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RE: More Impressions from SteemFest (Day 2)

in #steemfest4 years ago

Greetings Brother~

I am glad that you made it to SteemFest and hope to talk to you sometime. I thought your work on the video with Sir Winchester, Mrs. Steemit, and their crew was very good.

I find it very interesting that you have taken the time in this post on SteemFest which is so positive and awesome to try to put me down.

I don't expect everyone to agree, nor even for everyone to like each other. You are not the first one that has ever not liked me. I have plenty of haters.

It takes a lot of courage for me to be so vulnerable and express myself so fully, especially when I get judged like this. Yet I do it anyways because I have a very important message to share.

You obviously did not listen to my talk and must have had some pre conceived judgments.

#1 Steemit IS awesome and NONE of us would be here were it not for Steemit. Also I am doing many profound and important things for the betterment of people and the world. There are literally hundreds of people's lives who I have changed profoundly for the better and tens of thousands of people that I feed, clothe, shelter and educate every year.

Steemit is something that can help do this and has the potential to be revolutionary. I truly believe in Steemit and we obviously need a lot more exposure for just how awesome it is and the great potential that it has.

I am open to any constructive criticism. I do understand that I turn some people off, and that is ok, though your tact here is unprofessional and unhelpful.

Wish you the best. I hope we find common ground and common purpose so that we may help each other and the world together.



I think you misunderstood my North German humour. I liked your talk.

Then I apologize and thank you~*~

You are AWESOME @quinneaker just like STEEMIT!! :) Thank you and Cheers!!!!

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