Steem Alliance "Structure Proposals" Comparison Contest Results!

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We had decent participation in our last task in collaboration with @SteemAlliance. It was quite challenging since we asked people to do a proper analysis of Structure Proposals given for STEEM Alliance in a very short time. We have 8 valid entries in total. All the teams behind the proposals tried their best to explain how it would behave when it's actually live.

Announcing the Rankings

After reviewing the entries as per the guidelines and the quality of the blog, we have ranked(First to Last) the following content pieces explaining Structure proposals for @SteemAlliance:

  1. A definitive comparison of submitted Steem Alliance proposals by @bozz
  2. by @robin-mctities
  3. Normie Talk: Deciphering Steem Alliance "Structure Proposals" by @chekohler
  4. Comparing Steem Alliance "Structure Proposals" for @oracle-d by @clixmoney
  5. Proposals For Steemit Alliance Foundation Structure by @belemo
  6. A short comparison of the Steem alliance structure proposal
    No Resteems Yet.
    by @dongentle2
  7. Proposal Review for the Steemalliance organization by @young-boss-karin
  8. Attention Steemian; Review of Final Structure Proposal that will Go to the Vote by @adeyemidrey

A huge "thanks" and a "hi-five" to everyone who participated. And many Congratulations on doing such a great job with your reviews. Cheers!

Voting is Now Live

How to cast your vote:
It's important to vote if you want a strong foundation to be set for steem by the future working group of @steemalliance.

“If you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain.”

-George Carlin

Steem Alliance Structure Proposal Election

The deadline for voting is 7 days from the post, or around 21:10 (9:10pm) UTC on April 17th.

To see results with correct filters, click here.

The final structure proposals can be found here, and will now be put up for vote.

Summary of Choices

(Presented in alphabetical order)

"Decentralized Steem Incubator" Submitted By @alexvan

Main focus shall be the development of new self sustainable projects, being it business, NGOs or personal individual projects on the Steem blockchain.

"DeCentraSteem" Submitted By @impactn

DeCentraSteem, a decentralised structure made of a network of ever-changing self-organised working circles. One purpose, strengthening communities, and nine rules make it work without a central board.

"Foundation Structure Proposal" Submitted By @upheaver

The goal of this proposal is to create and grow a sustainable ecosystem around Steem blockchain and to make Steem the leading blockchain for decentralized apps and communities worldwide.

The proposal features a robust fiat based management structure, fundraising through corporate and individual membership fees, various types of funding activities and on-chain advisory role for Steem community.

"The Merger" Submitted By @shadowspub

The goal of this proposal is to combine some of the best ideas put forward and work alongside Steemit Inc to build the most beneficial Community Foundation possible, through collaboration. The Foundation will be where community members, investors, developers, and influencers come together to advance the Steem ecosystem and underlying technology.

"People Survive By Supporting Each Other" Submitted by @TheHive

Investment of Steem in FIAT industry is what will bring an assurancce of the demand for Steem. Creating industry and a chain owned (not privately owned) company in the FAT world providing local services provides an opportunity to have Steem used in a concentrated environment. As opposed to being used across continents. Growing hubs or localities that later can join and support each other. The growth of the Chain and the benefits of using it get amplified with compound growth over time, Reducing the reliance on and the influence of entities outside of the Chain. Let's Build it together.



Congratulations @clixmoney. Happy to see your great entry in the ranking four. Best wishes for you. 💞

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Thanks a lot. ☺

Thanks a lot guys, I'm glad you liked my entry. I will do my best to do more tasks.

Thanks @oracle-d for shortlisting few great post and now since voting started already so hoping to see everyone voting for the right proposal.

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Good cooperation with @steemaliance is the beginning of a good development, it is very supportive for the next step

It's important to vote if you want a strong foundation to be set for steem by the future working group of @steemalliance.

🖕Very important! Thanks oracle-d for such sacrifices to our beloved Steem blockchain. Things are getting better here day by day.

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Wooaw.... Finally some great and awesome ideas in there.
@burlarj @ifeoluwa88 @fredkese @mango-juice @rehan12 @ashikstd come around and let's make steem a better place through your votes

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Thumbs up to everyone that participated and sent their entries. You guys are awesome.
Now I've got to cast my votes

Definitely it was quite challenging @oracle-d however a few of the entries are amazing and I look foward to voting for best, looking forward to seeing the winner and the next task

This time I really miss the rewards from @oracle-d

Will try next time again
Waiting for another task
We are steem

Thank you for mentioning my entry

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Some very interesting and great proporsals. Heading over to vote at dPoll.

You all should all join me and vote for your best proporsal(s) @rehan12 @burlarj @mango-juice @ferrate @udezee

Congratulations to all the participants. Thanks so much for your efforts. Let me proceed and cast my Vote.

Congratulations to the participants it's the time to cast my vote, let me remaind @rehan, @burlarj to also do the same.

Congratulations for the all the participants. I have hopes on steem alliance. Looking forward for the great things

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congrats to the winners, I hereBy call on my friends @xawi @ifeoluwa88 @rehan12 @dhavey @bala41288 @momogrow @donefezy to come and cast their vote!

The unity and love in the steem blockchain is something we are all proud of. All thanks to Oracle for their endless support in ensuring this movement is getting to the apex height. We all should ensure to make sure our vote is been added.

Congratulations to the winners 🏆🎉🏆 ill move on to cast my vote now.

COngratulations to the winners.

Extraordinary interest with @steemaliance is the beginning of a conventional improvement, it is extraordinarily solid for the ensuing stage

Congrats for the every one of the members. I have trusts on steem partnership.

Congrats to the members it's an ideal opportunity to make my choice, let me remaind foodndrin @sujun @villani @destinysaid @valchiz to likewise do likewise.

Congrats to the winner.

Much appreciated @oracle-d for shortlisting couple of extraordinary post and now since casting a ballot began as of now so wanting to see everybody voting in favor of the correct proposition.

A lot of great ideas, and I just submitted my vote

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