Steemit: The Curation Leagues - 10 SBD in Prizes available!

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Hi all

This week is complete and as usual I have 10 SBD in prizes to give away. Woop!

There are 2 chances to win and you can enter for next week by commenting below. Easy!

On your marks, get set, curate!



My general views on maximizing curation rewards are:

  • Voting in the first minute will earn you a curation reward of almost 0.000

  • Voting between 1 and 29 minutes will earn an increasing % of the curation rewards split, this value peaking at 30 minutes and remaining the same from this point onwards

  • The goal is to get in prior to the big hitters, but not too early!

  • It is commonly suggested that 20-25 minutes is the 'best' time to vote (especially on known power-authors posts because they are likely to have more auto-votes coming in at these times - and you want to be ahead of these votes)

  • A vote of equal weight and equal Steem Power at 30 minutes will give more reward than a vote at, for example 1 hour - first come first served, but don't arrive to early :)

  • Voting on good dtube content and utopian-io approved contributions (prior to vote by @dtube / @utopian-io can earn some very good curation reards

As you can see, a combination of many variables such as Steem Power, voting strength, voting weight, and time of vote, (and more) all play a part in the amount of rewards received.

My general opinion on maximizing engagement is:

  • Spread your vote and write lots of long comments!

The data for league 1

The raw data has been collected from SteemSQL - @arcange's MS SQL Server copy of the Steem Blockchain.

The key formula used for 'quality of financial curation skill' is:

Curation Rewards DIVIDED BY Steem Power MULTIPLIED BY 1000

This will return the amount of Curation rewards gained per 1000 Steem Power held

The rules (which will cause auto-filtering of your account if not met so just enter anyway and see what happens!) to appear in this league:

  • Must have voted at least once on a piece of content in the past 7 days

  • Must not have leased or delegated Steem Power in the last 15 days

  • Must not have Started a Power Down (Withdrawl of Steem Power) in the last 15 days

The 2nd and 3rd points above are required to reduce distortion of the figures. And, as curation rewards for the past week are actually taken from votes made up to 14 days ago, we need a 15 day window as mentioned in these points.

Curating for maximizing returns - League 1

UserC RewardsSteem PowerVotes CastReward per 1000 SP

The end column is what I think is a genuine indicator of how well you are financially working the curation game with the tools,including vested Steem Power, that you have at your disposal.

Chart and Analysis

Amount of SP earned per 1000 Steem Power owned

This weeks' results:

  • @curx has produced an unbelievable SP/rewards ratio to take the prize this week!

  • @zapncrap in 2nd, but as that's an alt. account of mine, no prize for me :)

  • @miniature-tiger has kindly offered to pass any prizes this week down the table, a fine score again though!

  • @biophil - 2nd place (again!) well done you!

  • @kaysar07 - 3rd place and as a newer member I'm happy to see you here!

And the other members scoring over 2.0 - This is an excellent number, well done!

  • The average curation reward/Steem Power this week is 1.57 SP, up sharply from last weeks average of 1.438.

Community Curation Excellence - League 2

This new league is not based around rewards and relates to engagement.

Everyone currently on my master list has a chance here - delegation dealings or not.

I've used some metrics (which is the fancy way of saying that made up some numbers) relating to:

  • Comments (number and amount of text)
  • Up-votes to others
  • Up-votes to unique others
  • Self-votes (a minus score for this one!)
  • Witness engagement

The top 20

NameAshers engagement/excellence rating

Well done to @tarazkp who tops the league of engagement and excellence this week!

Also very well done to abh12345 @carlgnash and @goldendawne who have finished 2nd and 3rd - happy to see you guys here!

Want to be a part of the league next week? Let me know below!

Calculations may vary from week to week but still with a goal to find top community engagers!

Prizes sent!



A few points:

  • If you have spotted any glaring errors in my post, please let me know so I can fix them

  • If you would like to be added or removed from my personal curation league (next weeks post) let me know

  • If you have any other comments, please enter them into the box below

I am part of a Steemit Business Intelligence community. We all post under the tag #blockchainbi. If you have analysis you would like to be carried out on Steemit data, please do contact me or any of the #blockchainbi and we will do our best to help you.

I am contactable on many discord channels under the same username.

Data was collected on the 6th January 2018 at 12:00 pm CET

Thanks for your support!

Asher @abh12345

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Great job again !
Nice I'm in the list =]
Let's see if I can climb a bit next week!

  ·  last year (edited)

Your score in the league of excellence (and other recent community contributions) has earned you a little delegated SP :)


That's awesome Asher! Thank you, you are one of the persons who makes Steemit the great place he is!
I'll use the delegation wisely! =]


Thank you :D

I'm sure you will!


tnx for resteem have a nice day.


in advance?

WOW!!! Thank you for this!
I was out of the office yesterday and completely missed this!

Now I have to re-read this post again! I need to let it sink in!

You, sir, are awesome to the steemit community!


Hey! :)

No worries, always time for a bit of Steemit Sunday catch up.

Well done on being excellent, we didn't need my league to tell us that though :)

Have a great day, thank you!


Back at ya!

Well done on being excellent, we didn't need my league to tell us that though

Every day new events, happenings and wondrous things are happening on steemit for me and I am humbled, more motivated and READY for action!

Some really good curation out there, keep it up guys but don't forget that upvoting crap does long-term harm to Steemit.

I've shown people Steemit and they get back to me a little later and say that they looked around and the rewards for many of the top posts are far too high for the information presented. They never joined.

Crypto's value is based on the number of people using it, so by having crap on our top page will turn away possible users.


Thanks for the support man, much appreciated!

I've cut back on my comment voting for 'sub-standard' replies based on what you are saying above.

It's also better I think to see positive work on the trending page, can we get that to happen you think?!


HA! You are quick off the mark with these!


Even though I liked this... It would be terrible if that was true! :D


Can't let the dark side win, so true !

I'm amazed at the amount of data and reports that you have.
Is there like a primer for number and data crunching? I'd love to get my hands on it so that we could see our progress.

You we started at about 20 really active people in our group but recently our numbers has ballooned to over 100 people who recently joined Steemit and so one of our first task was to reactive the @steemitfamilyph account and use it as our main account to do curating and boosting visibility for our members.
Honestly I'm new to it but I want to help our members get better in terms of quality and polish them till they get good for the main curating guild.

I have tried to make a search and their are tons of data and some are even Conflicting and different from each other on the process.

Any help will be much appreciated.


If you want to give me a list of accounts i'll add them to the leagues?

Both are a reasonable measure of progress I think.

I'll add the @steemitfamilyph for now :)


Well I only handle teh account curation one day out of the week as we split the responsibility to 6 other admins.

I don't think I am eligible because I got some delegation, I have also delegated part of mine with Minnowsupport to help fellow planktons like me and I am also going to delegate more SP to @steemitfamilyph.

But I love the data crunching aspect as I also worked in hr analytics before and I'm floored by the amount of it haha. Data geek here!

Awesome, prize received and actually super stoked to see that placement in that particular league :) If I were to win either league, the Community Curation league would mean more to me. Just out of curiosity, I don't see myself in the other results - I assume I must have been disqualified for the week for some reason or other? Have not been keeping a close eye on my delegations maybe something changed there that I wasn't aware of. Cheers - Carl


Thanks Carl, a well deserved prize winner you are too.

Not sure about about league one this week, but I agree that league 2 is the place to be these days 😁

Thanks for your support and RS!

Great to have these details week on week.
Just missed the third place in league 2 by 10 points!!. ;)
Anyway, congratulations to @tarazkp, @carlgnash and @goldendawne and yourself @abh12345.
Congratulations to League 1 winners and all the participants.
These leagues/contests are not only an encouragement for winning some steem, but also improves our individual engagement on Steemit.

Good day guys.


Very close, sorry about that @coolguy123!

Thank you very much for your kind words and support, I'm glad you see the leagues as a positive part of the community.



Oh, that's fine, there are amazing guys in that list and I am happy that I am competing with them, this only makes me a better guy down the lane.

Kudos to your effort to put all these things in place. I think I will get better score by next week, as I got interact with many guys this week, which I am sure will add more value.


Love these challenges Asher. Really cool! - "Curate This!" Haha :)

A great way to increase the overall engagement and interaction across the platform. A splendid project you have here!

Off topic:
I would love to get some more in-depth details regarding my own approach on Steemit. # of votes and things like that. I've used steemreports in the past but it seems like the site doesn't give me accurate statistics at all times. Do you know of any other user-friendly alternative?


Thank you kindly! :D

The engagement is what it's about here for sure, anyone can join in - we are all curating for something be it love or money!

I have some queries ready to go so it just depends what you are looking for really? With the gondor stats, and both of these leagues, i think that is most bases covered.

And you are not listed?! Next week then :)


Next time brother, next time! :D
You've got me going on many things recently so I just can't keep up with everything.(Your vlogging suggestion for instance) ;)

Well, I would basically want my own statistics for the past 19 days. As much details as possible would obviously be awesome but number of votes is the least I'm looking for.

  ·  last year (edited)

That's your 19 day tally above.

No score this week for curation (delegation / power-down?) has some decent info, and i like too.

Hope that helps!


Awesome, thank you very much!

Don't know about the curation thing.. I don't power down but I do delegate SP.


Yes i think it's the last delegation 'out' that is keeping you off the list for now. Should be on next week though!

  ·  last year (edited)

WOW! the top is really unreachable! Wondering how much time this user spend curating and deciding what posts to vote for.


This weeks winner is a bot account, so
Not much time after the code is written!

From now on I'll be accepting only manual curation so I think you will rise this week @edje. Good luck!


Auto voting is the art of picking the right time, but with some history analyses on vote times by others (bots and manual curators) it should not be a big issue to find the right settings. Looking forward to the next report! :)

Yet another week I've been delegating around to Israeli noobs. Oh well.


bahaha :D

You sound far too busy to curate for cash or love right now!


Glory. I curate for glory. :)


I don't know why I thought I'd find a 'will curate for food' banner on a t-shirt. This is all i got :)



I need that shirt...

Are you doing this analysis across ALL steemit users or is "the curation league" a club they all joined? :)

Here you have my vote already after 17 minutes. You deserve it 😄


I have ran the query across all accounts yes, but this is 'add me' only.

Thank you! I've added you :p


Oh yay! Happy to be part of the club. It looks like I don't even have to do anything that I'm not already doing, but will double check the rules again :)


Yes don't worry about the rules, you cant 'break' them and win :)

Excellent competition. Damn, when will I understand how the second league works. In the first, I do not exactly win, but in the second, it may sometime happen. Good luck to You and kind.

Отличный конкурс. Блин, когда же я пойму как работает вторая лига. В первой я точно не выиграю, а вот во второй, может когда то получится. Удачи Вам и добра.


Yes the second league is when I would expect to see the Stewards doing well. Good luck to you :)

It's fun how you're second in both your leagues. Interesting data, but I don't think curation is going to matter for me anytime soon.


Points for spotting that :D

It's not rigged honest!

The second league does not care for your current SP level. And you stand a chance of winning a little SP, or some delegated SP :)

I like the stats here. I'm never good in maximising my curating ability. But it is all good. Excellent effort here. Thanks a lot


I'd like to have the Stewards involved and think most would fare well in 'league 2', so I've added you :D

I just noticed I didn't even leave a comment here.
Thanks for rewarding my work on @curx, I didn't expect it to work that well. I will of course step back from upcoming contests with this account and leave the field to the more manual approaches. ;)


Great piece of script :)

If you don't mind, I don't think anyone can get near the @curx manually! Cheers!

love to join this contest


Added for next week, thanks for your interest :)


you are most welcome

Okay, I've got a baseline to work off of here. A base, baseline obviously. :-) Only one way to go, right? Thanks for doing this.


Up we go!

I'm glad I discovered your blog, I want to participate but I did not understand what to do :D


I will add you to the list, just carry on curating :)

this will be great to join the contest..


In for next week, thanks for your interest :D

I would love to join and see what my score is, then find ways to improve it. Thanks!


Added for next week! :D


Thank you! :-)

Would love to give it a try if only I have a decent SP. Lol Saving for a month or two. Hope this is a weekly thing


I've entered you as it doesn't matter your amount of SP :D


Really? Thanks! :)

Congratulations to the people who made it in the league ! :D



Glad to join curation contest @abh12345.


added for next week :D

You are really doing a great job.
This will really motivate steemians to perform better and to check their engagement.

I learn on this also

As you can see, a combination of many variables such as Steem Power, voting strength, voting weight, and time of vote, (and more) all play a part in the amount of rewards received.


Regards @funkylove


Thank you I am glad to help!

Would you like to join?


Yese yes yes
I would love to join
Thanks @abh12345

i love steemit.....I will try your contest..


You are now entered for next week :)


Ok i will try....thnx for your reply....

Great and valuable information @abh12345.

Thanks for sharing this post.😊

Have a wonderful day!!


Thanks and you too! :)

Hey - this is interesting... I was thinking about doing a competition with myself along these lines... I might enter for the next one, whenever it starts?



Sure thing!

I think the weekly post is due tomorrow so i'll add you in :)


Great thanks, I think I'll be mid-table obscurity, but it sounds like a motivator... I just accidentally upvoted myself. Oops.


Don't worry about the occasional self-vote :D

I have 2 leagues, lets see :) I'm actually using the 2nd league to work out who to delegate a little SP too...


Clever use of 'too' there. Shame the league tables can't take into account people's offline realities!

I think I'll aim to peak in half term week.

so cool man



now brown cow?


Nice one :)

thanks for this, you are the great..


My pleasure, thank you too :)

This post has received a 11.10 % upvote from @aksdwi thanks to: @abh12345.

These stewards are exceptional, I will do my best to be on this list.

This post is for sharing because you just did not share this post. This post has written a nice way to understand everything, so you have a great deal of importance on this post again and I will rule you for your next post.


Thank you @sojibul

Want to be in this contest

This post has received a 6.08 % upvote from @upmyvote thanks to: @abh12345. Send at least 1 SBD to @upmyvote with a post link in the memo field to promote a post! Sorry, we can't upvote comments.

Though I followed you few days ago but I've read your post in detail for the first time. I'm astonished that you have taken a very good step to build up the strong #steemit community.

It helps many steemians to bring their Rep. high and got a prize of 10 SBD that is huge one for me. I wish I could win this one :P

Well, many many Congratulations to League 1 winners and all the participants who participates in this great contest.


Well done all :D

Great job dear friend
Good competition


Thank you very much @akbarbadsha :D

You got a 9.01% upvote from @mercurybot courtesy of @abh12345!

I'm always trust steemit is very good social media platform..
I'm now byeeee to steemit...
Bcz...I always know steem can change my future.


I hope this is the case for all us!

i keep falling back

That's really great job man.And wonderful $10 SBD prize.
Thanks for share.


Thank you too :D



congrats to the winner!!! and thanks to you...


Thank you!

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