--WhaleCoin-- Can it be the alternative for --Ethereum --to the Miners.??

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Hi Everyone

The other day one of my dear steemians @zeus37 grap to my attention the --WhaleCoin-- profitability info.


So i began my journey, of looking up this Altcoin story and to give it a try so i can write about my experience in mining this coin and what are my thoughts about it.

Of course you will find all about --WhaleCoin-- from these links.-->

1--https://whalecoin.org --
2--https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2130838.0 --



In the beginning let's talk about what is --WhaleCoin-- ?


--And these were there words--

Any way in summary the --WhaleCoin-- looks a lot like --Steem-- but it is in gpu mining vase right now and i do not that this phase will last for a long it as it was with --Steem-- .

My try with mining this coin was very close to the ethereum profitability.

A --GTX 1060 3G-- gave me <1$> in 24h at 25.624 MH/s Ethash Algo.
B--And in ethereum it gives me <1.05$> in 24h

So the answer to me if the --WhaleCoin-- can be ethereum alternative for the miners
is not for long it may last after the hard fork of the ethereum that will end the pow aera and pegain the pos
but will not last more than few weeks in my opinion , duo to the big similarity to --Steem-- coin


--And we always can learn from history--

--And as a wise man said ''tell me your past and i will tell you your future''.--




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Great post and opportunity!

جميل الموضوع استمر بالتوفيق

thansk for the info. As a miner myself, i am always looking for opportunities to increase rewards or as you say to replace ETH when it goes to POS. However first off, it needs the backing of the community. If the coin is not as strong as lets say Zcash, there is no reason to start mining it as the rewards will be next to worthless (taking into account the mining costs)

You are right indeed in taking into account the mining costs if you have expensive electricity rate or going to buy a mining gear from scratch (in my case i do not bay much in electricity and i already bout my gear 7 months ago)

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i think it can't be alternative to eth because it's a small community compared to eth miners. however, no one knows the future

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