First Night at SteemFest

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SteemFest 2 started with a nice get-together in the garden bar of Hotel Fénix, the central hub of SteemFest in Lisbon. After having received my wristband and conference badge, I met several old Steem friends such as Knozaki2015, Ana Hilarski, Randy Hilarski, Mrs. Steemit, Soldier, Sir Winchester and many others.

After a few drinks we realised how hungry we were, so a mixed group of Japanese, Korean, European and American Steemians went to a nearby Shawarma joint. 

Hanging out with the Hilarskis is always fun.

Randy shot this video of us walking back from the Shawarma to the hotel.

We went back to the SteemFest reception and although it was quite late already, it was even more crowded than before. 

SteemFest will start early and I was a bit tired from the flight, so I went to bed, looking forward to the first day of the conference.

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@aaronkoenig Hello again . I've been following you for a long time and I'm excited about everything. I take care to write upvote, resteem and comments on their subjects. The other day he took down the power and even got down. Now I'll read it, comment, comment, and upvote every time you get a comment from me. Thank you my dear friend @aaronkoenig


We'll help all friends. So that everyone is strong......

Looks like you are having fun there, next year i want to be there, maybe as someone important for the community!!!

Its nice to see u r enjoying SteemFest so much.. meeting so many people and learn something new.. great experience!


I just upvoted you,

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wow, its great

You must be having a beautiful time time there.. It is Great.

Meanwhile, @aaronkoenig, I decided to make a contribution in my little way to SteemFest 2 through my Act of Creativity. I would appreciate you checking this out, and letting me know what you feel about it. Thank you as you do.

Wow... Enjoying all your post regarding Steem fest love all your pics. have a lots of fun there.
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it's great to be together with steemit community in lisbon, knowing many friends with the same hobby, i really hope to be present at steemfest next year, today i write a lot about steemfest event, please visit my friend blog 😆😆

wow i like the steam fest conference....

Also die meisten Gesichter sagen mir nichts. Sind die Asiaten im Bild Koreaner?


Japaner und Koreaner. Die Dame links ist @ramengirl


Was in der asiatischen Steemit-Community abgeht finde ich sehr spannend.

every one looking great....

It is a very good post ♫
I’m @moromaro.
one of japanese we accompanied dinner yesterday.
I'm glad to see you.
please follow me.

That's great ! Looks awesome. Wish I was there ! Thanks for sharing with us !💕👍😊

Very happy moments! It's great to see everyone together. Enjoy every single moment of SteemFest 2 @aaronkoenig

It does looks great to be there .

Thats look you are enjoying the steemFest with them and having a great day.

Nice party

Why was everyone so hungry? What did you eat?

Thanks @aaronkoenig we had so much fun lastnight ;)


We'll help all friends. So that everyone is strong......

That is awesome. I wish I was there. Maybe next year. Have it in Ottawa Canada and I will host everybody.

You make a beautiful trip..go to success..upvoted

We'll help all friends. So that everyone is strong......

Looks all like great fun I would love to go and make some more steemit friends!

You guys are really having a great time