Attention Community - Here Are Your Choices | Final Structure Proposals That Will Go To The Vote

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Dear Community,

We are nearing the end of this process and are 5 days out from the election. Please ensure you register to vote before April 8th.

The following are the proposals that have been submitted and will be up for election April 10th - April 17th. Please review them, ask questions and give feedback to the teams.

Final Structure Proposals:

(Presented in alphabetical order)

"Decentralized Steem Incubator" Submitted By @alexvan

Main focus shall be the development of new self sustainable projects, being it business, NGOs or personal individual projects on the Steem blockchain.

"DeCentraSteem" Submitted By @impactn

DeCentraSteem is designed to strengthen communities on Steem blockchain. A decentralised structure is proposed., made of a network of ever-changing self-organised working circles. Any group of Steemians may set up such a working circle, making DeCentraSteem a highly flexible and community-based system. The circles work within a rule-set covering fund generation and distribution, interaction of circles and strategic alignment within the foundation. Guidance is given by the common purpose of strengthening communities and a set of goals derived from this purpose. No central body is foreseen. The foundation itself is no legal entity. Every working-circle may choose its own legal entity.

"Foundation Structure Proposal" Submitted By @upheaver

The goal of this proposal is to create and grow a sustainable ecosystem around Steem blockchain and to make Steem the leading blockchain for decentralized apps and communities worldwide.

The proposal features a robust fiat based management structure, fundraising through corporate and individual membership fees, various types of funding activities and on-chain advisory role for Steem community.

"The Merger" Submitted By @shadowspub

The goal of this proposal is to combine some of the best ideas put forward and work alongside Steemit Inc to build the most beneficial Community Foundation possible, through collaboration. The Foundation will be where community members, investors, developers, and influencers come together to advance the Steem ecosystem and underlying technology.

"People Survive By Supporting Each Other" Submitted by @TheHive

In one year we can have the benefit of $3400 USD value of Steem been requested to be purchased every week. This is a low scale expectation

Removed per authors request.

The Steem Alliance group is working with @oracle-d (through their tasks) to try to get an objective comparison of these final proposals and how they differ. We hope this will help the community be able to compare them more easily and therefore make informed choices.

Extended Voter Registration Deadline: April 8th, 11:59 PM UTC

Due to some feedback from the community, we have extended the Voter Registration Deadline. This will hopefully help to ensure everyone who does want to vote in the upcoming election, has the ability to do so.

Please help us continue to spread the word!

If you want to vote in the upcoming election to decide the structure of this future community foundation, you must register to vote. If you do not do so, your vote will not count.

How To Register?

Go to --- > THIS POST and follow the link at the bottom to the dpoll interface and cast your vote.

  • Doing so does NOT count as your vote in the election, this is only an on chain method for users to register for the upcoming election. Those who do not register, will not count in the future election.

  • You only have 2 choices; "Yes" or "Absolutely", you can choose either! Both do the same thing! This is only an on chain way of registering users to to participate in the upcoming election of the structure of this foundation, you must register to vote.

Once registered, you are all set to come back and vote for the election which will be held April 10th-17th.

Official Election Dates: April 10th - April 17th

This will be an On Chain election using the dpoll interface. There will be a post published on April 10th announcing the start of the election as well as including important information about the Structure Proposals and clear instructions on the vote itself.

  • The Election will run for 7 days (final day being April 17th)

  • Voting Method will be stake weight with a cap at 250k More Details Here

  • It will be an on chain vote through Dpoll with open audits.

How To Ensure Fairness

The goal of this group from the beginning has been to be transparent, fair and accountable to the community. ALL transcripts from the inception can be found on chain and/or within The Steem Alliance Discord Server. There are no closed rooms, it all can be seen right there.

Due to feedback we have received we want to ensure this election has another level of transparency and accountability.

The election will have open audit logs (just like the working group election did) and will be released (just like before).

We ask that each Proposal Team form a group to review the election audits, as well as anyone from the community as well. This way there will be multiple eyes on the results, reviewing and ensuring fairness is achieved.

This election will be decided by the community vote, not the working group.

  • The community will decide

  • In case of tie, there will be a run off election

  • The working group (or anyone involved in the proposals) will vote just like everyone else. Their vote will be weighed based on the method detailed above. This is a community election.

  • Open audits will be available, we hope many groups step up to review them.

The Goal is to have a fair and transparent election, as it always has been.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please let us know.

Thank You,

The Working Group

What is the Steem Alliance?

The Steem Alliance is an idea of a community coming together to build a foundation with the collective goal of improving Steem as a whole.

The goal of this future foundation is to be the combined “face of the chain”, working alongside additional groups as well as Steemit Inc. to better the Steem platform together. With a main focus on helping to push Steem into the mainstream arena with focus on marketing, upkeep of, development of steemd, outreach and Steem events. Funding would need to be fundraising/profit based but also with large seed from Steemit Inc. itself.

The goal of this Working Group is to oversee the establishment of the future foundation while ensuring transparency, fairness and that the community's voice is heard. Once the foundation is established, Working Group is disbanded.


The team (in alphabetical order) that collaborated on this proposal is: @ aggroed, @ bluefinstudios, @ guiltyparties, @ upheaver, and @ whatsup. With input from the current and active working group members, @ eonwarped, @ llfarms and @ shadowspub.

Oh, that’s certainly an interesting way to explain it. :)

This is a bit obvious indeed - can we add some other high level members that collaborated on other proposals?

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Yes, did you read them? There are other collaborations 🙂 collaboration was encouraged.

I believe they just wanted people to know that the 3 proposals previously submitted had turned into one.

We asked them to send us quotes, I didn’t see that as something that “advertised” a project.

Yes, read them all. No worries, all fine - at least some people know marketing which is good for this blockchain. I do appreciate all the guys from project #4 it is only the mentioning of top blockchain celebs that will automatically encourage many to simply go for that one without reading anything - I am in marketing since over 20 years.

All good!

Edit: I'm sorry, for some reason when I responded to this (probably before coffee) I thought you meant the proposal quote that mentioned how much money it would bring in.. apparently I can't count. It was pointed out that you meant the one containing the names.. which even though the thought I believe was transparency, I understand what you mean now.

If I would have actually realized that earlier, and the way it was being seen as.. I would have suggested an edit. I apologize. I am not sure why I was confused. Which is why I said I didnt see how saying they would bring in a profit was "advertising their project.".. I edited my comment above.. I feel like a doofus.

Thank you for bringing it up, it seems they saw it and then they requested an edit.

Haha, thanks @llfarms - I am used people do not understand me as of two reasons:

1 - My english is crap
2 - I am male

Thanks fpr checking in again.

Nah, that wasn’t you.. that was all me. I reread your comment and it made sense. I should not answer questions first thing in the a.m., not sure how I goofed that up.

Anyways, thanks for understanding and I hope that requested edit helps things, as the focus very much should be the structure of the proposals themselves.. not people’s names. Sorry again about that. Have a good one!

No wonder no one listens to you...

In fairness , I think the teams can describe their project however they want. They already got input saying it is low brow stuff.

To be honest I am most concerned about proposals that won't change based on quality feedback.

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I keep meaning to link you this, as I knew you had been doing an independent comparison -

Thanks for introducing this. I reached out to all 5 teams and have heard back from 3 so far which is really great. I will post it in around 24 hours. Hopefully, I can join the contest too. But mine is more of a read through a critique of all of the things and slightly negative, since if I agree I don't really need to praise them. I'll try to condense it a bit and I do need to wait to give the authors a fair chance to talk to me about some of the more controversial / harder to understand points.

Thanks for doing this in a fair and transparent manner.

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Haha no problem. It's a lot more work than I thought. I've heard back from all the proposals now except the github one where I posted in a 20 day old post on Steem about it.
The hive has an update now, and the link is in the comments of the post. I dont know if it is too late to go up here, but it is definitely worth reading.
Im going to post my increasingly long post in a few hours. I have a verybgood idea about all the differences now. None of these proposals should be dismissed outright and they all have some winning ideas whih should be considered for the final structure.

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I like the Merger myself :)

I like the Merger myself :)

Except for the must be based in the US part.

Allow me to humbly suggest that there be a None of The Above option in the voting ballot. If the majority choose that option then a new proposal stage should begin.


Proposal 4? - Come on guys seriously - you can not promote a project that way in such a post - congrats already for your win.

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Just realized that the snapshot has names in it. That shouldn't be like that. Asking SA for an edit.

Thanks mate

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I’m assuming the auditing will prevent or at least mitigate the effects of actions such as vote-buying?

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The auditing will look for any glaring errors and evaluate them. The review teams suggested is to ensure their was fairness and transparency on the WG side as well. The more eyes the better 🙂

¡ Saludos, excelente!


Five proposals? There were more in the bucket ...

There are a few being added that had previously submitted but didn’t realize this deadline. The working group decided that since it was posted on chain previously, they should be included. Will add it in a bit.

Also, 3 of them combined into one and one of the others has individuals contributing who also previously submitted proposals. So there were some collaborations that happened.

Great. That's good. Thanks for the explanation.

It's good to hear that all complete proposals will be included. It's even better to hear that proposals are already being combined and refined. I am looking forward to the development very much.

Everybody reading this and not yet being registered to vote - go to the registration poll immediately, make your mark now and for the future of Steem community!

Thank you!


Resteeming for visibility and as a reminder 😊

We're still here. :)

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