I Made a Proposal.

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The Hive

Howdy folks'.

A couple of weeks ago I made a proposal for the Steem Alliance structure. This new committee might be called something different when formed. The name of the committee is just that a name. The function and how the end committee is were my interest is. Although I would love to hold one of the positions which is supported by the end committee, to advance a project I would like to see gain some backing. It really does not matter who is in these positions to a great extent. Having someone we can trust in the positions is to a great part down to those we know. We will all trust those we have more contact with than those we have just met. For myself, This is generally by who talks with me and how they talk or react to things I say. Do they respond, or dismiss an opinion, are they open minded by wearing blinders like I do when it comes to my ambitions (sometimes).

There are many things that come into play when choosing someone to trust. Hell NO! I am not going to give you a guide on how to choose who to trust. You can trust me though.

I have wrote various articles with the principles of this project at various times. Even in those not wrote specifically for a project, I feel I did incorporate in them the same moral message and consideration of others.
I came to Steem via Freeroll Poker from @SPL who play at Lucksacks I won a few SBD and decided to try the Steemit platform to earn some Crypto instead. Transferring the Crypto I had won at another site to Steem in hindsight was not the greatest timing. However, it got me started here. The FIAT value of the account is probably still less than what was invested. The same potential I seen with Steem is still here though. It is only a matter of time before another Crypto applies the same method to ensure it has a footstep in tomorrow.

Great new idea to share, how we can do so much working together. The hardest part getting people to work together. It has been shown recently it can be done. Many people doing small pieces can build something up quicker and faster than alone. This is what I thought I could achieve, I did find support and this support along with some effort has grown the account close to 1000 SP in total support. Slow progress. Progress none the less.

With regards to the Proposal, I have wrote it twice. Once two month back and again 2 week ago.

First, https://steemit.com/stateofsteem/@thehive/funded-by-the-chain-for-the-chain-proposal-for-backing

Second, https://steemit.com/foundationproposal/@thehive/how-it-might-work-proposal-suggestion-logic

Keeping in mind that this is not or should never be about a private account gaining strength on the Steem chain. It is about supporting the chain and giving it an edge over other platforms and currency currently vying for a position in the world.

Working Together We Can Make This Happen

Charisma honeypot.jpg

I got an invitation to attend the @Pennsif show on Thursday 11 PM UTC to speak about my proposal if others have interest in hearing more or to answer questions if others hold interest. Expanding briefly on what I have previously said to give a greater understanding and invite questions to the proposal I decided to write this post.

No matter which proposal is taken and used. It will need a certain amount of time still for development. X amount of accounts are going to be created. I think it should be fourteen in total. At these starting stages anyway. Thirteen of them are committee members and one is a core account.

Core Account

The core account has a specific purpose. To grow the other accounts. It does not have an opinion, a point of view, morals, principles or other motive. Its only purpose is to grow the other accounts. After an account has reached its pre-agreed level of Steem Power the core account will stop supporting it.

The Core account will also disintegrate over time. It is not there to grow and accumulate wealth, merely there to assist in the beginning of the committee by providing support needed without the constant need for campaigns that ultimately remove time from development and implementation. The main reason I see that a delegated amount of Steem is best used to start the committee. Over time as the committee accounts grow, the need for delegation will be reduced and delegation can then be returned to Steem Inc or wherever it came from. This account will dissolve with time.

This account will be set to vote to the committee accounts twice per day. Expected posts per day from a committee account one per day. The reason for the two votes per day is to allow for writing time and posting time. At times a 24 hour period may not have passed before the next post is published.

Committee Accounts

All committee accounts will start with 0 or minimal Steem Power.

Posting about the account, introducing it to the population of Steem. Writing about its goals, targets, projects it is directed toward can begin to generate the growth by the vote it will gain from the core account.

These accounts will grow fast, in comparison to other accounts from the big vote they will get. Votes from supporters and curating chasers will also add to the growth. Those votes are not something we will be reliant on though. Integration of some projects to work along side of each other and promote each other is not limited to a voting system. This growth time over the first couple of month will allow for firmer and more established guidelines to be utilised as we move forward. It will enable us to correct some things we missed and make changes before something becomes an issue. As we watch the accounts grow we can see where it is best to tweek things or keep them as they are.

Any major decision along these lines should be approved by
agreed poll, voting method or combination of both.

What we as the Steem community do not agree with can be explored in these beginning stages were the power is still growing, How we decide the changes and how we implement them. If we experience conflicts or abuse of position, how we deal with these issues best can be established.

Each of these committee accounts should have an agenda that does not conflict with an already existing one. They account should ideally be looking to support other projects in its selected area more than to be the project. A sub version of the core account if you will. Supporting a number of accounts below it to grow and reward those community with voting support.

Which projects these committee accounts are directed toward has still to be decided. The account managers will become paid positions in which managers would need to perform to a certain standard in the occupation of position.

I do think it is essential at the beginning to have a concentrated effort to one specific project and that is remuneration. Having this start fund provide the means for us to maintain support without the need for delegation or campaigning.

Charisma honeypot.jpg

For us to maintain that kind of support there has to be another need for Steem or SBD. It is great having stores on line that will accept Steem/SBD for their product. The cost to postage and the fluctuations of the currency make it not so attractive to use though. The games you can play now too are exciting. These industries are building a personal wealth for an individual though and not so much about growing the community. There work within a limited resource of newbie which may take some time to explode.

We need something else outside of on line outside of digital. We need to invest our Crypto into FIAT industry. The FIAT return we convert to Steem. Right now people invest in Crypto to pull out FIAT when the price is right. We should be investing in reverse, with the returns we will gain by creating the need for Steem by regular purchases from industries outside of the chain itself. These industries will have a Steem account but will not be marketed as a Steem product or service. The ability to pay with Steem as an alternative will be promoted. (Lifetime agreement for the use of Steem as a payment system).

Start something that can remunerate with a concentrated effort.
Progress from there as it gets established.

One thing I do see could grow from this is Steem Resorts. Working together and growing this for the benefit and the success of the Steem chain, we can host our own SteemFest on our own land in various countries. We can host them at the same time and have them stream to each other main parts of the event.

We can have Steem TV not just radio.

We can expand to every niche of society in some indirect way and invite people to join us not by "Hey have you heard about Crypto". By talking about the various things we do with the Crypto we will gain their interest.

Creating the need for Steem outside of the digital world will bring the need for Steem to a higher level. The more people seeking the same thing the greater the value it will hold.

I hope this leaves you with many questions.

Make a Diff banner.jpg

You are welcome to join our Discord Server at

Some other groups I invite you to take a look at are:
The @IFC Discord group: https://discord.gg/uSGDtKR
The @cryptoempire Discord Server: https://discord.gg/9JhyHXg
The @asapers Discord Server: https://discord.gg/2gJD7PW
The @buddyup Discord Server: https://discord.gg/3d5H3K8
The @steemitramble Discord Server: https://discord.gg/QJzP2zm
The @thealliance Discord Server https://discord.gg/hjZnKbD
The Whaleshares Server https://discord.gg/XbME6Np

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You get my vote

Thank you.

Always my friend

@thehive ... this doesnt sound half bad :p

sadly im too late to vote again - symbiosis between two worlds might be just what this thing needs to lift-off again, making it a lot more flexible for people to sustain their ideas in whatever way they see fit to implement them.
But i feel there's still lack of trust from the "old world" if i can call it that, what just happened with Tether (is ongoing) is just more proof of that. I do believe in the end the resilience that lives all across planet Crypton will prevail, even if there's so many saplings that it will never rise to btc levels as has been again (likely) as there's like too much bread to spread across not enough butter :p
more coins -> more value gets spread -> individual items are worth less.

in some cases worthless ... think.png

but seeing how steem has been bottomside for over a year now and it doesnt really stop the platform from growing new expansions (say drugwars or the new exchange and probably a lot more since i havent been paying much attention in the last two months) -
Despite all that , fiat money into steem and steem at a few dollars more would make everything a lot easier and agreeable.

I'm gonna keep an eye on this - hoping its sticks to the updates section ... a nice improvement, as i barely ever check "feed" because thats like primetime tv but the stickies can be quite interesting lately

bonne chance tu.png

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

What I have said above merely touches the surface of what the concept can achieve. Fund the concept for 2 - 3 years to give it some growth. The returns by far outweigh the cost, Not just on the financial side of things but the ability ti sustain many community's.

The benefit to the physical world and those who involve themselves in the use of the facilities we can provide gain too. Strengthening the same system we wish (allegedly) to develop.

Everything needed is there for the first time for this concept to succeed. This is the first time we have had all the ingredients to make this concept a reality. The concept itself dates back many centuries.

If you want I can tag you in posts I write with this concept in mind.

i certainly wouldnt mind but i have a bad habit of not checking anything but my replies section , i always thought a separate feed somehow might come in handy or even ( i proposed that once somewhere)
An addition to the U.I. something like a widget / plugin where you can subscribe to registered services who are allowed (as opt-in) to send tweet-sized notifications.
It would require a separate server but i think there's plenty of people here who lose ten servers from their backpocket while running for the bus daily without breaking a sweat.
As it would need registering AND approval by the client it would have zero spam or you could simply disable someone there AND it doesnt even need to be stored on the blockchain, posts have a seven-day span by the system so any message shouldnt need to be stored for more than 30 days or so, a 120 (or 140?) characters the amount of rackspace needed is fairly close enough to zero to be negligible even at a million accounts, even if there were a million active accounts with actual people to it lol (im not opposed to bots, i think bots are essential and it would be a waste not to as the system is basically built for it, not just for it but its inherent to it)

One of the main things i perceived here from the start is that it seemed to me a bit of a closed community, mainly built for people who come into it with money BUT at the same time advertising "you can get money to post" ... so that, from all i saw so far creates a divide that doesnt need to be there and on the other hand the danger with pushing communities to the extreme is that you get walled off sections (a Trumpian wall or something lol) while for any thriving civilization caravans and traders moving between and bringing bits of culture from here to there and back are as essential to society as genetic diversity is for biology (im not preaching eugenics hehe , often mistaken for that by zealots as well)
And the loners ... like it or not (i can be one myself) dont need to have a detrimental effect, my ichiban (prime in japanese) example is Satoshi -the man- himself who cant be accused of being a community builder or public figure as all the cypherpunks involved in the very creation of the foundation of everything you, me and "them" build on here, all the people who take center stage in the spotlight, Justin and Vitalik , Ned and Dan (ned doesnt much spotlight actually) wouldnt be standing there if it wasnt for that pack of outcasts who came together in obscure corners to build this thing that grew into its own concept "blockchain" we all revolve around.
That said : any system (i talk about systems a lot lately its due to a book i read once --- not sure if this one is entirely it as thats business-specific ... but im sure its part of it) in existence (or lets say "known" existence will eventually run out of energy and hence motion -> grow stale without external input so getting the links between the "old" fiat world and planet crypton , sustaining them and giving them not just purpose but utility seems to me to be nothing but essential to the survival of

"the system" ;-)

there i go again ... ->

actually ... thinking about this, i already have some tab on my site i use to aggregate some accounts to see if there have been replies to it - i think it cant be too hard to adapt it into a more specific one that only displays certain posts from certain accounts with certain tags (but i get a lot of ideas that dont make it into actual production)
"getting around" on steemit isnt the most easy thing, keeping track of everything is like a part-time job (which would be cool if steem were still $10 hahah but its not...)
I'll try to keep an eye out i will, thanks a lot !!!! thinktanks ftw (sponsored thinktanks even better ;-)

Have you made use of Discord app and Gina bot?

i do, i get mails from the bot, i think it was necessary for sbi and votefun among other things, i have a discord too but i dont keep it open, its really hungry and this little celeron pc can't handle all that much :) but i see where you're going there, if you send pms i get a mail ?

its rudyardcatling#3199 if you want, thanks !! (im not the most organized socializer but im trying to keep up with the replies again, i let it slide for a few months there ... c la vie ...

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

wups , wrong number, never mind, sorry

This proposal is definitely unique. I heard you were going to post a more complete one soon. I find your proposal is all over the place and scattered. Voting is really soon and it is difficult to consider this one at the moment. I hope you definitely advise which ever proposal makes it.

Maybe a few graphics or organized headings would be great. It's just so hard to digest.

Thank you after writing various posts to try explain the concept, Finally some feedback. I will get on trying to define it clearer. If there is any specific questions you may have. Please question me.

Sincerely, Thank you.

I understand the core will have 10-12 committees below it. You mentioned you want to get into the energy business which is neat but I don't see this being 1 of the first 12. I think you should provide more viable options of what some of these 12 committees should be. Also mentioning paid roles is going to be a definite no for a lot of people who noticed Steem Inc did end up laying off the majority of their paid staff. However, it does make your idea stand out and different.

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