Get in the SteemMonsters Game! Complete leveled up beta card set for sale.

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Jumpstart your #Steemmonster gaming.

  • I'm offering a leveled up complete beta team to get you off to a fast start.
    • All common monsters - Level 3
    • All rare monsters - Level 3
    • All epic monsters - Level 2
    • All legendary monsters (including all beta dragons) - Level 1
    • All summoners - Level 2
      • Selenia Sky summoner is Level 1
  • The Steem account is @Tharkun.
    Tharkun is what the dwarves call Gandalf.
    • Includes 55.107 Steem Power
      • Which gives you ample Resource Credits to play the game... a LOT!
        (Resource Credits (RCs) are what it costs to interact with the Steem blockchain. You cannot purchase RCs. They are proportional to your Steem Power and rebuild over time.)

This would make a great Christmas gift!
For you or someone you love...

I will turn the complete account over to you.

  • It will include all Steemmonster cards and the Steem Power.
    • You will be able to change the master password, so there is no way I would be able to steal from your account.


You've never heard of Steemmonsters?

What is Steemmonsters

Steemmonsters is:

  • a fully decentralized,
    • digital collectible trading card game
      • built on the Steem blockchain!

Fair Warning
From personal experience, this game is a blast to play and highly addictive!

Game Play
Click the battle button, so the server knows you are ready for a battle.

  • An opponent is chosen for you close to your rating.
    A random set of rules is chosen. (There are currently 12 different rule sets)
    A random max mana level is chosen.
    • You are shown the last splinters the opponent has used in battle.
      You choose a splinter and a team based on
      • what splinter you expect your opponent to use,
      • the current rule set
      • the mana level
  • The battle is fought.
    • You gain rating points when you win.
      Your rating goes down when you lose.
      (You do not win or lose cards, only rating.)
      • The higher your rating, the higher you climb in the 2 week leagues.
  • The level of summoners and monsters you can use is limited by your current league.
    • You earn packs to be awarded at the end of the season based on the highest league you achieved.
      • Tharkun already has earned 5 packs that will be awarded at the end of the season in about a week.

Here are a few battles for you to watch.
(Right-Click - Open in new tab, so you don't lose this page...)

If you want to see the details of how a battle works, see this post.
I explain step by step what is happening.

Bonus Packs
You can purchase bonus packs for $2 (paypal, credit card or cryptocurrency).

  • Or you can win bonus packs.
    • There are daily quests which when you complete, you are awarded a bonus pack.
      • You will be awarded bonus packs at the end of the season as explained above.
  • Each pack is 5 random cards with at least one Rare or above card.
    • They might also be Gold Cards which are valued much more than regular beta cards.
      • As you gather more cards, they can be combined to higher levels.

What cards will you get?

NOTE: These are digital cards, stored on the Steem blockchain.

Common Cards

Fire Splinter

Water Splinter

Earth Splinter

Life Splinter

Death Splinter

Dragon Splinter
There are no Dragon Splinter common cards.

Neutral Splinter
Neutral Cards can be played with any splinter...

Rare Cards

Fire Splinter
NOTE: Malric Inferno is a summoner.

Water Splinter
NOTE: Arlic Stormbringer is a summoner.

Earth Splinter
NOTE: Lyanna Natura is a summoner.

Life Splinter
NOTE: Tyrus Paladium is a summoner.

Death Splinter
NOTE: Zintar Mortalis is a summoner.

Dragon Splinter
There are no Dragon Splinter rare cards.

Neutral Splinter

Epic Cards

Fire Splinter
NOTE: Talia Firestorm is a summoner.

Water Splinter
NOTE: Xia Seachan is a summoner.

Earth Splinter
NOTE: Xander Foxwood is a summoner.

Life Splinter
NOTE: Kiara Lightbringer is a summoner.

Death Splinter
NOTE: Jarlax the Undead is a summoner.

Dragon Splinter
There are no Dragon Splinter epic cards.

Neutral Splinter

Legendary Cards

Fire Splinter

Water Splinter

Earth Splinter

Life Splinter

Death Splinter

Dragon Splinter
NOTE: Selenia Sky is a summoner.

Neutral Splinter

You can also see the entire collection here.
Click Beta.

About the Summoners

The level of the summoner determines the level of the monster that can be summoned.

Included are ALL Level 2 Rare Summoners.
All rare summoners are similar to Malric Inferno.
The numbers from left to right represent the level of monsters he can summon for each level.

  • Common - Rare - Epic - Legendary

Included are ALL Level 2 Epic Summoners.
All epic summoners are similar to Talia Firestorm.
The epic summoners can summon slightly higher levels of monsters as noted in the above chart.

  • They also use 1 less Mana, leaving an extra Mana to be used on the monsters of your team.
    • They also give no special abilities.

Selenia Sky is a legendary summoner.
Here is her chart...

Summoner special abilities

  • Malric Inferno
    All friendly Melee Attack Monsters have +1 Melee Attack
  • Arlic Stormbringer
    All friendly Magic Attack Monsters have +1 Magic Attack
  • Lyanna Natura
    All friendly Monsters have +1 Health
  • Tyrus Paladium
    All friendly Monsters have +1 Armor
  • Zintar Moralis
    All enemy Melee Attack Monsters have -1 Melee Attack
  • Selenia Sky
    All friendly Ranged Attack Monsters have +1 Ranged Attack


You can purchase the @Tharkun account with all the above cards
and jumpstart your Steemmonsters gaming.

  • You can build from this already good set of cards.
    • You can earn additional cards by playing.
      These cards can be used to level up your cards or they can be sold on the market.
  • 74 Total Cards.
    • 286 BCX (BCX stands for 'Base Card Unit by XP'
      These cards are unique because you can combine multiple cards to level up your monster. The BCX number Represents each base ('level one') card used.)
      • 24 Level 3 Common Cards (120 BCX)
      • 23 Level 3 Rare Cards (105 BCX)
      • 17 Level 2 Epic Cards (51 BCX)
      • 10 Level 1 Legendary Cards (10 BCX)
  • A complete set of beta cards.
    Some leveled up.
    • 55+ Steem Power (SP)
      1 SP is currently worth $0.31 USD.
      The all-time high was $8.19 USD / 1 SP.
      • Whatever bonus packs are earned between now and the end of the season.
        I will keep playing the daily quest and try to push the ranking higher on the last day.
        5 bonus packs have already been earned.
        30 are possible.
        10 are likely, but 15-20 are quite doable.
        I earned 25 with a level 1 last season...

About the auction

If you are not familiar with @steembay auctions, here is their quick tutorial

I'm going to start the auction at 150 SBD.
I would actually prefer to use Paypal for the exchange, so whatever the final bid is could be paid for in equivalent USD using Paypal. At whatever the exchange rate (SBD to USD) is at the time.

This would make a great Christmas gift!
For you or someone you love...

Get in the game!


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Auction Summary

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Auction Information

Start: 150.000 SBD

Auction closed at 2018-12-11 05:26:48 GMT

Winning bid of 150.000 SBD by @allcapsonezero

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Auction Finished

Start: 150.000 SBD

Auction closed at 2018-12-11 05:26:48 GMT

Winning bid of 150.000 SBD by @allcapsonezero



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I have to give you credit for the great idea, @wizardave. How on earth did you manage to put a prize on this? Added up all values? ;0)
I'm going to keep this idea in mind...
Good luck with the auction!

@remind-me in 7 days.

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey @simplymike, I will notify you on December 11th 2018, 12:00:00 pm (UTC)
Later! ( read more... )

Thanks @simplymike!
I got an alt steemmonster account to give to my grandson for his Christmas. I've been adding a few cards here and there, filling in some blanks for him. That got me thinking that someone might want to jumpstart their gaming, so I put together this account. This is a very fun account to play with. So many options! I don't even have some of these cards on my main account which is level 5 summoners.

I've been playing in the Steemmonster market, so have a spreadsheet of all cards. :D

I've been playing in the Steemmonster market

Lol, I don't even know how you play the market. I do know I've bought quite some cards from you, always a good deal, if I remember correctly. You must have sold loads, I assume.

I have sold only a couple. Mostly alphas I bought when the marketplace jumped to alpha again after a purchase. I forgot to check so often, and bought truckloads of alphas, while I actually needed betas. If I would have known there would be a converter added, I would have probably kept themw because I almost always sold for less than I bought.

I can never decide which I want to put up for sale. There are cards I have never even played, still, I hold on to them. The dragons, for example... Played them twice, got beaten hard and locked them in their cage again. But I suffer from FOMO when it comes to Steemmonsters, I guess.
If I would be able to sell cards, I may have a reason to justify all the money I've already spent on the game. I don't even keep track, because I really don't wang to know :0)
Now if only getting good at it would be a little easier. This season, you get little chance to learn, IMO. Before, if you failed, you could studythe team and move cards to a different position to find out if that would work better. Now, it feels like ut's a gamble every game again...
But as long ss I am having fun... :0)

Sorry, I missed your comment. (Spending most of my free time over on steemmonsters haha)
Yeah, I have cards like that. Haven't been very successful with dragons. I think they need to be leveled up and not sure I want to invest in that.

We need lots more players so we are more evenly matched. They've made big strides in that direction. It can get frustrating if you get matched with max decks for several in a row.

I just won some of the new reward cards with my wife's account and played a match and won with them! woohoo!

It just keeps getting gooder and gooder. :D

I feel I'm getting worse every day, lol.

I've got the same problem with the dragons. Because Selenia is only a level 1, she handicaps the rest of the team.

Once the price of the cards go up a little, the dragons will be the first ones I will put up for sale.

I won a couple of the new cards too. I love that little mushroom. I haven't even looked at his stats or abilities, i just fell in love with the drawing :0)
I haven't got enough of them to play with them, though. With a little luck i can level them up in a few days...

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Hi @simplymike!
You asked me in this comment to create a reminder.
It seems the time has passed!

Hi, @wizardave!

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