More Impressions from SteemFest (Day 2)

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SteemFest 2 continued with another day of meeting cool people and enjoying delicious food, beautiful sights, which climaxed in an unforgettable "Night of Steem".

The second day of the conference took place in Montes Claros, a special event venue situated in the Parque Florestal de Monsanto.  This park on the top of a hill gives you an amazing view of Lisbon. @RoelandP really has a good sense for locations. 

As last night was long I showed up a bit late, so I saw just half of the talk by Quinn Eaker, an artist from Texas. Quinn likes flamboyant outfits and managed to say nothing else but "Steemit is awesome" in numerous variations. I guess it was some kind of art performance.

Like on the first day I decided to mostly skip the official talks and focussed on chatting with people on the huge terrace overlooking Lisbon.

At Steemfest you see few suits and lots of dreadlocks.

On the roof terrace with Anja and Daniel.

Aruna from Kasachstan, who is now travelling the world.

@steevc and @lloyddavies with their Ukuleles.

Steemians posing in a video selfie box.

The talk I liked most was given by @Detlev, who presented his weekly Beer Saturday. This is not a meetup, as you might think, but a literature contest, just that all stories have to be inspired by beer. 

After his talk, Detlev invited everyone in the audience to a cervejinha bem geladinha - no wonder his talk was so popular.

The food at Montes Claros was excellent. Here you see the desert buffet, with typical Portuguese pastéis de nata.

Olivier, the winner of the hackathon.

Ned Scott giving a fireside chat, where he answered important questions like what he would ask Satoshi Nakamoto and who is his hairdresser.

After dinner we all went to a club in the Castelo area, where the "Night of Steem" took place. I will post about this event seperately, especially about our modest contribution, the Bitfilm Contest award show. 

The highlight of the night were the Steembirds from Toronto. Dan and Jay sang very funny original songs with lyrics about Steem. On the screen behind them short video loops recorded by Steemians in the selfie box were shown, which rounded up their show visually.

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Greetings Brother~

I am glad that you made it to SteemFest and hope to talk to you sometime. I thought your work on the video with Sir Winchester, Mrs. Steemit, and their crew was very good.

I find it very interesting that you have taken the time in this post on SteemFest which is so positive and awesome to try to put me down.

I don't expect everyone to agree, nor even for everyone to like each other. You are not the first one that has ever not liked me. I have plenty of haters.

It takes a lot of courage for me to be so vulnerable and express myself so fully, especially when I get judged like this. Yet I do it anyways because I have a very important message to share.

You obviously did not listen to my talk and must have had some pre conceived judgments.

#1 Steemit IS awesome and NONE of us would be here were it not for Steemit. Also I am doing many profound and important things for the betterment of people and the world. There are literally hundreds of people's lives who I have changed profoundly for the better and tens of thousands of people that I feed, clothe, shelter and educate every year.

Steemit is something that can help do this and has the potential to be revolutionary. I truly believe in Steemit and we obviously need a lot more exposure for just how awesome it is and the great potential that it has.

I am open to any constructive criticism. I do understand that I turn some people off, and that is ok, though your tact here is unprofessional and unhelpful.

Wish you the best. I hope we find common ground and common purpose so that we may help each other and the world together.


I think you misunderstood my North German humour. I liked your talk.

Then I apologize and thank you~*~

You are AWESOME @quinneaker just like STEEMIT!! :) Thank you and Cheers!!!!

You missed the part of @quinneaker's presentation where he shared that he founded the @gardenofeden, the most sustainable ecovillage in Texas that feeds tens of thousands of free meals a year, houses people for free, and protects and honors the planet, and that there is lots of power and potential in our coming together for a greater good. It seems the honesty & vulnerability he shared escaped you.

I might have missed that part. I enjoyed the part of his talk that I heard, it was really funny.

The best part of Steemfest like no other Fest, is that you only meat there talented people, who either write good content, or are incredible artist or are simply just entertaining this great community. I am so jealous on those who had the opportunity to attend.

Looks like everybody is enjoying. Looking forward for more updates from you about this steemfest.

Hi Aaron, I used your photograph of @Ned and myself at the fireside chat in the following post, with a link back to your post. Let me know if you have any issues with this! Thank you.

Sure, no problem.

I'm getting hungry watching this..

looks fun. next year definitely have to be there:)

the park view is lovely

wow wonderful

Amazing i wish I was there

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hi @aaronkoenig, enjoy a lot fest and have a happy journey. Thanks for sharing pics with us.


The photo of the creamy and delicious pies are making me hungry! Wish I could be there Sunday to hang out with ya'll! Have fun!

This is pretty great really you did very well job.

@aaronkoenig na toll!!! Und das ohne mich :-/ Next try next time! Hugs out to ya fellaz🙌🏽

Und ohne mich auch :(

Nächstes Mal fahren wir alle.


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Ach ja restemeeeeeeed natürlich 🤙🏽🌸

Lots Of Fun..

Awesome post @aaronkoenig, it was great to see you in SteemFest2 ;)

Thanks For Your Good Information.

Hi @aaronkoenig Your update is probably the best i have seen about steemfest.

Well do have fun, and i do hope steemfest comes to Africa next time.

Wonderful, amazing post, looking rock n roll, love it
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Haha, Detlev is also my favourite! This looks really fun, ich will auch. Nächstes Mal.

Ich wünschte ich hätt dabei sein können :-(


A really good write-up of the Day 2, Aaron! I enjoyed hanging out with you throughout the day. You are such a friendly and joyful person. In my heart you will always remain a “Money Badger of Honey”! ;))

That's really nice post


bin ganz sicher am Steemfest 3 dabei!! lg

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Hey! Another amazing post! I just posted another Voyage into my life journey. Check it out! It's about my travels across the world! Hope you like it!


I wish I were there :) Hopefully next #SteemFest!

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I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

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It was a nice and fun trip. Thank you for sharing your adventure and photos.