www.steemdel.com = Delegating Made Easy as 1,2,3!

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Step 1.

After opening up the site www.steemdel.com

Simply fill in the form as shown below.


Your name

the name of the account your are delegating to


then the amount.



Underneath the submit button a link will show up as seen below:

Check the names and amount in the link!

If it is all good, simply click


& you will get a new tab opened up which is STEEMCONNECT

Which will have all the details in it and all you need to do is to confirm the transaction.

It looks like this:

Remember to use your 'Private Active Key'

You should then get a confirmation of the transaction like this one below:

& There we have it, Delegations made easy as 1, 2, 3.

So, to summarize what www.steeemdel.com is:

http://www.steemdel.com/ a simple online delegating tool. Simply type in the username of the account that is delegating, then the username of the account that is receiving the delegation, then the amount and click.

Check the link it makes, to make sure there are no spelling errors and if everything is OK click delegate.

Then simply via Steemconnect go ahead and do your delegation.

The site does not collect any data, the only data that may eventually be collected is by your browser on your computer (as per your settings).

For multiple delegations, simply refresh your page and repeat the process.

www.steemdel.com = delegating made easy.

Managed by: @jackmiller (witness)

For those of you wondering about the above delegation to @ned, sure, check it out yourselves.


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You Sir - are a genius! This certainly is delegation made easy.


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Hi SK, is this the same process for delegations in Steemchurch?
From my account to @rubenmedina182 to @steemchurch.

Yes, follow the simple procedure and click delegate

Thank you for this excellent site where many parishioners and other Steemians can delegate SP to contribute to the growth of the church.

Excellent friend @JackMiller this site is very easy to use. so many parishioners could use it and delegate some SP to @steemchurch
firma 17.png

Thant's pretty cool @Jackmiller. Let me grow my SP can start delegating. But why the delegation t @ned. Please next time, use @Uyobong for the test-run and for the illustration. It's open source and free.

Bwahahahahahaaaa! That's rich man, good example :P

Every little bit helps!

That's some funny shit right there.

excellent work Jack a very easy way to delegate SP, great tool, regards

Great job, thanks for showing an easy way to delegate SP.

My pleasure, I'm happy that people are using a tool I made for all of us.

👍stay successful

Now you all can delegating to me :)

So easy delegate and in the web we can remove the delegation too?. Regards

Yep, if undelegating, just type in two zeros 00 and Bobs your uncle!

Cool stuff thank you for sharing

nhf @ned

I figured this might be a good example, to show how it all works + a laugh!

Thanks for the cool website. Now if I just had any SP to delegate. LOL.

Every little bit counts, it all adds up, look at the example in the link at the bottom of the post!

It all counts at the end of the day!


LOL. Jack, you may want to reconsider that delegation. I'm afraid you may have given Ned way to much power. :-)

Thank you @jackmiller, I just used Steemdel and it made sense. I delegated in less than 2 minutesu

Hi Jack, is this the same process for delegations in Steemchurch?

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