[RESULTS] D19E03 "Baby Needs a new pair of Shoes!" - Theme - 'MLB Picks and Trivia" - Last New Pair of 1st Decathlon

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Here is graded answers and finish positions for:
D19E03 "Baby Needs a new pair of Shoes!" - Theme - 'MLB Picks and Trivia" - Last New Pair of 1st Decathlon

At home, getting much healthier quicker now. My head is clear so grading this was much easier.
I send out rewards for the contests, tonite.

Will Update the final leaderboards and annouce the winners of the 1st Steemdecathlon Tommorow.

Picks (5 points max)
MLB Games winners on Fri 2018/6/8
a1 Los Angeles Angels
a2 Arizona Diamondbacks
b3 Los Angeles Dodgers
b4 Toronto Blue Jays
a5 Chicago White Sox
a6 Cleveland Indians
a7 Houston Astros
b8 Oakland Athletics
a9 Milwaukee Brewers
a10 New York Yankees
b11 Chicago Cubs
b12 Miami Marlins
a13 Seattle Mariners
a14 San Francisco Giants
a15 St. Louis Cardinals

Trivia Question Answer Key (8 point max)

Q6) c
Q7) a
Q8) c
Q9) d
Q10) e
Q11) d
Q12) b
Q13) c


Everyone receives 1 participation point
Contest points are based on the correct answers.

1st: bhavyalakshman 13 points - 5 picks 8 trivia

2nd: lavanyalakshman 11 points - 3 picks 8 trivia

3rd: ranjith35 11 points - 3 picks 8 trivia

Honorable Mention:

hasbydiaz 11 points - 3 picks 8 trivia

mustang88 10 points - 3 picks 7 trivia
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i'm getting better. I didn't miss the contest this time


way to go!
New Season starts this week.


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