Steem Platform - Hourly Report (19-04-2018 13 hrs)


Steem Market Ticker

Latest1.04 up (.122 %)
SBDVolume2308.701 SBD
SteemVolume2242.827 STEEM

Steem Conversion Rates

SBD => BTC3.579E-4
SBD => USD2.942163
STEEM => BTC3.6931E-4
STEEM => BTC3.035944
STEEM => SBD1.031875

Steem Global Properties

VirtualSupply271552360.416 STEEM
CurrentSupply267168117.705 STEEM
ConfidentialSupply.0 STEEM
ConfidentialSBDSupply.0 SBD
TotalVestingFundSteem.0 STEEM
TotalVestingShares388163096742.251 VESTS
TotalRewardFundSteem.0 STEEM
PendingRewardedVestingShares383898617.501 VESTS
PendingRewardedVestingSteem187093.866 STEEM

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