Announcing the fifth batch of speakers

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Only 25 days until SteemFest Amsterdam!

You can still claim your Volkshotel Room

But be advised, since today the 'exclusive' block has been lifted and anyone can book those rooms again. So it will be a matter of time before the final rooms are left! 95 rooms are already claimed by 'SteemFesters!' (out of 140 hotel rooms :)

You can book the hotelpackage by using promocode STMFST16 directly through the Volkshotel site. Btw, I did a little videotour in the Volkshotel two weeks ago.

And then ofcourse you also need a SteemFest ticket. "But for what" you may ask? Well, today we added the final names on the line up list of speakers, panelists and performers of SteemFest 2016, and not just some names....

Without further ado this week unveiled:

  • @wmougayar, USA: Author, The Business Blockchain, investor, blockchain startups, decentralization, token-based models

  • @neilstrauss, USA: Journalist, 8-time New York Times bestselling author, Steemit Book Club

  • @lukewearechange, USA: Founder, independent news media.

  • @mrs.steemit, Germany: social media brands, digital agency, writer, dancer, multi-passionate entrepreneur & believer

  • @chhaylin, The Netherlands: Libertarian anarchist who loves philosophy

  • @akareyon, Germany: conspiracy theorist, 8-bit artist, circuit bender

  • @utz, The Netherlands: musician, code artist, calculator manipulator

Previous weeks we already announced the following speakers and performers of SteemFest:

  • @ned, USA - CEO Steemit
  • @dollarvigilante, Anarchapulco, Mexico: Anarcho-capitalist, libertarian and freedom fighter against the state & central banks
  • @infovore, Nigeria - creator of the SteemMag series
  • @tatianamoroz, USA - singer/songwriter, podcaster and bitcoin aficionada
  • @xeroc, Germany - Longtime blockchain expert and developer of Piston
  • @heiditravels, USA / Portugal - travel blogger and surfer
  • @ericvancewalton, USA - writer of poems & novels such as the trending Alarm Clock Dawn series
  • @allasyummyfood, UK: Youtuber, chef and steemian
  • @anwenbaumeister, USA: Project Curie, yogi, gardener and lover of all
  • @riverhead, USA: witness, crypto stuff and maker DAO
  • @kevinwong: Dj, Project Curie and etherpunk
  • @svk: witness, bitshares, crypto frontender
  • @pharesim: witness, maker of steemjs lib,
  • @fairytalelife, USA: Illustrator, artist, mentor, mother of four
  • @firepower, India: Lead admin Steemit.Chat, Steemit Social and motorhead
  • @anyx, Canada: Cheetah creator, lead SteemCleaner, witness, and graduate student
  • @mauricemikkers, The Netherlands: Photographer, Micrograph Stories, Labrat and 3D designer
  • @timsaid, Germany: Crypto Challenge, scientist, photographer and free runner
  • @steemrollin, USA: Founder, Peerhub & BitCash
  • @good-karma, Sweden: eSteem - Steem Mobile developer
  • @picokernel, USA: Student at SHS & Developer of
  •, Brasil: Gabriel, founder
  • @spectral, Norway: Bitspace, computer scientist, crypto-pirate
  • @wadepaterson, Canada: The "20 questions" guy, former journalist, fairly effective communicator
  • @menta, Cambodia:
  • @chris4210, Germany: BlockPay, Bitshares Munich

Presentations, workshops and performances will generally last about 20 minutes max, unless more in-depth time is required. Other items will include: a 'Whale' panel and a 'Developer' apps pitch session. Also you can order a unique Micrograph Story: a microscopic view of your own tear. And you can have a (portrait) drawing made for you!


Make the most out of your buck, go with a group to SteemFest!

By buying a group ticket (minimum 4) you get a 10% discount in the SteemFest Ticketshop. The discount is automatically applied once you order 4 or more tickets of the same kind in the ticketshop. Please note that every ticket needs its own unique Steemit Username.

If you want to buy as a group tickets with SBD, very welcome! Multiply the single SBD ticketprice (144 SBD) with minimum 4 tickets and subtract 10% = 518.4 SBD (for 4) recalculate for the amount needed.. Note that you need to pay the amount at once via the instructions on , so no split bills in this case!

Stay with 2 in one room in SteemFest Volkshotel. The € 285 package price for SteemFest Volkshotel is for 3 nights per room. You can stay with 2 people in one room. So use the #steemfest channel to find roommates. Note that Volkshotel only has about 20 'twin bedded' (2 seperate beds) rooms so be sure to claim early and also mention that you want a 'twin bedded' in your reservation EXPLICITLY. (maybe even in the subject). By combining smart, you save about 60% of the normal price.

Buy your SteemFest ticket(s) with SBD by following the instructions on

It involves a little bit of manual work, but with the pregenerated payment & email links you are done within 1 minute... _Note that SBD paid tickets are processed manually, minimum twice per day._

SteemFest Ticketshop is open 24/7:

The budget for the event for 200 people is now surpassing € 100,000 and with help of Steemit HQ and Whale support we are trying to lower the lowest entry price to about 1/4 of it. You can help out sponsoring the event by picking a more expensive 'Support Ticket' in various levels. If you are not attending you can also buy a 'NO-ENTRY-ticket' for which we thank you very much and send you a gift to your doorstep.

By buying an event ticket, which you need to bring and exchange in Amsterdam for a SteemFest wristband, you get access to the following:

  • 1000 SP provided by Steemit HQ when you show up in Amsterdam with your paid ticket. Distribution details will follow.
  • Day 0: Friday 11 November:
  • Day 1: Saturday 12 November:
    • (Taxi) Boat trip from SteemFest Volkshotel to Conference Venue
    • A full day & night of conference / presentations / workshops and party in a beautiful all rented out Conference Venue, the Tobacco Theatre in the Centre of Amsterdam
    • Including all day drinks, lunch, dinner, bites
    • Including open bar at night with sodas, Heineken Beer, Gin, Rum, Wodka.
    • Expect a great mix of content by fellow Steemians: panels, workshops, recitals, music performances, literature and more.
  • Day 2: Sunday 13 November:
    • Long Boat tour along the canals of Amsterdam
    • "Red Light Mashup" - an afternoon filled with activities in Amsterdam's oldest neighborhood
    • Climb the church
    • Bites & drinks
    • Small sessions in locations at 50m distance scattered around the "Old Church"
    • Nearby musea to enter with your festival wristband
    • Guided Walking Tours
    • Closing Dinner & Drinks in SteemFest Volkshotel

The base ticket price for the aforementioned full program including lunch, dinners, bites and drinks is set at € 111 including fees.

If you can afford it, you are very welcome to buy a more expensive 'Support ticket' (available at various levels of support: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)

Not included:

All proceedings of this post will go towards funding SteemFest

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Tell us about the public transportation. What is the best way to get from the airport to the hotel? And the best way to get from the Hotel to where ever?


An FAQ was created detailing ways to get from the airport to Volkshotel. Check it out here:
Volkshotel to venue on Saturday is already covered with the boat ride, what remains is coming back to Volks hotel on Sat night but that depends on everyone's visiting plans after the Saturday session..


Just today I got a quote in for some busses from the Saturday night venue back to the hotel. Most probably 2 busses will drive from 10PM - 00 PM in rotation to get people back to the hotel... Although one can almost walk... :)

Thanks @blocktrades

The hotel is now fully booked on the Saturday, and because they have a 2 day minimum I wasn't able to book.

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