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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch et al.

'Peace be with you.'

Before this Knight gets into the the full subject matter of this post he is first going to point out something which should be blindingly obvious to the whole of the Steem Community. And to do so he is going to call upon the statistics of @exan.

With regard to reward distribution two days ago the breakdown of the chart above is as follows:

  • There are 6374 authors, were rewarded with 32871.621 Steem Dollars.
  • Plankton - 4354 (68.308%) got rewards - 8134.251 (24.745%) Steem Dollars.
  • Minnows - 1575 (24.709%) got rewards - 13809.228 (42.009%) Steem Dollars.
  • Dolphins - 388 (6.087%) got rewards - 8052.352 (24.496%) Steem Dollars.
  • Orca - 56 (0.878%) got rewards - 2711.961 (8.25%) Steem Dollars.
  • Whales - 1 (0.015%) got rewards - 163.826 (0.498%) Steem Dollars.

Do you see it yet?

To those constantly complaining that the system is 'unfair' - note that 90% of the rewards are going to Plankton, Minnows and Dolphins... 90%. In effect would be approximately 70% of the STEEM wealth being created going to the poor and middle income earners - there is no fairer economic ecosystem on the planet at this time! So stop whinging about it and embrace it.

(And of the 1-2% first being paid to Voting Bots - just stop paying Voting Bots!)

SteemChurch Strategy

The matters that SirKnight will now address specifically relates to the SteemChurch community, our mission and our strategic direction.

Firstly however we will publicly address a matter that has been brought to our attention. This is jealousy within the Church ranks and again 'whinging' that things aren't the way they used to be under 'Celestial Challenge' where everyone was being rewarded for simply participating.

Who Moved My Cheese?

Despite the names of our two little friends running around, for some the penny just never dropped. The Cheese is constantly being moved. The purpose of 'Celestial Challenge' was to discover the most talented authors and then encourage them to SteemChurch.

From there the Cheese has moved again, moved into new Steem projects in new countries - and our Christian message is just now starting to roll itself out to into the real world. And this roll-out is being driven by the likes of Apostle @darlenys01 and SteemChurch CEO @emiliocabrera.

SteemChurch is now building farms to feed the hungry. Soon we will be building real world Churches and Medical Centers.

Every Steemian who participated in those early days had every opportunity to work hard and excel. Some did rise to the challenge, whilst others achieved success working with the Apostles. Either way, many thousands of dollars in rewards have been distributed to our parishioners.

Some however, stayed back at Cheese Station C and simply wondered where their cheese had gone. They sat and wished for it back. They didn't adapt to the change that was going on around them. If this was you - you have none to blame for your failure but yourself.

The Cheese is moving again!

For a time SteemChurch was arguable the single greatest community on the STEEM blockchain. Whether we still are or not is a matter of opinion - there are some other great ones here now and they want our talented parishioners. So rest assured if we do not lift our Steem Power over the next few months, we will be left behind.

Aside from protecting our claim on the reward pool, more Steem Power is needed to attract more parishioners in the lead up to SMTs; and, is needed to fund the 'Resource Credit' requirements brought about by Hardfork 20.

At present it is necessary for us to maximize and centralize our Steem Power to enable us to start onboarding parishioners through Discounted Accounts, and to encourage their participation.

In time though this Knight believes it will be a necessity to hold large amounts of Steem Power provide the Resource Credits to function on the 'Hivemind / Community' level.

Finally, this Knight is of the opinion that new external parties and corporations will soon move to STEEM and forge their own communities - and they will simply buy their way in. A luxury that we do not have.

So to secure our future the push for SteemChurch Steem Power must begin now!

Delegation to SteemChurch

Now that you understand the threats to our community and the strategic importance of maximising our Steem Power reserves. You should not be surprised when this Knight announces:

  1. All parishioners are expected to delegate Steem Power to @steemchurch.
  2. All parishioners are expected to delegate at least 25% of their SteemPower to @steemchurch - up to 1,000 SP at which time it becomes optional.
  3. All parishioners delegating to SteemChurch will be rewarded. Parishioners who do not delegate - will not.

The SteemChurch executive is well aware of the efforts that many have put into our community and we thank you. At the same time we hope that you are aware of the many opportunities our Church has afforded you. And we hope you understand why this step has become necessary in securing a long term success for Christians here on STEEM.

If you are unsure how to delegate, please refer to the following post by our Witness Representative @jackmiller.

And to see who is delegating...

To finish this Knight will leave you with some memorable self-help advice -

'You don't need to be wealthy to invest. You do however need to 'invest' to be wealthy.'

Invest now - in yourself, in your community and in your faith.


This is just the truth that must be told. It's quite necessary that these steps as outlined in this post be embarked upon for the growth of our community - @Steemchurch. I had always wished that Steemchurch could have grown than it does, though I couldn't help, but lo, it is time, we us rise up to raise the hand of our super-community. Yesterday, I had been musing about community operations and development in steemit, and this information has come to boost my research on this study and will form a basis for the furtherance of my arguments. Thank you @Sirknight for always having this community in your heart. We (I) have enjoyed the footprints of your labour and we'll play our part to ensure this community grows beyond your dreams. I will make my delegation ASAP.

Long live @Steemchurch!

Thank you Uyobong. Thankyou from me and thankyou on behalf of many future generations of Christians. SK.

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Done! I should be the one to thank you for accepting the small offer for a mother community as @steemchurch. Thank you to @jackmiller for making the process so easy.

Thanks for keeping us informed @Sirknight, if we all love Steemchurch it will not be a sacrifice to do everything for her, but a pleasure, I believe that transmitting and carrying the message of Christ is priceless and worth doing. It is time to return to SC all what he has given us.

I always thought that the time would come when the parishioners would return the favor to the church. it is time that we can transmit a little love, as steemchurch has done with us through the apostle Darlenys

I have followed steemchurch since its inception and although I am not in Venezuela I have witnessed the love and dedication of you, Sirknight, and the apostles especially of @ darlenys01 have passionately given everything for this church to consolidate. What else can you do? ask? Well, I also join this great initiative.

Very good initiative dear friend @sirknight, willing to show my gratitude to steemchurch

This is noted as we all want @steemchurch to always grow

I think this post couldnt have come at a better time as I recently have been trying to refocus my priorities on Steemit as I was leaving myself to thin.

Though I have never complained, I feel like I was given much from the @steemchurch and @sirknight and was left behind.

I may not be the first one to delegate 1000 sp, but by this time next week I should have my 1000 sp delegated (have to wait 7 days for my delegated sp to return). I may come up a little short, but if I have to will sell any other crypto i have to meet that 1000 sp goal.

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The prodigal son has returned!


Welcome back Apostle Gniksivart. We never quite understood why you left us. But we are joyous thou hast returned.

And... 5 days for delegation to return now thanks to HF20.


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Haha. Well too much steemit at work = poor performance review and newborn baby takes a lot of time.

Unless something changes. I should be back, but maybe just a little less active while im at work. 🤣

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This is a great way. From which we can check our power. This is wonderful.

Excellent appreciated @sirknight, possesses little sp, but if that contributes to steemchurch I put it at your disposal, "give by grace what for grace we have received", gratitude is priceless.

This is a good opportunity for parishioners to show love for the church. steemchurch deserves this and much more. We must continue to expand the kingdom of God and the best way is to delegate SP.

Love with love is paid appreciated @sirknight, will do everything possible to return that love and gratitude that steemchurch had with everyone, thanks for the information.

Excellent this is an opportunity to demonstrate what we carry in our heart by steemchurch, willing! @sirknight

Great ... I am willing to contribute to who has contributed so much, the gratitude also brings rewards and steemchuchr it deserves appreciated sirknknight.
Eternal blessings

delegation? I did not know anything about this. but I am willing to give a lung for the construction of this church to continue

Hahaha, no sacrifice of body organs required Iso8 - but this Knight appreciates the sentiment.

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I'm sure my lungs are worth a lot. but I hire the easy way, I will delegate power to the church

Great dear @sirknight, I have few sp, I'm a girl and I'm just starting in the community but I'm willing to also show my love for steemchurch
God bless you dear friend.

We have the opportunity to show our appreciation for the community, this action is great appreciated friend @sirknight, hands on!

Undoubtedly, steemchurch is the most wonderful community of steem, Thanks SirKnight for founding this community, lately I have shared the messages I have read, the health and agriculture initiatives seems to me a gigantic step, in fact, congratulations to brother EC and his team that is building!

I promise to give my contribution!

It's a welcomed development, I will support this as much as I can. Thank you S.K

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Thank you SK, for always orienting us in the best way for the common good, since being united and placing a contribution even small is the best way to get ahead and have success. Greetings and blessings.

I really do not know much about this but I will seek help to bless my dear Steemchurch

Well said SK! If there is something that all Parishioners should reflect on, it is now. The delegation is crucial for the advancement of the Church, it is time that steemchurch picks up what has been planted unconditionally, it is time to make a virtual baptism, all the committed members will identify with your call.

SteemChurch to the moon!

Well Knight SK, we Christians speak of faith, and wonderfully this is a call to faith, to work, to love and to unity!

I will do as the widow of the Bible, I will give what little I have.

Well Knight SK, we Christians speak of faith, and wonderfully this is a call to faith, to work, to love and to unity!

I will do as the widow of the Bible, I will give what little I have.

Good initiative sk, as far as this is happening for the development of steemchurch. I'm willing to delegate my sp

25% of all parishioners will surely help.
Mine is around 5sp

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Move with the cheese and be on the lookout for new cheese so it does not get stuck. Not only get used to the usual but go out and explore is what brings true changes.

having been think about this for main time since your last post, i have delegate 100 steempower to steemchurch even before this post.

we must do everything we can to take church to new level

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That and much more we must do for our church, count on us, who are full of gratitude for belonging to a congregation full of so much love for God and desires to help those who have needed it. Delegating SP is nothing for which they have helped us and we all have to show that we are a team, a family.

It's really a good thing to give, because givers never lack. I will try my possible best to delegate to steemchurch

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It's really a good thing to give, because givers never lack. I will try my possible best to delegate to steemchurch

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Dear gentleman, it is an honor, to give to whoever gives us, who has put us where we are, this church has expanded our ways and if it is in our hands to be maintained and strengthened with much love we will do it, and thank you for explaining and how do it, because sometimes we want to do a lot and we do not know how to do it.

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