HUNT Token Airdrop for SP Holders is LIVE NOW | Steemhunt Sponsor Report - #16

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Hello Steemians!

Today, we are proud to announce the 1:1 HUNT token airdrop for Steem Power holders, the biggest portion of the entire HUNT token airdrops (40%). It is effective since today.

1. Claim your HUNT Token now if you have Steem Power

As we announced in this article - Announcing HUNT Token Airdrops for Steemians (Smart Media Token Project), we will create ERC20-based HUNT tokens first, airdrop them to Steemians, and swap with SMT-based HUNT tokens when it is launched later.

The 1:1 airdrop for SP holders, the biggest portion of the entire HUNT token airdrops (40%), is live now. Please check the details below how you can claim your token:

  1. Steemit users who have Steem Power are eligible to have HUNT tokens with 1:1 ratio.
  2. The amount you can claim is based on your original SP regardless of your delegation.
  3. You MUST claim your tokens via by accessing your HUNT token wallet interface ( You can click on the “claim” button.
  4. This is based on a “first-come-first-get” system until all 100M tokens are claimed. But don’t worry because it is almost enough to cover the entire SP (there are 187M SP in total and 103M SP excluding Steemit Inc’s accounts, so this is almost a 1:1 ratio with the 100M HUNT tokens).
  5. This airdrop runs for one month - it will finish on September 13th, 2018.

2. What is HUNT Platform?

HUNT is an incentivising community platform on top of Steem Blockchain for product influencers who have exceptional knowledge and passion for cool new products. It’s a bridging platform for makers to reach out to early adopters for the successful launch of their product.

The goal of HUNT platform is to create a decentralised ecosystem by providing three blockchain-based HUNT token fueled platforms on top of Smart Media Token system.

  1. [Steemhunt] - a community where hunters introduce cool new products
  2. [Reviewhunt] - a marketing channel where makers suggest bounty missions for hunters
  3. [Ideahunt] - a Kickstarter-like platform where makers run crowdfunding campaigns for hunters


The HUNT platform will create HUNT token based on the Smart Media Token platform (SMT) using supply and demand mechanisms. First, hunters can collect HUNT tokens in Steemhunt and Reviewhunt, and use the tokens in Ideahunt by participating in the crowdfunding campaigns. Second, makers (or companies) can buy HUNT tokens to run the bounty marketing for hunters. Of course we have a plan to list HUNT tokens on exchange markets, but we also want to create our own independent token flow.

Weekly Sponsor Rewards

Here are the week’s STEEM rewards and HUNT tokens reserved for sponsors (the STEEM rewards have already been sent to sponsors from 90,000 HUNT tokens per day are reserved for the sponsors, which amounts to 630,000 tokens per week.

(For more details of HUNT token airdrop, please check out the manual -


Total: 3,288,429,560.14 VESTS (1,623,592.0 SP) / 2,033,357,033.04 VESTS OPTED OUT

User NameDelegatedSTEEM RewardsHUNT Tokens ReservedHUNT Tokens Total
@misterdelegation2,033,154,493 VESTS (1,003,827 SP)0.000
@freedom300,000,000 VESTS (148,119 SP)34.208150,5891,997,015
@cryptomancer182,374,976 VESTS (90,044 SP)20.79691,545314,065
@goodnewworld150,725,777 VESTS (74,418 SP)17.18775,659721,754
@tombstone50,855,446 VESTS (25,109 SP)5.79925,528370,987
@arama43,521,220 VESTS (21,488 SP)4.96321,846317,484
@kmyang6236,553,129 VESTS (18,047 SP)4.16818,348177,761
@i-d30,510,816 VESTS (15,064 SP)3.47915,315222,574
@bramd20,378,685 VESTS (10,062 SP)2.32410,229655,372
@thomasmore20,342,062 VESTS (10,043 SP)2.3210,211148,394
@myb20,339,967 VESTS (10,042 SP)2.31910,210148,379
@ssm181020,338,614 VESTS (10,042 SP)2.31910,209148,369
@kwonjs7720,326,411 VESTS (10,036 SP)2.31810,203122,758
@cool19116,883,376 VESTS (8,336 SP)1.9258,475143,610
@steemtopark14,294,778 VESTS (7,058 SP)1.637,17589,775
@tradingideas14,239,245 VESTS (7,030 SP)1.6247,148105,316
@jobviet14,216,879 VESTS (7,019 SP)1.6217,13685,873
@orientaledu12,181,834 VESTS (6,015 SP)1.3896,11547,712
@roelandp10,171,230 VESTS (5,022 SP)1.165,10674,198
@heeyaa3510,165,219 VESTS (5,019 SP)1.1595,10364,423
@topping10,164,682 VESTS (5,019 SP)1.1595,10264,859
@fur2002ks10,161,263 VESTS (5,017 SP)1.1595,10182,776
@lighthil10,156,875 VESTS (5,015 SP)1.1585,09883,589
@lordoftruth9,457,626 VESTS (4,670 SP)1.0784,74765,520
@acidyo8,790,960 VESTS (4,340 SP)1.0024,41322,712
@lucky28,129,058 VESTS (4,014 SP)0.9274,08057,128
@jwolf7,494,252 VESTS (3,700 SP)0.8553,76253,922
@kimsungmin6,163,350 VESTS (3,043 SP)0.7033,09442,054
@jxwonah6,130,101 VESTS (3,027 SP)0.6993,07744,719
@nexgen6,098,650 VESTS (3,011 SP)0.6953,06140,598
@forealife6,098,558 VESTS (3,011 SP)0.6953,06162,785
@supergiant6,087,754 VESTS (3,006 SP)0.6943,056170,071
@warjar6,083,197 VESTS (3,003 SP)0.6943,05425,109
@autorent5,136,125 VESTS (2,536 SP)0.5862,57831,146
@kevinwong4,068,217 VESTS (2,009 SP)0.4642,04271,322
@drtobi184,067,149 VESTS (2,008 SP)0.4642,04225,776
@michelios4,063,032 VESTS (2,006 SP)0.4632,03930,202
@ys13023,661,505 VESTS (1,808 SP)0.4181,83827,314
@beerbloke3,457,989 VESTS (1,707 SP)0.3941,73625,226
@humptydumpty13,364,802 VESTS (1,661 SP)0.3841,68921,325
@zzings3,081,675 VESTS (1,522 SP)0.3511,547100,887
@ukk3,081,675 VESTS (1,522 SP)0.3511,54717,635
@jewel-lover3,051,402 VESTS (1,507 SP)0.3481,53222,637
@legend363,041,387 VESTS (1,502 SP)0.3471,52716,841
@dandesign862,634,097 VESTS (1,301 SP)0.31,3224,122
@howtostartablog2,500,000 VESTS (1,234 SP)0.2851,25514,210
@bitrocker20202,440,174 VESTS (1,205 SP)0.2781,22541,626
@dmoons.kim2,439,368 VESTS (1,204 SP)0.2781,22449,719
@funworlding2,235,912 VESTS (1,104 SP)0.2551,12214,340
@ulockblock2,178,522 VESTS (1,076 SP)0.2481,0949,275
@kingbit2,054,450 VESTS (1,014 SP)0.2341,0319,857
@chunseungho2,034,267 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.2321,02119,318
@exyle.steemhunt2,034,258 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.2321,02114,840
@holbein812,034,236 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.2321,02114,840
@mastertri2,034,183 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.2321,02157,087
@vega3212,034,122 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.2321,02114,839
@absolutefive2,033,542 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.2321,02113,472
@rea2,033,472 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.2321,02112,887
@zet2,033,378 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.2321,02112,926
@jingdol2,033,069 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.2321,02112,885
@storysharing2,033,068 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.2321,02114,832
@aromi2,032,572 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.2321,02011,533
@kview2,032,327 VESTS (1,003 SP)0.2321,02011,608
@glory72,032,212 VESTS (1,003 SP)0.2321,02017,564
@thegreatgatsby2,031,709 VESTS (1,003 SP)0.2321,02010,916
@str7motor2,031,146 VESTS (1,003 SP)0.2321,0209,714
@underground2,030,473 VESTS (1,003 SP)0.2321,01911,954
@happyberrysboy2,030,379 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.2321,01926,233
@helix2,029,278 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.2311,0198,963
@studygroup2,028,554 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.2311,0188,459
@jayplayco2,028,119 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.2311,01887,396
@futile2,027,721 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.2311,0186,872
@happylazar2,026,503 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.2311,0174,601
@drorion2,000,000 VESTS (987 SP)0.2281,0046,630
@andyx1,612,977 VESTS (796 SP)0.18481011,811
@lazarescu.irinel1,544,413 VESTS (763 SP)0.17677510,600
@khimgoh1,422,023 VESTS (702 SP)0.1627147,381
@sunwatcher1,227,722 VESTS (606 SP)0.146167,499
@jasonshick1,218,809 VESTS (602 SP)0.13961248,812
@woojumbs1,218,461 VESTS (602 SP)0.1396127,900
@feelsogood1,215,680 VESTS (600 SP)0.1396108,050
@lotusofmymom1,016,757 VESTS (502 SP)0.1165106,653
@yangpankil271,016,564 VESTS (502 SP)0.1165106,443
@greenlatte1,016,530 VESTS (502 SP)0.1165108,599
@heonbros1,016,515 VESTS (502 SP)0.11651010,044
@teoit1,016,478 VESTS (502 SP)0.1165106,831
@pandafam1,016,436 VESTS (502 SP)0.1165106,461
@ilovemylife1,016,406 VESTS (502 SP)0.116510133,280
@eastmael1,016,381 VESTS (502 SP)0.1165106,762
@remnant391,016,375 VESTS (502 SP)0.1165108,340
@dragonticketer1,016,295 VESTS (502 SP)0.1165109,049
@kibumh1,016,269 VESTS (502 SP)0.1165106,516
@levoyant1,016,125 VESTS (502 SP)0.1165107,022
@kgbinternational1,016,097 VESTS (502 SP)0.1165106,111
@bigbig1,015,891 VESTS (502 SP)0.1165105,189
@jeffjagoe1,015,464 VESTS (501 SP)0.1165106,201
@onehand1,015,304 VESTS (501 SP)0.11651018,360
@yunoyang1,014,900 VESTS (501 SP)0.1165093,682
@seoinseock1,014,651 VESTS (501 SP)0.11650910,677
@alexandraioana261,014,263 VESTS (501 SP)0.1165095,710
@armdown813,662 VESTS (402 SP)0.09340816,055
@elevator09810,335 VESTS (400 SP)0.092407407
@d-zero770,447 VESTS (380 SP)0.0883871,589
@mightynick719,444 VESTS (355 SP)0.0823614,560
@georgemales616,122 VESTS (304 SP)0.073093,283
@yoon614,281 VESTS (303 SP)0.073084,481
@kungdel610,240 VESTS (301 SP)0.073064,878
@dreamien610,234 VESTS (301 SP)0.073064,452
@japanguide610,098 VESTS (301 SP)0.073069,000
@boostyou609,916 VESTS (301 SP)0.073063,865
@zorba609,761 VESTS (301 SP)0.073063,558
@forykw609,089 VESTS (301 SP)0.0693064,771
@ogochukwu608,059 VESTS (300 SP)0.06930519,358
@mcfarhat508,534 VESTS (251 SP)0.0582553,905
@felander508,512 VESTS (251 SP)0.0582553,710
@sambillingham508,443 VESTS (251 SP)0.0582558,727
@preparedwombat406,847 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462043,108
@ziscad406,833 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462042,978
@doctordhaka406,830 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462043,103
@jaytop406,829 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462044,349
@tata1406,824 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462042,968
@romankibo406,823 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462042,968
@deuksoo84406,815 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462044,023
@thomas-bm406,795 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462043,041
@scandinavianlife406,794 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462048,340
@lcc3108406,779 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462048,089
@revisesociology406,759 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462043,033
@knight4sky406,558 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462042,393
@rimowa406,382 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462042,061
@joannewong406,360 VESTS (201 SP)0.04620425,173
@soyrosa406,336 VESTS (201 SP)0.0462043,797
@rehan12406,075 VESTS (200 SP)0.0462041,869
@ocupation405,618 VESTS (200 SP)0.0462043,659
@amvanaken405,559 VESTS (200 SP)0.0462043,231
@indigoocean405,221 VESTS (200 SP)0.046203424
@simplymike405,099 VESTS (200 SP)0.0462031,497
@maxwell95304,867 VESTS (151 SP)0.0351531,735
@drigweeu304,797 VESTS (150 SP)0.0351532,408
@moneyhacks304,635 VESTS (150 SP)0.0351538,940
@andimywapblog12303,921 VESTS (150 SP)0.0351531,397
@for91days293,887 VESTS (145 SP)0.0341481,415
@ted7284,633 VESTS (141 SP)0.0321432,598
@stokjockey244,097 VESTS (121 SP)0.0281231,786
@valth223,766 VESTS (110 SP)0.0261125,065
@monkeydoo213,477 VESTS (105 SP)0.0241071,353
@earlmonk204,715 VESTS (101 SP)0.0231036,090
@soosoo203,785 VESTS (101 SP)0.0231026,547
@leesongyi203,784 VESTS (101 SP)0.0231026,547
@hakguan203,707 VESTS (101 SP)0.0231026,560
@carrotcake203,569 VESTS (101 SP)0.0231026,542
@jisung203,426 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,484
@smartbear203,426 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231022,298
@maarnio203,423 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,484
@sintai203,423 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,484
@mellissaying203,423 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,544
@kr-ebook203,417 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,484
@wony203,416 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,484
@dakeshi203,416 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,496
@zaedol203,413 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,484
@deanlogic203,413 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,484
@epitt925203,407 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,484
@johnrenald203,406 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,590
@gidung203,406 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231024,523
@room9203,404 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,517
@bahagia-arbi203,404 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,553
@wefund203,403 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231025,228
@matildah203,402 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,484
@styner203,395 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,484
@hanen203,392 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,484
@direwolf203,368 VESTS (100 SP)0.02310226,180
@yann03203,319 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231023,458
@sitha203,304 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231024,707
@cocorush203,303 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231022,689
@kuberaleez203,299 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,288
@ldsklee203,288 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,288
@ab7b13203,287 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,294
@seraphim502203,286 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231022,721
@xyzashu203,262 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,155
@team101203,228 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,835
@ravenkim203,224 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,212
@kimzwarch203,221 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,199
@redtravels203,220 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231022,764
@bobby.madagascar203,122 VESTS (100 SP)0.023102941
@nowoojun203,056 VESTS (100 SP)0.02310212,220
@osmerj202,993 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231022,109
@transcript-junky202,970 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,889
@professorbromide202,953 VESTS (100 SP)0.023102783
@didic202,944 VESTS (100 SP)0.023102665
@zoltarian202,924 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231022,487
@chappuller202,924 VESTS (100 SP)0.023102697
@plokmi202,703 VESTS (100 SP)0.023102493
@encryptdcouple202,666 VESTS (100 SP)0.0231021,252
@jznsamuel202,605 VESTS (100 SP)0.023102244
@truthtrader202,558 VESTS (100 SP)0.023102115
@tabris202,540 VESTS (100 SP)0.000
@yonghwanny194,505 VESTS (96 SP)0.022981,229
@consciousangel7182,400 VESTS (90 SP)0.02192755
@veenang166,570 VESTS (82 SP)0.019844,568
@astroboy162,192 VESTS (80 SP)0.01881258
@chrisli151,915 VESTS (75 SP)0.01776157
@pialejoana141,819 VESTS (70 SP)0.0167118,537
@wilhb81132,034 VESTS (65 SP)0.01566840
@daan007121,754 VESTS (60 SP)0.01461967
@dray91eu121,547 VESTS (60 SP)0.01461269
@jpederson96105,000 VESTS (52 SP)0.0125353
@dinglehopper101,680 VESTS (50 SP)0.01251692
@superoo7101,606 VESTS (50 SP)0.0125128,290
@strosalia101,602 VESTS (50 SP)0.012511,374
@team2dev101,541 VESTS (50 SP)0.01251564
@lintah101,416 VESTS (50 SP)0.01251290
@hungryhustle101,330 VESTS (50 SP)0.012514,081
@just2random101,318 VESTS (50 SP)0.01251654
@freyman101,305 VESTS (50 SP)0.0125151
@mobi7281,031 VESTS (40 SP)0.00941721
@bboyady70,908 VESTS (35 SP)0.00836646
@replayphoto60,965 VESTS (30 SP)0.00731505
@solomon50760,959 VESTS (30 SP)0.007315,721
@randomgoodstuff60,851 VESTS (30 SP)0.00731214
@rangertx40,677 VESTS (20 SP)0.00520556
@lusterdoom40,671 VESTS (20 SP)0.00520258
@tim3w4rp30,512 VESTS (15 SP)0.00315488
@schroders30,512 VESTS (15 SP)0.00315223
@fundsteem20,545 VESTS (10 SP)0.00210327
@unicron20,342 VESTS (10 SP)0.00210148
@xomegax20,328 VESTS (10 SP)0.002102,126
@aykaco20,321 VESTS (10 SP)0.002101,194
@okekemmichael10,169 VESTS (5 SP)0.001574
@streetsmart10,164 VESTS (5 SP)0.001560
@onlyforyou10,163 VESTS (5 SP)0.00151,298
@doodleman10,112 VESTS (5 SP)0.0015826
@walterben9,964 VESTS (5 SP)0.001511
@steeming-ali8,119 VESTS (4 SP)0.001434
@fashionsteemit3,044 VESTS (2 SP)0.0250
Total3,288,429,560.14 VESTS (1,623,592.0 SP)100.0%143.112630,000

SEND 143.112 STEEM TO 229 SPONSORS (4 omitted less than 0.001)

(If your name is not in this report, you may have delegated SP after we already sent STEEM rewards. In this case, your rewards will be calculated next week.)


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More information about HUNT Token Airdrop is here
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Just finished up the airdrop! I like the site. I only looked at a few things, but seems interesting! Definitely will be a user! @steemhunt

When the airdrop does end? Cause I would like to spend some next month’s salaries into SP, at least, if the price stays low.

Thanks guys! Claimed mine easily

Oh, that's an exciting update! I'm going to claim them as soon as I get home tonight :)

hey guys! great work with this! :)

The SP claim does not work on the Brave Browser. You should support other Crypto projects like Brave by ensuring compatibility.

Climed! :0)
Thanks a lot!

It says that I have 0 HUNT tokens but it also says "You have successfully claimed your tokens." What am I doing wrong?

Edit: It worked, nvm

Hey this is the big air drop what is the lowest sp for this air drop I am confused...

1:1 Ratio man.

If you have 10 SP you get 10 Hunt tokens.

I just claimed my Steemhunt airdrop and I got it in my wallet but I'm facing to get my referral link. There is any referral reward or not.????
@steemhunt help me..

Hi, if you know how to get the referral link pls let me know. Ty.

I think there is no referrals system.. you can join is directly.. and no referrals bonuses..

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Thanks for the airdrop. How do I go about referring other people to Steemhunt?

Thank you! This is great! I don't have a lot of SP but I love getting new coins from airdrops. I got 151.6 Hunt Tokens :)

What happens if I power up or down after claiming the steemhunt token? For example, if I power up 1000 SP later, can I claim 1000 more steemhunt token?

No, if you hold 100 SP you get 100 Hunt tokens.

It's based on your current SP, and one time claim only.
So you can get more HUNT tokens if you power up before you claim the tokens on Steemhunt.

Can it be withdrawn?

Great to see the community continually growing and getting stronger each week. Keep up the good work

Amazing work guys! Thank you ! have receive my token!

This is super good news! :D Will claim them in a few hours - keep on expanding on this awesome concept of yours!

@phoneinf don't miss this ;)

This is so amazing

I love what @steemhunt is doing <3

I claimed my 166 SP :)

Cool Concept.
People will abuse the heck out of such platform and gullible Peoples. Much like they do on other croudfunding sites.
Wish you success.

How can they abuse an air drop of 1:1 Ratio?


can I claim from multiple account?
I try from my another account but it say I already claim.

Thank you claimed

Great steemhunting, thanks for sharing this delegation. Best of luck my friend

This place is buzzing with energy...

When this will finish?

When all hunts are claimed of course.

probably when they give out all the coins

So interesting.

"The bounty program consists of four sub-categories: 1) Sponsors (30%), 2) Voting/Resteem (20%), 3) Referrals (30%), 4) Posting/Commenting/Moderation on Steemhunt (20%)."

Where can I read more about this? Where to find ref-links and how to claim bonus for blog about you?

It sounds perfect... Free airdrop that too 1:1 ratio for a new platform...well I will try to understand more details and create a blog as well as video to reach out to community so that everyone can claim this reward.... Gr8 opportunity...

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Cool. Don’t know much about this yet but I’ll definitely take part and do some research. Thx!!

Awesome news! But I might wait until I collect a little more steem before I grab my hunt tokens :-D

it's working but how to refer someone ?

I knew I'd find you here. Hahaha! Have a nice day, @imransoory. ^_^

Thanks. I have already got that.


Well done, good work

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Thank you for good a platform. I think its can help our all in get many more sp.


This my my click! please support me , come to my blog and give suggestions how can I become better!

thanks alot! i got some hunt token though i don't know what this is for :)

To love and adore them by showing them off...

Just got on the hunt. What does everyone else think of it so far?

Free coins are my favorite coins. You get a lot for upvoting on Steemhunt
too, like more than the amount of steem you would get for a steemit curation

I joined steemhunt today but I had 0.0 Steem Hunt tokens to claim even though I have 825 sp? I tried talking to people on discord but no one was willing to help. Can you please help me to figure this out?

hey, how to get refer.