Stellabelle's Steemfest2 Entry: My Idea To Adjust The World Into The Best Version Of Itself & It Very Much Involves The Steem Blockchain.

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@stellabelle is genius; it is easiest to feel at home with her, so i participate in her steemfest contest! 

I missed out on details of the contest from her earlier post, until i have written this post but i decided to leave it as it.

Win or don't-win, i participate nonetheless because i feel at home here. How special; by "minnow" @stellabelle meant "steemians who can't afford the trip and that is sweetness right there"! 

3 minutes video wasn't sufficient, so i really need to add some text! Please read it all!

I tell you in the midst of the recent of influx of minnows, there are ton of veteran minnows, who missed out on steemfest 1 and wish they could be part of steemfest 2 and i contest here to give them a bit of voice. In general though, this post is aimed at teaching and fixing: strengthening!

These older minnows, who knows; may be buried deep in the rubble and forgotten. They should be remembered. Even if become whale, i stay "minnow" forever and if you give me the title "whale"; i reside in the midst of minnows forever.

I am human and that is all there is to it! Even a lizard, with how unshaped it is for swimming will beat me, in a game of "muddy-water survival"

I believe in pacing! Regardless of how privileged i become, i wouldn't jump queues. I didn't mind not going to steemfest 1 but i missed it. I missed it! I was here at the time but it was okay to wait. I was new, i was minnow! 

Why hurry when your vision is defined and intact! I was Terry and surpassinggoogle for years before steemit happened; why should that be shaken because of a blockchain. My vision is clear, i love humans! I want to fix!

I went through hardship, why should others have to go through it: that will only mean my suffering had no essence and i wasted it. Why suffer then!

hashtag-steemisbeautiful came to life! I didn't see the need for new steemians to go through too much ups-and-downs. Yes, some ups-and-downs' needed purely for reasons of attaining deeply-rooted growth but not too much of it! 

Then i started  to drain myself to onboard people. I started with young steemians like @aashishkandel @deepapoudel @rahulstan and alot of other youths who i wouldn't mention but they know themselves. 

My manner of steem-teaching mainly involved expanding their vision of life and their vision in general; helping them see how to use the steem blockchain to create world change, reshape the internet and become the maximum best version of themselves!

The giving factory then happened, to highlight another beautiful aspect of steem, which involved giving and receiving, to speed up new steemians to this beautiful aspects of steem so that can explore steem in new ways and create dreams.

Then hashtag-steemgigs which aimed at strengthening the existing steemit community, so we can unravel it; get to know it to the full, then combine heads to cook up breakthru solutions to at least one real world problem. 

Then SteemLab & SteemDump, the was to cook up cure for diseases etc solely by means of steemians' intel and many other ventures that you will not have heard of because they exist without publicity. 

My new steemit journey in the many past months became hours of chat daily, combined with a secular job till i lost the ability to sleep and got an altered posture from too much PC-sitting!

I am established in my steemit journey. I am on the next level and on the course of new-driven action, to gradually bring in on steemit, youths from personal life who i have mentor from when they where 14 or 15; starting with my 3 sisters.

There is a ton of things the world doesn't know and i want to make this known but not with any ounce of spite. The third world countries aren't the worse places. So why be victim! 

Each human was created in the image of the divine creator Jehovah, so why be victim? 

Why compare? When you are staunch in the quality of your substance; why compare?

I generate these words from my shattered pelvis, and if you feel puffed-up and feel you are genius than me, well, i know where i am genius than you. 

I rehearse my signature now and i will sign autographs in steemfest 2; one of beautiful testimonies!

Well, i want to be in steemfest 2 to shine as a testimony to the world as an indication that beauty is possible, even in the face of a cruel world. 

I want to return from steemfest 2 and begin to write my testimonies on the blockchain; to speak of change; to have lived it and draw people in, on how possible it now is; due to steem!

I want all the quotes i ever written, to be made true and i want to record evidence of it on the steem blockchain.

I want to everyone on the path to success, to believe my words: "From pauperism to CEOism is as easy as convert full-blown poop into tiny fart trinklets"; for these words are true

I want the world to believe that humans, once they re-start to love is power; that a community of loving great minds is powerful: 

if i had 10, 000 followers, we will rally together and move and displace Mount Everest by 10 km at 10km/hr

I want to mosquitoes to grow hearts, repent and start loving instead of stinging, when they read testimonies of how a boy, who went through too much suffering managed to surpass Google.

I want to hold many by the hand and have us all surpass Google and steem and steemit helps matters!

I want to be in steemfest 2 because i want to solidify several of my innovation ideas by means of solid partnerships with veteran steemians. I have been mentored by many steemians and it is time to meet them in person.

I want to make my Mama and papa proud. 

I carry my pop's dreams, a large man with huge character and hefty dreams who crumbled before my eyes to glaucoma and dementia simply because he couldn't make his dreams for us come true. I was born in Greece and even in his failing memory, he still calls me Terakos; the Greek way to say Terry! 

I want to put just one whisper of goodnews into their ears, then very next time, i get to see them in person. It has been 5 years since i last saw them. "Goodnews in itself or simply hearing it, can increase life span in places where goodnews is luxury".

I was hitting my head on the wall, when the idea for surpassing Google happened, after i have experimented with the google search engine for months!

I may want to see my birth place Athens Greece again, if i visited Lisbon!

I want to be in steemfest 2 because i wasn't in steemfest 1 and it passed me by.

I want to be in steemfest 2 because i want to ask @ned what a "vision in a dream" is and so i can tell him, what carry two hefty dreams feel like.

I want to ask @dan, if he attends, to explain mathematically, the coincidence that him and me share a vision that is almost exactly the same, though we aren't genetically twins. I mean, creating a platform creating a fast blockchain that allows great minds to incessantly mine with their minds, guarded by reputable behavior; is the most genius innovation in the world!

I want to meet with @andrarchy @lovejoy @zurvanic and partner with them because i am fan of humans and know tiny tiny things about human behavior that aren't common knowledge and these things weren't thought in school.

Regardless of how many sky scrapers, i will be the same terry. i am fully defined. I am will be in steemfest 2 and if in the end up i come back from steemfest 2 a whale, i will be asking minnow, dolphins etc for attention because afterall, we all art whales!

Steem can bring out true world change but on its own, it is still simply just a piece of technology and needs humans to wield it; "the human behind the steemian".

We take steem to the moon, together! 

And "steem to the moon" is just a means to a more impactful cause. It doesn't end there! It still boils down to true positive world change, thus, steemfest 2 will help me solidify my steem innovations as i would have learned from, receive mentorship from, attain partnership with veteran steemians who understand the full potential of the steem blockchain and who are unshaken in their vision  and together we will help other humans build their own dreams and vision guided by the right mentality and incite them into becoming the very best versions of themselves and the best version of yourself and myself; "is gift to humanity".

Your boy Terry


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Congratulations! @gloglo & @surpassinggoogle

thanks!! steem on!!!!


You welcome!

This post is fantastic. It was so great to hear how Steemit has helped you in your life. Keep up the great work and I hope you make it to Steemfest 2!


I will try to be there by Jehovah's grace. Let's go! Thank you for valuing the post too!


You are very welcome!

Such a lovely heart felt video and blog I so hope you achieve everything you desire - hats off to you sir !


Thank you for feeling my heart. I felt it too. Thank you!

Nice video I'm also trying to create video thanx for sharing


Your are welcome. I used youtube editor directly in the browser


Okay thanx

This is so awesome, I love learning more about everything you do.
I'll upvote this tomorrow, as my strength is too weak right now...

i wish i could vote several times....


Hahaha, thank you. It is true what you have said. There is so much to say but somehow, i want even my sad stories to teach, so i sort of want to wait till breakthru, maybe steemfest 2, then i will be about the sad times, in the tone of testimonies, so that it manages to teach.
I just freeer to open up here. Even the video, is sorta a silly one. I didn't have the tools. I used youtube's editor! Starting tomorrow or next, i will start onboarding new steemians gradually. I will post about them beforehand!

@surpassinggoogle - I really like your approach to 'humans' and your willingness to pace life. In this world, it is rare to see patience. Kudos for you efforts with onboarding minnows not only about Steemit but with life. Upvoted


Thank you again. You got my overall point!

Wow that is a really lovely video.


Hahaha, thank you. And the funny part to. i still laugh at that. Thank you overall!

Amazing content!


Thank you!

Good luck and I hopeyou win @surpassinggoogle!!!

thanks for sharing video dear


You are welcome!