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Nothing has changed but everything is different.

After Steemfest.

Because now I know you. I've met you in real life. I connected with you. I listened to fractals of your life stories.

And in visiting all your profiles I'm finding out even more about you. And I wish we would have had more time to talk, so I could put more fractals together and see how much more we have in common and how we are all connected - not just through the blockchain, but it more ways than we can imagine.

When you know who the people behind the posts are, images form in your mind when you see their posts, and they create whole new stories.

When @dayleeo and @teamhumble's posts appear right above each other in my feed, I imagine them having just had a coffee together in some café-with-wifi, typing away on Steemit, until one of them closes their laptop and yells, "First!"

Here is what I know about you now

I know that unfiltered big-hearted connectordistrupter @teamhumble is full of genuine real-life stories and that his life force is his daughter.


I know that @dayleeo is a super creative woman, and while I first only sensed that and judged that by her unique hair color and the fact that she (also) customized her new Steemit T-Shirt immediately to make it a little more Dayle - I now know that, after seeing her photography art in my feed.


I know that @anahilarski's baby son just got his first Steem silver coin from @virtualgrowth and he's not even born yet.

For some strange reason I don't have a selfie with Anabell, but this is what the coins look like ;)


I know that @virtualgrowth likes the number 108 (me, too) and pretty much any other number that exists in the universe. And he likes to fill his notebook with them. But he likes people just as much as numbers and seems to be a genuine, kind human being.


@lifemovedbysteem @virtualgrowth @connecteconomy

I know that @lifemovedbysteem loves and keeps ducks. And she's married to @happymoneyman. That's what I learned when I met her at Steemfest.

What I didn't know, was that she and her husband produced a video series together about her travels and Steemfest, while being on two different continents! Check out both of their blogs to follow them.

And you know what? When I read her comments or replies here now, I read and hear them in her actual voice!


I know that @noboxes is @gringalicious' dad, who brought five of his seven kids onto Steemit (if I remember the numbers correctly). And of course he's working on the remaining two...





I know that all @markwhittam wants is freedom for his family - freedom of choice to homeschool his kids, for example. Sadly that is a crime in many European countries, so he's currently traveling through Europe with his family in a truck. But when life gives you lemons...

Mark made lemonade by inventing the Steemit roadshow (mostly analogue with laminated A4 screenshots of Steemit and with free beer to tempt passers-by - epic!) and he's currently on a mission to get a whole Spanish village named Orgiva onto Steemit. Let's follow and support him!

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 23.59.36.png


Alcohol seems to be working well in the crypto world in general.

I learned that Proof-of-Drunk Dash-For-Drinks inventor @jza is not just my Dash colleague from Cancun, but he's built a whole global Dash operation that reaches as far as Korea! Whoa! Impressed.

Amongst many other things, he organises meet-ups where everyone gets their drinks bill reimbursed in Dash at the end of the evening. This way they have to learn how to install a wallet, how to secure their private keys, what Dash actually is, etc. Creative!

And this big Mexican guy is moving to a tiny Dutch village now. I'm curious to hear what stories he will tell!


I know that @martibis and @oroger only met just before Steemfest, when @martibis and @anomadsoul staid at @oroger and @roxane's house. And a few days later they won the hackathon together - how amazing is that?

Photo stolen from @Roxane's blog since I neither have one with @martibis nor @anomadsoul

And speaking of amazing - that hitchhiking trip of @anomadsoul and @martibis? I had no idea! Check out their blogs and read up on their journey and how it came about. It's inspiring!

I also know that @roxane is an amazing lady who's determined to bring more French speakers to Steemit. Check out her Youtube channel if you understand French, where she teaches about money.

After meeting @surfermarly in person, I can now finally remember which island she lives on (Lanzarote) and while I thought she just packed her bags and moved there from Germany one day, after leaving the rat race world, I now know that she's actually been living there (with breaks) with her whole family since she was 16 or so. It's her real home! Not just a time-out.

I also learned we have even more in common than I thought: playing pool and poker! Is that a German thing?


I know that @wolfcat is a positive joyful spirit and I learned that @lovejoy's real name is Lovejoy!! How about that?


I learned that there's a difference between @pnc and @prc - the first one is a great dancer and pool player and crypto expert, and featured in the image below. The second one is the smart guy who created DSound, and who I also briefly met at dinner on the last evening.


I know that @cybercodetwins lost touch with her driver in Sintra, which made him walk through the crowds, yelling, "Where is America???" (...Which happens to be her name.)


I know @teodora is fun to hang out with in the ladies bathroom! Also, she can read Portuguese, so she was able to confirm to me that I had translated that sign on the bathroom wall correctly.

If you don't know what I'm talking about you need to watch the epic service-to-humanity-ladies-bathroom-documentary here.


I know that @sineadoconnor is on Steemit now, because I met her in person.


Also, she promised.

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

I got to know @mammasitta as a nurturer of relationships who likes to take care of her tribe and create win-wins for everyone. I'm getting a sense that she can manifest anything she wants in life.


She says of herself that she's "a backstage person" but right after she said that, she literally ended up on stage, distributing her Austrian chocolates.

The chocolates were gone within in minutes (in my tummy...) but of course the little (smart) attachment is still there, in which she promoted her fellow Austrian bloggers:


Let's check them all out, shall we? What a sweet idea!

I saw that @basil.marples is a super entertaining and funny guy. But I know that there's much more to him and I sense he has a super big heart.


We were both spooked how this painting in the back managed to photobomb us...

I know that @everlove is an actual angel. We only spoke like two words, but sometimes you just know.


I know that @juanmiguelsalas took so much footage that he will get to enjoy Steemfest over and over again while editing the films and doing what he loves!


I know that @andrewmcmillen is a gentleman, because when I sat next to him at dinner and said, "You sound British" he answered, "Close. I'm Australian." [searches for face palm smiley]

And when I then said, "Oh, I thought there was only one Australian here. The guy who interviewed Ned this afternoon." He answered, "That's me." [searches for two face palm smileys...]


I know that @daniel.errey is celebrating his second anniversary with his girlfriend and I hope he found something nice for her on the Lisbon markets.


I know that @roelandp paid his brother 5 Bitcoin to come to Lisbon to make pancakes for us. (At least that's what your brother told me, Roeland... 😆 )


I know that this gentleman looks good in a skirt and that he prefers not to be tagged. So I will respect that.


I do NOT know how many cool wigs @lenadr owns, but I do know that she looks good in all of them. And without them.

I was also surprised to see that my otherwise photo-shy friend loves to photobomb. I think she would prefer not to be tagged, though.


@lenadr photobomber @roxane @connecteconomy with Lisbon-wind hair...


[ imagine selfie with @firepower here ]

@firepower is a very special human being. He's not your typical biker dude (whatever that is) and earlier this year he was in a pretty bad car crash that knocked him out for a few weeks. But that wouldn't stop him. In fact, if I had to describe @firepower in one word it would be unshakeable. Imagine someone full of determination and purpose, while being totally grounded and kind. That's him.

When I met him, I just opened my arms and he walked right into a hug. He didn't even know who I was yet. I held up my badge after the hug. I honestly feel like @firepower and me go waaaay back. We don't. But for some reason he gives you that feeling. I'm sure, when you meet him, the same will happen to you!

I now know who Ned is

I mean, of course I've known for a while, but for some reason he was not on my radar when I wrote that comment that @surfermarly cited in her talk, in which I thanked @dan for Steemit and (indirectly) Satoshi Nakamoto and even the Big Bang (!!) and all that, but I didn't mention Ned!

I was very aware of that when I re-read that comment projected on the wall, now, months later, and felt a bit bad. But I did get to give Ned a hug on the dance floor at one of the parties and thanked him in person for Steemit, so I now I feel better :)



So now, when I look at Steemit, it looks completely fresh to me. And that's not because of the new minty color.

It suddenly has a soul. And many personalities. It's kind of like the universe when you think of it ;)

We were connected through the blockchain before.
But now we're connected through stories.

And we're looking at each other trough the eyes of empathy and connection.

It's a whole second layer to the blockchain if you ask me...
It's the actual important layer that the real blockchain is only there to facilitate.

This is the kind of connected economy I want to be part of.

Let's spill it over into the real world!


Nice post . This Post Photography are amazing but if you use High Resolution Camra then your post more than attractive any others BTW Enjoy your journey .

This was the most epic Steemfest post I saw!!!!!!!! Your post made me want to go to Steemfest...HIRED!!!

Agreed! See you at Steemfest3 though :-)

It was so weird that you weren't there! But you were there in spirit I noticed, on someone's presentation... ;)
I got two t-Shirts for you which I will ship this week :)

Makes me want to go too!!!

what an absolutely lovely post. can i shout THIRD? here! :) it was a joy to meet you and yes, we are normally in the same space when we write, a metre or so apart from each other in the van. typing away! :)

Oh wow, what a great insight! Did you have a notebook with you all the time or do you just have an incredible memory? :-) These are beautiful stories, which make this community even more approachable and real. Thanks for sharing them with all of us! Resteemed :-)

Also I'm happiest to be part of that album and even more that we had such a great time together. I have no idea if snooker (pool) and poker are something German, but it might be an explanation.

Big hugs and see you around here :-*

Internal notebook :)
When I really connect with someone, things get engraved on my heart drive 💚

Wonderful! I guess everybody who reads this article will totally feel that heart connection :-)

Wow! Such a wonderful soul you own ma'am...i craved for such blessing.

Thanks to @stellabelle for directing me here. Wow. This is an epic post.

Yeah you have a much stronger capacity for detail retention than I. Even if I have an amazing time with a new friend, if there is too much else going on....other new feiends, etc, I start to 'lose details'

i love 'soulchain'

omg, i love the heart drive comment, that is to awesome!

Amazing post, thank you so much for sharing, it's really cool to be able to connect to everyone through you!

It looks like it was truly awesome! Thanks for the pics!

Very, very cool! I hope to attend a Steemfest in the future. I can see how enriching it must be to talk face to face with all your new friends. Such a wonderful global community! Thanks for sharing :)

So ein toller Artikel full with your warmness and soul!!! I feel the same .....

@mammasitta!!! Wieso fehlst Du in meinem Artikel?? Ich habe Dich gerade hinzugefügt... Mea culpa 🙈

I just read your add on about me and I nearly blushed! We need to stay in touch much more and oh gee the next time I chat viel, viel mehr with you 🐬🐬🐬 du bist wirklich eine tolle und warmherzige Frau! Nice to meet you!

Likewise, likewise... 😘

Jaaaaaaaaaaa! :-) Me, too!!

Somehow I also feel that I didn’t have enough time to talk with everybody and get to know many more, as I wished to. I am not good in small nor fast talk and always need more time to get closer to People. I observed a lot more than I chatted away....your article helps to remember all the faces but didn’t connect. Hellooooooo to all of YOU!!
Danke schoen!

This deserves 200% more rewards, this post is amazing and one of the most insightful recaps I´ve read.

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Of course!! (Does anyone ever say No to these??) ;)

Seee?? I told you! I was sure this post would get more rewards!! I mean, it wasn´t because of me that is clear but I knew someone would find out about it :)

Like the


concept a lot!!!

I knew I should have come !!!

It was really a great Steemfest and I was so happy to be there! ^_^

I know exactly how you feel. I feel it too. People's blogs have a whole new dimension when you have met them.
At the risk of sounding like a parrot. Every one was brilliant in 300+ different ways.
I'm not usually a 'joiner' of anything but this is different.
I actually want to be a part of this community. This is a huge change for me and I'm very grateful.

Great post. Incredible how you stored all that information in your "heart"disk. See u next SF and, who knows, perhaps some meetup in germany.

Bremen or Berlin :)

I met so many cool people at Steemfest. I'm not sure if we spoke, but maybe next time

This is the second Steemfest I regret not attending. I am going to get my act together by next year as all these amazing reports are turning my pink into green with jealousy.
And yeah. I've made some amazing friends on steemit, so this time I am sticking around.

Hope to meet you next time! :)

So full of positive vibes. Thank you for sharing your story. I love the the encounter with the facepalm guy.

There is no word that can describe the feeling i have now,wow..
You have a thing for words that when i read through, i see myself visualizing all through those conversations(conversations) you had with the amazing Steemians.

It is good that a person like you attended,some one with a great memory(like you have minutely described like over 10 connections in have indeed a heart drive.),it has made us feel present and connected at Steemfest.

This summary of SteemFest indeed deserves to be on the trending page so that all Steeminans can have this feeling of presence as suggested by @stellabelle.

I have no option but to resteem to my friends so that they can also feel this excitement.

Thanks a lot for representing at SteemFest,will work hard to be there next year.

Thank you @jaraumoses, see you there next time!

And when I then said, "Oh, I thought there was only one Australian here. The guy who interviewed Ned this afternoon." He answered, "That's me." [searches for two face palm smileys...]

Lol that part made me laugh. Beautiful steemfest update. Its really a good feeling to see and connect with people from online community. The fact you could help us see the real people of steemit is great too. Thanks for sharing.

What an awesome post- soul chain I love that- watching everyone’s lives carry on and watching their journeys to their respective parts of the globe has been amazing. Somehow steemfest felt more like a reunion than a gathering, so many lovely folks in this post I’m so glad you got photos with them all and shared with the rest of us! 💕

oh and we just caught outselves typing out in our respective blogs and i shouted out 'FIRST!' -- you started that! :) hahahah.

Haha, love it!

It is really very cool Steemfest!

What a nice username, @keks ;)

Super Soulful Steemit Steemfest Post!!!

Thanks, Ann! :)

Such a great post! We only met briefly on the first evening but I'm glad I took your user-handle. Will be following from now on!!

Yes I remember you - will follow you, too, especially after the well-written poker story I just read by you! :)

An incredibly beautifully-written summary. You just increased my FOMO drastically ;)

Ha! I guess I'll be seeing you next year then!

This post is fantastic! As a new steemian I am getting to know the community and this post made me feel connected. Thanks again.

Congratulations @connecteconomy!
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yaaaaaaay! So many beautiful people! You've done a great job on this post, well done, it makes me want to be right back there NOW! so much fun, so many great connections, and yeah, a whole new level of steemit now that so many people have connected face to face.... It really does just keep getting better and better! :) Yes and I also loved the face palm anecdote.... classic XD

This is officially my favorite post of the Steem fest! Soooo many talented, gorgeous and with a good heart people that I'm going to read thanks to you, I'm a bit jealous I have to admit it. Thanks for sharing this and to make us feel there with you while on reading. Really hope to go on the Steem Fest 3 to meet all the awesome people in this platform ! :D

I LOVED meeting you!! Your energy is amazing and you re-inspired me to start crypto-investing again.

Oh good!
Then I did my job, haha!

Are you on Discord? I'd love to be able to chat more with you about investments and whatnot.

I'm on discord but not in a steemit group yet - do you have a link?

You're welcome to join The Writer's Block!
All sorts of writers gather here -- from poets to tech writers.
Or you can always DM me. My username is the same: Lenadr. Boring, I know! :)

Yes let's pour all this kindness to the world we live. Lovely to meet you, i hope the connectingeconomy is going to change the world into a very good place to live in :) Hugs

What an incredible effort here. This blows me away with the sentiment and grit this must have taken to compose. This post must have taken hours? Composing specific thoughtful insights about each steemian you met, crafting it just right to capture the essence of each personality. Amazing. And beautiful !

Thank you @goldmatters. The remembering and writing down part didn't take much effort - I believe we all remember things that truly touched us.
But the formatting of the post and all the images... phew... ha ha! But it was important for me to share, and seeing all the comments, it was totally worth it!

Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing with us :)

steemit is more like family, you learn from each other everyday.

5 btc omg... Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing, I'm learning while reading :)

Great work!

I was one of the few looking at the pictures that smiled your way but didn't connect.

Honestly, I was overwhelmed by it all and didn't put my best foot forward - I've never been great with hello's or goodbyes!

Thanks for the memories of SF, maybe next year i'll get to say hello!

Pity we didn't meet! The word "brexitted" on your profile tells me you have a story, too!

Yes, sorry - i'm a little backwards in coming forwards. I'm trying to write my version of events now - you'll find out a little more in there perhaps!

Brexitted yes, stories I've not written that much about yet actually, plenty of time for that i suppose!

I can relate to this feeling ....

RESTEEMED. ReUpgoated. Reupped. Reblogged. RE-fantastisized!

This is a great post! I'd love to make it to steemfest sometime, but in the meantime this is a fantastic way to meet some new voices (that are already curated!) and expand my feed! Thanks for sharing!!

Epic SteemFest post! So many cool Steemians.

What an awesome post. Definitely my favourite steemfest one that I've read.

Really amazing story. Very good compilation/curation of people who attended Steemfest.

This is serve as memory for others.

Wow what a lovely post so far as I read about steemFest. Thanks for sharing such a valuable details about the people, you are looking so happy in every pictures.Seeing you enjoying greatly I feel very happy I was not familiar with you before, thanks to @steelaabelle I can get know about you and your wonderful post. I am very happy to follow you and upvote your post. Wish you a very beautiful time ahead friend, happy steeming.

FUN! Great post. Great share. You can feel the good vibes :o)

This is exactly how I put it myself.... We met, in REAL life - it's not virtual anymore!!!! Unfortunately us 2 didn't meet :( even though I see way too many familiar faces in those pictures :( Anyway! For post SteemFest's productivity now, @stellabelle suggested I should contact you for a new project I'm launching, in order to bring more women on Steemit and in crypto in general! I couldn't find you on steemit chat, maybe you can? This is the post by the way:

Hey @meanmommy33 - I'm only seeing your comment now. I am @followyourjoy on Steemit chat - can you connect there again? Thank you, Anja

I'm on it right now Anja ! ;)

I think I saw @kevinwong to your back in that you and gringalicious photo.
@connecteconomy he seemed to be a nice guy too.

Oh I don't know him - looks like there are still a number of people I did not meet :)
Next time!

Ah, what an incredible time at Steemfest! I'm so glad to have met you and thanks for the sweet mention @connecteconomy!

I just wouldn't be able to remember all that without taking notes after talking to each person o.o

I love the idea of being able to read comments with person actual voice! I have some real friends here which I don't even know their age or face!

So you really stay for the community. And that's awesome :)

Oh wow just reading the many personalities and their stories is so wonderful.

You truly seemed to have a wonderful time there and meet so many people.

We have been so accustomed to talking and commenting on the people that we have followed here in Steemit and to meet them face to face is overwhelming.

I wish to someday be able to do that. Locally we have blogapooloza for Filipino Bloggers. I am not sure if Steemit sent a delegation there because I have only learned about Steemit a month ago.

But great post makes me feel positive about Steemit again.

Virtual hug

So detailed that i saw myself in Lisbon already from Africa😁

Oh good! Let's both visualize ourselves at the next one :)

By heavens i will be there.

This was definitely the steemfest post to end all steemfest posts. Heck, I feel like I know these people, now.

Thank you so much,,, now I almost feel like I was there !!!!

It seems the coolest steem fest

What a wonderful report. Thank you. This reminds me of how Twitter used to feel - the hope and inspiration from meeting new friends from faraway lands, or just on the other side of the city, that you might not have ever had the chance to meet if the social media site you both were on didn't exist. The Internet is still a good place. I wholeheartedly believe that, and posts like this reaffirm my belief.

That is without a doubt, hands down the best ever steemfest post ever, ever!!!

Thanks for the mention, it was a pleasure to have met you.


Awesome steemfest2 post! Made me feel like I was part of it even though I am 5000 km away! Upvoted, following and resteemed.

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki article about SteemFest². Thanks and good luck again!

Wow, so made so many great selfies! Was a great time at steemfest2! See you at steemfest3!

Hey @ballinconscious, you and me didn't take a selfie, but a video :) In case you missed it, it's here:
Yes, see you at SF3! :)

Oh I know we didn't take one together. I saw the video already and love it. Great times at the snookers bar ^^ Was good connecting with you at steemfest3 @connecteconomy ^^

What a great post @Connecteconomy! We loved hanging with you in Berlin and then in Lisbon. Thank you for making the trip awesome!

You said it, behind the chain of blocks there are humans. Is there anything more wonderful than humans? What a beautiful fraternity that has emerged there. I dream of steem Fest 3!

I just learnt so much about so many people. Thank You. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Life is about our journey and the people we meet along the way

Great Event . Great Pics . will try to attend next time .

John Lennon : Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

Lovely connections great to here I hope there are more to come for you :)

Thank you for sharing these memories. It is so much fun to meet people in person after "knowing" them online. Glad you got to go.

Very good content
For the first time I knew that Estimate had made a conference of those pictures
This is a very cool logo on the logo steemit


very nice photo
good post

I am blown away by the feeling that you guys have created here on steemit. As a new Steemian I am so excited by the kindness and good feeling that is radiating out all my devices loaded with steemit! Thank you for your dedication it’s making this platform off the show!!!

Great great sharing!! Nowadays we completely forget there are people behind those usernames! Resteeming! :)

So many faces to connect with account names I have at least seen before - Thanks for the post :)

Amazing, i like it

what an awesome post. I have seen you at steemfest, but never got the chance to talk. Hopefully next year!

If I'm not mistaken we did talk on the snooker night and I introduced you to my Irish friend, since you live in Ireland, too, wasn't that you? ;) Anyway, next year again, yesss!!

Of course we did! I believe I even have a picture of you somewhere. Sorry, I was a bit confused, I blame it on the drinking lol. Since I never drink...Yes, and your Irish friend, I never got her tag or user name. Would you be able to send it on to me? And yes, next year we'll talk more!!!

Wow nice post and photography, I am also looking forward to connect with steemians in real life.

This is seriously a well written post, all your descriptions and the way you choose to transmit it to the audience. I can feel your excitement and happiness through this post. You radiate happiness, I feel blessed to have seen you post. Thank you making us all look forward to the STEEM Fests, your encourage us to want to make memories like yours.

Me encanta tu post

Wow, amazing post. I think I just relived steemfest again.

What an amazing post! It's so wonderful to see the photos to match the names and see what everyone looks like and hear a little snippit about them.
Everyone looks so caring too, like a really great group of people. Light shining out of eyes and happy smiling faces! :)
Thanks for sharing your memories and making the names more real with photos.

Happiness, Life Changer...