will continue to grow and flourish and that more people can join us too!

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