Please Help Me Gather 200 Videos About Steem/Steemit, That We Will Take To And To Implore Them To Add Steem & SBD. (for users).

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This post applies mostly to people residing in southeast Asia but the logic will gradually be applied to other locations. For now, i want to try to create a moving movement; one that's sincere, real, passionate and see if it is possible to move a Asian-based cryptocurrency exchange that is especially popular in the Philippines, to add Steem and SBD to their exchange. is very popular in the Philippines. It is also very mainstream as it is a complete remittance app and is affiliated with almost every renown bank here and used by many too. 

As handy as it comes, it has always had bitcoin integration and a transition between fiat and bitcoin, that is among the easiest-to-use. All that's involved is "a click of a button". 

Buying bitcoin by means of the Philippines pesos (PHP), using the app/website is also very very easy. Just load up your wallet with PHP, using a bank or a 7 eleven store etc and you can change your fiat to bitcoin within the app, instantly. 

Converting your digital currency to PHP using the app/website, comes with a measure of luxury. For steem or SBD, after going through to convert steem/sbd, receiving it to your btc wallet, there is a wide variety of options, e.g one that delivers physical cash to your house and another one that let's you withdraw from an ATM machine (security bank) even without a card. 

Almost all Philippine-based utility bills are payable straight from the app too. You can send money internationally and shop online using 

They also have a really organic way of promoting themselves, with a pretty lucrative referral system, that has created freelance online jobs for many Filipinos, making its growth even more seamless. 

Very perfect match for steem, in terms of "steem growth in the Philippines and across southeast Asia".

I wrote in an old post here, about how much of a symbiotic relationship it will be, if joins steemit/steem.

I started the process of having them look into steem in the past, by sending them emails etc but i didn't follow up full-blownly as i wanted to pace things. Moreover, i prefer to create a more indispensable movement. 

I also wanted to see more of their vision, in terms of its expanse and become more conclusive about its reliability and longevity. 

Recently, they added Ethereum to their remittance app and website. They had a short period of beta before it Eth become part of their website/app. And even with their Etheruem wallet, their style across the UI has stay the same! They have a setup that is so mainstream and easy-to-use-and-understand, making "introduction to crypto" for the mainstream audience very seamless and open for growth. 

According to me, it is the most easy-to-use cryto-related app within the Philippines and it is very very popular. 

One other giant reason for their popularity here is; "there aren't many of such cryptocurrency-based apps here". Apart from, there is ABRA, Remitano and perhaps Luno.

More recently, has taken their game to next level, making it even more appropriate at this time, to go to them with Steem. They now have an exchange. It is called "the exchange".

It is still in beta and open mostly to testers but it already works.

I am a tester currently but more importantly, they now also have a more open/directly channel to reach them with regards to feedback, suggestions etc

They have only rolled out a few cryptocurrency/PHP pairs as seen in the screenshot below and perhaps, it is an appropriate time to move them, into looking to add Steem/PHP & SBD/PHP now.

The setup/style/theme for the exchange is looking great already as it also carries a style of simplicity, being tied seamlessly to their already popular remittance app, "" e.g "I didn't need a separate account to login as my account worked and ofcourse funding wallets on their exchange can also easily be done, using money that you already have in your wallet, be it btc or eth. 

They look to become the biggest exchange across Asia and having them join steemit and add the steem-based currencies, will also be great especially in relation to steemit growth in the Philippines and Asia as potential steemians, may find steem/steemit by being familiar with or having been trusting users of or "the exchange"

You can reference these two posts to understand further:

At this point, i would like us to try something to get their attention. Basically, we want to create a movement that we hope will have them consider adding Steem and SBD to their exchange, especially now, when the exchange is just opening to the masses.

Since almost all Filipino steemians who have cashed out steem/sbd has used and now has the exchange, let's jointly talk about steem/steemit/SBD to them, in a fun activity, imploring them to look into add steem and sbd to their exchange. 

My aim is to go to them solidly, with one steemit post containing all the information they will need about the steem blockchain, the technical requirements etc that they will need to get the steem-based currencies on their exchanges but moreso, indispensable steemian voices (the steemit community) imploring them to consider the beauty of adding on Steem and SBD to their exchange. 

Basically, i would like to send them an email correspondence that very much shows the growing community of steemians backing the steem-based currencies and intimate them of a ready-made steemian audience and potential ready-made volumes for the steem-based currencies for their exchange.

Thus, i will like to implore every Philippines-based steemian or any user of who is a steemian, to join in, i doing a short YouTube video of themselves, indicating that they earn Steem/SBD constantly, love these currencies, trade it constantly for PHP using and stating why you would really love the exchange and to consider adding the steem/PHP and SBD/PHP pairs.

If possible, you can also add a screenshot of your steemit and accounts as part of the video but this is optional.

The general theme of the video should highlight that you are steemian, how you earn using steemit, your love for steem/SBD and that you have also been a user, since you have had to use their service to cash out your Steem and SBD earnings and that you will really love the exchange and to consider adding steem/PHP and sbd/PHP pairs, since there are thousands of steemians in the Philippines backing Steem and Steem dollars.

The video doesn't have to be lengthy. It can be one minute, shorter or longer but not too long. 

I am looking to gather 200 of these videos

I will simple add all the URLs to these 200 videos in one well-written steemit post, which i will send to them via email. 

There is no loss if you participate by joining in. If we don't get a very tangible response after the first effort, we can always do another movement using just the same videos, wherein each of us send an email again.

The video undertone should highlight your love for steem and the steem-based currencies i.e steem and SBD and why the exchange/ will benefit immensely, if they added our steem-based currencies into their plans.

You may like to add your video as part of a steemit post. In that case, tags to use (so i can locate the videos easily):

If you can't get to do a post, you can simply leave me a comment with the video URL only as soon as you can.

I am looking to gather 200 individual videos to this effect, over the course of the next few days. I will add this videos to one elaborate post, that i will heartily send to and their exchange, showing off our love for steem, among all the other beautiful benefits etc

I am pretty positive that they will consider listening to their Philippines-based audience as they plan to be big across Asia.

Note: The next edition of "5 SteemHumans; 5 Questions; 10 Pieces of Advice" will resume again really soon. If you missed the first one, this is it:

Your Boy Terry


We are seeking coders/developers to help, by means of   utopian  or  direct contributions. I would like to invite all   coders/developers,  to show up on our SteemGigs development channel. 

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If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful.

You are kidding right?
I ve said it before and i ll repeat it now.
Even if i don't live in Asia but in Europe,even if i'm not benefited by your support, i can only count maximum 5-6 people that are so helpful and giving back to the community as you do.

You have the vote from me and this ain't gonna change.
god bless you @surpassinggoogle

I share the same thought with you @mindtrap. He doesn't matter those that are involve all I know is that i will always stand by him (@surpassinggoogle) anytime and any day. Boy Terry is such a man with a great and caring heart. More reason why he will always succeed.

This is really nice of you....

@surpassinggogle is at every Steemian's heart though....he's just one of the great personalities I've seen so far....

Actually @surpassinggoogle is one of the Steemians motivating me to keep steeming, because even he doesn't know me, he's still supporting me through his upvotes, and it's awesome.

I was just thinking: I hope to see more people like @surpassinggoogle! You're absolutely right.

Wow maybe we can have people who made their cash out posts read their post and make it a video.

I will get some of the people in my community to do that because it has a lot of stories of how they were able to buy medicine, pay for tuition, buy milk for their kids, pay out a debt or even used it in their outreach programs.

In this way we have the accompanying post that showed the pay out as proof and a message that if would add SBD and Steem they would be tapping a huge market.

I would tag people like @allerie00, @fycee @andrewjohntabanan to think of the few on top of my head.

@maverickinvictus can you help me make one? I made a "cash-out post" before, but I don't know how to record my laptop's screen with my face...

I am and I will always be a supporter of sir @surpassinggoogle... I will support all his advocacies all the way! because I'm sure these will benefit Steemians in the future.

But I don't know how to do it.. 😕😞

I used to be also a camera shy person before, but thanks to @steemsecrets, and sir @surpassinggoogle, he boosted my confidence by saying


recording your screen is optional. just you talking is sufficient

Well for that you will need a recording program that will use your laptops camera to record the video.

There is always using your phone to record yourself. The video quality doesn't need to ensure high def but one of that is genuine and make see that a lot of people are using it and will be a good market to tap into.

I am a Tester, I am emailing my STEEM/SBD cash out post links to them but I am shy on camera so I can't participate with videos haha 😂

I am cam shyer. Shades will work. Even masks. or fun effects using apps

Cam shy here too :D (introverted big time) but I'll try to convince friends to do it for Terry :)

Hahaha yeah that is why I "volunteered" some people !

Aaawww @bloghound! You are good-looking! Also please ask @vegasgambler to participate! Hehehe

That would be fine so that they can see there is a ready market for it. Utilization will drive adoption.

Hello sir mav! OMG! It's such an honor being mentioned by a real good mentor.

Yes sir I have seen this one now and now planning how to make a good video to submit.
For now I have just included some friends' posts for this great cause on my blog while I am preparing for it!

The more people who do it the better possibility that will heed our request.

So agreed. Any type of video regarding this will do as long as it involves steem or sbd. Thank you alot

No thank you Terry for always thinking of ways to help people and making Steem easier to be mass adopted by people.

I am a big fan of! How I wish they will add Steem in their platform someday.

But wait, should I video myself speaking about it? As usual, I am camera shy. Lol!

Yes, you can use shades and really short. Even 30 seconds. More, l love steem, i earn it, i use it. I also use to cash it. It will be great that you consider adding it to your exchange etc

Sir I am camera shy too but I'll do my best.

Hahahaha, you should give it a shot you know.

haha. That question is running in my mind too. :D

Hey guyz! I want to share my music video here. is it possible? Can i share my music video for @surpassinggoogle?

I wish I could do this video using a whole lot of local exchanges here in 9ja.

How about integrating videos from other nationals so that they can see that Steem is in the global map of cryptocurrencies?

No lele

How do you mean please...?

integrating videos from other nationals

This is also a very nice idea as we have a lot of passionate people here in naija. I love this idea 100%.

Well I feel like the future is bright. What more can I say

This is a beautiful idea

right. great idea.

Yeah, is usually using here in Philippines. I'm using as well. And that's a good application, very convenient to use.

I will do my best and try to make a video regarding this. :)

Hi @shula14, that's extremely cool. So bring it on

May I have a question. Do I need to show my face while using coins. ph and making a video? Does the video require a long period of time? and Is it okay to use the phone camera, or do I need to use a professional camera?

Nothing professional. Short clip of you. I left a comment to iyanpoli above related to this

Oh I see. Wow.. Okay. I'll make one. 😁😊

Wow this is extremely very thoughtful of you. Wee need more of this fro. Our witnesses. I love your passion towards the growth of steem.

I'll leave this exercise to our Asian based brothers and sisters but when you would need help from Africa, do well to Holla and we will be glad to help. Been a while @surpassinggoogle.

I'd love to make one too o...

Africans would also love to support na
As long as it's @surpassinggoogle, we are always ready to show support

Pure vision of the Steemgigs being put into play here. Believe me when I quote and say that truly this quote speaks volume that

Everyone has something to offer.

This is one of those cases where we can offer our untalented and unconditional love for the Steem Blockchain.

Exactly, you're most definitely correct namesake

Pure vision of the Steemgigs being put into play here. Believe me when I quote and say that truly this quote speaks volume that

Everyone has something to offer.

This is one of those cases where we can offer our untalented and unconditional love for the Steem Blockchain.


every body have something contribute

I commended your efforts, we are here to support you in Africa,

Africans are ever ready , how i wish everyone can do this ,i trust my Africans brkthers and aister ,they are ready to support the movement , wish my Asian brothers well as they take up the challenge

Do a video too, let's see that gap. The context can apply worldwide

Yes yes yes! This is absolutely a call which every single filipino steemian should participate in. Have shared this with my #taclobanph family. Everyone has their own story behind steemit in relation to
This is surely a big help to us all!

Count us in @surpassinggoogle!

Thank you alot. The video can be a real short clip for eah person talking. They dont have to have cashed out or anything. If they are not able to do a post, they can just post the video URL here as a comment. now has an exchange. We are targeting the exchange itselff, it is

Sure sir @surpassinggoogle. We just had a talk with taclobanph community to make a video.
Thank you! I guess you are the perfect person to do this and we are here to back you up with our supported video efforts. We really pray that it will be considered! 💪🙏

really good ideas you have there sir Terry
You always think of things that are beneficial for many members. Thank you & wish u success for all your endeavors:-)

The merit i am seeing STEEM and SBD in is the zero-transaction fee. Count me in. Just have to prepare my video.

Hahaha, thank you alot bro

When the team asked me to be a Beta Tester for their ETH wallet, I opened up about wanting to have a STEEM and SBD wallet... I hope they'd make one including their new trading website... ^^

I'm not sure if I can make a post, but I'll try to make a video when I have the chance...

Switheart; a video will do.

I'll work on it, sir Terry. ヽ(^。^)ノ

i also email them back brad @tegoshei, the customer representatives of when they ask me to try the beta tester for their ETH wallet. hehe :)

i think it would be very helpful if they can integrate Steem to especially since nowadays it's very hard to open an account to forex exchanges trading sites.

Let's join this movement brad! \(^o^)/

yes brad! haha
mag hulat q maka una kag post para mka idea ko. haha 😂😬😬

haha... I was planning to just upload it on youtube, but I guess I'll make a post nlng pd.. hihihi ^^ Cge brad, inform tka if mka-make naqg video. ^^

nice ka brad. hahaha
mag hulat ko ha? 😂😂😂
tuod grabe na raba ang happenings sa manga haikyu, hero academy ug one piece. grabe dyud. hahaha

nara brad ohh -->

waaaaaaaa~~~ humana ang Karasuuno X Nekoma??? wala pako nitiwas... ako g-wait mahuman ang game para ma-straight naqg basa... ^^

thank you brad. hehe
lantawon ko ma rn. 😊😊😊

on going pa ghapon brad. hehe
basta nice kaau. hahaha
mka goosebumps is really helping me a lot to do easy transactions regarding my monthly billing, No need to go outside I can do all just a click at my phone, Steemit Blockchain to transactions fast as wink of an eye...So I need strength and have a thick face to make a video for this, help me J😄

Wear them shades. Keep it short. It is mostly about facial value than an actual face

nice idea, you cheer me up I'll make it today at night haha...thank you, you are the best of the best...more power😊

This is such a great movement sir Terry @surpassinggoogle. I would like to participate to do a short clip about, steem, sbd and all that is necessary. Will try to post it within the week. I would love to have that straight cash out process so everyone would have a faster and easier process of cashing out plus having the benefits of!

You also mentioned ABRA. Before they just started having BTC and then ETH. But now, they already have like more than 20 cryptocurrencies that are available to them so you can either hold it or transfer it to different ABRA account holders. It's also used for remittance.

I hope and the exchange could here us for both parties advantage and everyones easier life with the use of these technologies.

I know it is very possible with a solid paced movement. Please join in with the video. It can be short too

Yup. I already did! Here's a link about my post.
Sorry it took me 2 days til I got a chance to create a post for this sir!

I would love to this sir Terry, This will be a success definitely... count me in sir on Magic200... 😘❤️❤️😊

Thank you alot. Please do. A short video clip of you will do. Tell friends to join in as well

Yes sir Terry @surpassinggoogle I will... 😊❤️

Thank you sis.😘😘😘

this is a very great idea sir Terry @surpassinggoogle :)
i've been using since 2014 and until now i did not have any problem with them. i even love their initiative to include etherium in the wallet.
i'm definitely gonna participate in this, as i have been very satisfied with the services of especially in the hassle free transacstions. :D
you can count on me in this. ^_^

Thank you alot. Very awesome. They have delivered pretty much

I will try to participate on this awesome great Idea as i am also using as you mention it easy to transferred money to block trade to sure thereare so many who will benefits for this nice project. Thank You again @surpassinggoogle for this amazing service. wishing you all the best. God bless your family circle.

Thank you very much

No need to say thank you! You deserve it. keep it up.

indeed. 😊😊

A brilliant idea you have @surpassinggoogle. That is good news if that happen I support your goal 100%.

My aim is to go to them solidly, with one steemit post containing all the information they will need about the steem blockchain, the technical requirements etc that they will need to get the steem-based currencies on their exchanges but moreso, indispensable steemian voices (the steemit community) imploring them to consider the beauty of adding on Steem and SBD to their exchange.

A very short clip will do.

Thank you

Aww. I'd definitely support this! I'd also love to see steem and sbd on coinsph! Imagine the effort we could save from converting our hard earned steem and sbd into peso! I'll check the samples you've posted above and let me see what I can do to help ❤

Thank you alot sweetheart. Just a simple video will do. Basically, it is "you love steemit, you earn steem and sbd constantly, you love it and you would love it on and their new exchange; something like that

I get it. Hope we could put steem and sbd through this! ❤ I'll do it 💕

Naku ikaw na ang kasagutan. Face mo palang convince na sila hehe :D

Haha! grabe sya oh. try lang baka makatulong 😆

Haha! Go go go jie! Ikaw pa :D

Here's mine

Oh my, I love this idea but I'm not good at doing videos yet. Hmmm let me see what I can do.

I am not good either. Just make a short clip of you. Nothing professional. Just sincere you will do

I'll see if I can. Thanks!

Hi I've made a video, hope it still counts.

That's all I could come up with. :)

wow its a good idea Mr. @surpassinggoogle. I'm supporting you but i'm shy type on camera.

I am shy too. Make it short and wear shades or use some app effects

ok @surpassinggoogle i try this.. Thank you

Haven't cash out my steem earnings yet but I do use as a loading business and paying bills. I'll try to make one even if the camera doesn't like me. :)

Since they are continuously improving I guess they would really appreciate innovations from their users. Keeping customers is the way for businesses to stay afloat despite of tough competition. right?

Thank you alot. You dont have to have cashed out. Just a short clip and you can use shades too. Cameras don't like me either

Having cryptocurrency exchange and including steem and sbd is just like dream comes true, but sadly in India recently RBI made an announcement to put a divide line between fiat and crypto which is a setback for us.

But I am still hopeful that some sort of solution will come out in future.

By the way very nice article written by you and awesome to read it.

Cheer ~~~

There will be solutions in the future. It is likely that a steemian will sought out solutions

True and I am hopeful for that and if that happens then it will be harder and firmer than ever.

great idea @supasinggoogle! but i don't think this will happen yet.. :^D

Why? as you can see, a lot of people not only here in the philippines propose to have some altcoin listing to this great platform which is and cxcoinasia, espescially my supported coin which is DGB or Digibyte. we already ask their help to list us to their platform many times before but still no action response to our propossal, we even make a lot of promotions and developments to provide a good solution to be listed to this platform but until now they have no answers yet, what I totally suggest for you is try to list Steem Coin at Abra Wallet App, I can say that this wallet app is also one of the greatest wallet app used here at philippines (second to maybe) but also in abroad (lots of pilipino people used Abra wallet App), easy to transact and easy to withdraw through fiat anytime you want, as of now they freshly list almost 30 altcoins including DGB in this Abra wallet app. try to search for this Abra Wallet App, I'm sure you will like it too.

Yep, the intention is to get one piece of effort. I know there is a likelihood they wont budge but once the first effort is done, there will be a template for all the others. In the post i mentioned abra, luno, remitano, those are next but we want to simple create a default culture

thank you for noticing me @surpassinggoogle! :^D

I totally respect and appreciate your point, but I think its the best time, for now, to seek forward to insist Abra wallet to let Steem to be listed on their wallet platform as early as possible because we never know when Abra will close their doors to altcoins listing. but hey, I love what your doing, keep it up! I also really do wish wakes up and let their blockchain grow way bigger by adding altcoins to their platform.

Here's my video @surpassinggoogle

This is my first time to upload a video of myself in youtube. I would like to ask @pinay @bloghound @maverickinvictus to do the same. Conquer your fears! haha!

Would love to be part of this. Though I didn't know how does the "exchanges" work because of extended arm of @ankarlie for helping us on our pay outs. This idea may help every steemian, we will not bother other persons for our good. Besides, the transaction will be better.

This is another brilliant idea sir @surpassinggoogle!

@jessicas @reginecruz @iammichelle @azaleamikoo @gerardcruz @keivincabreros Let's do this! <3

Thank you. please be part. No loss

wow great idea sir terry ive been using for a year now

thank you

Join in with your video

I'll try sir terry im busy promoting our ico project here Filipcoin

Thank you so much for supporting Filipino community here in steemit
Godbless you more

It's such a nice idea Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle. Using for a hassle free transaction that will benefit everyone in steemit community.

I'm on it!!!

Well this kinda problematic for me. Though I have a verified account I have not cash out yet due to fact thst the prices of both steem and sbd is very low right now. Which makes me unqualified to make a promotional video about using to cash out my earnings in Steemit. So, I guess I'll pass right now. Nonetheless, you have my full support for this movement @surpassinggoogles. If there is a way for me to help in another way please do tell. I really hope this movement will succeed for the benefit of both Steemit and all Filipino and asians steemians.

Nope, you dont have to have used it or use it in the video. Just a short clip of you speaking of steem and your love for it and wanting it to be on especially on their exchange

To be honest I'm kinda camera shy😅 But let see what I can do. Is there a deadline and how do we send the videos?

A few days from now is okay. 30 seconds clip will do. You can wear shades and express your shyness too. It is nothing formal. Just sincere you

I wanted to help but as much as I would love to, I don't know exactly what to do. I haven't used before since I haven't been through crypto currencies that much. :( But I know it will really be very helpful to us to be able to add steem in Thank you. And by the way, I already voted steemgigs as witness. :) :)

Just a short clip of you following the format will do

Dear @surpassinggoogle this is a great initiative.

Basically, we want to create a movement that we hope will have them consider adding Steem and SBD to their exchange, especially now, when the exchange is just opening to the masses.

I'm gonna make a video asap of how steemit is real and how I have been earning from it. Hoping my entry would qualify to be selected amongst the lucky 200.

You are always full of surprises, that's why I'm your most loyal fan.

Are you Asian?
I thought he said it's specifically for Asians....

Cause I'd also love to participate though

I can be Asian if I want to be... Lol

That simple, so do a video

Lol, I guess he skipped that part.
Everyone wants to participate and show support.

Didn't skip that part, I actually read it and chose to be Asian lol. Is it not to go and do plastic surgery again?

Please don't o, we don't need another Michael Jackson.

I am never direct in my speech. There is always an underlying message; principles, with context. Always look for my undertone, else you will always not fully grasp

Very awesome. Go ahead.
You are my celebrity. Read my post, the one before this one and you will believe


I want to create a video about this, on why should add steem wallet.

Sure thing. Keep it short. We are targeting the exchange of called Please read the post for completer details

5 minute video enough?

@surpassinggoogle ;) , I was little bit shy and not that too confident, I didnt even have an intro because it is already late. haha. I hope this will help Mr. Terry . You are the best witness ever

This is Exciting! Thanks a lot ! @surpassinggoogle you really help out all Steemians and just felt Filipino's are very close to your heart.

I haven't actually tried using yet but it's really popular here in the Philippines. It is a brilliant idea to add Steem and Steem Dollar to their exchange. Steemians who are using will definitely get benefited. Hope this works out.

Thank you @surpassinggoogle.

You don't have to have used it.

I am IN!!!! I will... I will prepare!! I will make very nice video presentation for them!!!

Good day sir @surpassinggoogle thanks uou so much for visiting my blog, more power to you and may god always bless you because you have a good heart 😍

Thank you for this Initiative @surpassinggoogle! It will be a great help for us Philippine-based Steemians to have STEEM/SBD included in, COUNT ME IN! I'll make a video (though I'm a bit camera shy) to present the "Reasons" why should include STEEM/SBD. I made a POST about it and will soon convert it into VIDEO.

You can wear shades. Your shyness is what makes it interesting. There have been many posts written

As a newbie i also haven't try how to transfer monetary from the app, but a lot of my steemian friends are doing transaction from every time or during their cash-out, this project will be a big move, it is indeed a pure intent for helping the whole steemit community specially here in PH, Thank you!!!, you're always an amazing guy!!! you always keep up the good work @surpassinggoggle

You dont have to have transfered money to join in with video

Wow! I just cannot imagine have already opened ETH and an addition of STEEM and SBD would make cryptocurrency market in the Philippines in a BULL run!!!!!!!!

I think that's nice move ... I will try to make video for it... and I hope they will listen to us.. and if they listened it will be good for us and for them as well because a lot of Steemians from Philippines.

Thank you. Please submit your video to me. I will use it an email sent to them , all the bunch of videos

really very noble deeds @surpassinggoogle, success continues for you 😎

i wish i could make one too but after reading the first lines i notice its for only ph ,. am clossly waiting for NIGERIANS turn.

I understand you dear. 9ja dey the queue...

Do the video. Same format