The New SteemGigs Is Now On Utopian Ready To Be Completed By "Us" As Testimonies To; "Everyone Has Something To Offer".

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The new and current github code for @steemgigs is now the only existing code synced on utopian. 

I have pulled down the previous steemgigs code from github as there was no prevent it from appearing on @utopian-io and loving steemians have kept adding contributions to the old repository.

No worries now, if you want to contribute to SteemGigs on utopian, you will now only find this one:

SteemGigs Update

Like i said in the previous post, UI is not all perfect. 

Over the course of the coming weeks, it will get better. We are using some of the feedback we already have from users of SteemGigs, to do quick improvements. 

Moreso, we will begin doing task requests for @steemgigs from utopian, so that we can work faster by means of your contributions. So be ready!

I will just do a one day recovery as i was crushed yesterday. 
My dad refused to come over and i tried all i could to convince him but he kept wanting to hear my mama's voice instead. He has a delicate state of health, so i couldn't re-bring "my mum's passing" up

It's serious now. I want #steemgigs to thrive. I want it to be loved. I want it to represent our story. 

Let's go!

In The Pipeline For The Coming Weeks!!!

Over the course of the coming weeks we will work on these things:

1. Improving our specialized editors

There are currently 4 editors on @steemgigs, each one for different purposes but these editors aren't all perfect yet, thus, we will work on making them more specialized and close to perfect. 

Currently, we have the following editors on SteemGigs:

  • SteemGigs (Create) Editor: Allows you to post a service that will appear on steemgigs, and
  • The SteemGigs Testimonial Editor: This editor allows both SteemGiggers & clients to be able to write a full-blown blogposts, talking about the entire experience within a successful SteemGig. This helps add to the reputation of each steemian party involved both on SteemGigs & Steemit, adds more steemit-related webpages to the web and gives each party additional ways to earn steem.
  • Custom Requests Editors: This editor allows clients (steemians) who need a service, to post "requests". (We will passionately look to fill this requests. The SteemGigs community on discord has more than 3500 reputable steemians)
  • The untalented Editor: This simply an extra editor that allows you to post to the steem blockchain. (The steemit posts created using this editor will come out enviable as it is a specialized editor)

I believe a lot of the challenges with content discovery and curation even on steemit, can be fixed by means of "the editors"

A bit more specialization to the editors and 60/70% of these challenges will be fixed. 

Thus, we will specialize each of our editors to optimal levels and add more specialized editors if necessary. 

Note: A specialized editor is simply one that is structured to follow a flow. 
The specialization of the editors also enhance search & categorization! 

2. Moderation

Over the coming weeks, we will work on the interface that allows for a level of human moderation. When the moderation feature is implemented, we will be reviewing some posts before its published. We will not apply this to every post as we want "specialized editors" to cater to this, for the most part.

Moderation is not primary as we plan to work to attain the perfect specialized editors first. 

When it is eventually time to go, for moderation, we already have many moderators ready to go. We know the steemit community really well and one salient reason why #steemgigs stayed solely on steemit for the past 10 months is, "to get to know our community"

We now know at least one reputable great mind in every niche, field or industry

3. Tutorials

We are looking to fill SteemGigs with as many tutorials as possible. 

We want the "voice of steemians", filling We want to promote you ever-incessantly as part of @steemgigs.

Thus, over the course of the coming weeks, we will be doing task requests from utopian, to accept tutorials for each segment of @steemgigs and there are so many segments. 

We would like as many steemian personalities to appear on SteemGigs. Altogether, we promote each human as "celebrity" and promote the steem blockchain as well, thus, we would like to link many portions of SteemGigs to,, @dlive @dtube etc

4. Support

We will also work on this in the coming weeks. 

After doing series of posts to educate steemians on the entire vision and span of @steemgigs, we will look to revamp all channels of support. 

For now, we will maintain the SteemGigs community discord server as "main support", so that as many hands can lovingly get involved. It has more than 3,500 steemians on it. Thus, we will be revamping it, adding roles etc and niche channels, so that support can be ever present.

Too, more tutorials will help drastically.

We will also work on improving the state of the Facebook and Twitter pages for SteemGigs to provide more channels of support

5. Custom SteemGig Profile Edits

The feature exists already but there is a bug that prevents edits from getting saved internally on our website, thus, we will work to fix that in a few days.

6. Help Page

The current "help" tab on SteemGigs links to our discord server

By means of tutorial resources & tutorials that we receive via utopian contributions, we will be able to build a "help" page, that answers every FAQ and links to steemit posts or dtube videos etc

I Am Grateful

I am grateful to every steemians and "the many steemians" who have started loving promoting @steemgigs

How Can You Help?

1. Post a SteemGig

This very easy! @ankarlie wrote a good tutorial here

Note that with #steemgigs "everyone has something to offer". What does this mean?

Well, you may feel you are not geek enough or that you are not talented enough to offer a service and you may feel SteemGigs is not for you but did you know that on steemit alone, if you look closely, there are tons of needs and many that you handle? 

Yes, you simply need to attempt out-of-the-boxness and you will see that you can.

In the past, right here on steemit, did you know that a steemit library was built courtesy of a custom request? 

The custom request was done by @drpuffnstuff and was something like this:
  • I will pay a steemian 70 SP to build a small steemit-endorsed wooden library containing random books and place it in a public school in his community.
               @valued-customer completed the above

Did also know that @inkphinit did a SteemGigs custom request some 9 months ago, where he implored steemians to do different types of donations to their community?


Notice i remembered all the names above. This is because, if you are helpful towards another person, they will remember your name.

So here: We added Steem & Steemit as a main category on SteemGigs and the is also the "fun & lifestyle" main category etc. 

Yes, there are many ways to be innovative as SteemGiggers, even if you don't have an expertise just yet.

Look at some fun examples that i created: 

  •  1. @stellabelle can say: I will write a killer steemit post about your brand and share it with thousands of my followers on Medium, for 60 SBD. 
  • 2. @surfermarly can easily say: I will write your steemit username boldly on one of my old surf boards and hang it on a coconut tree on a busy beach for 1 day,  for 7 SBD. 
  • 3. @papa-pepper can easily say: I write will curl my snakes into the letters in your brand name, for 50 SBD. 
  • 4. @mrwang can also say: I will create a video review of me tasting any beer of your choice, for 8 SBD.

Look at more  #steemgigs samples that created, to incite your creativity:

Fun & Random

  • I will make a video each day, for 3 days, breaking 1 stick of cigarette in half, to remind to stop smoking, for 5SBD.
  • I will write "will you marry me" and the name of your fiance on the sands of a Jamaican beach, for 6SBD.
  • I will have kids write your brand name all over their classroom board for 2SBD.
  • I will act and say anything you want as a Pirate, for 0.5SP 


  • I will pretend to be your girl friend for a day, for 5 steem. 
  • I will tell you what he or she is thinking about You, for 0.32SBD.
  • I will chat with you for 7 days and make each day fun-filled for you, for 5SP.
  • I will give you a PDF collection of 3,000,000 unique dating messages, for 3.000000 SBD.  
  • I will make your crush go CRAZY about you, for 3SBD.
  • I will re-write your online dating profile, for 6 steem.

Marketing & Promotion

  • I will pop a balloon with your message written on it, for 2 steem.
  • I will paint your message e.g "" on my body and dance in the jungle for 8SBD.
  • I will sing you a Steemit Milestone Song in a Thong as a Typical British Man for 3.4SBD.
  • I will speed color your logo for 9.5steem.
  • I will create a custom promotional animated video with voice over, for 5.5SBD.
  • I will act and say anything you want as a Pirate, for free. 

HowTo & Tutorials

I will give you a 30 min TED-like coaching, on how to make a career out of podcasts, for 30steem. 

@son-of-satire can very easily say; i will create magical GIFs for the footer of your steemit posts, for 5SBD. 

@kevinwong can go: i will write you 5 killer posts on any popular niche, for 16 SBD. 

@kingscrown: i will give you 5 proven crypto-investment tips, for 5 SBD.


  • @sirlunchthehost can say: i will keep your post or project displayed at the footer of my regularly-trending steemit posts for an entire day, for 25 SBD. 
  • I will delegate you 50k steem power for 3 days, for 30 steem as long as you don't downvote. 
  • I will share any steemit url of your choice to my 50k social media followers, for 6 SBD. 


  • I will a 2-minute video of Trump saying whatever you want, for 6.7 SBD. 
  • I will record your voicemail or any audio as Donald Trump, for 7 and a half SP.   


  • I will teach you how to trade steem on the steemit internal market, for 5S BD. 
  • I will get Ned Scott to hold a poster of your steemit username or brand name for, 16.2 SBD 
  • I will give you targeted leads to golfers, for 2.3SBD. 


  • @mynameisbrian can easily say; I will make a comic of you making a comic, for 3.82 SBD 
  • I will make whiteboard explainer videos from any of your steemit posts, for 0.05 SBD 
  • I will do SEO for your wordpress and put your blog on the first page of google, for 18 SBD 


  • @heiditravels can easily say: I will write a travel guide or article for your travel destination, for 5SBD. 
  • @sweetsssj can easily say: i will teach you how to access steemit, if you stopped-over in Dubai, where many websites are blocked, for 1.78SBD 

Basically, you can create an entirely new/unheardof/weird/random service, for steem, SP or SBD. (Everyone has something to offer, so flex your creative muscles!) 

Note that it is essential for you to be able to render any service you claim that you can offer as there is "reputation" involved

It will not be nice if there is steemgigs testimonial that dents you reputation

So if you say, "i will write your brand name on my bare belly and walk around with it" for 5 SBD and a steemian avails of your service, be ready to do it.

If you say, "i will give out 5 old educational books to kids in my community for 5 SBD" and i avail of your service, be ready to do it.

If you say, "i will sing a cover of any artist of your choosing for 5 Steem Power", be ready to do so!

For every SteemGig you offer, it is nice to add a portfolio of your past work. It also helps your reputation, if you a video of yourself telling steemians what you offer and why they should avail of your Gig

2. Curate 

Yes, even right now, you can help us with your normal steemit curation activities. Wherever you spot "any level of talent", "potential talent" or perhaps, "steemians who aren't confident about their talent" etc; leave a directional comment, leading them to try out SteemGigs

There are even cases where you are not fully able to read a post but you are able to spot some art or graphics etc, you can also leave a quick comment. Make sure it is a heartfelt comment.

3. Encourage

If you find a great or not-so-great #steemgigs post; give encouragement.

4. Educate

If you see someone posting #steemgigs from steemit; tell them that is a steem-based website specialized for GIGs & Services

Your Boy Terry


Please read this as well 

Please like @teardrops on Facebook and Twitter:

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. I run a full public RPC 256 GB node as well to balance the steem ecosystem on "wss://" 

To vote my witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.      

Let's Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented)

Join the Steemgigs Community on discord:  

"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?

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Terry, in everything you do, your love shines it's light.

I laughed so hard at some of the wonderful ideas people have presented. I almost cried at your love for your parents, and the difficult situation you are in (my own father hasn't spoken to me since my mother died last year). I deeply respect your dedication and your inspiration for it. I see #steemgigs becoming a world class service that can empower entire communities, nations, and even the least among us.

I doubt I could admire you more.

Thanks for using my humble effort to showcase what #steemgigs can be. @drpuffnstuff is a true humanitarian like you, and I also appreciate you showing some of his steemgigs. The library wasn't made to go in a school, however, and it's in a laundry room, where people spend a lot of time bored.

It gets used all the time =D

I really look forward to #steemgigs getting the editors completed. Completing a steemgig was one of the high points of my Steemit career so far, and I think it always will be.

Thanks to you!

I have visited @steemgigs website and I must say it's cool. I like the interface and the ease of use.
I am however very concerned about how it'll translate to work for me cause I have been using Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork for almost 4 years now and it.

And then, if there could be some sort of guide that could help new users to fully understand how the site works, it'll be amazing.
But in total, it's a very nice development and I applaud it alot!!!

The main point to SteemGigs is that the blockchain can connect you directly with clients, and will never take a 20% cut of your earnings...

The platform is actually really great. The testimonies keeps raising and more people are happy about it.

In no time wen its fully done, you will greatly appreciate it more than Fiverr i promise.

That will happen. Just hang in there. There are lots of pros. For one on steemgigs, just from the post alone even along with what you charge for gigs. There is also steemgigs testimonials. See how this steemgigs testimonial earned.

Note the that was 10 months ago. Too, you improve your reputation on steemit among steemians which is very essential. Then steemit has the best talents. You can't find the talents you find here on fiverr or upwork as among other things, "reputation" is incentivized on the steem blockchain.

Additional resources:

Basically, you can create an entirely new/unheardof/weird/random service, for steem, SP or SBD. (Everyone has something to offer, so flex your creative muscles!)

I smiled when I read this because it got me excited. For us that are not geeky, it would be so wonderful to be able to attempt something else because nobody wants to be denied being on steemgigs ,every one wants to be able to offer something. Thank you Terry for creating categories of all sorts, we all belong 'home', steemgigs.

My dad refused to come over and i tried all i could to convince him but he kept wanting to hear my mama's voice instead. He has a delicate state of health, so i couldn't re-bring "my mum's passing" up

Terry, I am so sorry for the turn of events and the sincerely wish there was anyway I could be of help, to make your dad come over but however, your prayers for him should not cease and your loving him like crazy will conquer all odds. Please stay strong.

THe only way we can help him for now is to include him and his family in our prayers. He has done alot to the community and he deserves all the love he has right now. Lets conquer all odds with him. Lets stay strong for him. :)

Just to add more to what @surpassinggoogle has said:

Steemgigs which is on steem blockchain and is decentralized has lesser chance of being manipulated, unlike Fiverr which is centralized and is subject to ultimate decision of the owners.

Also, Steemit doesn't place any restrictions on communication. Like i heard that Fiverr restricts communications to only Fiverr platform.

Imdeed @steemgigs made it successful by having us a community wherein everybody are welcome to promote there skill interms of different aspect.

@steemgigs it is such a wonderful community to join. No one is exempted as long as you you are not ashamed to showcase what you've got. Enjoy everyone and have a fruitful day

it is such a wonderful community to join. No one is exempted .......... ..

Steemgig is one family and @surpassinggoogle would not anyone to be left out. His utmost desire would be for all to join the bandwagon and benefit in one way or the other. A very noble enterprise indeed. Thank you Terry

I will admit I didn't and still don't know much about steemgigs, but now I'm curious and excited that such a thing exists on steemit.

That was a real long time, 10 months ago. I think I was planning on going for NYSC camp. I left from it, never knew steemgigs is this long.

I will be a month on steemit tomorrow and am giving my testimony with steemgig

Very creative and innovative

This is the reaso why we need to support @surpassinggoogle. Have a good day and have a blast

This is the reason why we need to support @surpassinggoogle.

Now that you have mentioned it, I really can't think of anyone better suited to enjoy our support and camaraderie, if not @surpassinggoogle. No exxagerations, he is the best.

Terry is an overflowing fountain of human kindness and should have our maximum support. I am totally sold out to it.

This is amazing. I am totally blown away. Well done sir. People are already buzzing about this in the group. Congratulations and i know it is in safe hands with you, as it will get better. You always take note of tiny details.
I am sincerely sorry about your dad. It hurts. I am sorry.

Steemgigs has truely improved and seems easier to use I have to try it and studg more. My daughter @jimbarcelona can use her ability with steemgigs. I must learn how to use steemgigs at utopian this can be very useful and helpful in our upcoming steemit blog summer workshop for students and we will include steemgigs as a part of our workshop... Thank you so much @surpassinggoogle for creating Steemgigs.

Me too! I’ll be conducting workshops this coming summer and steemgigs will be of great help in our promotion. :) thanks to him for this initiative and great idea of steemgigs :)

This is a remarkable website, one of a kind in offering our services to others. I am exciting and thinking what i could offer to the community.

Indeed it is the very best and partly because the man behind the vision, Terry is someone humane and compassionate.

Your $5 gig becomes $3.25 after fiverr and paypal take a cut

thanks so much for your review, improvements and new features such as messaging are surely coming as @surpassinggoogle have early said in this post.

So please don't hesitate to use that feedback widget on We'll see, read all of them and even respond to your feedback (if you decide to put your email).

Great stuff, like you said the possibilities are almost endless for ways to earn some extra SBD. with all these different gigs we could push the boundaries of and give them some good competition in the market.
Another great example @steemitadventure makes great steemit cards for 10-15 SBD. you can see mine in my display picture. Have a good finish to the weekend my friend

Wow!!! I am well enthused with the whole idea never knew the purpose for the high expectations before now.
I believe learning is truly a continuous process.
Steemgigs is bringing fiverr to blockchain

i dont know what to say, this is really overwhelming, i've been in steemit for just a couple of weeks and the steemgig buzz is overwhelming, partly due to the fact that its on the steem blockchain and partly due to the undeniable fact that people love the man behind the vision, when i joined steemit, i was told to look out for someone who is on the journey to surpass google, after reading this post, i now realise why you choose @surpassinggoogle rather than 5 million plus other available usernames.

i like the idea of adding an untalented section in steemgig, it gives those who think they dont have talent to showcase what they have and see how good it is. Ride on sir, we are solidly behind you and we love you. sorry about your mum's passing... accept my sincere condolences.

i dont know what to say, this is really overwhelming, i've been in steemit for just a couple of weeks and the steemgig buzz is overwhelming,

You just spilled it the way it is . To say we all are excited is an understatement. The buzz is all over the place with everyone getting ready to be a part of it. And again like you rightly said, the man behind the vision is a man well loved , a man with the Midas touch, a man self-sacrificing and self-diminishing, a man living for others. That is why this is a Super Mega Project.

We are ready to be a part of it. It’s the future of this community. It has paved way for everyone to showcase themselves and being able to promote what they can offer to a larger community. Steemgigs is what we’re waiting for. Thanks to the genius and creative mind behind all of this. :)

yes dear.... i bless the day i found steemit, you guys have become not just a motivation to me, but a hope of better things to come.

Gosh, very very special comment. Very special. We will do two more interfaces then a teardrops smart media token

Terry, still looking so much forward to teardrops SMT. Take some imaginary tear-drops for being so awesomely amazing.

I never knew about your mum.... My condolence please! May she find rest at the other side.....

Oh my goodness, this means we still have a very long developmental process to go through.... am so enjoying this, i wish i was a tech geek, to make some important contributions, anyways am available to help in anyway i can my dear...Cheers.

i like the idea of adding an untalented section in steemgig, it gives those who think they dont have talent to showcase what they have and see how good it is.

That section is really a special one for me. Terry just keeps blowing my mind with his initiatives.

To vote my witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click!

Done. Thanks for all your hard work.

Very special. I appreciate it alot. Thank you!

It is the least we can do to show appreciation. And you keep doing more even with #Steemgigs. Thank you

Done doing this. Actually @steemgigs is my first witness. :)

I also did same yesterday, and i feel very happy to have done that, it was the least i could do to appreciate @surpassinggoogle for all his efforts to us on Steemit

Let us all support him as our witness!! :D

You know me, man! I've been down with SteemGigs since the beginning! We may not always see eye to eye, but the growth that comes from that has it's benefits as well!

I hope to use the Steem Freelancer's Guild to boost the productivity and value of SteemGigs, while doing my best to curate and incubate the very best talent this community has to offer! Together, @steemgigs and @steemfreelancers will be able to do amazing things!

Resteemed this post! We are really comes out with the boxes of #untalented and with @steemgigs,everyone has something to offer!!!

Let me share to you my first gig at #steemgigs...

I'm happy to do my first gig! Hahaha :)9

So sad to hear about your dad. He really love your mom that much, it's heartbreaking. I hope you're recovering now. Anyway, I am truly delighted to see this progress in Steemgigs. I'll definitely promote it for you. I'll also try my best to think of something that I could offer. Although, I've mentioned to @ankarlie that I am also actually planning to offer my service(exchanging sbd) to others for free.

A very great and full of encouragement post especially for newbies like me, some might think that Steemit is not a right place for them as what I also felt before, but because there are people like you who been very supportive and served as an inspiration to others...We can see that Steemit has something more to offer, i t is not only about writing, blogging and earning. It is a community where people can share their thoughts and a place where we can find friends and build a healthy friendship and one family with one goal and that is to help and succeed to have a happy healthy living.

Thank you so much for your non stop support espcecially to our group #steemitdiversify, we will keep supporting you by simply promoting you to be voted as witness because we believe that you have a good heart and can do more good things for Steemit community.

Again, sir Terry @surpassinggoogle @steemgigs thank you and we really appreciates your kindness!

More power to you and God bless you more so you can help others more.


So LITERALLY everyone really has something to offer! I thought it was not possible. I was so wrong. When i read the examples.. oh wow, you are right Terry! Very good post. This inspired me a lot!

I was also very excited and inspired about that also, he gave me a real hope in myself and made me not to feel like I have nothing.

Just can't wait for its full completion.

You see!

You gave me a new in myself seeing those examples. I actually have many things to offer. Thank you.

Out of many accounts, at first I don't know surpassinggoogle and steemgigs before but starting the introduction of my classmates about steemit, I don't hesitate to follow him and support them because they are the people who have helped a lot to those begginers especially filipinos. We felt so much gratitude to you @surpassiggoogle and steemgigs.

I have something to offer, away from the congratulatory message of steemgigs. I am deeply sorry dad couldn't come. Please be strong. I know how you did all you could...really sorry bro.

Brother can you readd me. I lost my ood account. Thanks :)

Great to see!

This is amazing. Making steemit easier and so much fun is just what we need. @Steemgig all the way, nothing beats you. Thank you so much, just got my hopes up reading this post.
So sorry about your dad. Give him some time, he will come around.

Steemgigs is one of the best innovative idea on steemit. 'Everyone has something to offer' slogan perfectly suits . After reading this post i also got some ideas through which i can make money using steemgig tag. Thanks for adding value to this platform.

I didn't make a mistake voting you as a witness my brother.
I call you a brother not necessarily because you come Nigeria but because your effort to help others are so glaring.

The things i heard about you like a month ago is far less to what i am beginning to know about you.

Great people make other great people

And this is the cause you are trading right now to make others great. God will keep you until you have achieved that which is your heart desires for the common man and those without help.

Move on @surpassinggoogle

Terry is also my witness, not only because he is super supportive and generous but also to his endeavors like @teardrops and @steemgigs that are truly inspiring.

I agree with you! He is so kind to lift others up towards success and being able to help everyone how to go out of the box and discover what they can offer to the world through the steemgigs movement. This is a great opportunity for everyone to showcase themselves and have them paid for their service and skills. :)

Giant thank. I am confirm brother too

Me too sir @surpassinggoogle. My efforts are not wasted as I voted @steemgigs as a witness.

Our gratitude is always jere for you sir @surpassinggoogle. We are waiting for the burst of @steemgigs in steemit communityt. Keep it up sir.

Oh yeah , steemgigs lets go!

Respect brother. More grace and strenght to you

Can someone explain please what is steemgigs exactly ? is it an othe rutopian where you have to contribute and moderators tell you if you are good or not and it's so hard to be approval there ? or you will approve every good quality post there ? Is it also for open source or anyone can contribute his ideas ? Will be all of them approved ?

For now there is no moderation. It is more like an open source marketplace. It is not fully built yet but being open source will put the code on utopian, so that we can accept contributions to complete it. for now you can see it on
All the posts on there also appear on steemit

So the moderation will be also from utopian team ? I don't really like how long it take to be approved there and I have to waste a lot of time to discuss with them the idea and make changment to the post to be approved, time for me is more important than money. Do you upvote most posts made in ?

Hahaha, it is different. is like, you want to offer your service in exchange for steem or you need a service and you go there to find people who can do it and pay them steem etc or you do custom request, if you can't find what you are looking for. The website is just new and it is not fully ready yet but basic features work. Yes, the model is to reward both people seeking services and people who render service but first thing is to complete the site. We are currently still working on ui and everything. You can use it but it is not very convenient yet and it is not filled up yet. But will be over time as more people start to publish posts on what they offer etc. For now, i try to vote on posts from there moderately but mostly to inspire.
Look at a recent post published from

Is there a video tutorial about how to post there correctly ? I worry about my posting and I don't to mess with it before I know how it's correct, it will be good if you ask people make a good video tutorial and put it in dtube or youtube or make it yourself.

Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle, you are a man of courage and an utmost icon of a selfless man. Despite of being broken with your father's decision, you are still able to manage, and I'm sure that you are being busy about this current highly innovative project, about steemgigs. I'm praying for all of your next move. :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow. This is a whole lot to ingest at a time. You guys have obviously done a lot of work on Steemgigs. I love your initiative, your innovation and tenacity on the project. All the features introduced are just perfect. This is going to be another remarkable work on the steem blockchain when fully launched.

Thank you @surpassinggoogle. Everyone has something to offer...

There are still more works to to be done on #steemgigs and I trust you and your team that everything will be perfected in no time.
This is a great news sir

Everyone has something to offer...

I think this is the point of the whole idea

Everyone has something to offer and gain in the almost perfect #steemgig project.

Absolutely right, what a great work has been done on steemgigs. @surpassinggoogle and team kudos to you guys on this.

@surpassinggoogle has show everyone that we all have something to offer.
When this project started, I knew it was going to be great. We are almost there. Weldone air

Congratulations @surpassinggoogle for the great jobs you are doing.

Very true. Can't wait for it to be launched...

Wow, you r doing a great job here, steemgigs now on .i will try to do all u have requested, curate, educate and the rest.. Continue to be strong Terry

Terry is family i tell u. The way he looks out for everyone. We all covered. God bless you more

Beautifully said

@surpassinggoogle is a really awesome guy and always looking out for Minnows.

We await its full launching.

Thank you for your efforts to get steemgigs back. There are a whole lots that we'll do here as a community and beginning from tomorrow, I'll begin the process of defining my niche on Steemgigs. More strength to you and everyone of us here.

It’s the rigt time now to discover one’s niche and what everyone has to offer for the community. Steemgigs is the great avenue to showcase our individualities :)

You are definatly right Buddy.We all know that unity is strength
Our whole community is the power of @steemgigs..
Thanks to all steemgigs supporter and specially thanks @surpassinggoogle..

Apt! 👏🏼

Yes may God strengthen him more and more

Definitely we are grateful for @surpassinggogle’s effort in this whole steemgigs interface. We are just here to support it sir Terry!

I've been thinking the whole day what to contribute to @steemgigs. I came up with an idea already and just polishing things up. Mine might sounds crazy just like your examples above. But as you said, @steemgigs is something you can offer from thinking out-of-the-box.

Anyhow, hopefully you'll convice your father to stay with you. He'll be your added strength and vice versa.

You take care always. God bless.


I am happy and excited about the development of #steemgigs. I am also excited for whatever that I would be able to contribute to the community. MOre power to you @surpassinggoogle.

This is very informative sir terry, I now understand the whole potential of, very excited to create my first gig.

omggggg a lot of creativity going here , i havent thought it will go this far , i was reading on the relationship and cool stuff there heheh i should engage my brother on the art section @istillrise. That would be really helpful

thank you for uplifting this sir terry

Hey Terry, yea man, sorry to hear about ur dad.. thats tough. rest up and i hope he changes his mind later..

steemgigs is a real cool idea and thing already. I hope everything gets improved and it works out good! :)

I would say I took my time to read about steemgigs... I already want to start using it and trust me it was wonderful coupled with the fact that it came from someone as amazing as you @surpassinggoogle.. You don't know the millions of Nigerians that their heart goes out to you...
I'm really sorry about your mum... No need can fill that space but good friends can heal the wound.. Stay happy..



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Oh yeah 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Steemgigs all the way✈️

I’m really sorry your dad was still bent on not going with you 😔
It is well....all things work for good...

I think I’d like the relationship section 😊😊

Make your crush go CRAZY about you for 3sbd😂

Nice 1 @surpassinggoogle🤗

That's my specialty cos i know humans to rare extents. It is still tough about my dad. I will pray still

Oh lol.....

I’m praying with you too about your dad
It is well

This is so so cool! I'm fascinated about steemgigs and its great potential! I am so thrilled to offer my services here on steemgigs as well (Just posted my first one). I hope that in time this will become my primary platform for such offerings :) Keep up your super good work, wish you all the best.

Kudos to you Terry for all the contributions you've done to Steemit.

oh wow so many nice ideas, hmmm maybe I will ask my nephew to sing or say hi on video for them have to ask first. More power @surpassinggoogle, #steemgigs and @teardrops

I noticed that there's a problem with the portfolio... And once the post is posted already there's no option to edit :)

Yes, those things are in the pipeline to be fixed in the coming days

oh I see.. ok ok :D It's a very helpful website :)

very interesting!! yey!!!
I must say it is the best condenser for steemit!! it gives steemit a new flavor... very exciting!!
this is great! can't wait to hop in and explore the site... I'm just thinking what to offer... hmmm...

thank you very much!! @surpassinggoogle ...

True, he has touched so many lives I was also told to check out surpassing google immediately I joined steemit. He's so popular for the lives he's touched. My sincere condolences on the death of your Mother.
We have hope in the new world where our loved ones live on.

I don't know what to say but a WOW! Your such a nice person sir @surpassinggoogle Terry! I am thinking what to offer now. :)

I really can't wait to get started. This is a huge news. Congratulations to "Us".
It breaks my heart when i hear about your dad. Deeply sorry he didn't come, despite the preparations, including the accommodation. Truly sorry.

I have given witnesses to Steemgigs and I am happy, I am anxious to be a member, thanks @surpassinggoole

Everyone has something to offer
In @steemgigs, everybody is an expert,
Keep touching lives positively

Keep up the live changing program you are doing.

Jehova bless you

My dad refused to come over and i tried all i could to convince him but he kept wanting to hear my mama's voice instead. He has a delicate state of health, so i couldn't re-bring "my mum's passing" up

I guess the old man loves his wife so much and it won't be that easy for him to let go of the memories he has, his health is also a contributing factor, so just be patient with him and keep showering him with love, while you keep talking to him about moving, maybe he would eventually change his mind.

I pray
He needs to be here at this point. No one to take care of him

You are such a kind-hearted son sir. Just pray always sir everything would come true.

I wonder if he could not change his mind

He will, he need some family members persuasion

Even the police knows the value of polish on their shoes, no one can do it better than you.

We are looking to fill SteemGigs with as many tutorials as possible.

I’ve been contributing quite often to Utopian-io tutorials-category and now that steemgigs is here I’ll use all strength and energy to see I make an impact and contribution towards the growth of Steemgigs.

Thank you for creating this wonderful platform where we can get paid for our various skills and talents. We’ll try to assimilate what you explained here and apply however and wherever we can. Good bless you!

Our talents now have a value when we plunge into steemgigs soon. It’s a nice way to promote more of ourselves and what we are capable of doing. :)

Thank you alot for love and yes Jehovah bless us all in Jesus name amen.

Definately right bro...
Tutorial helps us to easily use.....@steemgigs...

#steemgigs is going to revolutionize steemit and take the steemit blockchain to a whole new level.
In every nonsense there is a sense so no matter how empty you are, #steemgigs believes we all have something to offer, to that extent, i believe, #steemgigs is going to expose the hidden potential in everyone.

Applaudise to stemgigs

They deserve it

Excellent project @surpassinggoogle it shows that you have a lot of effort in every detail.
I applaud the idea of a platform where everyone can exhibit and get benefits for their service and skills.
En hora buena.

You are really something, @surpassinggoogle! You are absolutely making a difference to each one of us. You yourself think "out of the boxness", such a man of his words. I pray for steemgigs platform's success! God bless you, Terry.

Switheart. Very special comment. Thank you

Sir, may i ask about thinking out of the box, if its better than just thinking like there is no box at all? Would it be more meaningful that way? Hehehe

By th way i have a great time reading and understanding more about steemgigs. It lets everyone show what they got and what they can offer to the community :)

#absolutely maam.

Sir terry really did his best not just for his ownself but to the benefits of all out there . And also for us to improve more and more.

MORE POWER @surpassinggoogle

@ surpassinggoogle Me gusta this iniciativa, me parece un buen futuro para todos aquellos que tienen un talento y conocimiento que ofrecer, esto ayudara a la comunidad que de verdad necesita algo por lo que estar en steemit :)

@ surpassinggoogle I like this initiative, it seems a good future for all those who have a talent and knowledge to offer, this will help the community that really needs something to be in steemit :)

i love this.

write @chiama in the snow for 1sbd

ok lemme go and look for who will do this

Do a custom request. I know who will even do it for free assuming. Steemgigs has been written on snow for free even. Someone wrote the word steemgigs, put it in a bottle and put it in see for free. So all is possible. Do a custom request

Reading your post here @surpassinggoogle,
makes me more excited for the up comming plans of #steemgigs itself. Nice plans you got for the @steemgigs community. You got my 100% support here.

I saw the post of @ankarlie last night and I was persuaded to check steemgigs. I login but unfortunately my internet connection is acting up, it's very slow. I wasn't able to explore the site but I will do it for sure.

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Now this is a gamechanger. Since I encountered SteemGigs months ago I was not able to access the site. This news is a big thing for me as I want to offer my services to everyone who is needing it. I dont mind much about the price, its up to everyone. I just want to lend a hand.

The look and layout of the website now is AMAZING. It's gorgeous SG

Awesome... Benn waiting for this...@surpassinggoogle, Team @brindocorp shall we begin?