The SteemFest's Volkshotel - Package Deal: € 285 per room for 3 nights!

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Reserve your room before 12 October 2016!

"Volkshotel is a place for single moms. For Stockbrokers and punk rockers. For dandies and poets. Dishwashers and Underwater Welders. For biologists, night bloomers and artists. A place for everyone. Volkshotel creates meetings and the meetings create Volkshotel. This is a hotel of the people. This is Volkshotel."   source:


For SteemFest we have found a great hotel with 130 rooms available. It's called the (SteemFest) Volkshotel and has been built in the renovated former editorial offices of national newspaper "De Volkskrant" (hence the name).

The hotel is located on the south-east center side of Amsterdam very close to the River Amstel (from which the boats towards the conference venue depart) and boasts 2 clubs, a lobby cafe, obviously free wifi, three elevators, rooftop sauna's and hot-tubs with a fascinating view over the city.

This hotel is not your regular straight forward hotel. Here is the summary of Telegraph's review: (8/10 rate):
"The former offices of De Volkskrant newspaper have been given vibrant and stylish new life as an affordable hotel, with a club, restaurant, and even artists-in-residence. The rooms are thoughtfully designed, seeming more spacious than they really are. A rooftop bar-restaurant offers adventurous new-Dutch cuisine."

The Volkshotel is only 2 years old and opened it's doors beginning of July 2014 and grown in popularity ever since. It's quite extraordinair to be able to have such an availability.

The Rooms:

At the bottom of this post, more impressions of the hotel

We have opted for the 'Sir Standard' Rooms (Rack Rate € 149 / night):
"A double bed, a shower and toilet, what else do you need? Well, maybe a tv and a safe are a nice addition. And with 18m2 there's enough room to do the Waltz (or roly poly). Not much else to say, just the perfect kind of ‘standard’"

For this room a package price of € 285 for 3 nights per room was arranged.

How to book the € 285 / room / 3 nights - package at SteemFest Volkshotel?

We have an exclusive block on 130 of 140 rooms until 12 OCTOBER 2016, be sure to book your room before that date!

Because the hotel blocked all rooms for the SteemFest Dates (11/12/13 November (checkout on Monday 14 November)) you have to write a special email with Credit Card Authorization to claim your room:

  1. Fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form you find here. You can use Mac Preview or Adobe Acrobat to 'annotate' that pdf with your credit card details. (Note: Volkshotel will only use it to authorise € 0.01 to validate your credit card and confirm your reservation)

  2. Email the filled out Credit Card Authorization Form and this text:

To:[email protected]
Subject:SteemFest Reservation Ref: VHA-GF4284

Hi Volkshotel!

I am attending the SteemFest Conference and would like to book a room at the SteemFest Volkshotel.

Please add my (YOUR STEEMIT USERNAME) to the rooming list for the group in your hotel, under reference VHA-GF4284.

Attached you will find the filled credit card authorization form, in order to guarantee the reservation.

I will be staying: (YOUR NAME)

Check-in date: 11 November 2016
Check-out date: 14 November 2016

For the room rate of € 95,00 p/night (including city tax and VAT)
Total to charge:

3 Nights * € 95 = € 285

Kind regards,



  • Where can I get my actual SteemFest tickets?
    Ticket Sale has started and you can buy tickets in the SteemFest ticket shop with regular payment methods as well as bitcoin or you can buy them using SteemPay with SBD.
  • Can I stay longer in the hotel or come earlier to explore Amsterdam by myself?
    This is no problem. The rate of € 95 will be exclusively available for the other nights as well. Just change the dates in the email and re-calculate the nights * € 95 for your Creditcard Authorisation Form
  • Can I stay shorter in the hotel?
    Yes you can, however the hotel offers this package exclusively for 3 nights. If you decide to stay shorter the pricing is as follows:
    • Sleep on Friday + Saturday = € 240
    • Sleep on Saturday + Sunday = € 220
  • Can I stay anonymous?
    Sure, you can leave any name you have on your Credit Card. If you have an anonymous Virtual Credit Card you can use that and use that 'fake' name, as long as the Credit Card can be authorised.
  • How many people can stay in 1 room?
    Two people can stay in 1 room. The price will stay the same: € 285 for 3 nights (room price).
  • Can I have breakfast?
    Yes, breakfast is served on the 7th floor (you might have been dancing there a couple of hours before) and costs € 10 / person
  • Can I smoke in the room?
    No, the Hotel is non-smoking to comply with EU rules. There are several options to light up tho.
  • Do I need to book in advance?
    Yes, we recommend you book in advance. The exclusive SteemFest Block reservation of the rooms expires on 12 October 2016! The hotel is also a business and should not all rooms be reserved by then, they become available for the general market. You can still try to book after 12 October tho.

Some more impressions of SteemFest's Volkshotel

Facade at night

Lobby Cafe

Rooftop Sauna / Hottubs

Typical Standard Room

Restaurant "Canvas" on 7th floor overlooking the city

"Canvas" turns into a club at night

Workspaces on the ground floor

Volkshotel has a great blog filled with original city tips as well!

Yes, the proceedings of this post will be used for SteemFest 2016


This hotel is truly awesome! When they opened their doors in 2014 they had a party that lasted 24hrs!

and that view...

this looks so pimp!

Night club, cocktails, and Steemers...
I'm sure i'll need a few days to recover
although some may not survive this festival :)

Stay Shorter Period (not recommended)

Price update

The price mentioned in the article is adjusted by the Volkshotel:

The 3 nights package = €95 per night per room If you book more nights you continue to enjoy this special rate.

If you want to stay shorter these are the prices:

  • Sleep on Friday + Saturday = € 230
  • Sleep on Saturday + Sunday = € 210

staying shorter is not recommended because you miss out on crucial parts of the program :D

I was there last year in my dreams! :D thank you steemit community.

Wow, I hope to be able to attend next years! This looks like an awesome place to stay with an incredible rate.

It looks Fabulous!

This is going to be a fantastic event...

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if i ever make enough on steemit i shall join you. I can hardly afford rent at the moment so things like this are mere dreams :)

How many people can stay in 1 room?
Two people can stay in 1 room. The price will stay the same: € 285 for 3 nights (room price).

Can I get a clarification, does this mean they will do two single beds for the same price as one double bed?

I think almost all are doubles. I just called and they have about 20 twinbedded rooms so 1 room with 2 seperate beds. If u want mention it on ur reservation email

I'm having trouble with the credit card verification form.. If somebody could help that would be awesome, until then I will contact somebody on chat. Thanks!

Hotel booked and a special thanks @roelandp ! Next up.. @steemfest ticket :D

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