WordPress Steem 1.0.2

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WordPress Steem

WordPress Steem

Publish Your WordPress Posts on Steem Blockchain!


Improved the overall user experience on using the plugin. I've gathered feedback and suggestions from the people who have used it and added those features on the plugin. :)


  • [FIX] wp_steem_is_setup() function
  • [NEW] Default Publish to Steem field in Steem Settings
  • [NEW] Default Update to Steem field in Steem Settings
  • [NEW] Default Tags field in Steem Settings
  • [NEW] Post Types field in Steem Settings
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Intuitive messages that guides the user

You can check the commit directly at the repository.

The latest version of the plugin is now available through GitHub repository and the WordPress Plugins repository.


Thanks to the people who have supported the project, reported issues with the project, suggested possible features to be built on the project, and to the testers! Greatly appreciate your help! :)





Allright, a few things.

Firstly, when I use the duplicate function of Events Manager, the permalink gets copied as well, pointing to the old post.

Secondly, I do not see the permalink anywhere in the post on Steem.

And finally the permalink does not seem to be formatted correctly, in WP it looks like httpswww-blevley-comeventsiii-xtrem-running-race-benidorm
As you can see there is a :// missing.

Still a great addition. About the 5 minute cooldown, is that always applicable? I had it happen to me once when I was posting manually.

For the missing "://" in permalink slug? WordPress sanitizes those text when its a slug because it converts it to dashes and lowercase letters.

Yes, there is a 5 minute cool down on Steem blockchain when posting.

what is a cool down {: o ?? I have an idea of what a permalink is but how did you do it manually ? I'd love to try it on my own...:) and...how do you do it now if not manually...a bot maybe? Please explain it to a donkey :]]]

Good work, this will add value to the Steemit community.

Thanks. Greatly appreciate it! Yes, hopefully it gets traction and it will be a go-to tool for WordPress users to adapt Steem. :)

I installed on my website, and when i activated it, it messed up my website. it gives me this when i try to access any page: Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /wp-content/plugins/woo-steem/includes/wc-steem-functions.php on line 67

Hello, what PHP version are you using?

Current PHP version: 5.4.45

i think 5.4 is obsolete for a while already... please move on to 5.6 or higher


I like toast 🍞

Nice. Thankyou for sharing @recrypto.

No problem at all. :)

Wow, the bots are upon us! XD

no joke...

It's terrible!! I think we need to start flagging like crazy all these profiles...they are just not adding any value!

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Hello~ I found few more things, 1) Steem recomend us use only 5 tags, 2) when my wordpress post was moved to Steem, comment annotation characters of PHP file ("//") was not coverted in right way (I fixed using markup lang. directely, like \+/+\+/ :)) . Thanks~!

Wonderful photography work. Thanks for sharing! I have just upvoted your post ;)


This is really an amazing plugin, I was really happy with it, but today has stopped for me...do you know why this could be happening? Thanks

I understand there is 5-minute cooldown but is there any other restrictions on posts ? I am seeing a weird pattern sometime the posts are not getting posted. It looks like a timing issue in some cases more than 10 hours.

Can you help me configure this in my wordpress website?

Wonderful photography work. Thanks for sharing! I have just upvoted your post ;)


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