STEEMCHURCH| Agriculture, Economy and Health Program!

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Dear Parishioners! Receive a warm hug from the Steem-Church community!

It has been a long way that this community has traveled, during the past months, we have lived many moments of joy and motivation within the chain of blocks!

The time has come when steemchurch is visible beyond Blockchain! physical steemchurch!

Every Christian Church must break the shell to go to the world to bring the love of God! There was a time when the prophet Elijah went into a cave with all the comforts of his time. He had everything: running water from the stream, crows brought him food and everything was rosy.

A voice from heaven shook his world saying: What are you doing here Elijah? Go out and walk because a long road awaits you!

1 Kings 19: 9 Reference

Yes, a long way awaits us in Steemchurch, as @sirknight says: it's just the beginning, it's time to go out and impact the world and society, it's time for Steemchurch to remain active making changes in the world!

Today, the Archbishop / CEO @emiliocabrera and a young doctor, @ammarn, took off their priest and medicine suits, and went to the field in search of new horizons!

Horizons that promote agriculture, and that this in turn, boost Health!

Look what they found:

8 hectares

More than 8 hectares of fertile land, divided by a beautiful stream full of fresh water!

The farmers stated that there are many idle lands due to lack of resources.

In their words:

We have the will to work and collaborate with steemchurch, we have the land, we have the water and we have variety of some seeds like:


Only some inputs would be needed for its operation:

Grain fertilizer

There is availability!

image (4).png

An example of the fertility of the land, can show us, some legendary trees hehe


image (4).png


image (4).png

Bear one another's burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ.
Galatians 6: 2


How do we promote health?

For this, we will do a pilot test, we will help farmers with their requirements to plant seeds that are of some short-term items. (Maintenance)

From 3 to 4 months, we will reap, with the blessing of God and with the prayer of all of you, everything will be successful!


The harvest will be divided between farmers and steemchurch 50% / 50, (as in steem by nature 😄)

SteemChurch will allocate a part for #heavenbread, by the legendary Apostle @darlenys01.


Another part will be sold in the commercial markets at prices not so inflated, (remember, we fight against corruption and any form of evil that can take)

What will we do with the money earned?

This is where the theme of Health comes in.

Currently, due to the inflationary case in Venezuela, the health issue is worrisome, the doctor @ammarn, social fighter, in a spirit of humility and Christian, has informed us, how badly people live in health care centers, since, there is not even the most basic of painkillers and painkillers!


Many protests for lack of medication!


With the money from the sales and steem we earn, we want to leave a trace of love in some medical centers, asylums, orphanages, etc. Sister @lorennys is investigating everything concerning this. We hope that more people will be added to this noble cause.


Special thanks:

We thank God for giving us the strength to undertake this path: Raising the flag of Christianity and leaving traces of love!

We thank @sirknight, for being so noble and for promoting this Church, for providing the opportunities to the parishioners, so that they develop their talents.

Thanks To Mr. Ramon Cabrera and Martin figuera for lending their lands, their knowledge and human resources, thank the farmers who promised to help steemchurch.

We thank @farms for providing guidance on agriculture!


The farmer, to participate in the fruits, must work first.
2 Timothy 2: 6

Remember to raise the flag of Christianity and leave a trace of love!



Greetings and Blessings Brothers of SteemChurch, today was a great day I had a rewarding experience went to the field a group of coworkers collaborators, @emiliocabrera and my person @ammarn.

The projects are surprising and of great benefit for the most disadvantaged. Through the harvest that will be obtained from the plantings, an investment in the health issue that in this country is really worrying will be made.

It will be a privilege for me to participate in this project promoted by Steemchurch thanks to SirKnight for motivating this beautiful crusade for freedom.

Freedom from scarcity, from disease, from oppression and any form of evil.

It's good to have you with us Doctor Ammarn, your fight for freedom, will be recorded forever in Blockchain.

God pours blessings on those who honor him, what a good initiative that promotes the work of the earth, healthy eating and helps the neighbor.

God bless you greatly.

Thanks Brother Theonlyway! Your good wishes do good to the church.

It is a great plan, when we think about the good of the people, God opens doors, gives great ideas, consolidates the love among Christians! God bless you steemchurch, I will be to the expectation of that harvest that will boost health and promote solidarity means for people. Long life and success!

Thank you sister Kristal, great blessings are coming!

excellent project. Planting at this time is a good idea. so many people can buy food at good prices.

Thank you Apostol Marcelo

Hello Church, God bless this new journey, certainly Elijah hid in a cave and God had to take him out of his comfort! Agriculture, health and economics are essential issues for a nation, along with education.
Beautiful fruits and good lands.

Cosechando maiz en V. de Jeeromito.JPG

Thanks Aranzaive, good image, we hope to see many images like this in these lands soon!

I think this will be sensational, with the help of God and the unity of all the parishioners.

A saying goes that unity is strength, and the bible says that when the brothers are together (united) and in harmony there the Lord sends blessing and eternal life. I think SteemChurch and all its parishes are in one mind.

Already days ago we managed to observe how our dear apostos @darlenys01 of SC-V woman and fighter in this great crusade for freedom develops a planting project that will benefit the wonderful children of bread from heaven, @FARMS constantly working on a great plan to feed to the world and now this new project is joined by the first church of the STEEMCHURCH block that also seeks to promote the health of those most in need as well as continue to support bread from heaven.

Surely there will be many projects that will be added with the help of the parishioners and our Lord Jesus Christ.

When something is approved by God, we see incredible results! Now you have a lot to do sister @lorennys

Beautiful, this is diversifying and it's a tool for a good economic boost. @Steemchurch is spreading the love in the right way. Thank you Archbishop EC and @ammarn for being on this.

I can forsee a bountiful harvest already, yet, we need more labourers.. I pray God will send them.

For us beyong geographical reach "What shall we do??"

Thank you brother, God has really motivated us to love our neighbor and we dream of making this a reality, with faith and perseverance. But this is just one of the many goals!

Good question? I've been thinking about it! in steemchurch we administer expectations, as I pointed out in a recent publication, each parishioner must raise the flag of Christianity according to the needs of its geography, however, SK and the executive management, will point out in due course many options.

First of all, agriculture is essential for good health: it produces food, fiber and shelter material; in many countries it is also an important source of livelihood for the poor. ... In addition, health and agricultural researchers need to collaborate more closely to achieve common goals.
God bless this good initiative!

This is a very exciting and important project.

A Dollar A Day is honored and delighted to be able to support Steemchurch in this great work.

The A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.

Thanks Adollaraday, you are making history inside and outside the block chain!

We are very happy to help.

Thanks my friend

So it is church to work is the time, I know that many join in this beautiful cause and we will grow in the name of Jesus for the love of our neighbors.

Remember Church

1 John 4:20 And if anyone says, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar. For he who does not love his brother whom he has seen; How can you love God whom you have not seen?

All hands to work!

Love must be the driving force that impels us to relatize things

This is a great project that cut across all the basics need, agriculture, health and economic. Kudos

Yes brother, It is a step of faith. Thanks

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