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I think this post couldnt have come at a better time as I recently have been trying to refocus my priorities on Steemit as I was leaving myself to thin.

Though I have never complained, I feel like I was given much from the @steemchurch and @sirknight and was left behind.

I may not be the first one to delegate 1000 sp, but by this time next week I should have my 1000 sp delegated (have to wait 7 days for my delegated sp to return). I may come up a little short, but if I have to will sell any other crypto i have to meet that 1000 sp goal.

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The prodigal son has returned!


Welcome back Apostle Gniksivart. We never quite understood why you left us. But we are joyous thou hast returned.

And... 5 days for delegation to return now thanks to HF20.


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Haha. Well too much steemit at work = poor performance review and newborn baby takes a lot of time.

Unless something changes. I should be back, but maybe just a little less active while im at work. 🤣

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