WordPress Steem 1.0.0 [BETA]

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WordPress Steem

WordPress Steem

Publish Your WordPress Posts on Steem Blockchain!


  • Automatically converts your post content into Markdown format
  • Automatically render WordPress shortcodes to Steem post (Assuming you are using the default WordPress editor NOT the Markdown editor)
  • Publish your newly created WordPress post to the Steem blockchain
  • Publish your old WordPress post to the Steem blockchain
  • Update your published Steem post if you have used this plugin to publish that Steem post
  • Set post reward options such as Power Up (100%), Default (50% / 50%), and Decline Payout
  • Set custom post permalink for your Steem post
  • Set post tags for your Steem post
  • Easy to use User Interface


  • No support yet for scheduled posts but it will be supported on upcoming releases.
  • Conversion of post content to Markdown may be off sometimes.


You will require your Steem PRIVATE POSTING KEY for this plugin to work. Your PRIVATE POSTING KEY is NOT stored on our servers.

The plugin will automatically get a 15% curation reward from the Steem post created with this plugin for the use of development and maintenance cost with the beneficiary going to @steemful. (This is the brand I created for my projects related to Steem blockchain)


Tweaking the Steem Settings (Backend)


WordPress - Add New Post - With an option to publish on Steem blockchain (Backend)


WordPress - Add New Post - With an option to completely create content for the Steem post to be published on Steem blockchain (Backend)


WordPress - Edit Post - With an option to update a Steem post already published on Steem blockchain (Backend)




  • Thanks for all the people who supported this project.


Please support me by following me on Steem @recrypto or if you feel like donating, that would really help a lot on my future Steem developments around WordPress ecosystem. :)


@recrypto Wow! I think this app is going to be another game changer, especially for someone like me who have been looking for how to synchronize Wordpress with steemit. Hope this project succeeds. You have my support already. Just donated my vote of about $2. Besides, I've resteemed post and following you now for sake of this word press -
steemit project. Well done!!!

Hello @maryfavour Greatly appreciate your support. I hope this plugin will be useful to you. Thanks! :)

I would love to hear your views on my post concerning STEEM 1.0
I am trying to get as much people as I can in the discussion. Thanks.

Oh, this is great! I will do a trial soon. :)

That'd be great! Thanks. Please keep me posted with your experience. :)

@recrypto I had an issue trying to install this. I don't know if it was because of the version of PHP that my server is running or the version of Wordpress. But I would get this error

Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /wp-content/plugins/wp-steem/app/wp-steem-functions.php on line 40

To fix, I changed the function wp_steem_is_setup() to the following:

function wp_steem_is_setup () {

     return true;

I understand that this defeats the purpose of the function because it checks if Steem has been setup, but for my purposes it fixed the error and allowed the plugin to work.

On a side note, I'm using a syntax highlighting plugin and it would be awesome if this plugin could strip out those tags from my posts. Its not too much trouble to edit the posts myself after submitting but would be more streamlined.

Thanks for reporting this. I'll be making a patch fix for this on the next version. Greatly appreciate it. :)

@RECRYPTO bro, you are such a rare gem. I just contributed to your development and also sent in my review on Wordpress. You saved me a whole lots of researches and time. Imagine, I will have to write on WP and repost here again and again, but with this, just hit - BAAAM!!!

God bless you really great. :)

You are a life saver and game changer.

@residual Thanks! Greatly appreciate it. :)

God bless as well! :)

I think you need to add transition_post_status so that posts can be scheduled.

Fires when a post is transitioned from one status to another.

Thanks for this recommendation. I've also been working on a prototype that will include this in the next version of the plugin. :)

How does the plugin handle WordPress tags and custom taxonomies?

It would be great if the tags and custom taxonomies were added to the post as links so that they could drive traffic back to the WordPress website.

As of this moment, the plugin only works for the WordPress default "post" and with "categories" taxonomy. I'm still thinking ways to incorporate custom taxonomies. As of now, it's all the basic features incorporated as I want it as simple as possible.

I'm already in the midst of enabling custom post types and custom taxonomies. (I'm careful about it because some custom post types used by third-party plugins used it as objects for their application and it might contain sensitive data. It would be disaster if those sensitive data are posted in the blockchain.)

Thanks for your recommendation.

Custom post type support would be great, your concern about exposing private data, for example a WooCommerce order, which is a post is relevant.

A pretty safe bet would be to respect the public flag of the post type object. You can get all public post types, like this $post_types = get_post_types( [ 'public' => true ]);

Let me know if you have questions about developing this plugin. WordPress plugin development is what I do.

Hi @shelob9,

Sorry for the late response. Currently the plugin supports posts and other custom post types. As what you have suggested to include the parameter "public" as true. Yep, I've already included that.

Anyways, if you have any other suggestions or want to contribute, you can always write a pull request at the repository: https://github.com/recrypto/wp-steem

Thanks for that! :)

Good work, I added your plugin to http://steemtools.com/

Thanks so much! :)

Hello @jijospeaks

I have not added the option for allowing shortcodes on post content but I'll be releasing it on the next version of the plugin so that you can enable shortcodes being rendered when being updated on the Steem blockchain.

That would be excellent. Not just the shortcode. Also there are some alignment issues if you check again. What I have in paragraphs is shown together in Steemit.

As for the alignment, it is subjective to the platform styling and not the WordPress styling or alignment styling.

Anyways, some good news for you. :)

I've made some progress on enabling the shortcode automatically when publishing or updating to the Steem blockchain.

Here's my current tests:
Attempt #1:

Attempt #2:

Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it as it helps the improvement of the plugin.

Hello, How is the WordPress shortcodes to Markdown done ? Most shortcode have no equivalent, are they just stripped out ?

Hi @transisto, before it is converted into a Markdown, the shortcode is rendered as HTML (Basically, it is processed with the WordPress logic) then converted into a Markdown.

As for the shortcode with no equivalent, they stay there as is as text in Markdown format. (Example: if there's no shortcode handler for "[wp_steem_debug]", it will display as text in Steem post "[wp_steem_debug".

PS: Thanks for supporting this. Greatly appreciate it! :)

This is an awesome tool! I was looking for something like that since I joined Steemit! Thanks @recrypto :D

Cool, no problem at all. :)

Wow.. that is so amazing.. keep it progress buddy

Thanks! I will be. Greatly appreciate it! :)

Keep getting cooldown error, any suggestions?

Please be reminded that there is a 5 minute cooldown when creating a Steem post in the Steem blockchain.

300 seconds left to do another post action.

I got so excited about this but then got told by wordpress that I have to upgrade to a business plan not a personal plan in order to install plugins :( Is there any way around this?? I live in South Africa and the dollar to rand exchange means these plans cost me an arm and a leg!

Hello @momnivogue, I'm sorry to hear that. I assume you are using WordPress.com and not a self-hosted WordPress.org site? I don't think there's a workaround on the WordPress.com plan as that's how they structure their services I guess.

The only workaround is to self-host a WordPress.org site into a different hosting provider or unfortunately get the WordPress.com business plan.

I have a WordPress website, too....I'm interested in this but I'm a tech Luddite so I will wait for a month and follow the progress of the plugin....

It's easy to setup. You just have to set your settings on the backend. Settings > Steem and set the necessary setting fields and you are good to go. :D

Oh, cool. The plugin can now be used. You can download it at: https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-steem

I am a WordPress Fiend! Thanks for this. I love the creativity and innovation going into Steem Projects!

That's cool. You're welcome! :)

This post has received a 31.56 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @recrypto.

Hello guys. I have some tips and tricks for WordPress Steem. You might find it useful. :)

I have a suggestion that the 15% is a bit too much, Could you bring it down? Thank you, great work.

I'll be considering that but as of this moment I'm still rethinking a viable rate for that. (As the current percentage will help me cover server fees and development)

Yes, I can understand that. But eventually I have said that for your benefit as well.

Thanks. I'll eventually be able to lower it in the future. I'll be adding this on my to-do list. :)

I hope you still respond to these, I was wondering if this works on wordpress.org? I can't find the plugin either, is there a link?

This post gets a 1.37 % upvote thanks to @recrypto - Hail Eris !

Wow! cool tool!

Great, thanks! Upvoted and Resteemed!

AMAZING !! thank you !

Thanks and you're welcome. :)

You are my new favourite Steemian!

I have needed this for a while. I even wrote a proposal to encourage developers like yourself to get in on WordPress.

My motivations for sharing the proposal post are not directly monetary as the post is more than 7 days old.

Can a plugin ever achieve the functionality I try to describe in the proposal?


Such a plugin might earn more curation rewards as it would increase the interfaces whereupon upvoting can take place. If a popular user had their own website running the plugin, their following would visit that website instead of Steemit.com, Busy.org, Chainbb.com etc and focus their upvotes on that popular users posts thus more rewards for the plugin.

Hello @mkdouglas, thanks so much. Greatly appreciate it! :)

Thanks for this recommendation. I'll be reviewing this and I'll let you know my thoughts about it. :)

The good thing about SteemConnect is that it can create accounts without users going to Steemit.com.

If website owners were willing to foot the bill for creating new Steem accounts for their website users maybe in exchange for:

  • the same email and phone number that is required by Steemit.com
  • a share of the curation rewards

Then recruiting new Steemians would maybe happen faster as everyone of those websites would be a recruitment agent or centre.

And everyone of those recruitment centres would effectively be like your franchises: paying you part of its rewards.

I will soon explain the business model in more detail.

SteemConnect can create free accounts? A bit expensive to create an account for Steem but hopefully it will be cheaper soon.

Thanks for this idea. Yeah, it sounds good but there should be an initial investment on which I don't have funding yet.

That would be great. Looking forward to hear those! :)

SteemConnect can create free accounts?

No it is not free but the price varies.


The price is expensive but isn't that a cost for the owner of the website?

If the blockchain technicalities allow both you and the website owner to get some of the rewards, then the website owner should incur the cost of creating the new Steem accounts.

If the blockchain technicalities allow only you to get some of the rewards, then you will need that funding.

I am available to write a funding proposal for the Steem Whales swimming around. A casual job as your business analyst or business developer would be preferred but just the possible rewards from that proposal post and the name recognition would be enough.

Ahh, I see. Just what I thought. :D

That's a great idea. Maybe we can talk via Steemit.chat on this privately. :)

I use the same username on Steemit.chat.

Ok, thanks. I've messaged you over the Steemit.chat. :)

Just to clarify, the Steem blockchain requires someone to pay the account creation fee to open a new account.

For users who use the Steemit.com signup and go through the approval process, Steemit, Inc. pays for the account creation fee for those users.

SteemConnect is just a UI interface to the blockchain. When users use that to create an account, they are just going straight to the blockchain and creating the account themselves by paying the account creation fee out of their own account.

Thanks for clarifying that up, @timcliff. :)

Thanks for this overview. The marriage of Steem and Wordpress is sure to make some noise. (Good noise at that ;)

You're welcome. Yes, hopefully it will be. I'll be make a dedicated WordPress website next week and start blogging with the use of this plugin. Eventually the goal is to drive traffic to Steem platform. :)

Hi @jerrybanfield, I saw your profile that you have a WordPress website. Wanna beta test and make a possible review please? :D

@recrypto - Checking out this repo now. I've got multiple WP sites to use if there are specifics you want to test.

@extroverting That'd be cool if you can test it out with your setup and if you can please give a feedback on the experience. That'd be great. Thanks! :)

Setup was smooth. The way you handle the plugin Settings panel is top-notch. Published a post without issue -- everything is Working As Designed.

What Do Las Vegas Poker Players Think of Legal Cannabis? In a Word: 'Fantastic'

Nice work. Thank you for making this available. Please let me know if there are specific use cases you'd like me to test.

Hello, thank you so much for your feedback as it would help me evaluate the current feature experience is working smoothly.

Please let me know if you run issues with formatting as I'm currently monitoring this feature closely. :)

Formatting came through well on the published item. There was some orphan text around the image in the post, but this flavor of Markdown doesn't handle image float / text wrapping, so it's not an issue with your plugin.

Thanks for this feedback. Greatly appreciate it. I'll be noting that. :)

By the way, if you have spare time to make a review of this plugin on WordPress Plugin repository. That would be great and that would really help future users easily decide to use the plugin. :D

You can make a review at:

Thanks! :)

Awesome work! I'll be giving it a test and will let you know how things go!

Again, great job!

Thanks, greatly appreciate it! :)

I think I'm going to have to start using this.


That'd be cool. Thanks! :)

Can't be loaded on a network type WordPress site.

I plan on changing that back to a regular site.

Sorry to hear that. You can use it on your self-hosted WordPress installation.

It is a self-hosted site.
I turned off multi-site and tried to the plug-in again, but got the 500 Server Error again.

I will try it on one of my other sites next. I am using the version on the WordPress Repository.

Ahh, I see. Thanks for reporting that. I'll be reviewing the WordPress MU environment for this plugin.

I was able to use the GitHub version.
It doesn't seem like scheduling the post didn't work. The post is posting automatically.

Nice work @ recrypto. Maybe we can work together on a wordpress project in the future.

Thanks! Yes, sure. :)

I was able to load the version from GitHub.
Testing it out now.

Nice work mate. Will check it out on github soon. Now I have to consider whether I continue on my own plugin or not :)

Thanks. Cool. I think that's a hard decision to take for you but I respect whatever decision you take. :)

Awesome. My new website is being built - I’ll get my web guyto add the plugin!!!

Great work! I´m just curious, how you are solving the problem of duplicate content?

Is there something like a canonical tag, like on medium? https://illuminea.com/ultimate-guide-to-wordpress-medium/

This project is really great for who are looking for a shortcut to escape from both writing in wardpress and steemit.

Just tried it for the first time and I got "Please wait for 300 seconds to be able to publish this post to the Steem blockchain as there is a 5 minute cooldown." message...I installed it hours ago and only used it once... How do I publish it again 5 minutes later when it is now "published" on my blog?

Been waiting to find this!


I've been using WordPress for years, so nice to know I can keep on keeping on and use your plugin to post here as well.

Definitely a time saver, which is huge! Thanks!

I think you have a winner on your hands here buddy! Resteeming to 1000, good luck with this!

Thanks, greatly appreciate it! :)

This post is picking up Steem! Nice one!

Thanks. I'm really thankful for the people who have supported my project all the way. Greatly appreciate your support. :)

It did not worked for me can you provide the updated link?

I feel like trying!

If i want to Post something over WP-steem i got the messenge:
Please wait for 300 seconds to be able to publish this post to the Steem blockchain as there is a 5 minute cooldown.
But i cant do anything.

Can you help me?

I need a plug-in that takes a post from Steemit, then posts at least a cut down 'single paragraph' 'version' to Wordpress with a link to the original Steemit post.

keeping this for future ref.

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