Learn about Steemmonsters - Examining a battle - Lessons learned... Special abilities are "Special"

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Perhaps the most important thing to learn about #SteemMonsters,
is that you should always keep learning about Steemmonsters

This battle was all about special abilities.
Serpent of the Flame turns out to be the star monster of this battle.

The Battle

Rules: Target Practice - All Ranged and Magic attack Monsters have the Snipe ability.
Mana Cap: 17
League: Silver

  • Limits levels to:
    • Common Level 5
    • Rare Level 4
    • Epic Level 3
    • Legendary Level 2
      • NOTE: You can play with a higher level monster,
        but they will be limited as listed above.
        Example a Level 4 legendary will play as a level 2 legendary.
  • ASSuming you have a high enough level summoner...
    • You need a Level 4 Malric Inferno to play these levels.
      • You could also use a Level 3 Talia Firestorm.
        Which only uses 2 Mana vs 3 Mana for Malric,
        but who gives no +1 melee attack like Malric...


@wizardave's team

  • Position 1 Level 3 Serpent of the Flame (Epic)
    • 1 melee, 6 speed, 1 shield, 9 health
      • Abilities: Retaliate & Poison
  • Position 2 Level 5 Fire Beetle (Common)
    • 2 ranged, 2 speed, 1 shield, 4 health
      • Abilities: Snipe (added by the rule set)
  • Position 3 Level 3 Fire Demon (Epic)
    • 2 ranged, 3 speed, 6 health
      • Abilities: Blast & Snipe (added by the rule set)
  • Total attack power = 5
    6 after the Malric Inferno bonus
    • Total shield = 2
      Total health = 19
      16 after Goblin Shaman weakens
  • NOTE: I only used 16 Mana

@thewineman's team

  • Position 1 Level 4 Pit Ogre (Rare)
    • 3 melee, 2 speed, 8 health
      • Abilities: Stun & Enrage
  • Position 2 Level 4 Kobold Miner (Common)
    • 2 melee, 2 speed, 4 health
      • Abilities: Sneak
  • Position 3 Level 4 Elven Cutthroat
    • 2 melee, 4 speed, 2 health
      • Abilities: Sneak
  • Position 4 Level 4 Goblin Shaman
    • 1 magic, 2 speed, 4 health
      • Abilties: Weaken & Snipe (added by the rule set)
  • Total attack = 8
    11 after the Malric Inferno bonus
    • Total Shield = none
      Total health = 18

Round 1
Step 1 & 2 Malric Inferno +1 melee attack bonuses
Step 3 Goblin Shaman weakens the other team

Step 4 Serpent of the Flame attacks Pit Ogre doing 2 health damage, enraging the Pit Ogre to 6 melee attack and poisoning the Pit Ogre
Step 5 Elven Cutthroat attacks Fire Demon doing 3 health damage
Step 6 Fire Demon attacks Goblin Shaman doing 2 health damage
Step 7 Fire Demon blasts Elven Cutthroat doing 1 health damage
Step 8 Pit Ogre attacks Serpent of the Flame and misses, doing 0 health damage
Step 9 Goblin Shaman attacks Fire Beetle doing 1 health damage
Step 10 Fire Beetle attacks Goblin Shaman killing him
Step 11 Goblin Shaman dies
Step 12 Weakened Monster's health is returned to them
Step 13 Kobold Miner attacks Fire Demon killing him
Step 14 Fire Demon dies

Round 2
Step 1 Poison does 2 health damage to Pit Ogre

Step 2 Serpent of the Flame attacks Pit Ogre doing 2 health damage.
Step 3 Elven Cutthroat attacks Fire Beetle doing 3 damage to the shield, removing it.
Step 4 Pit Ogre attacks Serpent of the Flame doing 6 damage to the shield, removing it.
Step 5 Serpent of the Flame retaliates, killing the Pit Ogre
Step 6 Pit Ogre dies
Step 7 Fire Beetle attacks Kobold Miner doing 2 health damage
Step 8 Kobold Miner attacks Serpent of the Flame, misses doing 0 health damage

Round 3
Step 1 Serpent of the Flame attacks Kobold Miner killing him
Step 2 Kobold Miner dies
Step 3 Elven Cutthroat attacks Serpent of the Flame doing 3 health damage
Step 4 Fire Beetle attacks Elven Cutthroat killing him (her?)
Step 5 Elven Cutthroat dies


Lessons learned from this battle

Sometimes you can win even if you don't use all the mana available.

This battle was all about special abilities.

Serpent of the Flames kills the Pit Ogre in 2 rounds
Attack #1 -2 health to Pit Ogre + Poisoned!

  • In round 2 this poison does another 2 health damage
    Attack #2 - 2 health
    Retaliate -2 health killing the Pit Ogre

This teaches us that special abilities are actually quite special!!!!

  • However, not always...
    • Pit Ogre did not stun
      • Enrage took the Pit Ogre all the way to a 6 melee attack!
        However, it only took out a +1 shield, doing no health damage.

I like doubling up sneak attackers.
It's also good to double up snipe attackers when possible.
Here's a perfect example why...

  • The elf and pig (sneak attackers) were able to take out my fire demon in round 1.
    • Only because the Goblin Shaman had weakened him by 1 health...
      Another special ability that paid off.
      • The Fire Demon only had 1 attack and 1 blast, doing 3 health damage total.
  • The spider and demon (snipe attackers) were able to take out the Goblin Shaman in 1 round.

Special abilities

Let's take a look at special abilities:

Given by the rules to all ranged and magic attack Monsters:

  • Snipe
    Targets enemy Monsters with Ranged, Magic, or no attack that are not in the first position.

Serpent of the Flame special abilities

  • Level 1 Retaliate
    When hit with a Melee attack, Monsters with Retaliate have a chance of attacking their attacker.
    • Level 3 add Poison
      Attacks have a chance to apply poison, which does automatic damage to the target at the beginning of each round after the poison is applied.
      • Level 5 add Piercing
        If Melee or Ranged attack damage is in excess of the target's Armor, the remainder will damage the target's Health.

Pit Ogre special abilities

  • Level 1 Stun
    When a Monster with Stun hits a target, it has a chance to stun the target causing it to skip its next turn.
    • Level 4 add Enrage
      Has increased Melee attack and Speed when damaged.
      • Level 7 add Void
        Reduced damage from Magic attacks.

Fire Demon special abilities

  • Level 3 add Blast
    Does additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster.

Goblin Shaman special abilities

  • Level 1 Weaken
    Reduces the Health of all enemy Monsters.
    • Level 5 add Slow
      Reduces the Speed of all enemy Monsters.

Both Elven Cutthroat and Kobold Miner have the sneak ability.

  • Level 1 Sneak
    Targets the last Monster on the enemy Team instead of the first Monster.

That's all I can think to tell you. :D
hth - hope that helps...

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