5 Steem Basic Income shares giveaway - Sharing Steem Initiatives

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After last weeks contest where I gave away 5 Steem Basic Income shares I have decided to host another, and am trying to make this a weekly thing. I truly believe in this initiative as a way to help new Steemians find their feet.

Thanks to all the participants from last week and congratulations to the winners:


And the random resteemer is @cinderz

You should start getting upvotes from an SBI account in the next few days on your posts :) If this doesnt start after a few days let me know and I will follow up.

Additionally @simplymike was kind enough sponsor last weeks contest, and will be giving away an additional 5 SBI shares! Thanks so much for the support! Im unsure how he plans to distribute these but if you havent been picked as a winner by me you may still have a chance to win!


What is Steem Basic Income?

Before I get onto the topic for the contest I quickly want to explain what Steem Basic Income is. From the @steemitbasicincome blog:

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.
So basically I will sponsor the winners with share/s in Steem Basic Income and they will receive ongoing upvotes on their posts from SBI - a great way to motivate and encourage minnows to keep on Steeming!

For more information about Steem Basic Income check out this blog by @steembasicincome

The Contest

Im sticking with the theme of helping other Steemians. So, to enter this contest write an original post outlining an initiative (more than one would be great!) related to Steem - for example, Dtube, Dustsweeper, GINAbot etc, and explain how it is used and how it can be helpful to fellow Steemians. Shoutouts to fellow Steemians who are running projects/blogs which are helpful are also appreciated!

Two intiatives which I love are steem.supply and Steemspectacles - Steem.supply I have been using for a while now and I just stumbled across steemspectacles.


Steem.supply takes the hassle out of tracking your expected payouts and it shows all of your future payouts for posts and comments, and also tells you your approximate account value in USD - I love this as the account value on Steemit is a bit deceptive as it doesn't take into account the changing value of SBD.

To analyse your account simply go to steem.supply/@yourusername

Steem.supply is run by Steemit witness @dragosroua, who also has an awesome blog!


Steemspectacles provides an analysis of your followers such as 'most loyal' and 'most influential'. It also tells you about 'ghost' followers and 'dead' followers so you know how many people are actually engaged in your conent.

To give it a try visit teh website here

Contest rules and fine print

To enter the contest, as I mentioned you just need to write a post about a page/intiative or Steemian that you think your followers would benefit from and how to use them, and use the tag #steeminitiatives so that I can find your posts. Feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments below! I will do my best to upvote all entries (depending on VP, and how many entries there are!).

After the payout of this post I will select the winner/s and provide a summary post with links to the winners so they can gain some more exposure.

Upvoting and resteeming this post isn't required will help build the prize pool.


I will start the prize pool with 5 Steem Basic Income shares, spread across the winners, but, at my discrepancy will increase the prize pool if I get significant payouts from this post

4 Basic Income Shares will be spread across those who write posts, and 1 share will be offered to a random person who Resteems this post!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading your blogs - remember this is about helping out new Steemians, so that we can increase user retention.

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Hey everyone - sorry for the delay getting the prizes out - but here we go. The winners are:

Original post winners:

Random resteem winner

Congrats do you all I have enrolled you for 1 SBI share each and you should start getting upvotes from an SBI account in the next few days. If this doesnt start happening let me know and I will follow up for you.

I will be doing another competition in the coming days so keep an eye on my page! :)

Proof of purchase of shares is below:


Thanks! Congrats everyone

Its a pleasure @giddyupngo :)

Thank you so much @conradt!

Its a pleasure @antimetica :)

Thank you very much! :)

It is a pleasure @paradigm42 :)

@conradt thanks so much, I never did get that post finished turned out a lot longer than anticipated, hopefully get it done this week or next. Thanks again 👍

@digitaldan its a pleasure - I will run another competition at some stage soon so you can enter that one :) Yeah I get that sometimes!

Both people I sponsored last week were very appreciative. I like the concept of helping others while helping self. Both the sponsor and the sponsored benefit!

Yeah I agree @coincussion - I love @steembasicincome and want to share it with others

Excellent initiative friend @conradt, the steem basic income program, is spectacular, I am sponsored by @giddyupngo, So my next post will give a brief review of the tools I use to manage my steemit account. An affectionate hug.

Thanks for the kind words @felixgarciap I appreciate it. Look forward to reading it!

sr the payout is done but i will like to participate do i have some chance u.u?

Entries have closed sorry @redencion123

i was exited but i understand , thanks for answer bro u.u

No problems I will run another ina few days so keep your eyes on my blog :P

Ok @wizardave good luck!

Even I participated! but couldn't win! Better luck next time to ME :(

@faady92 it was tough competition but keep trying :)

Thanks! one day i shall win! :)

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Awesome contest dude! I am a ultra fan of steemworld.org in combo with Gina... never went back to steemd. or steemnow after this discovering of steemworld.

just put on an autovoter today with steem auto, and half of my worries are gone! (now just getting the payouts of my own posts higher hahah lolllll)

Yeah I LOVE GINA bot! - I use steemworld and steemd - depends what mood im in lol

Wow! I was surprised that I'm one of the winners! Thank you so much for this good opportunity! This is so helpful! Thank you so much Sir! :)

No problems @tonie :) :)

Once again thank you sir and congratulations to all winners!

You have been resteemed by @resteemy, courtesy of @conradt!
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Thank you sir @conradt. How long the SBI will upvote my post? Hehe..please let me know..Thanks

Hi @cinderz they will continue to upvote your posts for the indefinite future. The more shares you have the higher the upvote so keep playing 😊

WOW! That's great news..Thank you!

Congratz to the winners! All very informative and great for discovering things about Steemit I didn't know.

Thanks @antimetica it has been successful and great to discover new things about Steemit!

Thank you so much for doing this. I just recently started on Steemit and it is hard to get noticed. I like to write with a bit of humor. If you would take the time to read this post for your next round of considerations, I would greatly appreciate it.


Will do @johannegauthier it just takes time to get started!

My best reccomendation when you are new on here is to comment on peoples blogs who you are interested in. Most people here are pretty friendly

have rule to win

hmmmmm... like what?

Here is my entry for this week, thanks as always for doing these contests!

Thanks for your entry @paradigm42 :)

Yaaay am so honored. Thank you @conradt for the gift. Sorry am just seeing this, have had quite a busy week. Congrats to other winners also and the future winners hahaha. @steembasicincome is the new bae. 😘

No probelms @ dee-y :)

Here is a link to a post I made for a similar competition ...



@conradt just seen this from your post about it couple of hours ago. I'll try and get an entry in before the deadline thanks for hosting the competiton 👍

Awesome @digitaldan look forward to reading :)

@conradt I mentioned this giveaway in this post in an attempt to help you get more entries.

Thanks @rentmoney I appreciate it :)

Broken link at "To give it a try visit teh website here"

Thanks for pointing this out @rubellitefae - its fixed now :)

I just wrote my post


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Hey everyone - dont worry I havent forgotten about this - will be awarding the winners today :)

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