Steem Fest Dreams: How it'll change my life for ever!

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Hi Readers! I've been encouraged by so many friends to write my story for Steemfest Dreams.


This is a long text as my entry to the amazing, the great, the unequaled @steemfestdreams initiative to bring a Steemian to the Steemfest 2018 in Kraków - Poland. For me, this is the most important text since my useless graduation thesis; it's the most important text since the history of Holy texts. I'm sure there are loads of Steemians out there who deserve it too, but I'll touch your heart deep inside, and if I don't make you laugh at least I tried. I just want to explain who I am and how I'll NEVER lose enthusiasm and happiness, because those are my most valuable possessions.

Check out the official announcement below.

Win a Free Ticket to SteemFest in Krakow Poland! (And Possibly an All Expense Paid Trip depending on Support for these Posts)

When I was first introduced to Steemfest a couple weeks ago by my beloved friends and colleagues at the Steemit Traveller's Discord, my first reaction was of pure excitement. I absolutely need to go! - I thought.

Being able to attend the festival represents the golden opportunity to meet incredible people who think alike, who think ahead of our time and envision life with a different and inovative approach, a fine group of entrepreneurs who want a better world. At the Steemfest I will be closer to this amazing community, whom I've never imagined would be so united and strong.

It is also the greatest opportunity to represent my country, Brazil, and share the culture of my state Rio Grande do Sul. I'll be able to bring to the world the costumes of the gauchos, a people who've been working hard to fight all the difficulties, without losing the biggest power we have - the smile.

Being there, I'll also be glad to represent @travelfeed with my colleagues and represent @cyclefeed - this one being a project passionately run by me @robmolecule and @twowheeledmonkey, where our main goal is to encourage people into using a bicycle, thus contributing for a healthier, cleaner and happier world. By the way, I'll make sure to go by bicycle to the festival everyday.

But reality soon struck me...

Hold on a second.. it's in Poland! How the heck will I get there? I can't simply hitchhike over the Atlantic, nor can I swim. And I'm not even close to being able to pay for such a journey. - I though.

That's how @steemfestdreams will be a life change!

I cannot submit my entry without introducing myself; I cannot introduce myself without writing a big text. So here we go!

I'm Arthur, a 30 year old brazilian guy trying as hard as I can to become independent and self suficient. I graduated as an Technician in Industrial Mechanic in 2010, a period where the world was still suffering the 2008 crisis, that meant finding a job in Brazil was harder than me going to Steemfest 2018. In 2016 I graduated in Mechanical Engineering, where I worked as an intern for a couple of companies, nice jobs that taught me a lot. But they also taught me that the industrial work was not for me; being locked inside a room, where I could barely see the sun consumed my soul and I started to feel depressed and weak.

My first contact with entrepreneurship was just after university. I gathered all the money I managed to save in my previous work and put into the dream of starting my own company. Plans were to develop Sim Racing Pedals, since the imported ones were way above a price the brazilians could pay. I worked hard on that for at least one year burrying all my money into a working prototype, just to discover that the project was completely inviable economically due to over taxation by the government. Soon after creating the prototype my working notebook burned completely; I was now left without money, without a computer and a prototype that I couldn't use. Goddammit.

All I wanted was to put a backpack in my shoulders and go... and I did!

Selling power bars in Chile.

During 62 days I hitchhiked more than 10.000 kilometers in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile with only 300USD - which soon ended, leaving me with nothing. On that trip I learned gratitude, I learned to respect, to truly contemplate, to be humble, to value money. I worked as gardener, painter and I even sold power bars in order to keep on going - valuable lessons that I'll always carry and teach the younger.

Coming back, I decided to give engineering life a break and experiment with something else, I changed my lifestyle completely and found a job as English teacher at a local school. Motivation kicked back in because I was now able to, not only teach something to someone else, but I could also learn in the process. I became a friend to all those kids, who taught me a lot over the period of two years I taught.

I also wanted to start a blog to document my 2 months journey in order to motivate people that everything is possible when you truly want it. How to do it?


I found Steemit searching the web, it was love at first sight! I had not only a ready to use platform, but it would also reward me for writing. I immediately joined and started working with my heart. I remember when I got over 1$ on my introduction, I also remember the first time I had a picture chosen at @photocontests - I called even my dog to tell it. I remember the first words of encouragement and the first time I met my valuable friends, those who I'll meet in person thanks to @steemfestdreams.

I've been working with heart and soul ever since without losing passion and enthusiasm! Without taking a penny out of it.

My main idea when I first started, was to motivate and share happiness - I admit payout sometimes was depressing, but I just had to stick to my principles.

"If at least one person says that my texts motivate him/her; then I'll have at least one good reason to keep on posting"

Surprisingly, the number of Steemians around me increased, the words of encouragement kept on appearing on my comment section and without noticing I became part of this amazing community.

Becoming an everyday cyclist and advocating the importance of cycling.

Shortly after joining Steemit I managed to buy a bicycle with money I saved for over a year of teaching. I wanted to be able exercise and move quickly inside the city, I never imagined I would become an advocate of cyclism. A simple and rudimentar kind of transportation that completely changed my life.

The @cyclefeed was born, a place where I passionately envision as a media to not only encourage people to cycle, but a way to reward them for that. If there is a reason for my main account to be going slow with the postings, that is @cyclefeed. Along with @robmolecule we read and manually curate dozens of posts a day, bringing happiness and hope to our fellow cyclists. We are here for you guys!

Why should I go to Steemfest 2018?

I quit my job to dedicate full time on Steemit, without even knowing if it would be possible to live of it.

Last month I quit my job to decicate full time to my Steemit projects, I'm now working as @mrprofessor, as moderator for the Steemit Traveller's Discord, as creator and curator at @cyclefeed, as part of the big @travelfeed family, as a representative of Brazil, as a dedicated supporter for those who need help. I don't know how I will survive when my last 500 dollars run out, but I'll figure it out.

What makes me better than the guy next door? I must admit that I'm not good at self-promotion, it's quite possible that I spend more time giving tips on how to get better views than actually doing it myself.

Being a representative of Brazil at the event will place me in the middle of a hurricate called CREATIVITY, I'll be surrounded by great content producers, photographers, investors and entrepreneurs. It'll be a great opportunity to spread the bike word to a larger audience, to encourage you Steemians into using a cleaner way of transportation. It'll be great to explore Europe on my bike and discover every single aspect of its History. It'll be great to spread the Steem blockchain to all the travellers I meet along the way and bring them to our side.

What kind of help I need?

Basically the most expensive aspect of such a trip would be the plane ticket from Brazil to Europe, that itself would cost something around 500 usd, an amount of money I can't afford.

When it comes to food and shelter I can pretty much live from Pasta with Tuna fish; or Rice with Tuna; or Bread with Tuna; or Tuna with Tuna. For acomodation I'd need a piece of land to place my tent and that's it. A shower is optional, if you don't want a stinky guy near you \o\

I can find my way with the cheapest plane ticket for any place in Western Europe, I believe they are the most affordable ones for someone coming from Brazil. The Netherlands would be the perfect match, as I believe my friend @guchtere is going by car from there, whom I believe will give me a ride.

What can I offer?

  • Happiness; Friendship; a Smile
  • I can teach basic Portuguese
  • I can motivate
  • I can tell funny Travel Stories that will make you laugh
  • I can work on maintenance; clean bathrooms; paint; sweep
  • I can work as a translator for Portuguese, Spanish (intermediate level) and English
  • I can teach you how to ride a bicycle; clean; give maintenance

Fun Facts About This Text.

  • It took 17 hours to write
  • Computer froze 5 times (yes, it's a potato powered old notebook)
  • 1 liter of coffee was consumed
  • I annoyed 3 friends to read it
  • I almost lost everything 2 times
  • I forgot to eat 2 times

I'm sorry for being overly dramatic, I hope I have achieved my goal to make you laugh. Have a great week and thank you for reading.

If you liked this post, please, consider leaving your upvote for a hot coffee.

~Love ya all,

Disclaimer:  The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.

I'm Arthur. I blog about Adventure Stories, Brazil, Travel, Camping & Life Experiences.

Follow me to stay tuned for more craziness and tips.

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I love that you cared enough about your life to make major changes that spoke to your soul. I feel you could be a valuable inspiration to others in remembering what we truly came here for. May you be blessed with a way to Steemfest3. There is a way for everyone who wants to be there, to get there! Blessings on the way.


That's a beautiful comment @everlove, I appreciate your support!

Sometimes we do have to take some risks in order to follow our dreams, and my dream is to inspire, to show people that they can achieve great things when they are passionate. Quite a difference from my times as mechanical engineer, if you ask.

When I first started on Steemit I never thought that I'd reach so many people. However, my mantra has always been 'if I'm inspiring, I'll keep on going, no matter the payout'. It's absolutely rewarding receiving lovely comments from all over the world - my monetary life is on second plan for now, if I need to move in my tent, I will. Haha

A ton of positivity for you!


Two very different worlds you have walked. What a blessing to experience an entirely different reality. I hope it pays off in magnanimous ways and that you benefit greatly from your escape! Blessing on your journey to Steemfest @mrprofessor.


Hey, thanks for writing! There is a certian joy about cycling I enjoy. I dont cycle as much anymore but I do love it! This was a great submission thank you!


Hey @dynamicgreentk, thank you! Why don't you cycle anymore? Come on! hahaha

Let's just hope I can go to Steemfest and I'll put you again on a bike if you are there too.

Upvoted and resteemed because @guchtere asked me to!


Absolute legend @valderrama, if I find my way to The Netherlands I'll make sure to pay you how many beers you want.


I’ll take a caipirinha if you know how to make one!


Oh yeah, deal! I'll need to pack some cachaças then!

@mrprofessor you DESERVE THIS MORE than anyone I can think of! Please everyone who is reading this, upvote, resteem dedicate a post to him and send the rewards out or whatever you could think of but get the professor to Steemfest!

And of course you can ride along with me from the Netherlands! But if you find a cheaper ticket to Belgium or Germany I'll pick you up at the airport anyhow. Don't worry. Keep on smiling and hang loose 🤙


And make sure to pack your bicycle!


Don't worry when I go by car the bike is always with me when I go on adventure!

Here I am reading from the first words until the last ones. It's just that when I start reading your stories, I can never stop - they have something beautiful that keep me going and I love that!
I remember when you've quit your job and if I haven't told you this before, I will now: you are very, very, brave and a guy who deserves a lot, no doubt about that!
I've always admired and gave my respect to people like you who work hard for their dreams and give up on things just to do what they trully love - I really wish I could be the same..
As I already said before, you deserve a lot. And so you deserve a ticket to the steemfest which I hope (with the bottom of my heart) to win it and be there on November and share the experiences and some pictures with me too! 😊
Good luck in the contest and stay safe, hugs! ♥️


Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabs, @gabrielatravels, sorry for taking so long to come here! One of my friends came to me on Discord and said "dude, check Grabiela's comment asap".

What can I tell you? It's because o people like you that I keep on working on Steemit and giving my soul to this blog. Your comment not only shows that I've got a really beloved follower, it shows that I have a very very special friend whom I'll be more than glad to spend time with!

Btw, be prepared, because we'll help you overcome that fear of water, just so we can jump from those waterfalls!

Thanks for the support and love ya!


Haha but it was just a comment, there wasn't any rush on answering it as I know there is night when here it's day. 😇

And to be honest, I love having friends like you because it makes me feel really blessed. Thank you for being here and haha, that would be a hard fear to overcome but thanks for your tryings and the sweet words! 💚

Many hugs and love you too! 🤗


Your balance is below $0.028. @dustsweeper is now disabled for your account until you transfer new funds. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

PLEASE SEND THIS GUY TO @steemfest !!!!!


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, I'll be able to pay you all the beer I owe.

Let's send @mrpofessor to @steemfest with @steemfestdreams!
Upvoted & Resteemed!

Hey @bigskycustoms, @conradt @verhp11 @rossfletcher wanna help this music lover to go to Steemfest in Krakow? Upvote (& resteem if you want) this post! He deserves it!

I love this post he made about one of the best bands in rock history: Cream


Amazing @calisay, I'm loving talking to you about music, we do share the same taste!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the massive support and a lot of positive vibrations!

Please, please, PLEASE send this guy to steemfest!!! He hasnt shut up about it in months. I cant bear it any longer....

I couldnt think of a single other person that would appreciate this more.

@karinxxl @ginnyannette @mountainjewel please givve this post some looooovvve for one of the most positive, funny and nicest guys on this platform who has been my friend and Steem confidante since he stalked my intro post months ago....




Yeeeeeeeeeeeey @mountainjewel, lovely as always!!!


Wooooooooooooooooooooooo yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh @riverflows, sorry for annoying you so much hahahahahhaa, but you are my number one follower since for ever, it's your task to listen to my mumblings.

Next stop will be Australia, let's wish for it so bad, but so bad, that it'll happen.

Love you!

I was supposed to participate too for the contest but you deserve to be there more than I do
You will win this @mrprofessor


Oh my god @mickyscofield! This is the most iconic comment I've seen, I wish I could express into words how grateful I'm, you have a good heart.

It's people like you that motivate me into working harder and harder, all my positive vibrations to you!


Stay ßlessed and awesome
I wish you the best in all that you do.
I am Nigerian and I love Brazil too...


Thank you @mickyscofield, I talked to a lot of Nigerian folks in my city, I absolutely adore the happiness in your prople.

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Wohoooo, thank you @steemitboard.

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Amazing @minnowsupport! I would for sure delegate if I didn't have @cyclefeed to take care of.

Thank you for the support, it's lovely.

Haha @riverflows , you were totally right in directing me to this post. What an enthusiasm!

Hopefully I will be going to Steemfest myself and if you reach Switzerland @mrprofessor then you can bike your heart out!!!

Damn a meetup there would be cool!


Yeeeeeeeeeeey @karinxxl! How about cycling to the Steemfest? Are you in?

So many cool things will happen if I get to Europe, let's just wish with a lot of positivity, and it'll happen.

Thank you for the support!

And did you know that it's just about 4000km from Kraków, Poland to Isfahan, Iran?


Ohhhhhhh @sina-adventure, how about meeting in the middle? Sounds like a fair deal!


Not an option for me (a little complicated but i can't leave the country now), but i could come to the border where you'll enter Iran, which is about 25% of the way. And then you can smuggle some gas to earn a little...


HAHAHA please, send me fuel! Sad that you can't leave, but I'm sure we'll end up meeting at some point.


Definitely we will, but that some point might not be in this life, who cares anyway, your gonna wait one or two centuries for the lunar eclipse, a life time doesn't matter. (LOL)

this is nice, live the life ma man!


YES @turtledancedaily, I love your philosophy, there's no time to lose. Thanks for the lovely comment.

Man, you are awesome :) I hope you will make it to the event! And yeah, you managed to make me laugh with some lines here :D Happy to have you in the group ;)


Wohooo @phortun! Thank you a lot for the support, I'm glad to be around such a fine group o people. From the beginning 'till now the nice comments were what gave me strenght.

The best of my positive vibrations for you!

Boa, @mrprofessor! Estamos muito bem representados :D Vamos trocar ideias sobre como podemos ter uma delegação brasileira lá :P Vamos nessa ;)


Vamos que vamos @casagrande, tinhas que ir também tche! Creio que vai ser uma baita oportunidade para mostrar que nos brasileiros também produzimos conteúdo.

Parabéns, seu post foi selecionado pelo projeto Brazilian Power, cuja meta é incentivar a criação de mais conteúdo de qualidade, conectando a comunidade brasileira e melhorando as recompensas no Steemit. Obrigado!


Isso ai @mrprofessor !
Caraca 1 litro de café, 17 horas para escrever, deu uma trabalheira mais sera bem recompensado !


Foi trampo pra caramba @juniofrederico, fui dormi todo quebrado hahahahaha, mas vamos torcer. Vamos Brasil!

Vlw o apoio

I cannot think of a more deserving Steemian .... you will bring laughs and joy to what is otherwise a gathering of pseudo-intellectuals with too much seriousness.
Resteemed just because I can.


Hah! You are the man @themagus, once I made my russian friend laught, so anything is possible.

hahahahaha, thanks for the support!

Wow... I'm a Venezuelan backpacker so I'm amazed at your project. What else can I do but send you all the good vibes in the world, give you my little upvote, follow you, resteemit you and wait for you to tell us about your trip, because I'm sure you'll make it?

And of course, welcome to Venezuela with your backpack.... It's not as bad as they paint it hehehe


That's so beautiful @yomismosoy! I have so much appreciation for the Venezuelans, I'll make sure to help you as well on your journey through Steemit.

With love, from a Brazilian neighboor.