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Blessings, dear brothers of @SteemChurch:

Today was a wonderful day, since we started the bread from heaven social program, we have been active working hand in hand with the communities especially with people who have decided to volunteer this work that is impacting lives, and that in the name of God, will conquer cities , reaching souls and bringing freedom to the captives.

In the first mobile dining room that we made in Puerto La Cruz, State of Anzoategui, we shared a lot of time with representatives of the children of the community, we prayed, we talked about the word, suddenly a woman approaches with her husband, she tells us that she has a great land, and that the word we had shared had touched her heart, was willing to give a part for planting our project, and what she had sown could share. At that time we showed appreciation for his valuable gesture, we exchanged information (phone number).

As the days pass, this lady calls me on the phone and insists on what she had offered me. It is an area outside the city, today I was with @mariela in a community, and I told her, today is the day of go through the land of "bread from heaven".

We started the two, that adventure, but God always gives us more than we expect, and when we arrived at the place, we thought: This is wonderful, spectacular, God has really surprised us.

The Apostle Darlenys does not like to take photos, it is not another way to the great sister, and collaborator @mariela, to be the protagonist of all this beauty, although for today I loved being the camera, I leave this short video without filter, as is from the place of events.

From the Valley of the Neveri, Barcelona-Venezuela with humble, beautiful people, receiving the land of the scoop for bread from heaven.

These are the lands that we are going to use to start planting tomatoes, beans, chives, peppers, eggplant, carrot, onion, melon and watermelon, a fertile soil, I think we will have a great job.

This is the area, in which the next few days will begin to work, it is estimated to perform work with a group of children each week, thus encouraging the gardens for self-catering.

It is a very fertile and productive land, Mrs. Rosa and her husband Luis showed us the whole place, of everything planted, it is a paradise, we could see: corn, beans, peas, squash, papaya, oranges, lemons, tubers, coconuts , aloe vera, watermelon, melon, banana, etc.

Papaya and corn trees planted in various areas of the site.

In the place there are also palm trees,medicinal plants such as aloe vera, ponds in which we refresh ourselves with spring water.

We spent collecting beans, practicing once and for all how this task will be, and we collected some 5kg, which we are going to prepare this Saturday in the dining room.

Finally, we collect coconuts and orange, we drink water, full harmony with nature, I think that nothing else is needed. Mrs. Rosa said she was proud to contribute to this beautiful project, and we on behalf of the team of @sc-v appreciate to God because we know that every good gift and every perfect gift descend from above.

There are many people who have supported us with this beautiful project of life, we can not fail to thank our greatest love, Jesus, always with us on each trip, strengthening us day by day for the conquest.

We thank our dear @pennsif, because you have encouraged me to do this, I know you will be happy to see these lands. Thank you to all our @steemchurch brothers for their support.

For more information:

[email protected]
Whatsapp: +584265810831


You have just made our night Apostle Darlenys and Sister @mariela.

We mice always knew you would do this of course. That said, we will still lift our glasses in celebration anyway.

We are seeing many dreams come true Apostol Darlenys, God wants to do great things in the world through SteemChurch and SC-V.

If there is something that we should encourage, it is agriculture, as SK once said: If in Venezuela, there is production there is hope for many

In fact, yesterday I spoke with farmers to return to the field. SteemChurch will raise the flag in many areas and agriculture, should be considered a priority, in countries with high inflammation.

I congratulate you, maintain your vision and persevere to the end.


I thank God for this beautiful day full of exepecattivas that were fulfilled, apsotle Darlenys you are tremendous, you invited me to recognize the earth, and the only thing that we lacked was to stay to sow one, but I loved it. God is with you, greatly supporting each step you take.

@mariela, I told you we are going to recognize the land, but I was not going to do it like the spies who said they were giant, I did like Josue and caleb, I will be able to use it immediately. Thank you for accompanying me to this day of great adventure.

We thank this woman and her husband for given the land generously to our beloved bread from heaven, we also thanks our dear community sc-v for embarking on this project, we the steemchurch have it that we will fight for the Freedom for every single individual to alleviate his plight as far as Jesus Christ is in control. Long live steemchurch, Long live sc-v!

Thank you brother @oppongk, do not stop, if God has placed that in your heart, it is because you can do it, all the followers of Christ are agents of change and freedom, sow a word of power in your territory and you will obtain victory.Remember that the word is the seed, and the one that opens all the doors and breaks bronze locks. It is the time of the harvest.

This is indeed the best news we have heard today, we wish @sc-v success on their project breed of heaven.........

SteemChurch Farm (@farms)

God bless the @sc-v family for having to go through all of this just to feed Venesuela. God is seeing every labour of love you are showing forth.

Sc-v is doing a great job to put all this together to put smile on children faces. I know this woman and her husband know the benefit of giving to the needy.

don't stop the Good work my amiable apostle and I know God will continue to strengthen you.

I would love to be there to be able to go to that beautiful place, may God bless the works of your hands and that of the spouses who are willing to work for the future of Venezuela.

Great @apostol @darlenys, God will continue to surprise you with everything you need in that dream that God put in your heart, thanks to this couple that God used their hearts to make life happy to you and to all of us who are in this great community definitely great

Beautiful my beloved apostle @ darlenys01, what God is doing to make your dreams and our dreams a reality, God bless this couple for disposing of their lands for bread from heaven.

Definitely great @ darlenys01, I know that this makes you happy, and also to us, God help you to realize your dreams that are great, grateful of this couple for donating their lands for bread from heaven

This is great dear apostol @ darlenys01, God adding to brighten up your life, and the lives of many children who will be fed through this project bread from heaven, thank God for these gentlemen

Thanking all those people who are taking bread from heaven to fulfill the purpose for which it was created.

this is an excellent apostolic idea, include and instruct children to plant, and consume fresh food and obtain the necessary nutrients for communities that are threatened by malnutrition, this because they do not have the minimum economic resources needed. God continue to bless bread from heaven.

EXcelentes photographs a blessed land as it is Venezuela, fertile for the planting of many vegetables. blessings for those people who lend support.

What a wonder of nature, and everything in the service of the children of God, we are very proud of this work. I want to go.

This is great, the first of the sowing for bread from heaven we already have it. They did not take me, but for the next I hope to be able to go planting, and also to take coconut water.

Darlenys is taking this project to spectacular levels, let it be Diso adding everything it takes for this to expand rapidly.

Brilliant initiative, I think that it's going to very beneficial to plant crops and these lands I'm seeing looks very ariable, well done

Thank you brother @josediccus, if in fact they are very fertile lands, many varieties of fruits are given.

God is good and never leaves us helpless, I remember darlenys that you commented on the terrain that you wanted to bear this, and God answered you.

Apostle darlenys leaves me speechless, but because they did not invite me to that paradise ... that beautiful ..

I think we should always be on the lookout, do not stop surprising us with things for bread from heaven, this is sorrow is beginning, God bless the life of the spouses, the life of @darlenys01 and @mariela for this so beautiful.

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beautiful area to plant. Excellent

I think that, in my experience, I planted enough aji. to cook and sell

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