Analysis Of Steemit Alliance Structure Proposals

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In a few days, the entire steemit community will gather at the voting polls to decide which structure the steemit alliance will incorporate to operate. The process has been been protracted and this is to ensure only the best is chosen and to ensure that everyone has a voice in deciding which proposal will be considered at the end of the day.
After many weeks of deliberation, the ideas have been streamlined to the final 5 proposals that will be all given a fair chance to be implemented. The final five were listed in detail on this post on the @steemitalliance account. In this article, I will simply outline certain facts about each proposal based on specific parameters that will be used to compare each proposal.

"Decentralized Steem Incubator"

The first on the list as outlined in @steemitalliance post is this proposal submitted By @alexvan.
General Information

  • It proposes that the alliance have some physical presence(outside the internet) at a crypto-friendly country
  • Honourary board members(2 from each continent) with Steemit Inc. having 50% control.
  • 2 year term for each board member

Specific Parameters for Comparison

Main Goal: Development of sustainable Projects(profit and non profit alike)
Primary Structure: Mixture of profit and Non profit
Leadership: Steemit Inc. with 50% control
Funding/Allocation: Funding projects will be done through delegations(80%) and liquid (20%)
Community Involvement: The project will focus on investors, particularly big investors
Transparency/accountability: The proposal is transparent and will feature a physical office in a crypto friendly country

DeCentraSteem - final proposal for a decentralised structure in favour of communities on Steem

The second proposal was submitted by @impactn, here's some general information about it

  • Establishment of communities and working circles
  • Based on trust
  • It gives everyone power to initiate changes
  • Any 5 steemians with up to cumulative 2k sp can form a circle
  • Each working circle work based on rules

Specific Parameters for Comparison

Main Goal: Establishment of new communities and strengthening of existing communities.
Primary Structure: Mixture of profit and non profit.
Leadership: Leadership will be spread between communities
Funding/Allocation: Funding for projects will be derived from various circles
Community Involvement: The proposal is community based and will employ the working circles
Transparency/accountability: It is going to be community oriented and will be very transparent in nature.

Steem Alliance

This proposal was brought forward by @upheaver and posted through his github page. Here's a general overview of the proposal.

  • Leveraging the potential of building applications through steemit
  • The structure proposes membership scheme for corporations and individuals.
  • These corporations/memberships will incorporate different payment levels
  • Board of directors to oversee the project. Board members are elected
  • It will incorporate project incubators, bounties and other incentive based projects.

Specific Parameters for Comparison

Main Goal: Create an environment that facilitates the development of dapps and growth of the community.
Primary Structure: The scheme is primarily profit oriented but will also offer support to projects in need of it.
Leadership: The board will be led by a board of directors and a CEO
Funding/Allocation: Funding will be done from within after deliberation between the board of directors and the CEO
Community Involvement:The Community will be informed of activities
Transparency/accountability: It will be on the steemit blockchain and will be transparent.

The Merger

The merger is a combination of Grow The Chain, S+ Foundation, and Stars Align. Here are some noteworthy points

  • A collaborative effort
  • It will rely heavily on input from Steemit Inc.
  • Will focus on moving the steemit brand forward through promotion, adoption and retention
  • Attract more users
  • Non profit fiat structure housed in USA
  • Neutral Witness Bias

Specific Parameters for Comparison

Main Goal: Promoting union and integrating various steemit programs
Primary Structure: It is predominantly non-profit but will also embark in profit oriented projects
Leadership:Will incorporate a board of directors and Steemit Inc.
Funding/Allocation: Will be funded through internal generated funds and donations
Community Involvement: The community will be very involved
Transparency/accountability: It will be on the steemit blockchain and will be transparent.

"People Survive By Supporting Each Other"

This proposal was brought forward by @thehive. Here's a few points about it.

  • Mutual support through special accounts
  • Will incorporate a core account that is responsible for upvoting sub accounts.
  • Each sub account will be responsible for supporting

Specific Parameters for Comparison

Main Goal: Promotion of steemit outside the internet
Primary Structure: It is predominantly non profit and is focused on steemit promotion but will support certain profitable ventures that further the cause.
Leadership:It will be spearheaded by the main account that will delegate responsibility to the sub accounts
Funding/Allocation: Funds are generated internally through upvotes from the main account
Community Involvement: The proposal will support viable projects by members of the community
Transparency/accountability: It will be on the steemit blockchain and will be transparent.

Voting Process

Every Steemian is eligible to vote and to register, please click here to complete your.

For more information about the voting Procedure, check here


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