My version of Steem is NOT content based, It is Contribution based.

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Providing content to Steem that attracts viewership and new users to sign-up does count as contributions but it is definitely not the only type and might not be the one Steem needs the most of right now.

When you get rewarded by the Steem blockchain for your contribution the amount earned should not be in any ways related to the intrinsic value of the content produced but on the added benefit to Steem itself as judged by every Steem-Power holders.

If for example Steem needs about 100 good post every day to keep the current viewership and attract more users, the 10 000 other posts of lesser value are not needed and should earn almost nothing.

With SBD now at about 10$, I believe too much of the inflation is being wasted on undeserving "content producers" to keep the illusion of fairness and that the platform is all about content - it's not! is a good application of that contribution based model. The content itself isn't what's being rewarded, the content submitted by Utopians onto Steem blockchain is merely a proof-of-contribution, in this case Open-source contribution.

If you're a posting content to Steem, take some time once in a while to reflect and show us how your contribution is helping Steem grow.

  • How many people have read your content?
  • How many were new users visiting from outside of Steemit?
  • What efforts have you done to promote your content outside of Steemit?
  • How many people have created accounts to engage in the comment section?
  • What kind of contribution the people you've on-boarded likely to make?
  • How effective is your content at helping people understand how Steem work?
  • How many investors did it convince to invest in Steem?
  • What problem does your contribution solve?
  • How would producing such content not be possible without the reward earned?
  • How does your content benefit from being on a censorship resistant immutable blockchain?
  • ... other suggestion ? (Please comments below)

What do you think Steem needs the most of apart from "Quality content" ?


You are very correct on this post. I joined this platform barely two weeks ago and reading through many posts, I found out that most are reward conscious thereby killing the creativity freedom and originality expression. I for one joined this platform for the sake of creativity, inspiration and exposure...And all those come from originality and freedom of expression, that is expressing one's thoughts and inspirations the original way they came free from the thoughts of how much rewards they can fetch you. This way, you would be surprise how much impact you would have on someone reading or viewing your post because he/she would be seeing your innerman (inspirator) in it. Honestly, am really glad reading this post and comments from others who ve read it too, it tells me that am not alone in my thoughts..Let's keep Steemit alive and flourishing by nurturing it with original and self expression posts and comments free from rewards consciousness or focus..long live Steemit!

Great comment, BTW Steemit is a company, Steem is generally what you'd want to wish long life to.

oh! Alright, copy sorry it's coming late, Just noticed your reply on my comment now, you know am still learning . I humbly appreciate your correction, thank you.
#long live steem# Smiles..

my last post contains a free gift Happy New year everyone!

Many of the things people have talked about are needed, but one that has not been mentioned is long term members being demanding and rude simply because they have a different idea of what a tag is for.

I can understand some tags may have been made for a specific reason, but how is a new person to know of that reason.

A case in point, the tag nature. I write many posts about foraging for wild food. Of course one of the main places you do this in "In Nature". But I have been chastised by a couple of people who do not agree that the nature tag is a good place for foraging posts.

So many things are subjective. It's the old, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." It's hard to pin people down into narrowly defined sections. But it is danged near impossible when no one can agree on what those sections are for.

If foraging and nature dont go together then im not sure whats happening to this world..... i pretty much forage everywhere i go whether its my own fridge, my mother in laws fridge or nature. There is no other better word in the English dictionary to describe the hunt for food. I wish you all the best on your continued foraging quest.

Thank you for your well wishes. I think in their mind, nature is a category more for a nature centered variety of a travel log. But nature will never allow herself to be stuffed into such a tiny box.

I also think that people who have been here longer can either be extremely helpful or extremely pretentious and start policing everything. Everyone should just meditate and chill the hell out lol

There are several big name, high rollers engaged in public flame wars and doxing. They definitely need to chill the hell out.

this can be solved with a peer to peer moderation system that would make tags more like subreddits. so then things can be re-categorized as needed. But that would require a community effort to figure out a fair moderation method.

I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. I’ve been posting photos from my travels but they seem to have very little value/payout so perhaps commenting and helping to create a discussion based community is a better use of my time.

Same here. It's kind of tough because posting your own content feels like it's what the platform was built to do. Not "blogging" or "posting" feels like not participating. Curating and commenting definitely adds value, but your curation efforts as a minnow are almost useless, and comments certainly add something on "real" posts. But bid bots have created an atmosphere that fills the front pages with posts that people don't care about interaction with. They're just targets for bid bots. I'm guilty of the same thing. I'd like to have some influence here, and the fastest way to get there is to engage in a way that may not be best for the platform, but it almost feels like an ambiguous ends justify the means. The world can't be full of bloggers, there has to be someone to blog to, but Steemit doesn't offer much to the "viewer" so to speak...

Minnows curation needs to be much more highly valued to attract readers and engagement.

Nailed it with that one @surfyogi! If new user upvotes had some impact it would encourage people to stick around and create better content AND connect with the people with whom they find interesting. As it stands 30 upvotes from newer accounts still equal nothing, almost. I think this is a source of discouragement hundreds of people who would be great community additions if they could see past the zero they are "worth" when they get active and try to engage.

I think you nailed it @lorilikes... minnow newcomers see total garbage posts reaping huge rewards, they deplete their Steem power with just trying to vote on even a relatively few items per day, they come after seeing videos over on YouTube saying “come to Steemit and you can vote yourself money” which after they do so, it doesn’t take long to run into the current of some earlier adopters who discuss how they are resentful of people who comment without an upvote and consider it “spamming for upvotes” which leaves a minnow type wondering if they have any proper access to the conversation without running their Steem power out to nothing very quickly just so they can attempt to engage... its comes across as a lot of mixed messages sometimes. Are you supposed to participate or not... what’s the “right way” to do so... it can be difficult to know what your “value” is in these mixed messages.

Like @netuosos said, it's about striking that balance between posting and commenting, but your comments need to also be thoughtful. Low-quality spam comments get no love. What I've also found is that sometimes my comments will generate higher votes than posts I've written. But there are a lot of times where comments of mine won't get anything. And that's a good barometer too. It tells me either a) that my comment wasn't good enough to warrant any votes from the community, and/or b) maybe the author of the post I commented under isn't particularly receptive to me and I should focus my energy on other authors.

When you comment - users may watch your profile. Empty profile - boring user.

While I’m sure your pics are beautiful, I’m about as interested in your vacation pics as the next persons food pics. There needs to be more value added somehow.

Honestly, I just couldn't will myself past the following:

When you get rewarded by the Steem blockchain for your contribution the amount earned should not be in any ways related to the intrinsic value of the content produced

It seems so ridiculously absolute. I strongly disagree.

If you take away copyrights law how do you monetize content? Content data stored on a decentralized blockchain carries a cost to everyone holding Steem.

So if I were to think in absolute I'd say content on it's own has a negative value.

Care to explain your downvote?

Since my comment has got some significant upvotes, I figure I should flesh that out a bit. First and foremost (IMO) steem is a social media concept. The thing that fascinated me most about the place/blockchain when I first heard about it was the alternative paradigm. That is, instead of the usuals like Facebook/Medium/etc where YOU create content but THEY generate income from it, here you get rewarded for the content you create. First and foremost, I think that is and rightly should be the single most important identifying feature of the steem blockchain (via the various front ends). And in that regard, I think it is entirely appropriate that rewards at least in some ways reflect the quality of the content.

The other part of the platform here is the blockchain itself and the crypto aspects of it. I think these are valid points of distinction that deserve focus and warrant the attention of at least some part of the community to help prosper. But to hold that every person on the platform must put the specific interests of the blockchain itself first before any consideration to their own rewards, is too rigid a view IMO. And this idea that I've seen taking hold in comments around the place lately that there's something inherently bad about a member only focusing on a very narrow selection of other users, is kind of authoritarian in my opinion. I'm not an anarcho-capitalist, so I don't expect that we should necessarily be free to award an unlimited increasing amount of rewards to any one individual. But I don't see it as inherently bad, as some comments are getting close to expounding. I think it can be problematic in some circumstances, and that the first recourse to dealing with it should be a community awareness campaign to attempt to more fairly spread some of the wealth if warranted.

That's an interesting take.

Maybe it isn't quality. I've noticed that content range from insightful to BS but the ones that receive the most interactions are what's presented nicely.

I, for example, haven't been the best at presenting whatever I've written. This has made me slowly learn basic coding for formatting (Maybe it's less than basic) and making the content presentable.

Very superficial but humans have developed a need for beauty. Feed it.

That is, instead of the usuals like Facebook/Medium/etc where YOU create content but THEY generate income from it, here you get rewarded for the content you create. First and foremost, I think that is and rightly should be the single most important identifying feature of the steem blockchain (via the various front ends). And in that regard, I think it is entirely appropriate that rewards at least in some ways reflect the quality of the content.

No, quality is just as subjective as value. Yes, you can create external metrics for it, but someone created those metrics based on a system of values. Steem(it) is a social network. You get rewarded for the content you create if the community finds value in it. Steemit isn't like a job where you get paid for work. It's an entirely different system. The trick, like any creative endeavor, is to build up a community around your work that values similar things as you do.

Also, Medium pays writers who are part of it's Partner Program, which I am a part of. The problem with that model, in my view, is that the content that pays is behind a metered paywall, and they're not very transparent about how payouts work (at least when I first experimented with it). That's why I like Steem - the blockchain allows you to see what's going on under the hood, so to speak.

Quality being subjective doesn't change what I said in any way. Your argument could be used against @transistos approach of rewarding the subjective "what's best for the platform".

Maybe I misread your original post, which is what informed my reading of your follow-up, but it seems as if you think that posts should be rewarded based on their intrinsic value, as if the quality of a post can be measured objectively. But that doesn't make sense because quality is subjective, especially on the Internet. Posts don't really have a measurable intrinsic value; market value, on the other hand, is signaled by price. If you write something you feel is worth $1,000 USD because of the time and energy you put into it, but the community only rewards it with $50 USD worth of votes, then $50 USD is its market value on Steemit because that's what the community (including you) said it was worth. In that sense, the community decides what is best for itself, which is how the upvote system works. Intrinsic value =/= market value. By putting it on Steemit, you are basically submitting your work to a 'pay what you want' model where upvotes are weighted 'likes.' The fact that you think you didn't get rewarded for what you believe was the post's intrinsic value is on you. You could have sold it to a news site for a fixed price, or turned it into a Kindle book and sold it for x amount of dollars.

Transisto is saying that people should be voting on what's best for the broader platform as opposed to what individual posts you get value from reading. I disagree. Value or quality being subjective doesn't change the fact that transisto's statement is terribly absolute.

Okay, now I get where you're coming from. Your disagreement makes way more sense. Looks like we're on the same side in so far as we're opposing absolutism.

Absolutely agree!

Downvote from @transisto. Doesn't like someone disagreeing with him. Pretty much sums up the ethic of his side of the argument over the last few weeks.

Isn’t a downvote a legitimate expression of their disagreement? Nobody is obligated to elaborate on their opinion.

It's generally held that a downvote is best used as as flagging feature for offensive comments, spam, and wildly inaccurate information. Of course, one can pick their own reasons for flagging, but without any explanation from him I'm free to speculate why he's doing it, particularly based on his past behaviour.

Thanks for that, exactly my thinking...

the problem remains the same.Moneymoneymoney .. Thank you very much @transisto for sharing this information.
The question is also how to monitor roof closely because motivation goes down in many people. they start with good ideas but get discouraged quickly seeing the potential gains and thinking that they will never get there. Some people like me also arrive new and do not know the rules so can make some mistakes. it is to be hoped that these fall on posts like yours. so thanks again,let's work on it and good luck.
Take care


More users. :) and advertisements from big companies.. $$$

It needs a balanced system.. sorry but some posts are brilliant and get no love. Its hard to keep up. I like the fact that content creators can be paid in Steemit.

I like this post it answers a lot of questions that I am sure alot of us have as a new user of the platform it's nice to see a new way of meeting new people.

I personally use the platform to upload some of our reviews and promote our site users content and other content i find to add to the posts that are relevent but i also believe times are changing and its time for a new way of posting online . At the end of the day should people expect accomplished writers and video creators( Dtube)

I rate your post very seriously. I can understand some of the serious questions you are asked about with the Steem community. I also contribute to the growth of steam but my way is different because it invites and advise people closest like friends, family and people around me. at this time I still have not dared to invite other people because the post is still around 0.4 has not reached 1 sbd. personally I really love this platform. I am new here and now always follow the development of this community and maybe later on I will also create programs that support the growth of steam. and I also want a payment out there valid steem (can be paid with steam). and now I again think about how to bring steem as a means of payment in transactions in the real world.

quality content is not only posts by bloggers with 1000 plus words -- art and music are very poorly supported on steemit and represent real quality and diversity for an audience to read and view. I think the people earning over $100 should have their rewards scaled down to share with the pool a greater amount for more users.

In your example, you say

If for example Steem needs about 100 good post every day to keep the current viewership and attract more users, the 10 000 other posts of lesser value are not needed and should earn almost nothing.

With people having such diverse interests, it seem more realistic that we need 10,000 good posts every day to keep the current viewership and attract more users.

I know I have had people register on Steemit just to leave me a comment. I know I have content that is unique -- to the whole Internet. For example, you try to find somebody else that actually shows you how to find, identify, and prepare a wild Insidious Gomphodius mushroom. Or that forages and prepares Fomitopsis Tea, Roasted Chanterelles, Deep-fried Elfin Saddles, with Candied Witches Butter and Cats Tongues -- all on one plate! I've shown people how I find and prepare 16 different wild mushrooms, over 40 weeds and wild plants, over 20 trees, and more than a dozen shrubs and vines. Sure, the audience for that kind of thing is small. But there's no place else where that's happening. I've built up a portfolio of unique content that simple isn't available anywhere else except on Steemit.

When I was curating for the @foraging-trail, there was an active community of foragers here on Steemit. It brought people into Steemit and kept people focused and active, because it was a unique international community, with diverse food traditions. Unique and tight communities that are providing value to each other will grow Steemit and keep it healthy in the long run. I'll be ramping up some foraging community-building projects in the new year.

Without Steemit rewards, I wouldn't be putting that content here. No question. In the early days of Steemit, I had an interesting discussion with @timcliff about how to handle under-valued posts. It led me to carve out some of my posts right before their editing period closed. If only the top 100 posts are considered valuable, removing unique content within 7 days seems a reasonable option.

I'll definitely think more about how I would answer all your questions. They are food for thought, for sure!

Can we also earn money from your steemut version?

Some good points in the post. I usually reward writers for original posts and not copy and past. Now, finding good posts is getting difficult each month. I sometimes search in the photography section because the content is original and photographers made an effort to capture the subject matter.

@transisto - it sounds simple but I think Steem needs a 'point of difference' more than anything else. As the platform has grown, so has the content and communities begin to reflect what we see in mainstream social media. Even the fact that rewards (whether it is monetary or not) are now becoming the main reason for conflicts disharmony between individuals and communities is just another symptom of this trend. How can we be 'more' different? A good start would be to do less of the things that everyone else is doing...

Unfortunately most of the posts on the trending page are about steemit and steemit related stuff. These are very time sensitive and I dont think add to the long term value of the steem blockchain in proportion to their rewards. Just my two cents.


There is too much inflation lately, I liked it better before when there was a risk of buying an upvote and you ended up with less than before. Currently, it's just a hassle to quick self-upvotes to "make money". That's BS and it could easily destroy Steem as a social media currency.

I also think that the breakdown against @haejin isn't good for the platform. Too many users (and external viewers) see value in his posts and destroying your cash-cow is always a bad idea..

Overall, it is always the same: 10% are making the business and the rest hangs on to these 10% to survive. But, as a social network these 90% are necessary to create a networking effect that ideally spills over to the non steemit Internet.

What Steemit needs besides a tighter monetary policy to zero the value of all the non-sense posts and Spam comments, is a better functionality of the platform. For example, I would like to be able to add categories as a whole to my feed that interest me generally (e.g. "crypto") and on the other hand I would like to exclude the ones that really annoy me ("color challenge") and this independently of who created/resteemed the post.

I appreciate your post because you brought up some serious questions worth asking in regards to the Steemit community. I have been suggesting to others locally to join the site, explaining how the platform works, helping others who are unfamiliar with block chain technology to better understand, and encouraging people to research for themselves. I truly love this site and care about its condition and the members of this community, so of course I want to see everyone do well. I would love to see Steemit grow exponentially in the near future, so I am doing all I can to invest long term by turning my sbd into steem power and plan to do so as long as feasibly possible. I spend time and energy here instead of other social media sites, and make the effort to read what I can in order to potentially help newcomers. Personally, I think putting our efforts into growing the site is critical to its evolution and there are other ways to promote outside of the internet such as simply starting a conversation with an associate over coffee or mentioning to potential members what benefits you have gained after joining. We all can do something!

steemit needs a better control over junk content and keep spammers away from it

I think steemdata will with time give rise to spam-blockers and other value added ad-ons. We’ll have to see how Steem Inc. enable these third part apps in steemit.

The good thing about this platform is there are multiple ways to bring more people here. I completely agree with you about bringing investors into the mix aswell because that is what will ultimately drive the value up! Thanks for sharing @transisto

hello there; i'm just joined and i totally agree. I read about the steemit project on medium; not many months ago. I've opened it a few of time (not many) like a result of my search in duckduck or google. I want to be totally transparent with you, streem community, because the real thing that push me to join here was the idea that here i'll join a dynamic community of technician and pro about cryptocurrencies, cryptography, security, unix and so on. Obviously for sure there's an high level, BUT what a customer see is a lot of trush in sections like hot (some good curves and something else). This is rapid money for angry people correct? I don't think that will be a great approach for a great idea and website like steemit. I don't want to fault at noone it's not my idea.
My idea was, and still is, write about topic that i love: security, unix, etc etc. I've write two articles in two days...i've searched to keep the level high, speaking about the manner of write. I thing that they are great.
And those are only my opinions.

I agree with you in all words, you can't earn nothing here if you don't buy SBD , the true benefit for steem project too.
great content here, have no value if don't promote him using SBD !!!

A sincerely thought provoking post @transisto, thank you. Time for coffee and contemplation now I believe.


Leadership that isnt scared to get out among the people?
Actual support for all speech, not just the popular?
Less heavy handed control from the top?
Fewer gangs, more we are in the same boat?
Less class snobery?
A sigmoid reward curve that targets lower 5 digit investments?
Leadership that hears what the least of us has to say?
I got more,...but those are the ones that immediately come to mind.

I don't get what you're saying... isn't that what the upvoting and trending is about? So that the crowd rewards the best content with monetization of Steem? Low quality content and spam gets downvoted/flagged and falls to the bottom.

Solid post with a lot of thought-provoking questions! Thanks for this! It is important for every user to consider!

I have just signed up for Steemit and this post gives me enough food for thought for the night.

How much would you say your posts have been worth? What about your excellently rewarded comments?

I'm not complaining. I'm only doing that while SBD is crazy high. (as you already know)

What do you think Steem needs the most of apart from "Quality content" ?

To answer this first, communities is crucial. This place is one big stream of content going by. Even paring down the feed causes the same problem since may that I follow resteem stuff. While that is terrific as a practice, the challenge is that people often resteem too much plus, even if I like their stuff, I am not necessary into what they are forwarding.

We also need about 5 more user interfaces to access this blockchain. Right now we have basically 3, which are all US based from what I can tell. The Feds can whack any of those sites and access to the blockchain is made a lot harder.

As for what is provided to steem, I agree, too few think about what they are putting into this. In other words, I dont think most took ownership of the blockchain and made it there. If they did, would they post some of what they do? Videos are great but is there really much added by posting a youtube video and nothing else in a post? If I really wanted to see it, I could use the search on Youtube and most likely find it.

I try to write stuff about where steem is going, the disruption that blockchain is causing, and how things will look with all the technology that is being introduced at a rapid pace. Some might not think this very important but I was told that my optimism about STEEM kept them here, especially after some recent events frustrated some people.

Ultimately, I do not think there is any stopping this blockchain. That said, I agree with you...each of us needs to pick up our game if we can....take it to the next level.

Steem needs to be open for everyone, some just post a picture and some write big blogs.. It's the community who decides what is good and what's not.. but I hope we all do our best to promote steem outside our small steemit world.. Some have access to big sources and some people have to start small.. But if we all participate we will have more people and the distribution model will be handled better..
Like my daughter who started 4 days ago.. For sure she will talk to other youngsters to join steemit..

short posts or simple posts with no text should go to seperate area to not clog up the feed for users who spent alot more time on there post just to be burried by 10 posts that are not even peoples original content...

I think Steemit should be open for all kind of users because it's the perfect platform for it in my own opinion. BUT, right now I also think that promoting and getting new users to sign up is very important! That is why I love seeing those kind of posts in the trending sector. But not everyone can create programs or be amazing at promoting. I wish I was better at it but I do tell people about the platform and I try my best to provide good posts in sectors I am good at. I might not bring in big investors but I can touch the hearts of my readers with my art and poetry and sometimes funny posts. I think we all bring value to the platform in our own way. ( Leaving the spammers and abusers of the blockchain out of that list btw.)
I just hope that Steemit will grow even bigger in 2018 and if we all try our best to help it grow we will all be smiling at the end of next year!

Semoga kedepan steemit ini akan terus bergerak semakin besardengan terus membuat program promosi.

My feel is that there is so much quality content out there that goes unnoticed... right under the radar. So many authors and creators work hard to post quality content and whoosh it goes right to the bottom of the page and no one sees it... this can be quite discouraging at times, but staying active and engaging with the steemit community is where the money is in the long haul, which is why I continue to try and contribute my fair share of the pie in the comments section, as you state.

One thing I am still a little confused about, is how your estimated account value can fluctuate down even though steem and SBD continue to rise??

it's good!

I really don't like this idea now. I think the way it is works perfectly fine and the high Steem Dollar is more incentive to draw better content creators in as well as incentivize current Steemians to do better.

We already have SP holders able to vote with varying weight to determine the value of a users post/content to them. I think that is a very fair system. Sure, it could be abused. But, that's why we have flags as well and any social media on a blockchain is subject to abuse simply because of the decentralized nature of blockchain technology.

There's tons of content that bring people into Steemit through search engines and other traffic sources. To say any content is deemable as lesser value is over controlling. Allowing the users with more SP to have more powerful upvotes is the best way to determine what is good and what isn't. The system is working well as it is. The payouts are great for those who do produce good content. Guarantee that aren't making that kind of money per blog/post/video anywhere else. Well, 99% of people I would guess don't get paid what they do here on other platforms. That is a major reason people will be drawn to Steemit.

Steem needs random display of low rating messages...
So not only whales be visible.
This will improve the situation a LOOOT.

@transisto I am not sure if you ever read any of my posts, but I have to thank you for creating this type of debate here about this important points, and the most important one to think is: are we adding value to the platform, how are we adding value.

It was thanks to @jerrybanfield that I found steemit, so I will always be thankful to him. Then it was @teamsteem who captured my attention with his "books" (because this is how we need to call his very known knowledgable posts), and he made me think about the vision from the creators of the platform and steem blockchain, and I really stuc to it, to freedom, to empowering people, to return the control to us that is were it belongs. So I will always be thankfull to @teamsteem for this quality creations.

And finally it was @elear with @utopian-io who made me start thinking about ideas to help improve the steemit front-end to capture the attention of more new visitors, minnows, new users, to also help increase the amount of retainers. And it was thanks to all this ideas I contributed with, and all the research I made on the platform, that I realized that many of my ideas, needed some backup content, something important compiled for all new visitors, new users, minnows, to help them to easily and faster learn and understand about steemit and the steem blockchain.

It was @lukestokes , @blocktrades, @jesta , @timcliff , and @aggroed when he held his panel, that inspired me to think on my current way to add value on the platform, now. Actually @timcliff asked me about 10 days ago, if I had something prepared for the wallet, an explanation, regarding to some feedback he gave me about an @utopian-io contribution I made.

And that is when I came with the idea of creating the full steemit guide of 11 chapters/posts to help new users of steemit and new visitors, to learn as much as possible on steemit, and thus help them make their way on the platform.

I already published the first 2 chapters, and already got over 100 comments with questions and suggestions, and several needs from new visitors, minnows and new users on steemit, and other people that were already users for several months.

Here are the links to both posts:

Chapter 1 of 11: Have you recently Sign up on Steemit and Don't know what to do First - Basic Things for New People make their way easier on the Platform - Part 1: What you need to know to be more confident & get rewarded on the platform?

Chapter 2 of 11: Focusing on the Details of the Steem Wallet to learn as much as possible How to use it - Transfer Steem SBD - Convert it to ETH LTC Bitcoin or other Crypto - This is part 2 of the 11 Chapters (Full Guide) to help new people make their way

Thank you for reading this, and look forward to continue hearing from you.

Regards, @gold84 is awesome.
I try to do as many post as possible Ivan utopia because I want to improve the platform and give some value.
Today I published a suggestion about a categorization system in your blog.
Unfortunately it have not been seen and rewarded much yet..
Seems that My reach still is not big enough..

These days since the sbd price is that high, there are much more posts.
Unfortunately amongst those are many posts of low quality..
though this many good posts drown and don‘t get seen at all.

Wish there would be an opportunity to divide good quality from bad quality, but of course quality is subjective.

I hope that in the end good quality will go about bad quality and the time and effort for some people will pay off..

Honestly, I see a lot of great posts from others but are not given much attention. It is not guaranteed here that if you have talent you’ll get the attention you deserve.

Definitely will be revisiting, or more so asking myself these questions when creating posts.
I think we obviously need more users, but quality users who really contribute. Not only contribute, but invest.
Promoting steem in outlets such as social media as I do, is great, and brings readers. But it doesn't much bring investors.

Allowing Crypto investors (your audience) to support you via Steem upvotes on dlive is one of the best way to show these investors the value of the platform. Keep the good work, it'll pay off!

I'm sticking to it! Thanks so much!❤

In my opinion, what Steemit needs to to prosper is not so much the often praised quality, but variety. Even a million quality posts about the block chain and BTC are not gonna attract masses of new users.
There is nothing wrong with posts about food, videos, music, memes , writing and god knows what else. Steemit is entertainment, not a school. Nobody wants to get told what he is supposed to read because it's supposedly "quality content", or how he has to write his posts to meet certain demands.
But of course also Steemit needs to improve its UI to make better use of this variety. So far the UI is a obstacle in making Steemit attractive to "the masses".

The flaw in the setup is content is buried so fast by everything else that people are feeling compelled to post stuff every few minutes to hit all their followers feed for a few minutes, and then proceed to the next post. I think if there were something like "per user weight rating" of say for example their top 1-5? current viewer input posts and then forget the rest or they would have to be manually searched within a given poster's cue. This would be tough for programming but would crack down on the 5 minute news cycle that we see from some posters.

Contribution / Content / Effort / Originality / Vision - so many things to take into account to make this platform world class and one that other's will desire to replicate and emulate. Getting sucked into a vacuum of selfishness is the opposite of decentralization, it is the dark soul of money that perverts everything into power structures, over and over again.

Currently what steemit need is to allow advertiser, advertise their product while payment for advertisement will be in form of steem dollars and steem. That is they will have to cover any of their currency into steem or steem dollars with this we will have more investors in the platform. Advertiser will have a separate account use for creating product awareness. Account like that will not have access to upvoting or curating post, as there will be daily reduction in the deposited amount, just like the way other social media have been running their ads.
A separate business account for advertisement without access to curate post will help to encourage alot of investment in steem and steem dollars and also help to prevent any form of idle storage of steem or steemdollars in an account.

@transisto this is the little contribution from my own perspective.

I think it's only a matter of short time before advertisers realise the massive potential of steem. With a public blockchain full of user data, and an easy system to automate delivery of ads cheaply to specific users (0.001 STEEM in a memo), it's going to happen.

In fact I've thought of creating an app that let's users set a price to click on an add. Advertisers can decide, based on the public user data, whether the price is worth paying. But I don't know anything about the advertising industry, and also don't want to be the first person to introduce ads here.. ;)

It will be a very good if you can seek more information before proceeding on your project.

Ha, yeah I won't be doing this. It seems like a good way to generate some income for somebody, but you'd have to have contacts in the advertising industry, I'd reckon. I have half a contact, but that's not enough for me to get motivated to do something. :)

smile, one more connection may be all you need to get other connection.

It's one of those evil temptations. I really fucking hate the advertising industry. But on the other hand, I'm desperately poor, so I could make some money to help my own situation. Thankfully I really don't know enough about the industry to take something like this on, so thankfully the decision has been more or less made for me.

NO ADS!! that’s one of the points of differentiation between Steemit and other platforms. Ads ruin everything

"How many were new users visiting from outside of Steemit?"

I did post one of my blogs to Reddit and it got a great number of total views, but the payout was still low. I thought total number of views would count for something, but it seems the only way to get a high payout post is for whales to vote for you.

Really it s a great principe..each work is evaluated by contribution and not content. Maybe that will be soon a criterion to distinguish between good or bad post.

I think the next big thing for steemit will be more physical locations that can be attributed to steemit. Like creating a post to gain enough to lease a small plot of land and create a community garden with a sign showing how steemit helped to fund the location. Also more small internet cafe's in low income area offering assistance with helping users sign up and interact with the platform

There is too much junk and "working the system" with bots, etc. on SteemIt. I think this is hindering mass adoption.

I don't know how often I get on and see a stupid single-image meme that's made $50+, while a minnow who produced amazing content received $0.01. It's very discouraging to new people on Steem.

When I create content, I typically put an hour+ into it. I work to flesh out my thoughts, format my posts, add images, and make posts visually appealing, educational, and entertaining. However, they still usually earn a few pennies.

I also work hard to bring others to the platform. I don't want to share links and feel like I'm spamming your post but I've created content on and off SteemIt that encourages joining Steem and getting involved. I've spread the word on other platforms and mailed email lists of 10s of thousands of people. The feedback I've seen is that it looks like a bunch of junk on first impression. Newer viewers see things like random memes and posts of little value receiving great rewards and posts of high value going unnoticed. It's not too appealing for the first time user, casually browsing the platform. This turns them away quickly. Heck, one of my recent posts had 20+ upvotes and only earned $0.80. Those were completely legit upvotes too. No gaming the system with bots or anything.

Imagine looking at SteemIt for the first time and seeing lame posts with 5 votes earning $50 and high value posts with 20+ votes earning less than a buck... Would you want to invest your precious time crafting quality content for the platform?

Therein lies the biggest problem with SteemIt at the moment.

Wholeheartedly agree with this. It's hard for me to sell the steemit Idea to my friends and aquaintences because it looks a bit like a jumble sale (so I am told) Constantly digging around for good content that is well hidden.

I think steemit needs a bit of Facebook, a bit of magazine, a bit of newspaper, a bit of sports etc. it is a bit too disorganized. Sectioning it a bit more than tags will be helpful to me. Say I want to see bitcoin news and not opinions of someone with a reputation of -12, I should be able to click on something.

While we have people being flagged for personal reasons, or because someone does not agree with them, I do not like your idea.

It wasn’t put up for someone to like or dislike it. It is there to be part of an important discussion. Just an idea. Ideas have value in being ideas, not in likes or dislikes.

Really? How can it be part of a discussion if we are not allowed to stand for or against the idea (which comes back to, like or dislike). So, dislike my comment if you want, but it is not outside the scope of what is being discussed. If you don't like being contradicted, the safest is to stay quiet.

Arthur, I really don’t want this to go any further because it is pointless. There is too much fraud on this platform. It is really not worth my time talking about anything good or bad on this platform. Have a great new year.

I agree. Part of what I said is for the love of debating points, but I do not want to go forward into a new year with this waiting for us tomorrow. Anyway, my main argument was put forward elsewhere (I see it at the end of this page) and I guess I'll get slaughtered for it tomorrow...

I wish you and your family a wonderful 2018

(PS: I checked and saw you have made some very interesting posts, so, I hope you don't mind, as I suffer from a bad memory and want to remember to check some of them, I clicked on Follow.)

Indeed, but you offer no algorithm by which to encourage contribution. Certainly voting rewards aren’t going to work, as they just encourage passive income seeking algorithms and gaming the system.

I will give you a hint. Contribution is a game. Stay tuned…

so your saying that you shouldnt be rewarded for the content you create? why blog here then there's plenty of places to post and chat with people and make no money like facebook... there the reason why were here most of us agree that you should be fairly compensated for quality content you produce.

@transisto diversity and difference happy new years!

Upvote the poet, less is more.
The only thing that will kill Steemit in the end is the ability to buy community trust aka Steem Power. If the investors of this site want it to go to the moon they have to give up their power to distribute the rewards pool and give that power to professional curators as described in my posts.

Es correcto muchas personas no leen bien ni lo publicado solo votan porque es una persona conocida en steemit. Tampoco es muy malo porque esa persona lucho para llegar a la posición y reconocimiento actual.

I believe quality is experience. It comes with time and effort. We can not expect a new comer to start producing mind blowing content. We need to give them ample time and space to learn and produce good content. People learn with mistakes and mistakes should be allowed to happen. This is how gems can be produced.

Those are here for their greed, they will always produce thrash content no matter what. And with time they will leave because they are here for shortcut money. When they don't get what they desire they will automatically leave the arena.

I'm new to this so i dont know too much im sure, but based on the way this social network is designed, people are psychologically triggered to find the money in this. Perhaps more customize-able options on the profiles and posts can allow for more of a self expressive experience. Although i do like the simplicity of it right now. Viva la steem i think its great!

@taskmaster4450 is right on point that we need communities in a major way. The more we can silo content and make it easier to discover the content we really want to see, the better we can reward things that are deserving.

For me, I am working on welcoming people to the platform through the introduceyourself tag and trying to highlight new users in a post I do a couple of times a week. Working on retention is just as important, if not more so, than on-boarding. Encouraging people who are new to the platform and helping them getting started is one of the keys. I hope I am doing an okay job on this....

You do some tremendous work for the reward pool @transisto. Thank you for working for us, I know it is good for your investment, but it is also good for the rest of us as well!

There are proposals from them.
. What is the source of any publication do you contribute to the communication or transfer of news and creativity ...
. Can others grow more than one account to increase work?
. steem we want it to be better than facebook in the coming years

Every post is a contribution in a way. Some are way better than others but they all make Steemit grow bigger and stronger. And remember that each person making posts also learns something new every day.

The debate over quality content is subjective. For serious writers, some of the posts on steemit that are primarily photo blogs of travel experiences netting $100s in SBD and steem would be labelled as spam.

I think the fundamental problem with the platform as it exists currently is that content is buried so quickly and is then difficult to find amidst the trending posts that consistently are upvoted whale account contributions.

There is a prevailing sense, to me at least, that this is predominantly a self-promotion platform rather than a medium via which users exercise in serious intellectual debate on subjects of interest. The "Money talks" motto of the site further portrays this image.

What is the solution...I have no idea. I have reflected on this some in two recent posts I made regarding the value of steem versus other cryptocurrencies, notably after Ned recently tweeted that he thinks steem should be a Top 10 crypto by market valuation. I do think that the lack of a significant rally in steem, despite the broader bull market in cryptos, is predicated on the deficiencies of steemit as a social platform. Steem is by default associated with this site, irrespective of the other benefits of the blockchain itself.

Late to the conversation here, but I actually really agree with your take. At only 6 days in I’ve already found myself longing for a way I could get and see posts through some other mechanism than just “hot or trending” which are absolutely the realm where only the “big hitters” CAN play. They and they alone can hit a self upvote or forgive the crass reference the circlejerk that shoots them up into visibility that reaps huge rewards... meanwhile for the vast majority their choice seems to be a choice of “vote bot” or obscurity with not much choice in between. I like you don’t know what the answer is, but I feel like absent some answer there is a real risk for frustration that may actually be working as a destruction of STEEMs value which I think is at least a subtext to the original post.... assuming of course I fully understand his premise.

Your questions are really good, probably we need some helpful whales and good luck :))
cheers @transisto

wow you are amazing..i think you are a multi talented one

*utopian has been doing a great job in helping open-source in bug hunting. By way of contribution and creating room for improvement. The utopian bot has been of great help to many hard working steemians who dedicated their time in discovering this bug through upvote.6

Very insightful. This post reminds us to share our Steemit posts on traditional social media sites as well.

This was the one that hit me:

How many people have created accounts to engage in the comment section?

Writing contributions with this - make readers want to write in the 'comment section' - in mind is definitely something of value. Will keep this in mind.

Steemit needs whales like you who will upvote minnows without taking a price for the votes

I do a lot for steemit everyday.

  1. I advertise all my posts in all other social nerworks.

  2. I converted my group with more that 18'000 members into steemit group.

  3. I am helping new comming people and I show them how to grow.

  4. I invite people from youtube to steemit.

I hope I will do more because I have a lot of good ideas.

About steemit, I think that we have to take care about quality and put limits for earning here, because posting just a picture or video and earning hundreds while people that try hard earn cents is not fair. If the limit will be just 100 steem dollar it will motivate people to do more but not to stop after earning 1000, or posting once a month, we are really missing good content and good idea here.

I totally agree with you!

Whats your view about the bots? Do they contribute here?

Steemians need to realise that steemit is merely the centralized roll-out platform of a token-network, a whole economy.

Steemit in itself is poor UX... by design. That’s to push others to create new interface, and by extension apps, which interact and live (partially) on

Content, as we know it currently on steem(it), is the alpha roll-out. Apps like Utopian are the future, a step away from the social media model, a reward for actual activity within that vertical.

Great question @transisto. Free and uncensored content sharing aggregate platforms which port large user groups / communities from other restrictive archaic social media platforms.

I'm completely new to steem so make of this what you will. I come from the YouTube skeptic community where speech and wrongthink are slowly being silenced. The few I've followed to steem seem to do alright because they carried an audience over based on content that's interesting and took effort to research and produce. Posting pictures of your last meal or whatever trip or activity you just did is exactly the reason why Facebook never clicked with me. Who cares about this crap? What conversation can be had over these safe and docile topics? Again I'm new to all this so I'm not sure I understand the dilemma here, but if community is a goal then the content needs to lend to actual discussion.

Hi even I am very new to steemit. without any guidance very much on my own. It feels like alice in wonder land from post I am getting some of the idea how it works. So do visit my account upvote if you like.

How to know that is not content based

Honestly, communities will be a game-changer.

I think that quality content is sharing your passion in the best way that you can. Everyone has their own unique skills and beliefs.
If you can influence even one person with your content, I call it quality content.
I already managed to influence 5-6 people to join this platform and i feel pretty proud of myself after only being 3 months on steemit.

Steem needs promotion like advertisement .on youtube facebook etc like @jerrybanfield is their starting day people attract with money ..that how much i earn can on steemit....after that they start thinking about learning.....only good content can not attract new people to steemit..

That is kind of the wrong way around. When signing up with Steemit in the hopes of earning money just like that, people will abandon pretty quickly. This is because @transisto is right, you will only earn significant rewards when you are perceived in contributing to the value of Steem.

So maybe our marketing to the outside world should reflect that. Not "Come for the money, stay for the community", but rather "Steem is hard, the rewards can be big, but only if you can contribute to this platform in a meaningful way".

Or you could promote:

"Come to steemit and change the world".

Just a thought.

Your suggestion seems to be something that would be difficult to do with blogging.

Those doing video tutorials might have a better shot at getting sponsors to contribute a penny for every fully watched video; but,

only good content can not attract new people to steemit

has been disproven, via the recent uptick in the market.

The goal, and set apart of Steemit is zero-ad content busying the page, and distracting from the intended


If anything, our channel is trying to create awareness for Steemit so that people will sign up and become new Steemians and produce and curate content.

We don't really have a following, so it may be difficult to do, but we're still trying.

amazing, greetings know ya.upvote me too

Since I don't post long-form content often, if at all, one thing I do to help promote Steemit and it's users is curate the best content I find on Steemit onto my pages that have over 90,000 followers. Then I share most of these links with my social media profiles for another 100,000 people. I provide links back to the article, the author's profile, and a blurb about joining Steemit under every post.

Here is the most recent post as an example:

These posts are also listed in the main directory of for added exposure and linkjuice.

You bring out a good point differentiating contribution and content. I create some content which I saw AS my contribution... but to really make my posts and the website as a whole better... what am I doing to contribute aside from creating content... Perhaps that is enough for me, but people also need to contribute in ways you suggest on your list.

I think we are pretty close to your version of steem now where there are 100 or so posts that make 95% of the money. The fairness that you speak of is merely a plea from those that don't understand the role steempower plays in this ecosystem and are looking for something for next-to-nothing. Granted, there are some fantastic posts that go unnoticed due to this... but perhaps if these posters thought about things such as this... they could become more visible.

My job and part of my passion is being a designer. Steemit is just perfect for what i do to pay things. I think "Quality content" it's all about a esthetic, high resolution images, diagramation and words with sense and that's DESIGN.

STEEM could start over with another hard fork, and not do the ridiculous pre-mine that had close to 50% STEEM going to a very select few.

Generally acknowledged that only the scammiest of alt-coins engage in that type of pre-mine crappy behavior.

Leads to a high level of distrust in the folks behind the pre-mine.

Self dealing.

I know very little about social media... other than I use it daily! However, I do believe that when we are chucking vast amounts of currency about in whatever form then we should have a social responsibility to play fair. (In an ideal world) Upvoting without viewing is in my opinion irresponsible and thats why I agree with 'flagging' as it's the only way to dilute it. Also, for Steemit to grow, visibility should be key. Not only for the branding but for each person using it. If we want our work to be seen share it out past steemit who currently are still small in the social media ocean. It is important for Steemit growth. I like the take on visiblity to votes, it should match. I personally spend a lot more time blogging than commenting and I need to change that to practice what I preach, but I do alot of sharing and promoting of steemit. Last thing, I also think that people who slag off steemit constantly shouldn't get rewarded for their votes, but people like drama I suppose. A better understanding of Steemit values all round would help. Anyway I like this post haha...thanks @transisto

"Every person who adds to your network, adds to your value.
Do what is best for the network and the network thrives.
Do only what is good for yourself and the network dies.
Balance is best. Make sure there is something in it for you but more in it for everyone else. The bigger the pie grows, the bigger your piece of the pie.
What you want to design is this: The token rewards people for benefiting the system and punishes them for exploiting it." Daniel Jeffries

sometimes the best way to express yourself is to quote someone else

Agree in general - as you particularly point out utopian - I think there is a lot crap, copy pasted stuff which was published on numerous platforms already and now used as of the open source giveaway guarantee. Not all is bad and most important it adds value to the community - doubt it for over 70% of what is contributed via the utopian banner though.

However - contribution more relevant than content - I agree by 100%!

I somehow agree with your point of view, but the fact is that in the beginning everyone is searching for his or hers way on the platform and only through mistakes and experiences we can grow. And if there isn't any reward also for the perseverance and hard work done (even if some lack the artistic touch), the platform use will decline and so probably the interest. We all want to contribute and learn from each other so this should be done through each personal way and my belief is that the platform will react itself and reward those at some point... But, let's let for everyone to have a change and motivate them to persist in the beginning.

Some limitation to steemit is no proper promotion, here some entertaining features require to promote with posts.

Thank you for posting this! You are right.

What actually matters is providing good quality content that by itself brings people in and then also makes them stay.