Comparing Steem Alliance "Structure Proposals" for @oracle-d

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It's my participation in the contest run by @oracle-d about proposals.

In this video I compared 5 "Structure Proposals" chosen by @steemalliance.

The video turned long because I was reading all the proposals and talking about them.

For those who don't want to read everything, you can just watchthe video.

The first one is called "DeCentraSteem" Submitted By @impactn .

It's all about making communities to choose working circles and self-regulated within a set of interaction rules. The rules are already set in the post and you can read them. The foundation is based on peer-to-peer relationships. The purpose is to strengthen communities. But not delegating responsibility to a central body. It's self-organised and self-determined working circles. Approved working circles are members of the foundation. There will be no leadership. The foudation sponsored by membership fees and donations.

But you can always give feedback to @impactn here : "DeCentraSteem"

The second one is "Decentralized Steem Incubator" Submitted By @alexvan .

is taking into consideration to find a crypto friendly country where foundation shall be based. Members shall not receive any monetary compensation and they only get paid a % of the profit they are generate from projects. 2 members of each continent shall be represented. Election are based on vests that will be taken as votes. Foundation will be in a form of delegations.

You can give your opinion about the proposal here : A Decentralized Steem Incubator for the Future

The third one "Foundation Structure Proposal" Submitted By @upheaver .

The third proposal is written completely on github. It's the community of open source projects. The mission is to create a sustainable ecosystem around Steem. The view is to make steem used by communities worldwide. You see in the proposal a table of contents what make it professional. It would be based on individual and corporate memberships. There will be silver, golden and platinum memberships with costs. The Individual membership will include a member and hero. It will have leadership consisting C-level, Executive Directors, Vice Presidents and Legal Counsel.

For more details read here : Steem Alliance Foundation Proposal , for feedback contact @upheaver.

The fourth one is "The Merger" Submitted By @shadowspub .

The goal of this proposal is to combine the best ideas and to work with Steemit Inc. The mission will fosus on adoption of steem, retention, public relations, and development. It concentrate on community, accountability, inclusiveness , leadership. It includes nomination, engagement, remuneration, community Involvement, communication and meetings. Foundation come from Steemit Inc or through direct donation or both. You can read there as well about accountability and ethics.

Give your opinion about it here : The Merger

The fifth one is "People Survive By Supporting Each Other" Submitted by @TheHive .

It's about having a core account to support other accounts. Any major decisions should be approved by agreed poll. It's possible to invest crypto in fiat projects to invest the gain in steem. It push the community to work together to have good results. The foundation can be supported by votes but for more details read here : How it might work or here Funded by the Chain for the chain.

You can always contact @thehive for more details.

All suggested proposals are great and including a lot of valuable ideas. But it still depending on what the steem community will choose. Let's be positive about everything. Steem on. ☺

Let's wish all the best for steem and keep creating on it and improving it everyday !

To not miss any contest of @oracle-d, follow them and follow @oracle-d.tasks and @dapplovers.

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Thank you for simplifying each program. Is there a certain way to register in order to vote?

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Check the recent post of @steemalliance to vote.