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RE: My version of Steem is NOT content based, It is Contribution based.

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You are very correct on this post. I joined this platform barely two weeks ago and reading through many posts, I found out that most are reward conscious thereby killing the creativity freedom and originality expression. I for one joined this platform for the sake of creativity, inspiration and exposure...And all those come from originality and freedom of expression, that is expressing one's thoughts and inspirations the original way they came free from the thoughts of how much rewards they can fetch you. This way, you would be surprise how much impact you would have on someone reading or viewing your post because he/she would be seeing your innerman (inspirator) in it. Honestly, am really glad reading this post and comments from others who ve read it too, it tells me that am not alone in my thoughts..Let's keep Steemit alive and flourishing by nurturing it with original and self expression posts and comments free from rewards consciousness or focus..long live Steemit!


Great comment, BTW Steemit is a company, Steem is generally what you'd want to wish long life to.

oh! Alright, copy sorry it's coming late, Just noticed your reply on my comment now, you know am still learning . I humbly appreciate your correction, thank you.
#long live steem# Smiles..

my last post contains a free gift Happy New year everyone!

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