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Hi Everyone.


This is a pic. i took it from @steemcenterwiki post that they welcomed the adding of arabic section as a new victory.
Huge Thanks to them.
and added my touch.34e3c66d6cc5cb11dda5db52fd05cf64.png

In the effort of promoting -- Steem -- taking the on going steemfest opportunity as a chance to get more people to the --Steem community and>>V

To increase the --Steem-- value considering the fall that we are witnessing these days.


So i thought that every move toward attracting more people or make it easier for the Arabic community will help.
And as you know that the Arabian countries and especially the Gulf part of the arabic community, can present to us many --Whales --in The future after the coming buble of The cryptocurrency and the virtual money word cause of they must adaptive for the block chain in the coming few years.


And i looked at the @steemcenterwiki project and -- website -- and realising that there isn't arabic languish in this resourceful and helping site.

And considering that my mother tongue is Arabic and i can translate English to Arabic
So i decided to add the Arabic language to the site and staring with translating all basics and some must to know of the



And i hope that anyone can participate in there site and add something helpful to go and do it without hesitation.
It will be very helpful and you can get share of the monthly steem bays.

**Thanks for you all.
And have a nice day. **



Hint ...



I powered up my account to help any arabic post or author in the arabic community .
if you need support just comment with(#promo-egypt) and i will take a look at you post and upvote it and if you spreed the word about this and about the idea of promoting steemit you will fined even more support.

الى كل المبدعين والمستخدمين لمنصة ستييم ات لقد قمت بشحن قوتي كي اقدم الدعم للمواضيع العربية والكتاب العرب باللغتين العربية والانجليزية
إذا كنت تريد الدعم فقط علق على موضوع من مواضيعي واكتب في التعليق
واذا نشرت هذا في موضوعاتك ستجد دعم بشكل اكبر واتمني التوفيق للجميع

--Some of my posts:

--I started my Steemit-Arabia page Advertising on FaceBook Ads.??

--WhaleCoin-- Can it be the alternative for --Ethereum --to the Miners.??

--You always can use -- -- (Facebook like interface) instead of -- --

--I made a facebook page and i called it SteemitArabia!!

--Web programming contest---40 Steem--web based user interface contest.

--All you want to know about Steemit !!!

--Follow up on steemfollower Website??

--You must use this feature for steemit upvotes$$$ ???

--كيف يمكنك الحصول على نقودك$$$$$$$ من ســــــتـــيــــــــم

--افضل برامج التعدين للعملات علي الاطلاق ؟--

--To All MY Friends in Steemit be Aware of the big scam and account hacking from @optimisticguy and @flenn.--

--The Hidden Secrets of Steemit--

--اهلا بك في ستيم ات-- شرح مختصر يساعدك كثيرا في فهم الموقع--

If you have found this post helpful on Steemit, would you please --upvote-- it and ''follow me'' because you will then be able to see more posts like this in your home feed

If you have found this post helpful on Steemit, would you please --upvote-- it and ''follow me'' because you will then be able to see more posts like this in your home feed


--If you wanna help me more in promoting -Steem- you can use this affiliate link if you like--."




Great move, @omar-hesham. You have my support. @greatness96

Thanks my brother and you have my support too. :-)

Thanks you a lot for your support

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Thank you very much for collaborating and promoting wiki. Shukran, thanks and good luck again!

This is great
As a promoter of steemit too
I suppport #promo-egypt
Keep the good work @omar-hesham

language is always a barrier well done for closing that gap

Thanks for understanding the importance of the work i am doing. :-)

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nice post...follow me and upvote my post

Thanks For Your Good Info.

You welcome my friend. :-)

Thanks for Reply.I request You to plzz Upvotes My Comments As your wish.

As you wished.

Thanks I will Follow you now. i am Bangladeshi and I invite you to Bangladeshi post of my blog

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Hi friend! My hope is that RTL languages will get support on Steemit sometime soon so that us Semites can develop a community here.

that is right indeed

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Hi, @omar-hesham, I am @ricko66 from @thaiteam, I already bring the #thai and #lao language into steemit and now work hard on bringing the Arabic language in the platform and helping @teammorocco to expand, maybe will be a good idea for you to get in touch with @teammorocco. The promotion of a language in steemit is a long work and a team work. Thank you.

thanks indeed @ricko66 for your effort and i would love to collaborate with.
And i wish to contact them very Soon.

You can also contact me via, maybe tomorrow or another day as it is time for me to go to bed now. Look forward to getting in touch with you.

I did not know SBD had a $ value to it. I always thought $1USD is $1 SBD. Interesting to know that SBD does not fall as far as Steem. Wondering when making exchange is it better to go with SBD than with Steem to stablize value. Sorry for being off topic.

Not at all my friend.

The demand of SBD came from the use of voting pots, and Considering The down trending of all altcoin with few exceptions, duo To the Demand on bitcoin, the -Steem coin- suffered from the Same fate of Altcoin except as i told you that there is a good demand Of SBD.

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