My SteemGig Experience; It's More Than Just Working To Get Paid.

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I am Fi and I recently completed this amazing steemgig. Now sit back, grab some popcorn while I tell you a story.

a rare colored photo of Fi

Ok, so I joined Steemit January 2017 on my phone, from my room in Lagos and spent the next 48 hours totally addicted to Steemit. I was lucky enough to, almost immediately, come across some amazing folks with @kus-knee being one of the very first. I was only a few posts deep when he offered to help me improve.

I see people say amazing things about my writing here on Steemit and I wonder why (because, really I don't think I do anything special) but maybe that feeling is due to the fact that folks like @kus-knee offered to help me get better and so I was getting better without noticing it myself.

Earlier this morning, he took me way back to my introductory post and I cringed. Who was I expecting to read that badly formatted post? Well, I can say that now thanks to @kus-knee. I have unfortunately slowed down on here but I haven't forgotten all the goodwill I have received over time.

For @kus-knee, I would have done the gig for free without thinking twice about it!

What Was It Like Transcribing About 40 Minutes Of "Nerdy Techy Talk"?


No I am serious and I mean it literally. Pronounce LOL one letter at a time. Haha, that's what it felt like.

hell - oh - hell

So would I have still taken up the gig if I had known it was going to be hell?

Err... I'm not too sure. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a very easy task. I mean, how hard can it be right? It's only 40 minutes of talk. For 20 SBD? That was amazing! (I'm looking at you Ted! I wasn't being sarcastic lol)

Well, after spending about thirty minutes transcribing 3 minutes of video, I knew I was in deep shit and needed my secret (err... not so secret anymore now that you know) superhero powers back. Luckily for me, I was back on the post and found a comment by @eirik on being able to get the text from YouTube. This singular act made it possible for me to complete the gig in record time. You want to know what the "record time" is? TWO FULL DAYS!

I literally did nothing else besides forcing myself out of bed to have my bath and also eating (when i remembered).

One thing tho, the brilliance of @dantheman didn't make the process a boring one. The more I rewound to catch a word or two, the more I learned from his amazing mind. It was like listening to Divide by Ed Sheeran or Blonde by Frank Ocean.

Now, What Do I Think of #steemgig?

  • The gig gave me an opportunity to finally feel useful again after weeks of just floating around and allowing time pass me by.

  • Although against my wish, I had to cash out the 50 SBD immediately to cater for an unexpected emergency.

  • So #steemgig and @kus-knee literally saved my ass before my ass knew it would need saving.

  • Steemgig is also an amazing way to build interaction on steemit. Even though I always felt like I was cool with @kus-knee, the gig has actually brought us closer. So yeah #steemgig is great to encourage interaction within the community.

  • I also think it's a great way to make Steemit more than just a writer's territory.

  • It's more than just getting paid. It's opening up new possibilities.

  • It's allowing people feel useful. Giving them the opportunity they need to finally pursue whatever it is they've always wanted to do.

  • It should be encouraged!

I enjoyed every bit of it and look forward to taking on many more gigs.

Shout out to my Green and White brother, my boy Terry! ( @surpassinggoogle ) for starting this!

this post should have been up earlier but I got carried away listening to Divide by Ed Sheeran. That album is amazing!
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Great job! Awesome that you can not only make money off of the job, but off of the content you make about the job! Beautiful! Keep up the great work and the positive mindset!

It's amazing yeah? I never believed anyone would question the "value" being created here till today.

Thanks. I'll always try my best.

Way to go @fisteganos!

Yeah yeah! Thanks papa!

You're welcome.... and inspirational.

Viva la Steemgigs :-) Good work, love the steemgigs initiative.

Yes! Thanks.

I hope this is the first job of many for you. Steemit is a great opportunity for people around the world to connect and help each other. Steem makes it easy to pay for goods and services. This is the start of something big.

Indeed it is! And I hope to be able to help people up as soon as possible too! It's an amazing platform/community we have here!

You can help to promote Steemit in your area at least. I think many people need some help to get started. Good luck

Some developers/coders are coming from that area. It is in the making!

i want to help to promote Steemit in my area but how am here just one day!

Maybe you should explore it a little more. Comment on posts and build a following. After a week you should have earned something. It's easy to cash out to Bitcoin via one of the exchanges. It's easier to sell the idea of Steemit when you have experience. There are lots of posts out there explaining how it works. Also see the FAQ

i will explore and its great here cos all people want to help and that its great

That right there is what Steemit embodies! A community that loves to help!

insade me just now its born some ideas,how to help here others to help me and to help other peolpe around me,i hope soon i will have power to share here ,cos i afreid others will not understand cos i wrhite bad in english

Congratulations @fisteganos!
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Awesome! YOU DID IT.

That's great.

Well, after spending about thirty minutes transcribing 3 minutes of video, I knew I was in deep shit

Had me LOLing.

Most think it is will be easy to transcribe until they start doing it. :D

I wonder what went through your head in those two days of transcribing...

Haha! I just kept telling myself "you can't stop now". I will never underrate a transcribing gig. Thanks to the gig, I wouldn't have learned that lol.

Other folks will be like "man, screw this shit." But you were like "I can't stop now." Love the attitude. Cheers! :)

Thank you alot and for an amazing post too!

You were mentioned for @inphiknit #steemgig. It is a fun one!

I'll check it out. Thanks

It's amazing how your perseverance paid off. Everything happens for a reason(as my mother always says) and you needed the dough for an emergency in the end. Thanks for sharing!

I almost said "I'll pass. I don't need the money" because really I didn't. You can guess how relieved I feel that I didn't pass up on the opportunity!

Bro lend a helping hand. I can see you are successful here. Teach us new comers how to fish.

Oh wow! Ok so I just went through your blog and I must say this. I joined Steemit when we were basically restricted to only four posts every 24 hours (defaulting led to a cut/tax on payouts) so I was forced to prioritize quality of quantity.

Now once you've decided to choose quality, you have to determine quality in what aspect? I tend to be a creative writer so I do poetry and fiction and rant (sometimes on stuff i'm not even going through). So yeah that's my forte and you'd need to find yours.

Thirdly, this thing takes time! I've been here since January but even that is dwarfed by folks that have been here since May/June 2016. So when you see the $100 posts, stay calm and let it act as motivation to increase the quality of your posts.

The most important (I dare say) is interaction. Taking the time out to read people's posts and dropping thoughtful comments is one value all Steemians should have. Interaction like this brings joy to the author and also makes the community know that you exist.

You could also scout around for contests that you can enter for. This also makes more people notice you. Really, no man is an island.

There's also which is a very good place to share links to your posts. Mind you, because voting power reduces with every vote cast, people won't really be open to the idea of voting on five different posts from you alone in a single day. So that's why it's always nice to try to limit yourself to a max max of four.

I think these are the basics. Read all you can, drop comments, be social. Make friends. Let people know you. Share stories. This is a community. A community of people!

By the way, i'm not there yet lol. This post just happened. You can check out my previous posts to see the real picture but even to me, this post is a motivation.

Thanks for the opportunity to share a piece of my mind. I'll follow you right away and hope to see you soaring in a couple of weeks.

Great info in this comment and it should be the subject of a post by you!

Haha! Thanks. That was an "on the spot" reply. I'll look into it.

So comforting. Thank you.

Good. I'll be watching you. You can hit me up in anytime.

I cannot log in with my steemit profile

No. You'd have to create a new account but use your Steemit ID (richguy) as the username to make it easier for people to recognize you later on.


Well said :)

Hey bro! Been a while!!!

Yeah, long story :D

Great personal story, sir. I like the personal ones.

Thanks. We all love stories, and when there's the opportunity to make an impact on people's lives, I try to bare it all.

Good read!


Nice, brother! Good job on completing the task. 50SBD is huge! Well deserved :D

I didn't even know how huge it was till I made the conversion first to btc then it hit me!

Enjoy it, brother, and put it to good use. You did good :D

Thank you!

Nice to read your side of the story as only you could tell it!

It was amazing talking to you! I'm still yet to get over the feeling! 🙈

Its so great to learn from each other!

it's awesome to have people like you around and it's awesome to see what a big positive impact Steem(it) has over your life. Followed!!

Boom! Great to have you on board!

Oh, man, you didn't translate movies from a shitty VHS for a day! Back in 1990's. Your gig would be a holiday for me 😊

I'm glad i didn't lol! i don't envy you one bit. haha! it was a nice experience though!

Great work! ^_^

Thank you!!!!

Whats a steemitgig? and how do others get steemgigs?

You can check out the profile @steemgig

It was created by @surpassinggoogle to provide fiverr like services here on steemit. You can find all posts offering gigs by clicking #steemgig

ok cool thanks sounds interesting

Love ALL of this! I'm brand new on here too and resonate with all the excitement you expressed you felt at the beginning. Very grateful to be here and to grow from it all :) Cheers mate !

Keep the fire burning and learn all you can. Choose quality over quantity and drop comments on people's posts. You'll do great!

Thank you dude!

Good post, steem on!
This words for good day and your mood
And I want to give you a poem good word!

Kindness need all people,
Let more more will good.
No wonder they say before meetings:
"Good day" and "Good evening."
And not in vain because we have
Wishes "in good time".
Kindness - she of the century
Decoration person ...

Thanks a lot for this. Good words indeed!

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Please! @fisteganos

Great story of persistence and building self esteem; and laughing about the process. The YouTube hack probably saved you, or you might still be transcribing. lol

The hack was a real life saver. Imagine still clocking two days with the help of the hack! It was interesting and now I've got that experience in the bag.

I know the feeling, having been in the recording industry for many years. At first a steep challenge, then gradually a smooth flow, has been my journey. You are doing a great job showing our steemit community a way to grow closer and stronger. Willing to take the challenge is leadership by example.
Thank you.

wish i had popcorn for this

here you go...

Nice one brother.

Thank you :)

Lovely story! Followed and linked to my last post! Cheers! :D

Yeah commented there. Almost forgot this. Thanks a lot!

steem on man !!! upvoted and following :)


very interesting brother .. keep it up

Thanks. I'll try to.

Sweet idea! Followed and upvoted.

I'm happy for your success, so glad you found a bit of a shortcut too. Transcribing can be rough for sure, but you did it, and not only did you get 50SBD, but now over 124 STEEM from sharing your experience, what a set of blessings. Congrats bro

It's exciting. I feel like a bird flying for the first time! Thanks a lot.

I'm happy for you, you're welcome

nice post

im following you

Well I am interested because I am seeking more people to interview, those who have something passionate they wish to share on Video. :)

You should check out #steemgig for an idea on how to go about putting up the post. I believe you'll find the people!

Thank you, I will try that. I appreciate your feedback.

Great job! I admire your positive attitude as well as the Steemgig initiative.
Continued success to you!

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for sharing 🤘

Thanks for reading 👍

Goodluck everyone let's share the knowledge with each other to help each other and let's get paid :) i am very grateful that i find out steemit

Steemit is a great place to be

This is the first post i've come across on Steemit.. Its dope to see you're enjoying your experience but, what is steemgig?

This is the first post I've come across on Steemit...

What a lucky day for me!

You can check out the profile @steemgig

It was created by @surpassinggoogle to provide fiverr like services here on steemit. You can find all posts offering gigs by clicking #steemgig

This is such a cool story!

Wow! You are here!!! OMG!

Thank you! 🙈

Job well done!!! <3


Fantastic! Keep up the great work, @fisteganos!

Thank you.

Awesome Man!!! Keep the ball rolling!!!

Thanks 😊

You're welcome!

Well done @fisteganos! This is a really beautiful story... and yes, @kus-knee is a shining example of what makes the Steemit community an awesome place!

I am bookmarking and saving this post to a growing bookmarks folder I am keeping, of Steemit posts I use when I encounter skeptics in my efforts to encourage new members to join the Steemit community. Your story is a shining example of how a global virtual community CAN change the world!

How many gigs we can make?