5 Steem Basic Income shares giveaway - Advice for new Steemians...

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After last weeks contest where I gave away 5 Steem Basic Income shares I have decided to host another. Although the contest was run at a loss, I truly believe in this initiative as a way to help new Steemians find their feet. Thanks again to @simplymike for introducing me to this awesome initiative, and thanks to @newbiegames for showing your support for last weeks contest.

Thanks to all the participants from last week and congratulations to the winners:

Thanks for the awesome entries!

You should start getting small upvotes from an SBI account in the next 2 - 3 days - if this doesn't happen let me know and I will sort it out for you. You can enter future SBI contests to gain more shares and gain bigger upvotes :)


What is Steem Basic Income?

Before I get onto the topic for the contest I quickly want to explain what Steem Basic Income is. From the @steemitbasicincome blog:

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

So basically I will sponsor the winners with share/s in Steem Basic Income and they will receive ongoing upvotes on their posts from SBI - a great way to motivate and encourage minnows to keep on Steeming!

For more information about Steem Basic Income check out this blog by @steembasicincome

The Contest

To enter this contest write an original post outlining what you would let someone new to Steemit know. Again there are many things new users might need to know such as plagiarism rules, account protection, rewards and understanding the different currencies are just a few ideas…

The reason I chose this topic is that there has been the news that Steem has just passed 1 million accounts (which is awesome news!). However, user retention and interactions remain low, with around 60k Steemians active on any given day. By helping out new Steemians and letting them know what to expect it will prepare them for the road ahead and make them more likely to stay!

So You're new around here? I have some advice!

The first piece of advice I would give to new Steemians is to LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS. Many new users come to Steem and are directed to the Trending page where the payouts are massive. New users need to realise a few things about these posts:

  • Most of these have been heavily ‘promoted’ by bots, and are far from what the actual profit will be
  • Some of these users have been on Steem for a while now and have built up a large and genuine following.

So by letting new Steemians lower their expectations they are more likely to stay past the first few weeks when they realise that their posts won't make $100s of dollars straight away (They will be lucky to make a few cents…)

Account Security

Account Security is another area which is important for newbies to understand - including understanding their passwords, and keeping them safe and secure! My piece of advice in terms of the phishing scams would be don't click on any links in the comments to start off with - and if it seems too good to be true then it probably is!

Remember that Steemit is a social media platform!

My last piece of advice for a new Steemian would be to remind them that Steemit is a social media platform - this means to be successful you need to be social. Commenting on people's posts, and getting to know what they are all about. I would say to stick to reading content you are actually interested in as it makes it easier to generate discussion and find things in common with people.

Contest rules and fine print

To enter the contest, as I mentioned you just need to write a post about the most important things new Steemians should know, and use the tag #helpingnewsteemians so that I can find your posts. Feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments below! I will do my best to upvote all entries (depending on VP, and how many entries there are!).
After the payout of this post I will select the winner/s and provide a summary post with links to the winners so they can gain some more exposure.

Upvoting and resteeming this post isn't required will help build the prize pool.


I will start the prize pool with 5 Steem Basic Income shares, spread across the winners, but, at my discrepancy will increase the prize pool if I get significant payouts from this post

4 Basic Income Shares will be spread across those who write posts, and 1 share will be offered to a random person who Resteems this post - thanks to @calisay for this creative idea to incentivise people to resteem your contest.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading your blogs - remember this is about helping out new Steemians, so that we can increase user retention.

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Hello everyone - its that time again to announce the winners! This week we had 10 entries, which is up from last week - some really great entries keep up the good work everyone... It was hard to pick the winners

I am awarding 5 winners - 4 who posted an articles about the topic and one who resteemed this article. Additionally @simplymike was kind enough sponsor this, and will be giving away an additional 5 SBI shares! Im unsure how he plans to distribute these but if you havent been picked as a winner by me you may still have a chance to win!

So the winners who posted are:

And the random resteemer is @cinderz

You should start getting upvotes from an SBI account in the next few days on your posts :) If this doesnt start after a few days let me know and I will follow up.

I will be posting the next competition in a few hours for another chance to win 5SBI!

Proof of purchase of the shares is below:

Thank you very much @conradt , much appreciated !!! Great initiative :)

Hey @conradt.
I’m not fit enough to go through all entries yet. I assume you did.
I suggest you simply send me the names, and I’ll sponsor those through the @newbiegames account.

Thanks @simplymike will send them through here this afternoon - hope you get better soon!

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Congrats too the following Steemians who have also been sponsored for 1 SBI each (thansk to @simplymike for sponsoring the contest!)

@antimetica, @rentmoney, @crypto-econom1st, @faady92, @ausman119

If you want another chance to win check out the new contest:


Thank you so much @simplymike for your awesome gift!

You’re welcome, @antimetica ;0)

Congrats too the following Steemians who have also been sponsored for 1 SBI each (thansk to @simplymike for sponsoring the contest!)

@antimetica, @rentmoney, crypto-econom1st, @faady92, @ausman119

If you want another chance to win check out the new contest:


Thanks Alot! Atlast I won my first contest ever :)

Glad to help :)

I did a repost for your contest, wrote a complete guide for new steemians three months ago, https://steemit.com/helpingnewsteemians/@verhp11/a-complete-guide-to-steemit-for-new-steemians-repost

I hope it will help new steemians to stick on Steemit :)

Awesome cheers! WIll have a better look when I get back from my roadtrip - looks very indepth :)

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Thank you @Conradt, I appreciate the SBI share. :-)

A pleasure :)

Excellent this contest and it will be very helpful for the new steemianos, some recommendation is always good. @conradt

Thank you

Thanks @dee-y will have a look after the weekend - of for a road trip shortly :)

Thank you very much @conradt!! It is awesome of you to run these contests! :)

No problems at all @paradigm42 :)

Beautiful giveaway

Thank you

Thank you for the share!

Its a pleasure @rantar

Hello... Here's my entry for your contest.. Thank you for initiating this contest... Have a great day...


Good luck 🙂

Thank you Sir...

Awesome contest. I will be entering in the upcoming days.

Thanks look forward to reading!

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you so much for the shares! I really appreciate your kindness in supporting future writing and sticking with Steem. I agree with all of your points on advice to newbies. I'll try to write something up for your call. Also have a good weekend away!

No problem - its a great initive more people should be aware of. No problems look forward to reading :)

Thanks for the contest. My entry is below.

Contest Enter : Advice For Newbies !

Awesome thanks and good luck!

Is it alright if I put in an entry for this weeks contest? I did not know if that would be cool since I won a share in last weeks contest.

Hey @paradigm42 you can enter again!! 😃

Sweet, thanks!

How do you keep track if this post has a significant pay out?
You did you a paid upvote bot, so how will you deduct that from the total pay out?

I paid for a bot for visibility yes. Last competition i ran at a loss and this might be the same

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this is a very detailed contest and I really like it. but I've already introduced steemit to a lot of people, but this contest has not been there yet.

Thanks for stopping by! Its a new weekly contest I started last week.... I hope to see your entry :)

Can I join the contest @conradt because i think my reputation is low for the contest😄

Anyone can enter the contest @drekkelly ☺☺

Thanks and good luck @faady92 ☺☺

Last giveaway i write the post by realy hard work. Dispointed but not loose the hope.

redeems the post

Now want to be that random lucky person who resteems the post.

Good luck @usman119 - sorry you didnt win last week - it was a tough decision to make.

Thanks and good luck ! :)

  ·  last year (edited)

What a great idea for a contest, @conradt. There can never be enough tips for new Steemians.

It’s a shame I didn’t notice your post earlier, but hey, it is what it is :0)

I’ll resteem anyway and add 5 bsi shares to the prize pool!

(Be sure to give me a shoutout when the contest has ended. I’m not on SteemIt again full-time, but I try to follow up on Gina messages on Discord)

Thanks @simplymike! At the moment these contests are running at a loss but ill keep doing them and hope to keep them sustainable...

Thanks again for the generousity!

You are welcome :0)
I don’t think I ran a profitable contest, yet. Short-term, that is.
I do believe contests like these are profitable in the long run: they do get your name out and bring in followers...

I will keep running these as I am not losing a lot - and in the long run I will be winning as you mention :) This one closes tommorow and then I will start a new one.

Hey @simplymike thanks just recieved the STEEM and have sponsored the extra people with SBI - sorry I thought I had replied to your message with the people to sponsor but aparently I didnt.

Thanks again!

oh, btw: it's just a detail, and not really important, but just so you'd know: in spite of my username, I'm a girl ;0)

Thanks for the headsup I would have never guessed from your name :P

There is a big chance I simply missed it.
I'm still only running at 40% or so.
Just thought this would be a quick fix :0)

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This is a nice initiative, my advice for newbies coming up!

Look forward to it!

Thanks and good luck! 🙂🙂