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WordPress Steem

WordPress Steem

Publish Your WordPress Posts on Steem Blockchain!


I've done overall improvements to the plugin and fixed a minor bug inside the WordPress Steem plugin internally. This is the most stable version of the plugin and I've done additional tests that passed all conditions. I'd like to thank all the users who have used the plugin and gave their feedback to it as it has greatly improved the overall performance and its functionality. :)

It's been almost 2 weeks that I last updated the plugin and updates on my Steem profile as I've been busy building a new project called Steemful. I'm apparently quite excited about it and I've been eager to be on point with the schedules I planned on releasing this new platform around the Steem blockchain. :D


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Hide "Update on Steem blockchain" checkbox input if the Steem post reaches the 7 days allowed time frame to be editable.
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Doing an update on Steem blockchain action will not trigger if the Steem post reaches its 7 days allowed time frame to be editable.
  • [FIX] Corrected the wording for cooldown notice. There is no 5 minute cooldown for doing a Steem post edit.
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Preparing all the wordings for foreign translations in the future version of the plugin by wrapping them with WordPress locale functions.
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added an intuitive message if trying to publish a WordPress Post on Steem blockchain when its still in the 5 minute cooldown interval.

You can check the commit directly at the repository.

The latest version of the plugin is now available through GitHub repository and the WordPress Plugins repository.


Thanks to the people who have supported the project, reported issues with the project, suggested possible features to be built on the project, and to the testers! Greatly appreciate your help! :)





@recrypto - Great plugin i'm redoing hybrid of it for weeks now, with few other stuff included. Is it possible that we remove mandatory login credentials in the plugin, and replace it with steemconnect.com ? It would be great step towards multi-user real wordpress platform where everyone can individually post their content to steem at the same time.



Hello, thanks for taking interest on the plugin. I've been working on a prototype that I will include on the next update of the plugin that will make user-level for publishing via Steem blockchain.

As for the SteemConnect.com, I haven't consider this path yet because I'm working on my own platform called Steemful. :)

If you need any help, extra pair of hands, i can offer 1 rails, 1 php (me) and 1 js developer regarding plugin and user-level settings for posting.

SteemConnect would be awesome because it gives trust as it is publicly used tool for steem integration to anything (posting, voting, resteem, etc...).

Anyway, let me know some rough dates for plugin update, i respect you are busy, but we are tight with time/investment (deadline for launch is 1.st of September).



Sorry, I still don't have a definitive time frame with the next release of the plugin.

Do you mind if we try work-around using your plugin ? If we reach success, i can give you the changelog so maybe you can use it for your release ?

Many thanks for all answers in past 24 hours, really appreciated.



Thank you very much for your efforts on WP. The woocommerce plugin has me tempted to launch another retail store but only accept steem for payment. This might force some people to move to steemit. I think it is people like you that will help propel Steem to $10 and beyond one day. For your hard work and efforts I say Super Duper Thank You!

very cool. I'm going to check this out... I have a few clients on WordPress, one of which is very interested in getting their content on Steemit. :)

That's very cool friend.

Thanks. You can use this WordPress plugin if you have a WordPress website. :)

This is very cool, I am a Wordpress Developer too, will try it out. Thanks Man

No problem. Please let me know your feedback if you are able to use it. Thanks! :)

Will let you know, will be trying it later. Thanks

Cool, thanks! :)

Is not working for me and i put correct settings :(

@recrypto The plugin does not seem to work on my website. I am the administrator of bitnewsbot.com - an aggregasion website. Posts are fetched through RSS form various websites and are autopublished on the website (full content). I installed your plugin but the post are not curated on steemit. Am I doing something wrong? What should I take notice of to see if I made a mistake?

not able to get it working either, even after following @thymewisper instructions on getting the Private Post Key. ;-(

I just published my first time to Steemit from my Wordpress blog. Two questions. It will take 5 minutes before it will post? And am I supposed to put something in the permalink field? Thanks!

Great to hear that! :)

It will take 5 minutes before it will post?

It will be posted instantly. The 5 minute is the cooldown where you can post another Steem post.

And am I supposed to put something in the permalink field?

If you want to have a custom permalink for your Steem post, if not, it will automatically be assigned based on the post slug. (Please note that you can't change the permalink once you have posted it on Steem blockchain)

I must have done something wrong. It still has not posted. Yet it went to Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. Is there some place I can look for error messages? I deliberately updated after a couple of hours. Got the same message in orange background:

Please wait for 300 seconds to be able to publish this post to the Steem blockchain as there is a 5 minute cooldown.

Yet nothing shows up in my blog.

Are you sure you have entered your settings for:

  • username
  • private posting key

Please let me know. Thanks. :)

Yes I did when first installed plug in and it brought up the settings. However I decided to check it after reading your reply a few minutes ago. I didn't realize that the characters listed in the posting key section was not the the private key and that I needed to click on the box on the right to show the private key. Once I corrected the key it worked! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

I'm glad that you managed to resolve the issue. No problem at all. :)

for username , what do we write @ or "without @"

@neelam.vish or neelam.vish

Cool! Thank you!

You're welcome. :)

Hi are you steemit chat at all ?

Hello, yes, I am. (Though I'm not really active there)

I sent two messages there plz check thanks!

Holy Wow! That is an awesome idea to combine Wordpress with Steemit! I often do work in contentmanagement and have used Wordpress a lot. I see a great deal of potential in this, this could be as big as the Steemit platform itself! Resteeming.

Thanks, greatly appreciate it! :)

Does it use canonical links?

You mean the slug is the same on WordPress post and Steem post? Yes, they do.

Thanks @recrypto, since I discover steemit, this is the most useful plugin I have :)

That's great to hear that! No problem at all. I'm glad you find it useful. :)

This plugin is the best ever! Installed and can't wait to use it!

Plugin is allowing too many tags. I've seen like 10-12 tags on some posts.

Just installed this. I'm brand new to steemit and one of the things I really wanted was to be able to cross-post from my site to steemit. I was super happy to have found this plug in :) Thanks for your hard work!

@recrypto wp-steem is no longer working as of a WP core update to 4.8.2.

It's failing silently - Not getting errors in the WP admin UI.
No errors in apache error.log.
The WP post is updated as designed, but there's no sign of items published or as drafts in steemit.

Hello, I apologize for this outage. The servers are now backed up.

ty, @recrypto. hope all is well with you.

Hello @extroverting,

Thanks for your concern. Yes, I'm doing well. :)

Stopped working since last 5 days.

Hello, I apologize for this outage. The servers are now backed up.

This plugin is not working for me... each posting tell me to wait 300 sec ( e3ven if I wait I still cannot post .. ) any help?


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