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RE: My version of Steem is NOT content based, It is Contribution based.

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Many of the things people have talked about are needed, but one that has not been mentioned is long term members being demanding and rude simply because they have a different idea of what a tag is for.

I can understand some tags may have been made for a specific reason, but how is a new person to know of that reason.

A case in point, the tag nature. I write many posts about foraging for wild food. Of course one of the main places you do this in "In Nature". But I have been chastised by a couple of people who do not agree that the nature tag is a good place for foraging posts.

So many things are subjective. It's the old, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." It's hard to pin people down into narrowly defined sections. But it is danged near impossible when no one can agree on what those sections are for.


If foraging and nature dont go together then im not sure whats happening to this world..... i pretty much forage everywhere i go whether its my own fridge, my mother in laws fridge or nature. There is no other better word in the English dictionary to describe the hunt for food. I wish you all the best on your continued foraging quest.

Thank you for your well wishes. I think in their mind, nature is a category more for a nature centered variety of a travel log. But nature will never allow herself to be stuffed into such a tiny box.

I also think that people who have been here longer can either be extremely helpful or extremely pretentious and start policing everything. Everyone should just meditate and chill the hell out lol

There are several big name, high rollers engaged in public flame wars and doxing. They definitely need to chill the hell out.

this can be solved with a peer to peer moderation system that would make tags more like subreddits. so then things can be re-categorized as needed. But that would require a community effort to figure out a fair moderation method.

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